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Teens love Episode 24 & 25

( Preston High )
💄 Sophia’s pov 💄
I opened my eyes when I felt something warm and soft on myl-ips,,, I was shocked to see Tk who just pe-cked myl-ips. I sat up immediately,,,,
” What are you doing here??? ” I asked still looking surprise
” Are you not happy to see me?? ” he asked with a light smile
” What?? Am happy,, am just thinking. Your parents,,, ”
” Don’t worry about that,, everything is solved now,, thanks to your mom ” he said
” My mom?? What did she do?? ” I asked
” I don’t have to tell you, am just glad everything is fine now ” He replied and sle-pt beside me
” Did you even sleep?? You look finish ” he asked and faced me
” That’s true,, I could not sleep last night ” I pouted
” Why can’t you sleep?? ”
I scoff,,
” I could not sleep because I was thinking about you,,, seems am the only one who is worried ” I said and turned my back on him
” No,,, that’s not what I mean. Am just worried because you didn’t have enough rest because of me ” he said
I faced him again and smiled
” Am so happy to have you here,,,, it’s like a dream ” I said and hvgged him
” But it’s not a dream,,, reality ” he win-ked
” You’re still going to California right?? ” I asked and he nodded
” Am going to miss you,, ” I said and blinked out tears
” It’s okay,,,,, I will come back for you ” he said using his thumb to wipe my tears
” Promise?? ”
” Yes promise ” he said and k!$$£d me,,,
” Just two weeks left ” I said
” Yeah,,,,, I don’t want that day to come. But I don’t have a choice,,,,,,,, you will wait right?? ” he asked sitting up
” I will,,,,,,,,,, am going to wait until you are back,,,,, because I really love you so much ” I said in tears
” Even if you don’t wait,,,,,, when I get back,, am going to wait until you come back to me ” he said trying to control his tears
I [email protected] his shoulder,,
” Don’t you dare say that,,, I will never hurt you. You should know ” I said
” Then am glad ” he said and hold my cheek,,,
He smiled and hisl-ips crushed on mine,,,, the type of k!ssI’ve been longing for. His ton-gue slide into mine,,,, he taste sweet. A slight [email protected] escape myl-ips when he bite my bottoml-ips softly,,,,
He unlock from the k!ssand hvgged me ti-ghtly to himself,, I wish everyday is like this. Having him beside me,, and these hvgs and k!sses is not once in a while.
He later told me what mom did,, I was amazed. Never knew mom could go to the president and talk some s-en-se into him. Wow,,, I really can’t thank her enough for this.
” Bye,,, see you tomorrow ” I said waving at him as he entered the car
” Bye ” he replied and blew k!sses at me,, I also did the same.
I went back inside when he left,,,
” He’s gone?? ” mom asked coming downstairs
” Yes mom ” I retorted
” He’s a really good boy,, I like him ” she said
I smiled and hvgged her
” Mom,,, thank you for everything ” I said
” I only did what I am expected to do as a Mother, you don’t have to thank me ” she said and k!$$£d my hair
” You’re the best mother in the world,,, I love you so much ” I said
” And I love you more ” she replied
I smiled and unlock from the hvg,,,
” Take care of your sister,, I nee-d to go somewhere ” she said and went out
Talking about sister,, I’ve not spoken to Rose yet. I sigh and went into her room,,,
” Hey sis ” She smiled out dimples
” Hey baby ” I pe-cked her cheek
” What are you doing here?? What about uncle TK?? ” she asked
” He’s gone,, don’t you miss me?? Anyway I missed you alot ” I said
” I also miss you,, but you were busy with your,,,,,,,,, I don’t know ” she smiled and covered her face with her palm
” silly baby sister of mine ” I laughed
💎 Tony’s pov 💎
I was lying on the be-d when the door opened and mom [email protected]£ in,, what is she doing here??
” Baby ” she called walking closer to me
What?? When did she start calling me that??
” What do you want?? ” I asked turning my gaze from her
” Baby,,, am here to apologize for everything. I know I’ve wronged you,,, but trust me,, mom loves you. I really do ” she said and hold my hand
A tear dropped from my eyes,, when last did my own mother hold my hand
I re-leased my hand from her grip
” You don’t have to hold me,,, it’s weird to me ” I said
” Am so sorry ” she broke into tears
” I wish you change for real,,, ” I said
” Trust me,, I’ve changed. I promise to make it up to you,, trust me ” she held my hand again
I hvgged her without thinking twice
” I missed you so much mom,,,, I really missed you. I missed the time we were close,, I missed the time when you really cared about me,,,,,,,, I missed those time when you always make me delicious cu-pcake,,,,,, but mom,,, you’ve changed so much that you are like a stranger to me ” I broke into tears
” I know,,,,,,, I promise to change baby. I promise,,,,,,,, I love you so much, am so sorry for neglecting my own child. I am really sorry ” she said in tears also
” I love you so much mom ” I said
” I love you too baby ” She replied
I rested my head on her [email protected],,,, I really missed her scent so much.
