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The heart Episode 13 to 16

(He’s her idol💋)
Episode 13💎
By:Tofunmi Nikky😍
💗Amy’s pov💗
“Then what are you still waiting for??have you practice?”she asked
” Nope,,but I will when I get home “I said
She started pushing me out,,what the heck!
” You should go,Am going to see you at school tomorrow “she said
” But why? ”
” You have to prepare, and I also don’t want you to lose “she win-ked and I rolled my eyes
” Okay, see you tomorrow “I said and opened the door,then walked to where my scooter is,,
” You’re best friend ever “I heard her yell and I shook my head.
________NEXT DAY_____________💃
I sat in the clas-s looking as everyone was roaming about,,and suddenly;
Everyone ran to their seat,,what’s going on???
A teacher walked to the front of the clas-s with a smile,,
I think she’s here to say something but where the hell is Sandra,,,
” good morning everyone,like you all know,,,today is a special day and because of that we have a new person here ”
She said and everywhere went silent,,everyone waiting for the person to come in
Soon a guy walked in,he isn’t In a uniform,, he has blond hair and damn;he’s cute
But not as cute as Carl,, he went to stand beside the teacher,,,
🚻Wow,,he’s so handsome🚻
🚻Is he going to be with the Rockgirls?? 🚻
“Hi everyone,, I’m Jay Wilson”he said with a wi-nk
” Nice meeting you “Everyone chorused and of course except me,,,,
” I hope you get along “they teacher said before walking out
Geez,,they all rushed to him immediately…
I went out feeling so nervous, am gonna sing today,,I really have to tell dad
” Hi ma’am, I’m asked to bring you ” A woman walked to meet me
🌻Sandra’s pov🌻
I ran out of the car hurriedly,, still struggling to close my backpack when I bu-mped into someone
” Damn! ” I muttered as I bent to pick it,,A guy squatted before me
” I’m sorry “he said in his cool voice,I joined and pack my books
We both stood up at once and my gaze fell on his face,,
His brown eyes attra-cted me,so cute
” hmm thanks”i said and collected my books from him.I nee-d to see Amy urgently
I started walking away,someone ran to my front ma-king me st©p
“Hi,,I’m Jay”he smiled and I exhale
🚻Who is she🚻
🚻He is talking with her
“Sandra”I said before waking away, I can’t believe this?students going crazy because of him
Who is he anyway?
Episode 14
🍀Amy’s pov🍀
The contest continued in earnest,, the Rockboys haven’t arrive yet
” Get re-ady miss,you’re the next “a chubby woman said to me
” Okay thanks “I replied as she walked away
I went to take a seat with my palms covering my face
” So you’re here ” A voice said and I raised my head to see Jenna
” What’s it this time? “I sm-irk and stood up
” Why don’t you just go back home,,,instead of wasting your time here “she said
” But wait, why are you after me? “I asked
” because I don’t like you “she said,,I started walking away but she held my wrist
” You don’t walk out on me,[email protected]! “She said and I turned and pushed her to the floor
I bent down and lean closer,,
” How dare you! “She barked and I just scoff
” What’s happening here “The chubby woman appeared before us
” Well that’s non of your business “Jenna blurted and got up,, I also stood up
” um miss Amy,you’re the next now “the woman said and quic-kly hurried away
I looked at Jenna,
” Don’t you dare mess with me again “I said and walked away
[👇The long awaited👇]
Carl’s pov🌸
We screened to a halt at the school compound,, we got down and of course; with stares all over us
Who cares,,,,
” I nee-d to get something “I told them and Max nodded,I walked away
I walked into the building I do stay at when lonely,,I went to the kitchen; I nee-d to take my wristwatch
I looked at the shelf and my eyes caught something,, I took the wristband in my hand
My eyes turned red,,the only person who owns this is my sister
I crumbled on the floor and sweats all over my faces
Mt eyes bloodsh0t🔥
Where is she??
Show yourself!
