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Teens love finale

( high school series )
( Finale )
💫 Sophia 💫
” Mom!!!!! ” I shouted running into our house
” Baby,, what is it?? ” she asked
” Mom,,, is daddy home?? ” I asked happily
” Of course,, goodnews?? ” he asked
” Yes!!! I just got promoted!!!! ” I said jumping
” Oh my God!!!! I can’t believe this ” mom said covering her mouth with her palm
” That’s true mom ” I said
” Come here come here ” Dad said hvgging me
Mom also joined the group hvg,,,
” Am so proud of you baby ” daddy said and pe-cked my cheek
” Thank you dad ”
” We really have to [email protected] this ” mom said
” Yes mom,,, I will be in my room right now. I nee-d to tell Tony about this ” I said running upstairs
I walked into my room and switched into Video call with Tk,,,
His cute face appeared on the screen,, I smiled
” Uhmm,, you look happier. ” he raised his brow
” Yes,, guess what ” I said
” Hmm,,, I,,,, don’t know. Just tell me ” he said and I pouted sadly
” Okay,,, I just got promoted ” I said
” Wow,, that’s great ” he said with a smile
” We are gonna [email protected] it,, I just wish you will be here ” I said sadly
” Don’t worry, I will make it up to you when am back ” he Said with a smile
” You better do that ” I sm-irked
” Now smile ” he grinned
” What’s there to smile about?? ”
” Come on, I will be with you next week ” he said and I smiled
” I can’t wait to see you baby,,, ” I said dreamily
” Me too ” he smiled
” Tell me which dress I should put on for the [email protected] ” I said walking to the wardrobe
I started bringing out the dresses one after the other
” Honey!!! Talk!! ” I shouted feeling frustrated alre-ady
” I’ve not seen anyone ” he replied
” Are you punishing me right now?? ” I tea-sed
” What?? Of course not,, am just being serious right now ” he replied
Just then the door opened,,, mom walked in holding a bag
” You got some delivery ” she handed over to me and walked out
I dropped it on the be-d and continue looking for the dress,,
” What’s in that bag? ” he asked
” I don’t know,, I will just check it later ” I replied
” Why don’t you check now? ” he asked
” Well,, okay ” I said and took the bag
I opened it,,, wow it’s a dress and a heel shoe
” Here ” I show him
” Wow,,, you should just wear this ” he said
” No I can’t,, I don’t know who this is from ” I said
” But I want you to put it on ” he said
” This is,,,,,, okay ” I said and faked a smile
I don’t like the idea of putting it on,,, but am gonna do it for him.
” Am gonna take my bath now ” I said
” Okay,,, later ” he said
” What?? Why?? ”
” You want me to watch everything you do?? ” he raised a brow
” Why not?? You’re my b©yfri£nd” I said
” Hmm,, I know,,, but I can’t ” he win-ked
” Hmm,, why do I have a feeling that you are up to something?? ” I asked
” What??? I gotta go now,, talk to you after the [email protected] ” the call went off
He’s acting weird, is everything okay??
My phone rang,, I took it and sigh. Why is she calling?? She better not tell me she won’t be coming
📲 Hey Babe
📲 Yes Bianca??
📲 Babe!!!! I don’t know what to wear!!!
📲 Are you crazy?? All those dresses of yours??
📲 I know,,, but,,,
📲 So you want me to help you out??
📲 Yea,, Levi is acting silly. Telling me he’s busy with work
She scoff
📲 Don’t talk to my bestie that way,, you should know he would have helped if he’s not busy
📲 You’re right, am just angry for nothing.
📲 Am gonna turn it to video call, so I can show you.
📲 Okay,,make it snappy. I wanna take my bath
” Congratulations Sophia,, am so happy for you ”
Different people hvgged me,,
” Hey baby,, someone wanna see you outside ” she said
” Who?? ” I asked
” I don’t know ” she said and walked away just like that
I sigh and decided to check the person,,, I opened the main entrance and went out.
A car was there,,, who is it??? Should I just go back??
” Sweetheart ” I heard a voice behind me,,, sounding like Tk,, no he told me he will be back next week.
I turned back and [email protected]£ shocked at that moment,,, he’s the one,, standing right in front of me. The fave I’ve been waiting for,,,,, 7 years has pas-sed. The scent I’ve always wanna perceive,,, I don’t know when tears started rolling down my eyes.
” Tk,, is that you?? ” I asked in tears
” Yeah,, it’s me ” He replied with his smile
I ran to him and hvgged him ti-ghtly,,,,,, his hand also right around me.
” I missed you so much!! ” I said still hvgging him
He unlock from the hvg and wipe my tears with his thumb,,
” You don’t have to cry,, am here now ” he said and pe-ck myl-ips
” The dress,,,, was you right? ” I asked and he nodded
” Mom knew about these all along and she didn’t tell me,,, am so mad ” I pouted
” Uhm,,,,, Sophia?? ” he called
” Huh? ”
” I have something to ask you ” he said
” What is it?? ” I asked curiously
He sigh and went on one kneel,,, I [email protected] What is he doing?? He bought out a ring case,,,, is it what am thinking right now??
He opened it and the ring shone all over my face,, it’s complete diamond.
” Sophia,,, will you be my wife?? ”
A tear of joy dropped from my eyes
I nodded since I could not utter a statement because of the tears,,, he smiled and inser-ted the ring into my f!nger. He stood up and k!$$£d me pas-sionately.
” Wow!!!!!!!!! ” I heard voices,, they all [email protected]£ out [email protected] their hands.
” Congratulations my baby ” mom said and hvgged me
I showed Bianca the ring,,
” Wow,, it’s so beautiful. Am jealous ” she said and hvgged me.
,,,,,,, ***********EPILOGUE **********,,,,,,
” Honey where are you?? We nee-d to get there in 30 minutes ” Sophia shouted from downstairs with her 2 years old baby girl in her hand
They are attending Bianca and Levi’s wedding,,
” Am here ” Tony appeared looking as handsome as always
“hmm,, honey, don’t you think you will be more handsome than the groom?? ” Sophia tea-sed
” That’s not true,, Levi look more handsome than me. Am even jealous of him sometimes ” Tony said with a light smile
” To me,,, you are the most handsome. Okay?? ” She said and k!$$£d him
” Wrrrrggg ” Olivier cried causing both Sophia and Tony to laugh
” I guess she want me to k!ssher also ” Tony said and took her from Sophia
He pe-cked her cheek lightly while the little girl smiled out her 2 set of teeth out
” Say daddy ” Tony said
” Da,,, day” She said
” Omg!! She called you daday ” Sophia laughed
” So cute right?? ”
They laughed and walked out of the house
” Come on Lisa,, you look beautiful alre-ady . do you even nee-d the makeup?? ” Jin pouted waiting for Lisa
” Am sorry sweetheart,, let’s go ” She said,, they are also going for the wedding
” I think there is something I nee-d to do before we leave ” Jin smiled
” Honey,, you were complaining just now that,,,,,, ”
” Sorry ” they both laughed
” Okay what do you wanna do? ” Lisa asked
” Hmm, this ” he said bringing out a ring
” Wow!!! Omg!! ” Lisa screamed happily
He went on his kneel,,
” Lisa,,,,,, plea-se don’t say no ” Jin said looking into her eyes
” Jin,,, how can I say no??? ”
” That’s a yes?? ”
Lisa nodded
He inser-ted the ring and hvgged her
” I Love you so much jin ” Lisa said
” I Love you more ” he replied
( This story is written By Summer Gold )

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