💋 Lisa’s pov 💋
I grin wi-dely as I listen to mom and Tk,, finally everything is solved. I turned back and went into my room,,,
My phone beeped and I checked,,, it’s a call from Jin. I smiled before picking it,,
📲 Hey
I smiled again
📲hmm,,, you sound happy. Tell me what’s going on
📲 Nothing special,, just happy
📲 Wow,,,,, I really missed you alot
📲 I also do,,,
I replied with a sigh
We doesn’t even have enough time to spend with each other,, I just hope this two weeks come fas-ter so everything will be complete.
📲 It’s almost over Lisa,,,, just wait a little more. It will be over soon,,,
📲 I know Jin,,, am waiting
📲 I love you so much
📲 I love you more,,,,
📲 I really missed thosel-ips,,, should I come tomorrow??
I heard him cli-ck his ton-gue
📲 [email protected]ûghty,,, dont come here. Face your project,,, make sure your group win this
📲 Don’t worry,, we’re gonna win. Tk is there,, I am there and our Sophia is there. What else am I asking for??
I laughed
📲 You’re really complete,, bad for Davis
I heard him chuckle
📲 I never asked him to get hooked up with a girl,,,
📲 I know you guys will do amazingly
📲 Thank you,,,, bye,, love you
📲 I love you too
I replied and hanged up
Just two weeks Lisa,,, you can do this.
.Sophia’s pov 💄
I woke up with the ray of light shining directly on me,,,fu-ck. Am so tired,, I don’t think I will be going to school.
I gr-ab my phone and called Tk number,, he’s not picking up?? Why??, maybe he’s in school alre-ady,,, but does he really care about that??,,, I pouted and walked into the bathroom,,, I took off my clothes and brushed my teeth. After that I took a warm bath and went back into my room.
Am really gonna miss Tk so much,,,, I bite my bottoml-ips and ru-b the lotion on my b©dy. I walked to my wardrobe and pu-ll out a blue jean and a pink hood,,, I put it on and pack my hair in a pony tail.
Am sure nob©dy is at home by this time,,, I la-id back on the be-d. Am not hungry right now,,,, a knock [email protected]£ on my door
” Who’s there? ” I asked
A maid [email protected]£ in,,,,,
” Mam,, your friend is here ” She said..
Which friend is she talking about??
” Let the person in ” I said
She bowed and walked out,,,
Who is the person??? Soon the door opened,, I [email protected] when I saw Tk. What?? What is he doing here??
He smiled and [email protected]£ in,, I was about talking when a call [email protected]£ on my phone. Mom?
I picked the call,,,
📲 Yes mom?
📲 hey baby,, is TK there alre-ady??
She asked
what?? Mom know about this??
📲 Yes mom,,,,
📲 I actually told him you won’t be going to school today,,, since you guys don’t have anything doing in school aside the project. So have fun
📲 But,,,,
She hanged up,,, I faced TK with a smile
” When did you guys exchange numbers?? ” I raised my brow
” Don’t you think I should have my mother in_law’s number?? ” he win-ked
” Oh,,, you’re right. You should have it ” I replied and we both laughed
” Am so fed up with school ” he mumbled and [email protected] on the be-d
I chuckled and joined him,,,
” Am feeling hurt alre-ady ” I sigh
” What?? Why?? ”
” I won’t be seeing you for a whole 7 years and you think it’s easy?? ” I blink out tears
” You can do this,,,,,,, ” He said and hvgged me in be-d,, his hand around my [email protected]!st
” I don’t think I can,, am gonna faint ” I said and sniff in
” Don’t faint,, remember I will be coming back to get married to you ” he win-ked and I smiled..
” Really?? ”
” Yep,,, or,, you won’t marry me?? ” he asked
” Maybe we should just do it now ” I tea-sed
” No ring ” He sm-irked
” Hmm,,,, you’re right. ” I laughed
” Promise not to smile at any other guy until I come back,,,, ”
” Am gonna frown my face like this ” I said frowning my face
” I will also do the same ” he said and also frowned his face
We both laughed out,,,,
💋 Levi’s pov 💋
” Hey Levi!!! ” Someone shouted my name,, I turned back and saw Bianca running after me
” Morning ” I said with a light smile as she got to me [email protected]
” I guess we are both late ” she chuckled
” Yeah,,, I guess so ” we both laughed
We both walked into the clas-s and everyone turned to us,,, holy $h!t I hate attention.
