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Teens love Episode 22 & 23

[ 💌 Preston High 💌]
EPISODE 22 💌💌💌
❤ Sophia’s pov ❤
I felt something cold on my hand,, I opened my eyes only to see mom beside me.
” Mom! ” I shouted happily
” Baby ” she hvgged me
But her voice is somehow,, wait is she crying??
” Mom what’s wrong?? ” I asked
” I heard everything,,,, are you okay now?? ” she asked
I smiled and nodded
” You don’t have to worry about me mom,,, ” I replied
” Who is Tk?? I really have to thank him for this ” she said
I suddenly [email protected]£ sad at the mention of his name,,
” why?? You look sad when I mentioned his name ” She said
I nodded and explained everything to her,, she sigh out and t©uçhed me.
” I will take care of this ” She said
I looked up,, what does she mean by she will take care of it??
” Do you have to go to school?? ” she asked
” I will,, am fine ” I said
She t©uçhed my cheek before walking out of the room,,
I stood up and walked into the bathroom,,, I took my bath and went back inside.
I put on my uniform,, and then my shoes.
I arranged my hair and carried my backpack,, I took a glance at the room like it’s my last time coming here.
I finally walked out of the room,,,, oh my I’ve not seen Rose.
” Mom, where is Rose?? ” I asked when I got downstairs
” She’s tired I guess, still slee-ping ” she responded
I sat down and started eating,, after eating. I pe-cked my mom and ran out of the house
” Morning mam ” my driver greeted
” Thank you ” I replied and entered the car
In few minutes, we are in school alre-ady. I sigh before getting out of the car,,,,
Someone t©uçhed me and I looked back,,
” Bianca ” I said.
She hvgged me,,
” Are you mad at me?? I heard what happened and I could not even Come to visit ” she said
” Hmm” I said and continue walking
I just want to see Tk and no one else
” Sophia, am sorry, okay?? ”
” It’s fine ” I replied
We got into the clas-s and sat down,, Levi [email protected]£ in
” Hey Sophia ” he smiled
” Morning ” I smiled back
He [email protected]£ to visit me last night,, I was not expecting him though.
” How are you feeling now?? ” he asked
” Am fine, as you can see ” I sm-irked
” Idiot ” he said before sitting down
Minutes later, the teacher [email protected]£ in. Damn today is so boring,,,,,
After the clas-s, I was asked to choose who I wanna get paired with, I told him I want to join Tk and Jin. He accepted,, I smiled happily.
Now am gonna see Tk more often even if his mother doesn’t approve our friendsh!p.
I rushed out of the clas-s and went into the pri-vate clas-s,, .
” Hey Sophia what are you doing here?? ” Devis asked
” Where is Tk?? ” I asked
” Oh,, he’s not in school ” He replied and I felt my arms dropped
” But,, why?? ” I asked
” I dont know ” he said
” Okay ” I turned back and leave
I hope he’s fine right now,,, I entered the clas-s and sat down
” Hey, let’s go have lunch am starving ” Bianca said
” Am not hungry, you can go ” I said
” Are you okay?? ” she asked
” Am fine, I just wanna be alone ” I said and la-id my head on the locker
💋 Sophia’s Mom 💋
My driver drove into the president Mansion,, I just hope he’s home.
I got down from the car,, one of the numerous b©dyguard ran to me
” Hi ” I said
” Barrister Mae?? ” he said, am glad he know who I am
” Yeah, that’s me. Is the president around?? ” I asked
” Of course mam,, I will take you to him ” he said
I nodded and followed him quietly,,, we climb the stairs and still walked for minutes before getting to where he st©pped
” Give me a minute ” he said
I nodded,, he entered. I sigh out,, a minutes later he [email protected]£ out
” You can go in ” he said with a smile
” Thank you ” I said and entered
” Hello sir ” I said
” Hi Barrister,,,, how are you doing?? Oh,, have your seat ” he said
” Thanks ” I said and sat down
” Hope no problem?? how may I help you?? ” he asked
” I am Barrister Mae as you know ” I started
” And I am here because of your son,, Tk , I guess that’s his name ” I said
” Yeah he’s my son ” he said
” Good,,,, Sir,, with all due respect,,,, am going to ask you this question “..
