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Teens love Episode 8 & 9

[ Preston High 🌺]
🌺 Episode 8 🌺
Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I walked out of the clas-s after the geogra-phy lesson,, the clas-s was as boring asfu-ck. Both Levi and Bianca was not in clas-s, they were in the other clas-s taking Economics.
Maybe am still gonna give up on geogra-phy,, it’s boring. I decided to walk round the school,,,, where should I go??
‘ School garden ‘ my mind said
No,, I Won’t. I don’t want to see that motherfv¢ker
, how can he choose Harley of all people?? He’s annoying,,
” Looking for someone??? ” A voice asked and I turned back
” Jin,,,, oh,, no ” I replied
” Liar,, you are actually looking for TK. ”
” No am not ” I snapped
” Okay,,, see you later ” he said and walked away. Why will I be looking for him??
Just then I saw him coming,, his two hands in his pocket. His face look dull but he’s still cute though, I just wonder what’s wrong with him. A guard ran after him and gave him a phone, maybe he have an important call.
I hissed inwardly, I hate you!!!!
I was about turning to leave when he threw the phone away angrily,, I [email protected] What’s wrong??
” Young master,, take it easy ” One of the guards said
” Shut your mouth!!! ” He yelled angrily and they moved back
He started walking toward me,,,,, he wasn’t coming to me anyway. He walked past me like he did not know who I am,,, but I saw his eyes like he was in tears.
I suddenly feel sad,,,, what do I do?? I ran after him when he entered the pri-vate clas-s,,, nob©dy is there. The guards ran in and took his bag, they went out again.
” What are you doing here??? ” He asked
” Are you okay?? ” I asked
” And why do you care??? ” He said walking toward the exit
” Wait ” I said and ran to him
” I have to go okay?? You don’t have to talk to me,, hate me all you want because I don’t care ” He said..
I shook my head,,
” Okay,, if that’s what you want. Then fine ” I said with a sm-irk
” Like I care,, ” he snapped and walked out of the clas-s
You’re such an idiot,,,, I was trying to act nice but your ego won’t let you see that.
” Am sorry if he hurt your feelings young mam,,, ” A guard [email protected]£ in, I was surprised.
” Why?? ” I asked
” Young master is really having a [email protected] time right now,,, nob©dy knows about this though. I just decided to tell you because I don’t want people to think he’s a bad person,, he’s actually the best teenager have ever seen. I hope he’s going to be fine one day,, I wish you can help ” He said with a bow and walked out of the clas-s.
Really?? But how will I know what’s wrong with him when he hate me??
‘ You also hate him ‘ My mind said
Well,, I don’t know.
I walked out of the clas-s thinking of what to do,,,
” What are you doing here??? ” Levi and Bianca walked to me
” Omg,, you startled me ” I said tou-ching my che-st
” Oh sorry ” Levi said smiling
” I was really bored in clas-s without you ” Bianca said
” Same here ” I said still thinking about TK,, what can you do??
” What are you thinking about??? ” Levi Asked shaking me
” Well,, it’s nothing. Let’s leave ” I said and we went back to clas-s
🍭 TK 🍭
I walked into fathers home work room angrily,,, I wipe off everything on the table, including the [email protected]©p. Who cares
” TK,, are you crazy??!! ” he yelled and stood up
” Father,, you should ask yourself that question instead, not me!! How can you do this to me?? Can’t you un-derstand?? Can’t you just try to un-derstand how I also feel sometimes??? How could you be so heartless?? You only think about your fame and money,!! You don’t even care about my own life!! ” I said in tears
” You are getting this all wrong,,, am doing this because of you,, ”
” Then st©p!! I don’t want you to do anything for me father,, plea-se,,, let me live my life the way to want ”
” I am your father and you have to do everything I want,, is that clear?!!! ” he yelled
” Take him to his room right now and call someone to clean up this mess!!! “He yelled at the guards outside
They rushed in immediately and gr-ab me,,
” Father,, just listen to me!!! ” I shouted
They took me into my room and lock the door,,,,
I fell on my kneels,, crying my eyes out. I hate my life,, I just wish everything is normal. Not this!!!