💍Sandra’s pov💍
I walked into where the contest is taking place,,I nee-d to see Amy
I got to the doorstep and ran into someone
“You”we both said,,he smiled
” What are you doing here?”I asked,,so curious
” hmm am [email protected] of the contestant “he said and my jaw dropped
“Really? Who are you?”I asked
” You don’t have to know “he said and started weirdly at me
“I’m Jay,, jay Wilson”
Love you all💫The
(He’s her idol💋)
Episode 15
By:Tofunmi Nikky💚
🍭Jay’s pov🍭
A message popped into my phone and I looked at her,,
” I have to go “I said
” I’m also going inside, let’s go “she said,I nodded and we walked inside
” Wow “I let out as soon as we got in,the paparazzi was still on
I looked at the singing right now,,she’s really good
” She’s cute “I looked at her and she smiled
” Yeah,,that’s my friend,I know she could do this “she said
” Really? ”
” Yeah “she replied,, oops Jenna nee-ds me
” I’ll be back “I told her and head to where Jenna is
What’s happening to me,I just met that girl and we’re getting close alre-ady,, she’s pretty
” Hey Jenna,you called me “I said as I walked in,,she sat on a chair
” gosh that snitch “she blurted
” What’s wrong Jenna?”I asked and went to meet her,,it like she’s in pain
” I almost lost my b©dy “she half yelled trying to get up,I laughed.
“What’s funny ?”she said when I st©pped laughing, I helped her on her feet
” Who hurt you?”I asked
” Am sure you would have come across her when coming,, that ugly girl singing “she said,oh the one I met there
” But she isn’t ugly “I said
“Whatever “she rolled her eyes
“Get re-ady,you’ll soon be called,I trust you though “she win-ked and walked out
🍓Amy’s pov🍓
🎻Always be there by my side
🎻I want you to stay with me
🎻I’m afraid you’ll go,,anytime I want you here
🎻Can you stick around for long
🎻Can you make me rule your heart
🎻I want to be with you here
I smiled as the Rockboys walked in,but where is Carl,,, I really nee-d him here
👠Patsy’s pov👠
“What do you mean,, in fact I have to go “I said and started walking away
“But I thought you [email protected]£ for me,Patsy “he scoffed getting on my way
“If only you know what I went throu-gh before i can get here”
” Don’t you get it,,I like you Patsy “he said and I looked away
This guy is crazy,,
” Okay,,have heard you,now can I go ?” I said and he sm-irk
“And you think it’s that easy “I walked away but he held my hand and I gro-an
Love you all🍭💫The
(He’s her idol💋)
Episode 16
By Tofunmi Nikky🌸
💚Amy’s pov💚
The door opened and Carl walked in,from the look in his face;something is wrong
🎻Stay with me!!!
I ended the song and there was a loud cheers from people as I walked away,
” Wow you’re great “Max said,coming closer
” Thanks sir “I replied and smile, just then Roy walked up to me with Carl behind me
” I just love what you did there, so fabulous “Roy said and hvgged me
I unlocked from the hvg and looked at Carl
“Sir,,”I called but he just looked away,I looked at the stage to see a guy singing,, I think he’s the last one
“Carl,won’t you say anything “Max faced him, but to my surprise he walked out
” I think he’s angry “Roy said and shrug
“Oh”I bite my bottoml-ip
“We are going to see you later”Max said and I just nod,and they walked away
I pray I win,I can’t wait to join the Rockboys,,,it will be fun
🍀Jay’s pov🍀
I sink into the couch,am damn tired,it just for me to wait till the winner is announced
My phone rang and I picked,,
📞Hello dad
📞Son,how are you over there?
📞Am good dad,what about mom?
📞She’s here troubling me,he said and I laughed
📞When are you coming home?
📞Don’t tell me you’re missing me alre-ady, I’ll come soon
📞Better,,I can’t wait to have you here
📞Okay dad,goodnight. I said and hand up
I stood up and walked to the table,,I poured myself a drink
My mind drifted back to the girl I met today,there’s something about her,,,I looked at my drink and gulped it down at a go.
👠Patsy’s pov👠
A hand went over to my head and,,,blackout
I sprang on my feet as I looked at the unfamiliar room,what thefu-ck am I doing here??
” oops you’re awake “he said standing at my front
That was when i knew I was only putting on a shi-t,, his damn shi-t I guess
He walked closer to me and I ran to the door,it was locked with a key;that was still at the door
“You won’t like it when I f0rç£ you “he said with a sm-irk,, his hand trailed down my che-st
“Bastard “I said and kicked him,he was swept to the floor
I was about to run out when a knife pierced my back
She’s in a mess😱
Love y’all

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