” Why are you guys so late?? Where are you coming from??? Together?? ” He asked
” Actually we,,,,,,, ”
” We’re coming from my house,, any problem?? ” I interrupted Bianca
🚻 What?? She went to his house? 🚺
🚺 I knew it,, she’s just a bit-ch like Sophia 🚻
🚻 I hate her 🚺
” Silence!!! ” the teacher ordered but they keep on whispering
” Who just called her a bit-ch?? ” I asked folding my fist
This time they all kept quiet,,,,
” Levis st©p,, we will only get into trouble ” Bianca whispers
” How can a bit-ch call someone a bit-ch?? ” I walked closer to Harley
” Am,,,,, ”
” Next time you talk like that to either Sophia or Bianca,,, I won’t mind if you’re a girl ” I said
” Am giving myself a detention ” I said walking out of the clas-s
‘ Oh my God,, you’re so cool ‘ my mind shouted
” shut up, I just got into trouble. ” I said
‘ But still, you’re cool ‘..
I smiled and entered the detention room,,,, I dropped my bag and rest my head on the table. But,, why did I do that in the first place?? I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me,, am so crazy.
I [email protected] my head,,, the door opened. I looked up only to find Bianca,,,
” What are you doing here?? ” I asked
” I gave myself a detention ” she win-ked and dropped her bag walking toward me
” Are you crazy?? You should have stayed and listen to whatever he’s gonna say ” I snapped
” How can I stay in clas-s without you?? Sophia is not there either ” she pouted
I smiled and closed my eyes,,,,, I opened them back and caught her starring at me
” What? Why are you starring at me?? ” I asked
” Why did you do that?? ” she asked not taking her eyes off me
” What?? ”
” Why did you tell them we were coming from your house?? And then,,, why did you get mad when Harley called me a bit-ch?? ”
” Don’t think otherwise,, I only did that because I wanted to get into trouble ” I sm-irked
” Liar ”
” What?? Am not lying okay?? That was the reason ” I look away
” But you know that you’re only lying ”
” Okay then,, what is the truth?? ” I faced her
” how will I know?? But am sure you did that for some reason ”
” The truth is,,,,,,,,,,, I don’t know why I did that ” I said and sigh
She laughed out,,,
” What’s funny?? That’s the truth ” I said and smiled
” Okay,, accepted, that’s the truth ” She said still grinning
I couldn’t help but to notice her small pinkl-ips,, so cute.
” Don’t you think you should repay me for what I did?? ” I asked and li-ck myl-ips
” What,, what do you want???? ” she asked with a sm-irk
I gr-ab her and pu-ll-ed her to myself,,..
” What,,, what are you doing?? ”
” You asked for what I want,, that’s what am doing ” I win-ked
” Huh?? “..
I ignored her and crushed myl-ips on hers,,, they are so soft just like they look. I su-cked on her lowerl-ips and then she opened her mouth ma-king me slide in my ton-gue,,,
A slight [email protected] escape herl-ips,, I smiled at my achievement and unlock from the k!ss.
She left me and sat down on the other side with her head bowed,, I chuckled. Is that her first k!ss??
” Why are you suddenly silent?? ” I asked
She faced me with a frown
” Idiot,,,, you just took my first k!ss!! ” she yelled even though it was low
” So why are you yelling like you didn’t enjoy it?? ” I asked
” Stupid ” she mouthed and look away
” Okay,, am sorry. But you should have rejected me ” I sm-irked
She kept quiet and bite her bottoml-ips
” That was because you wanted me to,,,, “.
” Shut up ” She [email protected] my shoulder
I laughed at her flushing face,,,
” You want more?? ” I win-ked
” Gosh,, why did I come here in the first place ” she murmured
” Same reason why I don’t know why I am here ” I laughed
” But,,, I really enjoyed the k!ss,, you even [email protected] into my mouth. It was the best and,,,,, ”
” Davis shut up,,, ” she covered my mouth with her palm
I stood still watching her
” What if someone is listening?? Just keep quiet okay?? ” she said with her poutedl-ips
I re-moved her hand and smiled
” There’s only one way to shut me up ”
” What?? ”
” Another k!ss”
” never! ” She yelled and sat down
” Then am gonna shout so everyone can hear me,, “.
” What?? Don’t you dare ”
” Hi Everyone!! I,,, kis,,,,,,,,,, ” she ran to me and k!$$£d me before I could finish what I was saying
I smiled and pu-ll-ed her closer,,,,,, 😇

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