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Teens love Episode 26 & 27

( High school series )
( Semi Finale )
❤ Sophia’s pov ❤
” Wow!!!!!!! I can’t believe we [email protected]£ first!!! ” I shouted starring at our grades
” I told you,, we are gonna do great! ” Jin said hvgging me
I hvgged him back happily,,,, we both unlock from the hvg and faced Tk who only kept quiet all these while
” Tony,, are you okay? ” I asked and t©uçhed his face
” How will I be okay when am leaving tomorrow?? ” he asked and my shoulder dropped
How can I forget?? He alre-ady told me that he’s going to leave immediately after our project results are out. And it’s out alre-ady, what am I expecting?
I faced Jin,, he looked away trying to hide his tears,,, everyone is gonna miss him no doubt
” St©p talking like you aren’t gonna come back,, am gonna tear up ” Davis said
” This,,, feel like forever ” Tk choked on his words
I just stood there fighting my tears,,,,
” We will excuse you guys ” They said and went off
” Come with me ” he gr-ab my hand dragging me softly out of their pri-vate clas-s.
” Where are we going? ” I asked
” Do you nee-d to ask that? ” he faced me with a sm-irk
I just continue starring at his face,,,
‘ Stare at him as much as you can right now,,, you won’t be seeing him for many years ‘ my mind said and I finally bur-st into tears
I covered my face with my other palm since he’s holding the right hand,,,, I sniff in. He st©pped and faced me,,,,, the tears were rushing out than usual.
He sigh and [email protected] his forehead a little,,,, I continue crying my eyes out.
He gr-ab the hand I covered my face with,, he pu-ll-ed it down. He used his palm to wipe my tears,,,,, the tears keep on coming even though I wanted to st©p.
” Can you plea-se st©p crying?? I may tear up any moment from now ” he said still wiping my tears
” Am sorry,,,,,,, I,,,, I just can’t,,, help it ” I said in tears sniffing in randomly
” What do I do?? ” he asked silently and cli-ck his ton-gue
He sigh out and gr-ab my hand again,, where is he taking me to??
We finally got to his car,, he opened the front door and told me to get in,, I obeyed and entered.
” Sir, we are coming with you ” his b©dyguards said
” Tell father am with my girlfriend ” he said
They nodded and walk away,, he win-ked at me before getting into the car.
I sigh and rest my head on the seat,,,, how do I cope??? How,,,, I love him more than he will ever think, and now he’s leaving???
I closed my eyes and opened again,, I turned it face him. His eyes were glued to the road,,, his face expression was sad. He let out a de-ep breath and turned to me,, I immediately look away.
He took his gaze from me and focus back on the road,,,
He st©pped the car and I look outside,,, we are in front of a mall. What are we doing here anyway?
He got down and opened for me,, I managed to smile and got down.
He held my hand as we walked into the mall,,,
” Baby,, what are we doing here? ” I asked
” To change your,,,, dress ” he said and I mouthed ” Oh ”
I was putting on a uniform,,
” You know I look like your teacher right now ” he smiled
I turned to him and scoff
” What type of teacher wear these kind of clothes you’re putting on?? You look like an international pla-yboy ” I said
” But am not a pla-yboy ” he pouted cutely ma-king me smile
” I know ” I said
” Am going to help you get something to wear ” he win-ked as we check out the clothes
” As your lordsh!pplea-ses ” I laughed
” Of course,,,,,,, yeah I got it. I want this for now ” be brou-ght out a hood and the complete wear,,, but the hood wasn’t even reaching my stomach.
” What??? This?? ” I asked checking it
” So you will look like an international pla-ygirl ” he win-ked and I faked a frown
” What,,, you won’t take it?? ” he asked
” It’s pretty,,,, I like the way it’s complete pink ” I win-ked at him
” Pink is your favorite color? ” he asked and I nodded
” I like girls whose favorite color is black ” he pouted
” Really?? ” I asked and he nodded with a smile
” I will take it as my favorite from now ” I said and poke his nose
” Really?? ” he asked
” Yes ”
” You don’t have to do that,, I was just kidding ” he smiled
I [email protected] his forehead lightly,, the attendant appeared to us.
” I will lead you to the dressing room ” she smiled
” Thank you ” I said and followed her
” Don’t miss me too much ” Tk called after me, I turned
” It’s just a dressing room, am not leaving. Unlike some people ” I said and turn away immediately.
We finally entered,,,
” He’s your b©yfri£nd?? ” the attendant asked
” Yeah ” I replied
” You guys look good together ” She said
” Thank you ” I said with a smile
She t©uçhed my cheek and walked out,,, I sigh and took off my uniform. I put on the clothes and checked myself in the mirror,,,, it look so beautiful on me. It fitted my white snickers well.
