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The Battle Of Love vs Social Clas-s Episode 7 & 8

The Battle Of Love vs Social Clas-s
(episode 7)
Words are very powerful so we ought to be careful with the things we say to ourselves or someone else. The greatest inhumanity ever is degrading another fellow human being like you. We are all equal in the eyes of our creator with no social clas-sification. It’s sad to know that some people respect others based on the level of money they have. In the case of Dennis, his parents felt ‘Tara’ was the best match for him, simply because she [email protected]£ from an equally successful family and belonged to the upper social clas-s; same as Dennis. The disrespect his parents gave to Olivia was because she wasn’t from a rich family and was just a common waitress. It’s too bad they never looked beyond social clas-s and actually get to know how amazing and awesome she was. Dennis was the only one who knew his [email protected] very well and didn’t let her financial status determine the way he felt about her.
At this point, it’s safe to say that Mr Duncan had crossed the line by referring to Olivia as a swine. Dennis wasn’t going to just sit there and watch his dad disrespect a lady he had feeling for and was madly in love with. Immediately Mr Duncan said those degrading words, there was pin drop silence in the living room.
For a minute, Dennis was speechless and numb. He found it extremely difficult to wra-p his head around the fact that his dad referred to his [email protected] as ‘Swine’. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was his father, Dennis would have given Mr Duncan a dirty [email protected] At that moment, he lost his cool and was re-ady to unleash his anger on his dad. Damn the consequence!
“Dad, what did you just say? Am I deaf or did you just refer to a lady I have feelings for as a swine? This has to be the height of it and I can’t sit here and watch you disrespect my [email protected] I’m done with you and mom till you both are re-ady for a s-en-sible conversation that doesn’t involve looking down on another human being and using harsh degrading words. Bye!” Dennis said and walked out on his dad. Mr Duncan was furious as well but didn’t try to st©p his son from walking away. He continued re-ading his newspaper but his mind wasn’t there at all.
Immediately Dennis entered his [email protected] in the same house, he packed few clothes into a hvge bag, carried his [email protected]©p and picked few other important things for work. Since he took his bath at Olivia’s place, there was no nee-d bathing again at his house. In no time, he zoomed out and didn’t bother to inform his parents where he was heading to.
Later that day at the office, Dennis asked his as-sistant to book a h0tel room for him. The room was booked and the time duration was indefinite. The h0tel was situated in the heart of town and made mobility around town very easy for him.
All throu-gh that day, Dennis was too busy to contact Olivia. When he arrived at the h0tel in the evening, he put a call throu-gh to Oliva who have been worried all day long. She wanted to call Dennis first but didn’t want to give him the impression that she was now all over him due to the money she now knew he had. However, she texted him during the day to check up on him; of which he replied with a brief message.
When Dennis’s call [email protected]£ throu-gh that evening, Olivia was alre-ady at home and was excited to receive his call. “Hi babe, how are you?” She happily asked, “I am fine hun and you?” He responded, “I’m great. How did things go with your mum?” She curiously asked but he didn’t give too many details of what happened back home earlier that day. He only told her that his parents were furious at him but that wouldn’t change anything because he had alre-ady fallen de-eply in love with her and wasn’t answerable to anyone.
As they spoke at length, Dennis revealed to Oliva that he moved out temporarily from his house and now lived in a h0tel. She was shocked as she listened to him narrate the ordeal that happened at his house earlier that day. Olivia felt sorry for Dennis and wished she could do something to cheer him up. They spoke a little more before saying “Goodbye” to each other.
Olivia was the only person Dennis told about his whereabouts. She knew the h0tel he was lodging in and was asked by Dennis to visit the following day. On the other hand, Mr & Mrs Duncan were worried about their son’s whereabouts. He wasn’t picking his call and it made them extremely worried the more. They weren’t used to him staying away from home.
The first place Dennis’s parents felt he went to was Olivia’s house. Due to the fact that he had acknowledged spending the night there the previous day, it was normal for them to think that he spent the night there again. For this reason, their anger towards Olivia wors£n as they felt she was a bad influence to their well brou-ght-up son.
Days pas-sed and turned to weeks but they hadn’t heard nor seen Dennis still. He st©pped visiting his dad’s companies and focused all his attention on his own movie production firm. Whenever his parents visited his company, they were never lucky to meet him there.
This distance and separation strengthened Dennis relationsh!pwith Olivia. They spent alot of time with each other and didn’t bother about his parents or naysayers. Despite being happy, Olivia still felt it was bad for Dennis to keep his parents in the dark about his whereabouts. de-ep down, she felt bad and always tried to talk to Dennis about going back home but he told her to trust his decisions and actions. In order to be his peace, she tried not to worry herself too much about what she couldn’t control. They both lived in the moment and didn’t want anything to spoil their joy.