” Okay,, ”
” Why are you killing your son gradually?? ” I asked
He wi-den his eyes and re-moved his eyeglas-ses,,,
” What do you mean by Killing my son?? How can I kill my son?? ”
” Good question,,,,,,, according to the book of history as a barrister in the year 1996,, there was a boy named Ezra Henderson. He was a teenage boy who died when he was 18 years old,, mind knowing the reason behind his death?? ” I asked with a serious look
” What was it?? ”
” Suicide,,, Mr President,,,, Ezra Henderson committed suicide ”
” What??? Why?? ” he asked getting curious
” Good question,, and the answer is RIGHT,,, do you know how powerful that word is?? No you don’t,, you claim to be a man of power. You are our leader, and as a leader you are supposed to know what the right of the citizens are,,, not only citizens. Everyone,, everyone!!!! ” I ban-ged my hand on the table
” Sir!!! Your son have the right to choose whatever plea-ses him,, and do you know that you don’t have the right to choose for your son??? No,, you have no right. Yes, you gave birth to him, he’s your son,but you don’t have any right to choose whatever for him,, he’s a teenager. He know what he want, he know what he deserve. Why don’t you try to un-derstand your son,, st©p plea-sing yourself on him just because he’s your son,,all you care about is your reputation , ” I st©pped for a moment
He only kept quiet,, now good
” Do you know why he committed suicide?? Because his parents doesn’t allow him live his life,, am not saying you can’t control your child, of course he’s your son you have every right over him. But the only right you have over him is to tell him the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s bad,,, right way to live and the illegal way. You have no right to dictate how to live for him,,,, ” I stood up
” Do you know what happened to Ezra’s parents??? They were s£ntenced to death,,, the boy was supported by a young lawyer who made sure the parents get the right Judgment,, the name of the Lawyer was Lawyer Mae Anne,,,,,, that was my first Case,,,, I won’t have a choice to do the same thing again if you don’t leave your son and set him free,, good day ” I said and opened the door
I st©pped and turned back,,,
” And,,, the girl your son is talking about,, the one your wife saw him with. Am sure you hate her,, don’t try to do anything silly to her,, she’s my daughter Sophia Mae,,, am telling you this if you don’t know. ” I said.
I bowed my head as a sign of respect and walked out of the study room.
⭐ Tony’s pov ⭐
” And,,, the girl your son is talking about,, the one your wife saw him with. Am sure you hate her,, don’t try to do anything silly to her,, she’s my daughter Sophia Mae,,, am telling you this if you don’t know. ” The woman finally said and I [email protected]
She’s Sophia’s mother???
I hide in my room as she [email protected]£ out of father’s study room,,, she walked out and I sighed.
I just hope she’s able to convince my dad,, I will forever be grateful to her
I [email protected] on my king sized be-d,, my mind went to Sophia. Am sure she’s gonna be hurt if she discover my abs£nce in school,, am so sorry.
I closed my eyes and sleep took over immediately,,,
💄 Sophia’s pov 💄
Finally school is over,, I sighed and carried my bag. Am not myself right now, I think am getting sick alre-ady.
I went into the car and the driver drove out almost immediately,,, minutes later we got home.
I got out of the car and walked in,,
” Hey Sophia what’s wrong?? You look sick ” mom said checking my temperature
” Your temperature is so high ” She said
I shook my head and hvgged her,,,
” Tell me what happened ” she said patting my back
” He was not in school today,, do you think he left alre-ady?? ” I asked in tears
” No he’s not,,, you don’t have to worry okay? ” She said
” I want to rest a little,,, ” I said and went upstairs
I won’t forgive myself if He left,,, I won’t.
I walked into my room,, I dropped my bag and [email protected] on the be-d. I don’t have any strength to put off my uniform right now,,,
I closed my eyes and sleep took over,,
⭐ Tony’s pov ⭐
” Young master,,, you have to come with me ” A guard said
I sighed and followed him,,, we entered into father’s study room and he went back.