I losses my hair from the ponytail and smiled,,,,i immediately used the hair pin he gave me,, I love it, after that I walked out not taking my uniform. I don’t nee-d them again right??
” Hey b©yfri£nd,,, how do you look?? ” I asked
He turned to face me since he was facing the other side
” Wow,,, i can’t believe am crushing on my girlfriend ” he sm-irked causing me to laugh
” Are you crazy?? How can you Crush on me when we are [email protected]!ng?? ” I smiled
” That’s because you’re too beautiful ” he said
I guess he alre-ady paid for the clothes,, he took my hand and we both walked out of the mall.
We entered the car and he drove out,,,
” Am taking you out,,, so,,, we could have fun ” he said
” For the last time ” I added
” St©p talking that way,,, it’s not gonna be the last. Trust me babe,,,, trust me ” he hold my hand
” I hope so,,,,,,, am just scared. Am really scared ” I said and wipe my tears
” You don’t have to be scared Sophia,,, I will never hurt you ”
” What if you find someone prettier than me?? I know you guys,,, ”
” To me,,, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. So don’t think am gonna find a girl prettier coz I won’t look at her ” he said and t©uçhed my hair
” Are you sure? ” I asked and faced him
” I am sure ” he smiled
” Omg,, what type of ice cream is this?? It’s so yummy!! ” I shouted gulping the ice cream more
” Yummy like you ” he said with a wi-nk
” I will let that slide ” I scoff
” Or, what will you do?? ” he asked
” You’re [email protected]ûghty,, and you know that right? ” I said and clash the ice cream on his left cheek
” Wait till I finally become your husband,, you will see the [email protected]ûghty [email protected],, am only being nice because I don’t want your mom to yell ” he said and we both laughed
” Hmm,, ” I said and li-ck the ice cream on his face
” Why did you do that?? I was counting to know how many minutes before it melt ” he said
” Math is really doing some weird things in you ” he bur-st into laughter
” Babe?? ” he called
” Huh? ”
” where should we go next?? ” he asked
I tuck myl-ips and smiled
” Floor 180 ” I said
He look surprised,,,
” What’s floor 180?” He asked still looking surprised
” You don’t remember our first k!ss?? Where you confessed your love to me? ” I asked
He suddenly smiled hiding his blush,,
” You’re blu-shing ” I said pointing at his face
” No,, am not. Let’s go “he giggles
We both got into the and he drove off
We got to the building,,,, we both stood and looked up at the last floor.
” am not gonna let you climb,, we’re using the elevator ” he said and held my hand
I smiled and followed him until we got into the elevator,,,, he pressed some bu-ttons and then added 180.In two minutes we were there,, I smiled as we got out.
I sat down on the floor,, he joined me immediately. I rested my head on his shoulder,,,
” Why did you decide to come here?? ” he asked stro-king my hair slowly
” Because,, this floor is filled with my memories. ” I replied and raised my hand,,,, he smiled and brushed away the hair falling on my face.
” Tk?? ” I called
” Yes?? ”
” I love you,,,,, I love you so much,,, and,,, I will be here Studying,,, I will focus on my studies and wait patiently for you too,,,, 7 years is far,,, but am gonna wait,,,,, I promise you that. ” I said with a wi-de smile hiding my tears
” I Love you more ” he said and pu-ll-ed me up ma-king me sit on his [email protected]
I faced him,,, he used his thumb to clean my tears
He smiled softly and pu-ll-ed my face closer to his,,, hisl-ips landed on mine. I k!$$£d him more well like am not gonna let him go,,, I wish I can st©p him from leaving.
( Semi Finale B)
🌸 Tony K 🌸
📲 Hey baby,,,
Her tiny voice said
📲 Hi,, missing me alre-ady?
I asked with a smile
📲 You can say that again,,,
📲 Where are you right now??
I asked
📲 Am with Bianca,,, getting re-ady for,,,,,
📲 her birthday [email protected]??
I interrupted
📲 Yeah, that’s right
📲 Wow,,, I wish I am there. Am sure you will be the most beautiful of all,,, tell her am wishing her a great birthday
I smiled
📲 Am gonna s£nd you pictures when am back, I promise. Or do you wanna see me now?? Am gonna switch to Video Call
📲 Yes!!!
” Young Master,, you have an urgent meeting with the Royals ” my manager said interrupting us
” You can see am on a call ” I snapped
📲 Baby,, don’t worry. Go on,, we will talk later
📲 Are you sure??