As more days went by with Dennis still being unreachable, Mr & Mrs Duncan’s desperation to find their son increa-sed. They called everyone their son knew to get informations about Olivia but no one seemed to know her because Dennis relationsh!pwas still a secret. Their search was fruitless till they contacted Simon, who happened to be Dennis good friend.
Immediately Simon heard the name ‘Olivia’, he knew she was the waitress they had met few months back at the restaurant. The name of the restaurant was immediately given to Mr Duncan and without wasting any time, they headed to the restaurant with police officers. A disaster was inevitable that day because Mr & Mrs Duncan were raged.
That fateful day, Oliva was on morning duty and was happily taking orders when a group of people stormed into the restaurant. There was panic everywhere because the police officers looked [email protected]!ng. Immediately they entered inside the restaurant, Mrs Duncan quic-kly recognized Olivia’s face and screamed “There she is!”.
Before Olivia could wra-p her head around what was happening, the two police officers rushed her and said; “You are un-der arrest for kidnap, you are to remain silent else whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law”. They handcuffed and took her away.
Just as the officers were about to put Olivia inside their van, a Black Jaguar SUV drove into the restaurant parking lot. Lo & Behold, it was no other person than Dennis!
The Battle Of Love vs Social Clas-s (episode 8)
Courage is not the abs£nce of Fear, but rather the ability to confront your fears without chickening out. The f0rç£s that were against Dennis and Olivia’s relationsh!pwere too many but one thing was sure; and that’s the as-surance that their relationsh!pwill scale throu-gh any crisis and come out unhurt because their love for each other is greater than any obstacle that tries to keep them [email protected] As parents, it’s good to trust your children’s decision when it comes to choosing their life [email protected] Try not to interfere in what you can’t control because you might end up losing any form of close relationsh!pyou have with your child. All you should actually do as a parent is to counsel your children properly to be able to make right decisions for their lives. Trust their choices and pray that God expo-ses any concealed bad character or motive in the person they de-sire to start any form of relationsh!pwith. In the case of Mr & Mrs Duncan, they went overboard with their actions and might have succeeded in pushing their son further away from them.
Immediately Dennis drove into the restaurant parking lot and saw Olivia being whisked away like a criminal, he was dead drop shocked. That sight alone was capable of s£nding him into Coma right away. He was shocked, surprised and at the same time angry. At that moment, it’s safe to say that Mr & Mrs Duncan should get re-ady to dance to the music they pla-yed because the battle-line was drawn.
“What in God’s name is going on here? Where are you taking Olivia to? If you move another inch with her, then get re-ady to jail me because blood will flow this very moment and I promise you that the blood won’t be mine, neither will it belong to Olivia” Dennis furiously said as he alighted from his car. At that moment, he was re-ady to drop his home training and show the bad side of him no one had seen yet. His beast-mode was alre-ady activated.
When Mr & Mrs Duncan set their eyes on their son whom they hadn’t seen nor talked to for several weeks, Mrs Duncan wanted to run towards her son and give him a ti-ght hvg because she had greatly missed him; but the look on his face was enough to warn them to stay off.
The two police officers that handcuffed Olivia were confused on whom to take final orders from. They were a bit disappointed on how everything turned out but that wasn’t their cross to carry. On seeing that the person that was thought to be allegedly kidnapped was right there looking at them, the police officers re-moved the handcuff from Olivia’s hands and let her go. They entered into their van and zoomed off; leaving everyone back at the restaurant parking lot.
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Immediately the officers re-moved the handcuffs from Olivia’s hands and drove away, she bur-st into uncontrolable tears due to the disgrace that was brou-ght upon her at her work place. She cried bitterly in front of everyone that was gathered till Dennis rushed and held her ti-ghtly. “Baby I am so sorry, I’m so sorry my love. plea-se forgive me for everything, I’m so sorry!” He gently said as tears began to fall off his eyes too.
Despite the sad energy in the atmosphere and the magnitude of pain that was inflicted on Olivia emotionally, Mr & Mrs Duncan were ins-en-sitive and didn’t show any atom of remorse for what they had done to the innocent lady. Instead of apologizing to the two lovebirds that were extemely emotional, they began to rain more hurtful words to the grieving lady.
“I can see you don’t want to listen after all we have done to pas-s a message that we don’t want you in our son’s life. You belong to the gutters and that’s where you will remain. Go and look for your mates and leave my son alone you gold digger. This is just the ti-p of the iceberg because I will come for you if you don’t leave my son alone” Mrs Duncan furiously said. Immediately she was done talking, Dennis looked at her in disgust and spat on the floor close to her. “I regret the day you gave birth to me because you are nothing like a mother. How dare you talk to another human being like this? Who raised you mum? Was your lineage always this rich? I believe someone paved the way for you and dad’s lineage so you both could enjoy this wealth you have today, so why can’t you believe in another person to do same for themselves? Besides, who gave you the mindset that ‘money is everything’? What happened to putting happiness first before any other thing? Why on earth will you humiliate a lady you know quite alright that I have feelings for? Why did you come here to humiliate her at her work place? This is just a [email protected] on my face and I will never forgive you and dad for this. Matter of fact, I don’t nee-d anything from you both ever again in my life. Stay the hell away from me and Olivia otherwise, I will come for the both of you. Leave me alone since you don’t want to share in my happiness and accept a lady I have found love in. This is the lowest you could go. Leave me alone and never show your faces again in my life” He furiously said.
