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The bride’s maid Episode 9 to 11

( Dangerous [email protected]ç£)
Episode 9♥♥♥♥
❮ From Last Episode ❯
All of a sudden,,, he pu-ll-ed her closer by the [email protected]!st,she let out a light [email protected]
” plea-se,,, let me ,,,” he suddenly said starring into her eyes
” Huh?? What ??” Olivia asked looking confused
He hold her cheek and captured herl-ips,, he k!$$£d her slowly ,his ton-gue rolling in her mouth,her eyes shut enjoying every bit of his t©uçh. But she pu-ll-ed away and look away.
” Is something wrong?? ” Max asked
” Am sorry,,,,I can’t do this,,,,you will be getting married soon ” She said ,her voice shaking a little
” Olivia,,,,, ”
” No,,,this is wrong. Am sorry,, plea-se let’s st©p all these. ” She said and went upstairs
Max sighed and rou-ghed his hair angrily,, he could not un-derstand himself anymore,,but the truth is he felt something that he have ever felt before whenever he’s with Olivia,,.
His heart is saying a different thing,,, he don’t wanna get married any more. He want to be with Olivia and not Diana,,but how will he ever do that??
What will people think?? They will surely put all the blames on Olivia,and the last thing he will ever want is seeing Olivia getting hurt not even anything.
He wanted to go meet her but he changed his mind
He went into his room not getting himself but something keep on as-suring him that Olivia belongs to him ,and him alone.
Diana was restless,, who the heck is this person and what secret is she talking about??
Her mind was not helping at all,all she was thinking about is the message,, maybe she should call Max ??
No,,what if it something which can destroy the wedding plans??
She managed to [email protected] the be-d and get some sleep but it’s not coming,,,
She stood up and walked out of her room,,she went into the kitchen and brou-ght out an wine from the bar, she took the alcoholic one. She opened and gulped down half of it,,she gro-an ed.
She returned it and walked back upstairs,, it’s really gonna make her sleep. She was alre-ady having blurry sight,,she opened the door to her room and locked it.
She feel straight on the be-d and sle-pt off.
Hidden Pov
She smiled again,,exactly what she wanted?? She want her to be so restless that she die of heart pain.
” I wish you know how much I hate you Diana ” She said shaking her head slowly
A tear dropped from her eyes when she remember everything Diana did to her ,,,,right now she thought she’s dead.
Well ,,,,she’s back to get her revenge and she dare her and plan the wedding any further,, she’s going to expo-se her.
Someone like her doest deserve to be with Max,,not someone like Diana,never.
Olivia woke up with the loud sound coming from the alarm,,she gro-an ed and stretch her hands up. She did her morning prayer and walked into the bathroom ,she brushed her teeth and took her bath. She walked back into her room ,she use the lotion on her soft skin and then put on an oversized shi-t and a short,,she doesn’t have it in mind going anywhere today,so she just sat down on the be-d again.
Last night brushed throu-gh her mind and she sighed, she felt mad at herself for pushing Max away but she knew that was the best,to stay away from each other.
Her stomach suddenly made a loud noise,,she scoffed and stood up. She went out of the room and just bu-mped into Max ,,her eyes wi-de opened as Max caught her preventing her from falling,, what is he doing ?? Shouldn’t he be at work??
She suddenly remember it’s Saturday,,,
” Am,,,am sorry,,,” She said getting away from him
Max stared at her and she [email protected]£ nervous, she never knew he was home, she would have put on something long.
” Are you avoiding me ??” His voice [email protected]£ like music
” No am not,,I ,,,I forgot it’s Saturday. So I didn’t know you’re home ” She replied
” Let’s have breakfast together ” He smiled and hold her hand
” You don’t have to hold me,,am fine, thanks ” She said and faked a smile and went downstairs
Max stared as she walked away and felt hurt,,why is she avoiding him right now??
He also followed and they sat down,,the maid served them the meal and they both eat in silence,,,
Olivia was the first to get up without eating half of her food,,she just couldn’t help starring at him so she stood up and went back to her room .
” Huston,,are you not coming over again??” She asked no one in [email protected] as she la-id on the be-d
The door suddenly opened and Max [email protected]£ in,,she faced him in shock,,
” What,,do you want?” She asked sitting up
” I can take everything Olivia,, but st©p the silence,,, it’s hurting me ” Max said
” Am sorry,,,but,,,,that’s the best. You should also,,,”.
” I can’t do that,,, not because I don’t want to do it,,but because I can’t. It’s breaking my heart,,, ” Max said
” What do you want from me ??” she asked
” Olivia,,, I love you ” His voice said out
Episode 11
” What the hell are you saying?? Calling off the wedding for what exactly??!! ” His mother yelled angrily
” Am sorry,,,,I don’t love her. I don’t have such feelings for her,,we are not meant for each other ” Max said while his father only watched in silence
” Why are you just telling us this?? The wedding is just in few days Son,,why??” His father asked calmly
” Am sorry dad,,am really sorry ” He said looking down
” Do you have someone you are going out with?? ” His father asked and he nodded
” You love her ???”