💖 Lisa 💖
I watched as the guards pu-ll-ed TK into his room and locked the door,,, I ran to them
” What thefu-ck do you think you’re doing?? How dare you lock him in his room!! ” I yelled angrily
” We are sorry young mam,, it’s the president’s order ” They said and left
What?? How can dad do this,,, I walked into Mom’s room.
” Anything wrong??? ” She asked
” Can you plea-se tell your husband to st©p all these?? He’s treating TK like $h!t!! Tell him to allow him live his life!! He’s still a teenager,, he’s 17 for Christ sake!!! ” I yelled in tears
” His father want the best for him,, try to un-derstand that ” She said calmly like she’s not bothered
” Mom!! How can you say that!!! Don’t you have any mother’s feeling at all??!! They locked him in his room right now, what if he hurt himself??? ”
” He won’t do that, trust me ” she replied
” Now I un-derstand ” I said and walked out of the room
I went to TK’s door entrance ban-ging it [email protected],,
” Tony,,, Tony K,, are you there?? Tony,, can you hear me?? ” I shouted ban-ging the door but there was no reply
I heard a glas-s breaking into pieces and I [email protected]£ more scared,, he’s not trying to hurt himself right??
” Tony!!!!!!!!!! ” I shouted again,,,
” Tony plea-se can you hear me?? Say something plea-se ” I said in tears but no answer
I rushed downstairs and went to the guards,,
” Can you come open the door?? I think TK hurt himself ” I cried
They ran after me and we went upstairs,, they opened the door and we rushed in.
Glas-ses all over the floor,, and then I saw blood
” Is that my brother’s blood on the floor?? ” I asked not getting myself again
We walked down to the be-droom and there he was,, lying unconsciously on the floor. He hurt himself with the glas-s.
” TK!!!!! ” I rushed to him
” Tony!! Tony open your eyes plea-se,, ” I continue calling him but all to no avail
” I will carry him mam ” A guard said and carried him
We all walked out of the room,, am going crazy right now
” Tk,, plea-se wake up!!! ” I shouted tou-ching him
” What’s wrong with him??? ” Mom shouted running toward us
” Don’t you dare [email protected] damn hand on him!!! ” I shouted at her
We rushed him into the car and drove out of the mansion.
[ Hospital ]
We finally got to the hospital,, the guards carried him out of the car and we ran in,,, the nurses rushed to us immediately
” What’s wrong with him??? ”
” He hurt himself ” I cried
They took him from us and rushed him into one of the wards,,, I continue crying. I pray nothing happen to him,, am sure going to kill myself.
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I don’t know why am feeling so uneasy right now, I tried to rest but the damn sleep is not coming. I keep on thinking about TK,,, I hope he’s fine.
I walked out of my room and went downstairs,,,
” Sophia!! Come listen to the news!!! ” Mom shouted and I increa-sed my pace
” What’s wrong? ” I asked when I got to the living room
” See ” She pointed to the TV screen
📺 The president son who we all know as TK developed severe injuries due to the use of what we don’t know,, right now he’s seriously injured and we all hope for his quic-k recovery,,..
My hands dropped the moment I heard that,, a tear dropped from my eyes
” TK ” I said silently
” Why,,, are you crying??? ” Mom asked pu-lling me to herself
” Mom,,,,, I,,, I love him,,, I know this sound stupid but I really do love him so much ” I said in tears
” AWWN, my daughter is in love ” She smiled and pe-cked my cheek
” I really nee-d to see him right now ” I said moving away from her
” No,, I will go with you ” She said and stood up
” Let’s go ” She said
I wipe off my tears and we both walked out of the house,,,
I hope nothing bad happen to you,,, just wait for me. I will make sure you’re fine,,,
🌸 Episode 9 🌸
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I rushed out of the car the moment we got to the hospital,,,
” Sophia take it easy ” Mom shouted,, I ran in leaving my mom behind.
I met Lisa crying with her back on the wall,,
” Lisa ” I called,, she looked up and hvgged me
” It’s okay,, he will be fine ” I as-sured her, but I was also scared, what if something bad happen to him???