” Am here father ” I said
” Sit ” he commanded
I sat down waiting for what he have to say,,,
” Son?? ” he called ma-king me to look up
” Yes dad ”
” Am sorry if am ma-king you uncomfortable,,, am sorry if am frustrating your life. Am sorry if am taking control over your life,,, am only doing what I thought was the best for you,,, I never knew I was hurting you so much. I hope you can forgive me,,, I love you so much ” he st©pped,,, a tear dropped from my eyes as I watched him weeping silently
” I promise,, from now on,,, am going to allow you choose whatever you want. Trust me,,,,,, ”
I stood up and walked to him,,, I hvgged him. He patted my back
” You don’t have to leave for California anymore,,, if you don’t want to,,,,, ”
” No father,,, am going. I will take over the company,,,, but I don’t want Kit with me ” I said
” Done ” he smiled and hvgged me again
” The girl you told us about,, you really like her so much?? ” he asked causing me to smile
” I love her,,,, ” I said
” You’re so lucky to have her then, ”
” I know father ” I replied
” I really nee-d to go somewhere right now ” I said
” Have fun ” he smiled
I nodded and walked out,,,, wow. Never knew my father could become as calm, thanks to Mrs Mae.
I rushed downstairs and took my car key from my personal guard,,
” Be careful Young Master ” he said
I nodded and drove off.
I got down from the car and knocked the gate,, it was opened.
” Sir TK?? ”
” Yeah,,, anyb©dy home?? ” I asked
” Of course, they are in ” he replied
” Thank you ” I said and went in
Sophia’s mom was coming downstairs when I entered,,
” Hello mam ” I greeted
” Hi,,,, sorry,, who are you?? ” she asked.
She doesn’t even know me,,
” It’s TK mam ” I said
” Oh,,, you’re the one?? ” she asked with a smile
” Yes mam ”
” Come on, give me a hvg ”
I smiled and hvgged her,,, when last did my mom hvgged me??
” Mam,,, I really appreciate what you did mam. Thank you,,, for changing my father so much. Your words really t©uçhed him,, and he’s sorry for everything. I can’t thank you enough mam ” I said with a bow
” you don’t have to thank me,, you deserve more than that. And,, I also did that for my daughter,,,, she really likes you a lot and I don’t want to see my daughter looking sad ” she said
” Thank you mam ” I smiled
” I can’t believe my daughter [email protected]£ home today looking sick,,, she said you were not in school ” she said.
I nodded with a sigh,
” I nee-d to talk to you,,,,,, have a seat ”
We both sat down,,,
” I am someone who discover things more quic-kly,,, and I am very sure my daughter is in love with you,,,, and seeing your face. I know you also love her,,,,,,,,,, but,,,,,, I want you guys to remember you’re still teenagers. Many people doesn’t believe it Teens Love,,,,, but I want you guys to prove them wrong,,,,,,,, I don’t want a broken heart for my daughter. I know her, she’s my daughter and you’re her first love. I really un-derstand how she feels right now, that’s why am not against this relationsh!pbecause I want the best for my daughter and I also want the best for you too…. So tell me right now,, do you love my daughter?? ”
” yes mam,,,, I really love her alot. ” I replied
” Good,,,,, no matter what happen. I want this relationsh!pto end well,,,, there is no break up in my dictionary. You should take note of that ”
” That’s never gonna happen ” I smiled
” Can you go upstairs and show yourself to her?? She’s something else right now ” she chuckled
She called a maid to take me to Sophia’s room,,,
I followed the maid quietly thinking about what Mrs Mae said,,, I really like her so much that I suddenly wish my mom is like that.
But she doesn’t even give a damn about me,,,
” Here sir ” the maid pointed to the door before us
” Thank you ” I said
I was about going in when a little girl appeared to me,, she [email protected]£ out of one of the rooms. She look so beautiful that I thought she was an angel,, never knew Sophia have a little sister.
” Hi ” she smiled out dimples
” Hello ” I said and knelt down in front of her to get a better conversation with her
” You’re uncle TK?? ” she asked folding her teddybear shyly
” Yeah,, so what’s your name?? ” I asked
” am Rose ” she said in her tiny voice
” wow,,, you look so beautiful as a Rose ” I smiled and t©uçhed her hair
” Thank you,,,, ” she said
” Am here to meet your sister,,, ” I smiled
” She always talk about you ” she said
” Really?? How? ”
” She likes you a lot ”
She’s really smart,,
” You think she like me so much?? ” I asked and she nodded
” I also like her,, ”
” I knew it!! ” she laughed
” just go in ” she said and ran downstairs
She’s really smart,,,,
I breath out before going in,,,

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