I asked
📲 Of course, trust me. I love you so much
📲 I love you too,,, later
I hang up the call and sigh,,,,, just a little more time and am done with this
I stood up and walked out of the office with my manager behind me,,,
” What is the meeting all about? ” I asked not turning back
” It’s about the conjoined business they once told us about ” he replied
” Why can’t they un-derstand that I don’t want them in this?? ” I scoff
” Sir,,, maybe we can just give them a try ” he said
” You think?? ”
” Yes sir,, and am sure they won’t disappoint us ”
I smiled and faced him
” Maybe am gonna step down for you soon,, you seem to know better ”
” What?? No sir,,, its never gonna happen. You’re the best CEO I’ve ever seen,,, even from the very beginning when you were young ” he said
” Am happy to hear that ” I smiled as we got into the meeting conference room
They all stood up as I walked in,, I sat down and they also did.
” Sir,,, we’ve discussed with your Manager but he told us we have to speak with you first, ” one of the repres£ntatives said
” So in your company,,, the managers are in charge of proposals?? ” I asked
Justin( my manager ) t©uçhed me to calm down
” Am so sorry sir,,, am just too nervous ” she said
” Give the proposals to Kate, ( His secretary ) ,,, I will go throu-gh them to see maybe it’s what this company is looking for ” I said and walked out of the room.
I went back into my office and continue doing some stuffs,,, soon Kate [email protected]£ in. I looked up,, she was putting on some annoying expo-sed dress. When will she ever st©p this flir-ting?? I don’t have any damn interest in her.
” Here are the proposals sir ” she said dropping the files on the table
” Thank you, you can leave. I will give you notice when am done ” I said alre-ady checking them out
She stood there,,,, I was f0rç£d to look up
” What do you want?? ” I asked
” Sir,,, do you nee-d anything?? ” she asked with a smile
” like what?? ” I asked
She smiled and walked closer to me,,, I [email protected]£ confused. What is she trying to do,,,
” Do you mind if I mas-sage you? ” she asked in a flir-ting tone
She t©uçhed my shoulder,,,, I gr-ab her hand and dropped it
” Don’t ever do that again or you will be fired ” I said angrily
” Tony,,,, you can’t do that. And you know,,, when will you st©p pushing me away?? You claim of having a girlfriend,, who cares. She’s not even here,,,, can’t you just have fun?? Just look at me for once,, am I not beautiful enough?? ” she asked trying to t©uçh me again
” Kate!! ” I stood up and pinned her to the wall ” Don’t think I can’t ask you to leave because of how close we are,, I can do anything when you make me angry. ” I left her and adjusted my suit
She sigh like she was scared,,,,,, she walked toward the door,,,
” Hey ” I called her back and she turned immediately
I scoff
” From now on,,, don’t bring anything to my office again ” I said and sat down
” You can’t do that,, its my work. Am not gonna do such thing again but don’t denial me of my work ”
” I won’t reduce your salary,,, but I don’t wanna see you here again. Now leave ” I snapped
She rushed out in tears,,
💋 Sophia 💋
I sat down as I watch everyone dancing,,, Bianca was with Levi also. Sometimes I feel jealous seeing them together,, I keep on asking myself. When did the chemistry started between them?
Back in school,,, the two fools act like cat and dog. 😂 anyway,, am happy for them.
I suddenly wish am also with Tk,, but it will be over soon.
” Hey pretty ” I heard a voice
He better not refer to me,,
” Hey what’s your name? ” he asked sitting just opposite to me
” I don’t nee-d to tell you my name,, can you just leave?? ” I snapped and started operating my phone
” Well, according to history, 70% of beautiful girls are rude,, so I still love you ” he grinned
” Young Mr,, dont You get?? I don’t wanna talk to you ” I snapped angrily
” calm down ”
I hissed and pick up my purse,, I stood up and went to inform the lovers that I’m leaving
” Why?? What happened? ” Levi asked
I told them
” But you should have at least listened to what he have to say ” Bianca said
” I am not interested ” I snapped and walked out
My driver drove out of the compound the moment I entered,,,, I hissed out loud.
I walked out of the car going in,, I met mom in the loving room.
” Oh,,, why so soon?? ” she asked, I smiled and sat down
” You don’t look happy,, what’s wrong?? ” she asked and rested my head on her shoulder
She still treats me like a baby,, even though am 20 alre-ady. Well yes,, 3 years has pas-sed.
” Mom,,, I miss him ” I said breaking into tears
” I miss him a lot,,,, I may act like am fine mom. But de-ep down,, it hurt. It really hurt ” I said trying to prevent myself from crying
” Don’t hide the tears,, just cry out loud to reduce the pain ” she said and I finally broke out
” I know how you feel,, and I must say. You guys are really amazing,, you’ve come so far,,, you can conquer all when there is love ” She said patting my back
” Do you trust your b©yfri£nd?? ” she asked
I nodded still in tears
” Then why are you crying?? ”
” It hurt mom!!! ” I shouted
” Awwn,, my baby. It’s gonna be fine okay?? ” she k!$$£d my cheek
I wipe my tears and hvgged her,,,,

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