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The hearts Episode 1 to 4

(He’s her idol)
Episode 1
By;Tofunmi Nikky.R✏
Patsy’s pov:
🎸i can’t wait to be yours
I sat on the dressing table with the guitar placed skillfully, I dropped it when I heard shattering of glas-ses
I ran downstairs and wasn’t surprised to see it was the ‘ugly bit-ch’ again
“Stay there,Patsy”mom said and I nodded, we watched as she crumbe-d on the floor re-leasing gro-an s
The guards gr!pp£dher and walked away with her
Amy’s pov:
The boys gr!pp£dme immediately and started walking into the room with me
“Let me go!”I said feebly and tried struggling with them but their grips around me was too strong
We got into the room and they tied me to the be-d,they shut the door after walking out
I really tried but can’t get where I got this strange powers from, it’s turning me into a monster
I don’t want the powers anymore
I looked at my arms,which are tied up with chains. My eyes shut slowly and I drifted into sleep
I felt a pinch on my knee and opened my eyes,,I looked at myself
I was no longer tied up,thank goodness
I stretched and sat upright, I looked up to see Patsy; her arms crossed over her che-st as she stated weirdly at me
“I hope you’re don’t staring”she scoffed,, I sniffed as I took my eyes away from her
Why did she hates me so much!
“Dad is back and you better get your silly as-s downstairs”she said bitterly and started walking out of the room after giving me a bad glare
Who cares! Am glad the only persons who cares about me is back.
Yeah!My father
🍭Sandra’s pov:
I find my way among the crowd,,almost all the clas-ses went empty
Since all of them hovered outside
I can’t wait to see the three demigods,they are so handsome and…
Two Lamborghini cars drove in and screened to a halt at the parking lot
The cars opened and the two Greeks [email protected]£ out,,they were guarded with bouncers
👥Someone tell me it’s a dream
👥Where is Carl??
Crazy students! We all turned when someone yelled Roy’s name, the bouncers try pushing her away
She finally t©uçhed Roy’s hand, holly Molly!
She fainted!
A red sport car raced in and my heart almost jumped into my mouth.
Finally,, my crush is here,, he’s the cutest among the two
The car door opened,, $h!t!I almost fell as everyone rushed to his side
Hisl-ips,,charming look and everything,,
Episode 2🍭😂
💋Amy’s pov:
Dad drove me into the school compound, we stepped out and he walked into the principal’s office with me
I can’t believe am finally gonna be back to school again_yeah!
I was s£nt away from the former school because of my strange powers
I destroy anything, just anything!
Dad knocked and we were ushered in after a response, we walked in to see a chubby man on seat
“Good morning Mr Morgan”the chubby man greeted immediately we walked in
*so he knows dad*
“Morning”Dad said and I also bowed a little
“You can have you seat”the man smiled, Dad sat and glance at me;I immediately took my seat beside me
Dad pu-ll-ed me into a hvg as soon as we stepped out
He cu-mpped my cheek and I couldn’t st©p the tears that threatened to fall
“Amy this is your new school, try all you can;don’t destroy anything here”he said and I nodded
“Don’t make use of your powers”he added,I nodded and hvgged him again
He unlocked from the hvg and brou-ght out something from his pocket
A locket!
He locked it around my n£¢k and I smiled
“Bye Amy”he said and handed the leaflet to me
“Bye Daddy”I replied,a tears dropped as I watched him walked away
With the leaflet,I was able to locate my clas-sroom
💧 Sandra’s pov:
I la-id my head on the locked and sulked,no!why am I so unlucky
“Hey”someone tapped me and I raised my head
The new face smiled at me,but I just looked away
“Hi!Am Amy Morgan”she said and sat down beside me,I rolled my eyes still not facing her
“Sandra”I said
“What’s wrong? Why are you dull or someone broke your heart?”she said
I finally faced her and bur-st into laughter
“Am just too unlucky”I said and sniffed, an idea suddenly ran into me
“But you can help”I saw her eyes beamed when I said that,she faced me immediately
💕Amy’s pov:
“What are doing here Sandra?”I asked looking at the building
“This is the place where three most h0ttest guys stays sometimes”she said and took me away
We walked throu-gh a large pas-sage,,and after a long walk we st©pped
“What are you doing Sandra”I said;my mouth wi-de opened as she climbe-d a wooden box
I looked to see her peeping from a opened window
“Omg”she stepped down with a hvge smile
“Let’s go”I said taking her hands,but she st©pped me
“Take a look”
She win-ked,and with what she did,I climbe-d the box and peeped,
The cute face got me drooling,I wanted to stepped down when I saw him staring
Wait! At me
Episode 3
💓Amy’s pov💓
Damn,I stepped down and ran away,Sandra kept calling my name as she ran after me
I got to the clas-s and ran to take my seat,I was breathing heavily
The Greek god_Carl saw me,like he fu-cking knew I was peeping
“Why did you ran away,Amy?”Sandra asked,looking pissed as she sat down
I was about to say something when the teacher walked to the front of the clas-s, she dropped her books on a locker
“Settle down everyone”she said; I got to know that was the last clas-s for today,we’ve missed a lot