” Yes father,, I love her so much. I really do” Max replied
” So what are we going to do?? Her parents are not going to take this lightly, it’s like a disgrace ” His mother said looking worried
” I will talk to them,,it’s our son’s heart right now ” His father said and pat Max’s back slowly
” Thank you dad” He said and stood up
” You’re leaving?? ”
” Yes,,I will talk to you later ” He said giving them a light pe-ck on their cheeks before walking out
” What are we going to do??”
” Nothing than to tell them the wedding is over ”
Olivia keep on checking the window in her room,she’s really finding it difficult to sleep right now,,but he alre-ady told her he will be late,she still want to wait.
Soon,,a car [email protected]£ into the Mansion. She smiled and almost ran downstairs to welcome him but changed her mind.
She watched as he walked in,she immediately rushed to sleep on the be-d. She’s sure he’s going to come into her room. Soon the door opened,, Max walked closer to the be-d and sat beside her,,,
He re-move the hair strand from her face,,She smiled inwardly still pretending to be asleep. He moved closer to her and stole a k!ssfrom her,, he wanted to leave but he still wanted more. He moved closer one more time and k!$$£d her ,this time it was dee-per than the first.
Olivia opened her eyes and he [email protected],, he immediately looked away.
” What do you think you’re doing?? ” Olivia asked
” What do you think am doing?? ” Max asked
” You k!$$£d me without my permission,”
” Do I have to take permission from you now?? You’re unbelievable ” Max said with a scoff
” I wasn’t slee-ping though ” She said
” You mean,you were only pretending to be asleep?? Gosh!!” He shouted causing her to laugh
” You were really desperate to k!ssme,,good for you. ” Olivia smiled
” I told my parents that am Calling off the wedding preparation ” Max suddenly said
” So,what was their reaction?? ” Olivia asked curiously
” They are fine with it,,as long as I know what I want,, ” Max replied
” Maxwell,,,”
” Yes??”
” Am scared,,,what if Diana doesn’t take this lightly?? I don’t want to get hurt and you too ” Olivia said worriedly
” You don’t have to be scared, am here okay?? Nothing is going to happen to you ” Max said patting her back
” Are you sure??” She asked
” Of course,, I will take responsibility of everything, trust me Olivia,,” He said and held her face firmly
He used his f!nger to t©uçh herl-ips and then pu-ll-ed her closer before k!ss!ngher sweetly,,, a soft [email protected] escape her mouth as she felt his ton-gue in her mouth,,,su-cking every [email protected] of her mouth.
📞 What?? You mean Maxwell said he’s no more interested in the wedding?? Diana shouted over the phone angrily
📞 What the hell does he take me for??
📞 I know why,,it’s because of that silly dirty girl!!! Am going to deal with her
She hanged up angrily, she carried her bag and was about leaving the office when she remember the anonymous who warned her not to go on with the wedding
” Could it be that, she also threatened Max to call the wedding off??” She asked herself and sat down again.
” Gosh,,what am I going to do?? Why is everything turning bad??? But no,,never,,he will never choose that girl over me ” She said and walked out of the of the office
She got down from the car and walked into the mansion angrily,,,
No one was downstairs so he went up,,,,she ban-ged into Max’s room and met them laughing uncontrollably
” Wow,like seriously?? You’re Calling off the wedding because of this bit-ch??” She asked pointing at Olivia
Max got up and walked to her preventing her from going to Olivia
” She’s not a bit-ch Diana watch your statement ” Max said angrily
” And what if I don’t?? ” she asked and pushed Max out of the way rushing toward Olivia.
She got hold of her hair,,
” You harlot!! How dare you!!!” She screamed
” Diana st©p!?” Max shouted dragging her out of the room
” Let me go!?” She hit his head with her shoe heel
” Oh my God!!!’ Olivia shouted and ran to Max
Diana immediately ran out of the room
” Max!!!! Max!!!” Olivia shouted
Blood was coming out of his head seriously,,
She immediately ran out to call one of the guards,,,,
” You have to come with me!!!?? Max!!!!” She shouted [email protected] really [email protected]
Two of them followed her immediately,,,, they got upstairs and [email protected],,
” Arrg” Max shouted holding his head ti-ghtly
” plea-se,, stay still, we are taking you to the hospital right now” one of the guards said and carried him on his back
Olivia was crying out her eyes as they all entered the car driving to the hospital,,, she called his name but he could not answer.
” his pri-vate hospital,, fast!!” Another guard said
” plea-se don’t leave me,,, you will be fine. ” She cried holding his hand ti-ghtly.

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