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The bride’s maid Finale

( Dangerous [email protected]ç£)
Final Episode
By: Summer Gold.
” Is that not a sin?? How could you do that Olivia, I raised you up very well ” Mrs Taylor, Olivia’s mom said as they both work in the kitchen
Olivia scoffed and rolled her eyes,that’s her mom,a devoted worsh!per
” Mom,,,his fiancée cheated on him ” Olivia said
” Blood of the most high,,she did that?? ”
” Yes mom ”
” But is it not the same thing?? You stole him from her ”
” No mom,,,he love me,and I also love him. His parents are aware of his pres£nce here,,they agree to our relationsh!p, you and dad should approve it too. I love him so much ” Olivia said
” Since you said you didn’t steal him,,then you have my blessings and besides, he look cool ” Mrs Taylor said
” Thank you mom,,but how about dad??” Olivia asked
” He traveled,,he will be back next month. Things are getting better Olivia,, I have a lot of things to tell you while you’re here ”
” I know mom,,I missed you a lot ” Olivia said
📞 Hey Maxwell!!!!
Justin screamed over the phone and Max immediately re-moved the earphone before his ear get destroyed
📞 Dude,how can you scream that way. Do you want me to become deaf??
📞 Am sorry,, am just happy. Finally,,,,,
📞 Finally what
📞 She accept my proposal Max
📞 You mean,Betty??
📞 Yeah who else
📞 Wow,,that’s amazing. Am happy for you
📞 Do you hear the new?? Diana is in coma right now
📞 What?? Coma?? What happened to her!
📞 Nob©dy knows,,but I think the doctor discovered that she was injected with poison,,right in the hospital. Well good for her
Justin said with a scoff
📞 I feel bad about that,, seriously
📞 She got what she deserved,that girl is a real bit-ch. A real one,,
📞 Well,,,
📞 When are you coming back? This office is boring without you
📞 I will be back soon,,,I have to make sure Olivia get some good time with her mom.
📞 That’s good,,lover boy
📞 Am hanging up.
Diana’s mom buried her face in Diana’s hand, her eyes look so red from the non st©p tears. Who could have done this to her daughter??
What if she end up dying?? What will happen to her?? Diana is the only one she’s got,,now she’s leaving??
” Diana,you have to be fine. Am not angry with you anymore,,daughter plea-se don’t leave me,,,I promise to do anything for you,,just don’t leave me ” She said in tears.
But there was no movement from her, just the sound of the life machine peeping at each Oxygen level,,
” God,,plea-se. Help her,,plea-se ” She continue crying
” Mom,,we will be leaving tomorrow ” Max said to Mrs Taylor
” I wish my husband was here,,he’s going to love you. Am glad my daughter finally find someone,, you’re amazing son in-law ” She said and Olivia scoffed
” Son in-law?? He’s still my b©yfri£nd” Olivia said
” Are you planning to leave me ??” Max asked with a sm-irk
” What?? No ,,just saying,, Gosh,you’re annoying ” Olivia said with a smile
” Mom,,don’t miss me too much. I will always come to visit you,,” Olivia said
” After our wedding, you can’t ” Max whispered into her ear
” Move ” She pushed him jokingly
” You guys are so sweet ” Mrs Taylor smiled
” Mom st©p!! Max,,let’s take a walk together ” Olivia said and pu-ll-ed him up
The past few days have being the best for the both of them, they spent more time together, do a lot of things together and find out more about each other.
Olivia wonder if it will all remain like this,,
” Baby,,,promise to spend time with me if we go back,,,I really love it here” she said
” I know what you’re thinking Olivia,, I have to work. But I promise to make it up to you,,,okay?” Max replied
” I love you so much Max ” She said
” I love you too my bride’s maid ” Max tea-sed
” What thefu-ck!!” Olivia laughed hitting him [email protected] on the che-st
” Am just joking,,, you’re my new bride. You should know that ” He said
” Yeah,,but have you heard from Diana ??”
” Justin once told me she’s in coma,,”
” What?? What happened to her?”
” Poison,,but I don’t know if she’s okay now ” Max said
” Wow, I feel sorry for her. ” Olivia said sadly
” Me too,,but let’s cheer up,,,,we should think about our life,not hers ” Max said
” I think you’re the best thing that will ever happen to me ” Olivia said
” You’re still thinking?? Ive concluded mine ” Max said and she laughed
” I love you,,can’t st©p saying the word ”
” I will love you forever ” he said and they both engaged into a de-ep k!ss.
” Here is the letter ” A nurse handed over the letter to Diana. It’s from Beatrice,,, she left for the state alre-ady. Can’t believe she poisoned her and injected her with the antidote,,,
” I lost a good friend,,,, I lost everything. ” Diana said in tears
” Am here for you daughter ” Her mom entered
“Mom,, you forgive me??”
” Because I love you,, and I know you’ve learnt your lesson ”
” Yes mom,,I promise to turn a new leaf. I promise ” She said and hvgged her mom
” That’s good ”
Nob©dy should beat me ooo,,I don’t know what to write again😔😔

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