” Nothing is going to happen to him right?? ” She asked with her head on my shoulder
” Nothing is gonna happen, so let your mind be at rest ” I said tou-ching her hair
” Who is she??? ” she was starring at my mother
” That’s my mom,, she [email protected]£ here with me ” I replied
” Hey baby girl,, it’s gonna be alright okay?? ” Mom said and t©uçhed her cheek
” Thank you mam ” Lisa replied with a slight smile.
Jin and Devis rushed in [email protected] like they are being chased
” Where is TK??? ” Jin asked still [email protected]
Lisa bur-st into more tears,, he pu-ll-ed her to himself and hvgged her
” he will be fine ” He said,, she replied with a nod resting her head on his shoulder.
” When did you get here?? ” Devis asked me
” Some minutes ago ” I replied
He Nodded without saying a word.
The doctor [email protected]£ out sweating all over,,, we immediately rushed to him
” Which one of you is his family?? ” He asked
” I am his sister,, what’s going on??? ” Lisa asked in tears
” We nee-d to do some blood transfusion right now,, he lost a lot of blood ” He said
” $h!t ” Jin cursed un-der his breath
” Am re-ady,, can we go now ” Lisa asked impatiently
” Lisa,,, you are going to get hurt ” Jin said holding her
” I don’t care about that,,, I just want my brother to be back to his feet ” She snapped and j£rked her hand from Jin
” Lisa wait, listen to me,,, ”
” I don’t nee-d to think twice before I save my brother,,,,,, ”
” Doctor,, he’s my son. You can take my blood ” We heard a voice and we all turned back,,, omg. It’s the president standing,,
” Oh,,, that’s awesome. Let’s go sir ” The doctor said
” Don’t you dare take that blood of his into my brother’s b©dy!!! ” Lisa yelled struggling out of Jin’s grip
” Lisa st©p this!! ”
The president and the doctor walked in,,,, Jin gr-ab Lisa and drag her out of the hospital since she keep on yelling.
🍭 Lisa 🍭
” Jin,, let go of me right now!! I nee-d to teach that man some lessons he will never forget ” I shouted
He continue dragging me out,,, he took me to one side of the hospital and pin me to the wall with his two hands preventing me from escaping.
” Jin what are you doing?? Let me go right now!!! ” I yelled
” He’s still your father,, ”
” He’s not our father!!! ”
” At least let him save your brother “.
” I can do that myself, ”
” You’re still young Lisa,,, you may get hurt “..
” I don’t care ” I snapped and wipe off my tears
I can’t just imagine that wicked father of ours using his blood on my brother,,,
” You’re so stubborn ” He said and rou-ghed his hair,,, damn he look so h0t when he do that.
” I never asked you to drag me here in the first place, ” I said with a scoff
” TK is really your brother,, you are both stubborn ” he sm-irked
” Can I leave now??? ” I asked trying to get out of his grip
” Just stay here before you go in and start causing another scene ” he said
” I won’t ” I said b!tt!g my bottoml-ips
” No,, stay here ” he snapped
” then I will shout ” I said,,
” I will shut you up, trust me ” He said with a wi-nk
” Let me go this minute!! ” I yelled and then the unexpected happened,,,,
He k!$$£d me!!! What?? Jin k!$$£d me!! Am I dreaming right now??
He unlock from the k!ssand smiled
” What did you just,,,,, ”
” I shut you up because you were screaming ” He said and chuckle
” Do you know the implication of what you just did?? ” I asked trying to get angry
” You can tell me ”
” Don’t you un-derstand?? I am older than you,, all these can never be possible so st©p everything going on in your mind ” I said
” You’re older with just two years,,,,,, ”
” Just??? Can’t you see?? This is not gonna work ” I said
” But i love you,, age doesn’t matter in a relationsh!pLisa. I really do love you alot and am sure you feel the same so why are you pretending?? ”
” That is never gonna happen,, I don’t like you a bit. So get that into your skull that I am like a sister to you!! ” I snapped
He nodded slowly,,,
” Let’s go ” He said walking away,, I breath out and followed him. This is really awkward right now,,,,
The doctor [email protected]£ out and we went to meet him, he smiled.
