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The bride’s maid Episode 12 & 13

( Dangerous [email protected]ç£)
Episode 12
By: Summer Gold.
The doctor immediately attended to them and his head was bandaged,,
” How do you feel now??” Olivia asked looking worried
” It’s fine,you don’t have to worry about me ” Max replied with a smile
” Why did she do that?? That’s wickedness ” Olivia said
” It’s better she hurt me and not you,,,I won’t have taken it lightly with her ” Max said
Olivia smiled and pe-cked hisl-ips,,just then Max’s mom rushed in
” Oh my God!!! ” she shouted and ran toward Max who was still confused,how did she know about this??
” Mom,,what are you doing here?? ” he asked and Olivia [email protected] She’s Max’s mom??
” How can you ask me that question,, who did this to you?!!!” She shouted trying to t©uçh the bandage but he winced out in pain
” That doesn’t matter mom,,am fine ”
” Am asking you a question ”
” It’s Diana,,” He finally spoke up
” Which of the Diana??” She was confused and shocked at the same time
” She did this because she got mad at me for Calling off the wedding ” Max said
” How dare her,,,it’s a good thing the wedding is called off. My son would have got married to a murderer” She said angrily and then notice that there’s someone else in the room
She turned to face her,, she immediately admired her
” Who are you?? ” she asked with a smile
” Hello mam,,am Olivia,,” Olivia said with a light bow
” You’re so pretty,who are you to my son??” She asked and Olivia almost choke
She [email protected]£ mute not knowing what to say.
” She’s my girlfriend ” Max spoke up
” Wow,,she’s the one you told us about??” She asked and Max nodded
” You’re so beautiful,,, come give me a hvg ” She said
Olivia was suddenly surprised,, she was expecting her to shout and chase her out but she’s telling her to hvg her?? Wow this is amazing,,
” Thank you for taking care of my son ” She said and Olivia was confused
Taking care of her son?? How??
” You’re fine right??” Olivia asked Checking Max’s temperature, they are back home
” I said am fine, am a man” Max said
” Like seriously?? You’re a man?? Wow,,never knew you’re man. I thought you’re a lady ” Olivia said and laughed
” You look more beautiful when you laugh ” He said and t©uçhed her hair
She blu-shed really [email protected] that she hit him gently
” You’re flattering me,,st©p it ” She said and hvgged him on the be-d
” Thanks for accepting me ” Max smiled
” But what if I didn’t?? ”
” I will just have to die ” Max replied
” Are you kidding me?? Why will you do that ” She laughed
” I won’t be able to survive if you reject me Olivia, I love you so much ” He said and k!$$£d her slowly on herl-ips.
” You shouldn’t have done that Diana,,you shouldn’t. You’ve lost your chance right now!!” Her mother yelled angrily
” Am sorry mom,,I was just too angry to control myself ” She replied looking down
” Am so disappointed in you,,where did you learn all those acts from??? Huh?? Gosh,,I don’t know what to say right now ” Her mother said
” Am sorry mom ”
” Anyway,,you should get re-ady, we are having a serious meeting at the Kingsley’s mansion tomorrow,,, and don’t you dare try to talk tomorrow unless I ask you to ”
” Yes mom ” She replied and gr-ab her bag before going upstairs.
Her swollen eyes can be noticed easily, she have cried her eyes out. She wasn’t even planning to hurt Max,,her target was that witch called Olivia but she ended up hitting Max,,
” What have I done??? His parents will probably hate me now,,oh lord ” she said to herself
………………Next Day
” Are you sure everything will be fine??” Olivia asked Max as she help him with the bu-tton on his shi-t
Max was called last night for a sudden meeting coming up in his parents house
” Trust me,,even if my parents doesn’t support me,I don’t care. It’s you I care about right now ” He said and pe-cked herl-ips before walking out of the room.
Olivia was really nervous, what if his parents changed their mind and insisted in him getting married to Diana??
Even if Max is gonna refuse at first,, he can’t disobey his parents, he can’t.
She sat on the be-d with a loud sigh,she just hope everything ends well.
Max entered the mansion,,everyone was alre-ady pres£nt,including Diana and her mom,,,he pe-cked his parents before sitting down.
” Hi aunt ” He greeted Diana’s mom and ignored Diana totally
” Hello Max ” Diana’s mom smiled.
” So,,he’s finally here. We should talk about the whole matter ” Mr Kingsley ( Max’s father ) said ..
” Diana said it was really a mistake for hitting Max,,she wouldn’t have done that. We all know how much they love each other ” Diana’s mom said
” Mistake?? What sort of silly mistake is that? What If the injury got worst than that?? I will never allow my son get married to a killer ” Mrs Kingsley said angrily
” We should consider the love between them,they can sort things out”
“there’s no love between us Aunt,, I don’t love her,,,we were just friends until the two families decided to get us married” Max said
” I love you,,and I know you feel the same,you’re saying this because of that girl ,,,she’s just an harlot!!” Diana said
” Which girl is she talking about??” Mr Kingsley asked
” Anyway,,I’ve met her and I guess she’s the best for my son,not you ” Mrs Kingsley rolled her eyes
” But mother,, that girl is just a prostitute, she’s a nob©dy” Diana said
” What?? Prostitute??” Mrs Kingsley asked in shock
She won’t allow his son get married to a prostitute
” She’s lying mom,,Olivia is not a prostitute. ” Max said angrily
Just then their phones beeped at the same time and they all took it,,,
” Oh My God!!!!” Max’s parents shouted at the same time.