Immediately Dennis was done talking, he held Olivia’s hand and hurriedly walked her into his car. They shut the doors and zoomed out in speed, leaving every other person behind. The humiliation was too much that he didn’t want to leave her at that restaurant for another second. He drove to his h0tel to pick up some few things and they disappeared out of sight without telling anyone where they were headed.
Due to the incident that happened, Dennis felt it was best he took Olivia to a nice beach resort so she could be around nature and heal from any trauma she might be having. They traveled a long distance to a nice resort in the outSk-irts of the town they resided in.
Throu-ghout the journey, Olivia cried bitterly and refused to be consoled by her man. They arrived at the resort in the evening and lodged in one of the most expensive room that directly faced the beach. Dennis paid for one week and they settled in after a long trip.
Despite being in a nice and serene environment, Olivia still felt hurt as a result of what happened earlier. Dennis begged her with every strength in him and was re-ady to continue pleading on behalf of his parents. After one night stay at the resort, Olivia gradually began to heal and smile again. They both switched off their phones to avoid any interaction with the outside world. They wanted an alone time to heal and strengthen their love again.
They went on strolling in the evenings and usually sit beside the sea shore to talk about life. Olivia and Dennis revealed even more details about their lives and it made their bond even more stronger. They had so many inti-mate moments and fully gave themselves to each other.
One quiet night, Dennis ran his hands throu-gh Olivia’s long natural hair. She was putting on only robe without anything un-der, while he was putting on only a bo-xer. Emotions were on the high and before they knew it, they began to k!sspas-sionately.
As they k!$$£d gently with their eyes shut, Dennis ran his hands throu-gh Olivia’s robe and pu-ll-ed it [email protected] For a second, they [email protected] theirl-ips and looked into each other’s eyes. He reached for her beautiful br£@st while she held his head as she [email protected] ed in intense plea-sure. Dennis’s head gently lowered down till it got to Olivia’s th!ghs. He used hisl-ips and ton-gue to run throu-gh her th!ghs as she called his name over and over again.
After few minutes, Dennis climbe-d back up to Olivia’s b©dy and gave her a soft k!ss. “How do you feel now?” He asked, “Like a woman” she replied. He smiled faintly and cu-mddled her extremely ti-ght.
They wanted to make love so bad that night but Dennis as-sured Olivia that he was willing to wait till their wedding night before taking her vir-ginity away. Despite being overly into the moment, they still managed to hold back their burning emotions for one another. That night was one of the best nights of Olivia’s life and her inti-mate bond with her Beau grew even more stronger after that day.
While the lovebirds were having the best time of their lives, Mr & Mrs Duncan were worried sick about the whereabouts of their son. Everything Dennis said that very day to his mum kept repla-ying in her head. She felt like a bad mother and began to regret her actions that had succeeded in pushing her son away from her. They were sober and nee-ded to make amends with their son but the only problem was that he was nowhere to be found. They searched for everywhere possible but couldn’t find him. A week pas-sed by but they hadn’t seen him yet.
After one whole week of being away, Dennis and Olivia finally [email protected]£ back to base. Dennis told Olivia to quit her job with immediate effect and gave her a hvge sum of money to start up a business she had been desiring to start up for a long time. That day was one of the best days of her life. She k!$$£d Dennis over and over again till he was tired of receiving the appreciation k!sses.
Life was going extremely well for the lovebirds and Dennis made a decision to make his relationsh!ppublic. He no longer saw any nee-d to hide anything from anyone so he began to flaunt his babygirl. Their relationsh!pwas beautiful without the interference of third [email protected]
While Dennis was living his best life with Olivia, his parents were missing their only child. They tried every possible means to reach him but all efforts proved abortive until one fateful evening. That day, Mrs Duncan was informed by Dennis’s as-sistant that he now lived in a h0tel. She went without her husband to the h0tel one evening and fortunately, Dennis was around with Olivia.
There was a sudden knock on the door that evening and Olivia went to open it thinking it was room service. When the door opened and she saw Dennis’s mum, she panicked and dropped the phone on her hand. Before she could utter a word, Dennis [email protected]£ from behind and was shocked to see his mother standing in front of his door. “Mum, what are you doing here?” He shockingly inquired.
Mrs Duncan looked sober at that moment. She took a de-ep breath and calmly said; “My son, I am here to apologise to Olivia”.
End of episode 8 😉
Written by Sonia Okehie

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