Sandra and I walked out immediately the clas-s ended,I told her everything
“That was a narrow escape”she t©uçhed her che-st and we st©pped walking
“He caught me staring, Sandra”I snapped at her,just then two guys [email protected]£ to meet us
“We are asked to get you”the first one said,Sandra and I faced each other before turning to look at them
They took us with them,and after some walk;we st©pped at a garden
Somewhere that I didn’t know exists inside the school
I looked at the figure; that sat on a park bench pla-ying guitar,isn’t that Carl?
“You can go”his voice said, the guys left after a bow,leaving Sandra and I.
“S..sir”Sandra said nervously, after the long silence
“So peeping was what you [email protected]£ to school for?”he said, he placed the guitar on the bench as he stood up
He faced us and gosh!those eyes
He walked to meet us with his hands crossed behind his back
Am fv¢king scared
“Give me that”he snapped,I looked down to see he was asking for my locket
I looked at Sandra who gave me a “sorry”look
“Um..hmm it’s actually a gift from my dad,plea-se,,,something else plea-se”I stammered and he scoffed
“You won’t like it when I repeat myself, Amy!”he said and I gulped
He knows my name,,oh heavens
“Sandra Rogers,,come with me”he said and started walking out of the garden while Sandra followed
“S..Sir”I whimpered and he st©pped, I ran over to him immediately
I unlock the locket and stretched it out to him quic-kly
He sm-irked and collected it,his t©uçh made me shiver
“I want you here tomorrow”he said and I kept my head bowed
“Okay sir”I said and they started walking away,I took a turn and saw his guitar still laying there
“Sir your guitar”I shouted and only God knows where the nerves comes from
I looked at him from afar as I hope for an answer, or I can quic-kly go and give him
“Keep it”his voice cooed
Episode 4
👖Amy’s pov👖
The blaring sound of the alarm rang loudly in my ear, I stretched my hand over and st©pped it
I covered myself with the blanket,,
Let me sleep for some minutes, am sure it isn’t morning yet,I went back to sleep
🌼🌼🌼10:49 Am
I stretched on the be-d and got up,I yawned and that was when my eyes ran over to the wall clock
Am damn late, I dashed to the bathroom and brushed mg teeth
I turned off the shower and in few minutes,I ran out with towel wra-pped around my b©dy
Few minutes later,I was alre-ady dressed and ran out of my room with the guitar
“Morning ma’am”i said as I bu-mped into Mrs Morgan
I ran off immediately avoiding her glare;
“Come back here,Amy!”
I got on my scooter and raced off
🍀Max’s pov🍀
“That son of a bit-ch”Carl snarled, Roy, Carl and I sat on a round table,each one of us with a guitar
“Let’s start”Roy said,I quic-kly sipped from my drink
🎻A perfect world with you
🎻Great moments with you
🎻That’s all I wish for
🎻Baby,would you stay with me
“Sir am so…”we all turned to face the door when someone bu-mped in,she paused immediately she saw us
“I don’t mean to bu-mp in Sirs”she stammered, her gaze on the floor as she moved back
I tuck my hand into my hair,I can’t control it.I almost laughed
“Follow me”Carl said as he rou-gh his hair and walked away,she follows instantly
“Don’t tell me she [email protected]£ for Carl”Roy said as he stood up,I chuckled.
🐝Amy’s pov🐝
I rushed after him,he was alre-ady seated in the clas-s when I got in
“What do you mean?”A girl In miniSk-irt said,she stood at Carl’s front with three other girls
She’s cute though,I finally stepped in
“It’s simple Jenna,I wanna use the clas-sroom and I want you out”Carl said
That’s whenI noticed no one was in except her and her group👀
“Okay,fine”she said and made to t©uçh Carl
“Don’t! Get out”he said and she flin-ched_why is she flir-ting with him
She made for the door after giving me a glare, they finally left
Wait! Just Carl and I
💋Jenna’s pov💋
“He got the nerves to s£nd me out”I barked, with a cigarette in my hand
“Calm down Jen”Rose pouted and I started pacing
“It’s obvious is because of that new girl, just take a look;she’s cute,S-xy and…”
“St©p it Sara”I said and threw the cigarette, my eyes bloodsh0t
“Who is she?”I asked
“Am sorry Jenna, I will find out immediately”she said and walked away
Love y’all

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