Episode 13
Just then their phones beeped at the same time and they all took it,,,
” Oh My God!!!!” Max’s parents shouted at the same time.
” What the hell??!!” Diana’s mom shouted and turned to Diana who was also in total shock
Who the hell did this to her???
Max shook his head and stood up,,
” I guess everything is settled now ” He smiled and walked out of the mansion
” Get out of my house right now!!!” Mrs Kingsley yelled angrily
” Mother plea-se,,,,, ”
” Who is your mother??? Don’t ever call me that,,you’re just a Harlot,gosh when did you become this?? And you want my son to get married to you?? You’re empty alre-ady ” She yelled and went in
Curious about what they saw?? An anonymous just s£nt a rare video of Diana having se-x with a random guy,,it’s the most embarras-sing thing in the world.
Diana’s mother couldn’t talk,she carried her bag and walked out of the house,Diana also followed her.
” You can’t come with me in the same car,,,am so ashamed to be with you ” Her mom said and ordered the driver to leave without her.
Diana finally bur-st into tears, how can this just happen???
A call suddenly [email protected]£ on her phone, she picked up without looking at the ID
📞 Hello??
She said in her broken voice
📞 Wow,,you’re tearing up?? Am glad,,you saw the video right?? Gosh,,it was really amazing. Don’t you think you should just become a p©rnstar?? Don’t hide your talent.
Before she could reply, the person hanged up,,, it’s the same person who warned her against the wedding. Who is she?? Why does she want to destroy her so badly.
She called her driver in tears to come pick her up,,,soon the driver arrived and they left.
” Wow,,that’s crazy?? She was really cheating on you even while preparing for wedding?? That’s bad ” Olivia said shaking her head
” Am glad she did that ” Max smiled and pu-ll-ed Olivia into a hvg
” Now you’re mine,,don’t forget that ” He whispered to her
” Max,,,” She called
” What is it?? You nee-d something?? ”
” I have to go back home ” She suddenly said and Max faced her
” You’re leaving?? But why??” Max asked looking hurt
” That’s my home Max,,”
” No,,this is your home from Now,,” He snapped
” But I still have to go,,,,I will come back Max,,but I nee-d to go for now ,,,” She said
Max sighed got up from the be-d,,,,
” Max,,,”
” How do you expect me to live without you?? How long will you stay there?? ” he asked
” I don’t know ” she muttered
” You are sounding like you don’t want to stay with me Olivia,,,, you’re going to see your parents right?? Am coming with you ” Max said and she [email protected]
” What?? Going with me?? Max,,,your have your business to run,,,you can’t go with me ” Olivia said
” I am the boss Olivia,,, I will instruct someone else to do it till am back,,we are leaving together ” He replied
” Fine,,,can you come closer Now? Don’t be mad ” Olivia said and pu-ll-ed him closer
” I love you Olivia ” He whispered into her ear
” I love you too ” She replied and took hisl-ips in.
” Why are you so beautiful?? ” he asked
” I guess I got it from my mom ” Olivia smiled proudly
” Really?? I can’t wait to meet her. Am sure she will like me,,I got charms ” Max said causing her to laugh
” yeah you sure got charms,you got me with it” She said
Diana took a glance at herself in the mirror,,she suddenly bur-st into more tears,,her eyes were all red due to the continuous tears coming out of it.
” Who the hell are you?? Why do you want to destroy me so much?? Why do you hate me so much!!” She shouted rou-ghing her hair angrily
Just then her phone beeped,,it’s the same number
📞 Hello??
📞 Nice to meet you again bestie
The voice said
📞 How?? Am not yourfu-cking friend!!!
Diana yelled
📞 We would have been friends,, but you betrayed me!
Diana suddenly felt weak,,who the hell is this person
📞 Who are you??
📞 You really want to know???
📞 Tell me who you are
📞 It’s Beatrice,,
The voice said with a loud laughter
Diana immediately threw the phone away
” No!!!!!!!!! Ghost!!!!” She screamed and ran out of the room,,she ran out of the house
” Mam what’s wrong??” Two guards rushed to her
” Ghost!! Ghost!” She screamed until she pas-sed out
Beatrice was her best friend,, everything was fine until two years ago,Diana stole her b©yfri£nd. Not even a b©yfri£nd,, they were about getting married, she had se-x with him,
” Diana,,why did you do that, why?” Beatrice asked in tears
” Forget about it,,, it’s a free world” Diana replied ma-king a pop sound with the gum In her mouth
” How dare you!!! We are best friends!!!! Am going to make sure you regret this!! ” Beatrice threatened
” Really?? Well we will see to her ” Diana sm-irked and gave her guards some sign
” See you in hell ” She said and walked out of the room
Beatrice was in tears,she tried opening the door but it was locked alre-ady,,,
” We are sorry,,” The guards said they immediately carried her
” No!!! Let me go!!! Leave me alone!!!” She shouted in tears
They carried her into a dark room,,,,they [email protected]£d her badly that she was bleeding,,she pas-sed out because the pain was too much,, they took her out of the mansion and threw her somewhere far.
Luckily,, someone saved her but she developed loss of memory,,,
She stayed with the woman for two years before finally gaining her memory back.
” Am going to kill her,,,I will make sure I kill her ” She vowed
One more episode to go

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