” Everything is fine now,,, ” He said and I breath out in relief
” How is he??? ” I asked
” He’s asleep,, you guys can go to see him but make sure he doesn’t wake up ” he said and walked away
We all walked into the warm looking as happy as ever,,,
🌹 Sophia 🌹
A smile escape myl-ips the moment we entered,, he was slee-ping like a baby with a pout.
I t©uçhed him hand and felt his wrist where the cut is,,,
” Hey kid,,, wake up ” Lisa said
” Are you trying to wake him up?? ” I asked and she shook her head
” Am just,, worried ” She replied
” He’s fine now,, you don’t have to worry ” I said and patted her back
We were all talking and laughing even when the doctor warned us,,, life of teenagers.
I noticed the silence of Jin,, what’s wrong with him?? After he [email protected]£ back with Lisa, he have become more quiet.
” What’s that noise??? ” A tiny voice asked,, we all faced TK who was talking even though his eyes were closed.
” TK,, you’re awake?? ” Lisa asked almost immediately
He finally opened his eyes looking round the room,,,
” What am I doing here?? ” He asked
” Don’t you remember?? You tried hurting yourself ” Lisa said
” Is this heaven?? ” He asked
” Are you crazy?? How can you plan going to heaven without me ” Lisa [email protected] his arm
” My head hurt ” He said
” What?? Where??? ” She asked tou-ching all over his face
” Just kidding ” He laughed and the others joined him while Lisa only keep her head bowed,, she was still sad
” Am sorry ” TK said
She hvgged him,,,
” I was worried as hell,,, you are such an idiot!! ”
His gaze met with mine,, I guess he’s just noticing my pres£nce in the room.
” What is she doing here??? ” He asked
” She was also worried about you,, try to be nice ” Lisa said
” I want to go home,,,, let’s leave ” he said
” But,, you’re not fine. Just some hours ago you were dying ” Jin said
” Shut up,, am going home and that’s final ” He snapped
He ignored me completely,,, does he hate me that much???
” I will inform the doctor first ” Lisa said and went out
” Uhm,, we really have something to attend to. See you later,, take care of yourself ” Jin and Davis left leaving the two of us inside.
There was total awkward silence until he broke the silence,,,
” Why are you here??? ” He asked
” It’s crazy right?? But I was worried about you,,, ” I said trying to prevent my tears
” Why will you be worried when you hate me?? ” He asked
” And who said I hate you??!! ” I snapped in tears
There was silence again,,,,,, until he spoke up
” Don’t crush on me,,, it won’t work ” he said and stood up,, I hold his hand
” And why won’t it work?? Tell me ”
” Because I don’t like you,,,,, not you alone. I don’t like any girl aside my sister,,, I don’t do love,,,,, for now ” He said and re-moved his hand from mine
” Then I will wait,, until you love me back ” I said
” Till when?? ”
” Anytime ” I said
” Don’t do that,, love someone else not me. And even if I fall in love with you,,,,,, ignore me. ” he said
” Are you crazy?? How will I ignore you when,,,,,,,, ”
” Sophia st©p,,, I don’t want you to get hurt so just listen to what am telling you,,, plea-se ”
” Then let’s be friends,,, I don’t like it when you avoid me ”
” Okay” He nodded and went out
He really reject my love,,,, he doesn’t even have any feelings for me.
I wipe my tears and walked out,,,, mom was the first person I meet
” When did you get back here?? ” I asked
” Just now,, can we go now??? ” She asked and I nodded
We went out of the hospital and got into the car,,,
” How did it go?? ” She asked
” He doesn’t feel the same ” I replied trying to prevent my tears
” It’s okay,,, I un-derstand you may feel hurt because it’s your first love. But am sure he have his reasons ” She said
” What reasons??? Claiming that he don’t want me getting hurt,, ”
” That’s what am saying,,, you should trying getting more closer to him and help him heal his wounded heart before talking about love ” She said and I nodded
I wish he can tell me what’s going on with him,,
To be Continued

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