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Teens love Episode 20 & 21

[ 💟 Preston High 💟]
💟 Episode 20 💟
Curtis’s pov :
I sigh out loud as I drive after Sophia,,, just then my phone rang. Why is father calling me right now??
📞 Yes father??
📞 Make sure you do a smart job,, just inject her with the syringe before my men come in
📞 So what will happen next??
📞 Just leave everything to me,, do your [email protected] Don’t forget my promise to you if you are successful
📞 Okay father
He hang up,, I scoff. I hope it’s easy as he said. I can’t wait to get out of the house after doing what he s£nt me.
Finally the car entered into a mansion,, now I see why father want to kidnap her, they are really rich.
I get down from the car and she also did,, she smiled softly, I nodded and we both walked in.
Angel’s pov :
I watched as they both entered into the Mansion,, damn I hope it’s not late alre-ady
What do I do right now?? I just wish Sophia can see me right now, but she can’t. She can’t even hear me even if I talk,,,
How do I save her?? I went into her mind,,,, she was thinking about someone, who is he??? Okay I think I can do this,,,
I disappeared and suddenly find myself in another mansion,, two teenagers are there doing some things in a book. Okay now,, which one of them was Sophia thinking about???
I moved closer and t©uçhed the first one,, he’s not the one. I t©uçhed the second one,,, okay now I get it.
I raised my hand up and t©uçhed his head,,, I put some memories in and disappeared immediately
This is gonna help I think,,,,
Tony’s pov :
My mind suddenly went to Sophia,,, what if she’s in trouble?? Am really having a bad feeling about that guy,,
” You’re restless, what are you thinking about??? ” Jin asked
” I can’t get my mind off her,, I think she’s in trouble ” I said with a sigh
” You’re funny,, what trouble?? ”
” I don’t know,, maybe am just worried because she’s with a boy alone ” I said
” Nothing is gonna happen ” He said
I nodded and we continue working on the project,,,
” I nee-d to see her ” I stood up and took my car key
” Are you crazy?? Why are you like this?? You can just call her ”
I nodded and tried her number,, switched off. How can she switch off her phone during time like this??
” I don’t have a choice ”
” Okay,, am coming with you ” he said
We both walked out of the house immediately,, I hope she’s fine. Why am I having some bad feeling??
Writer’s pov :
Curtis succeeded in injecting Sophia with the syringe,, she fell asleep immediately.
He immediately called his father.
📞 Dad,, its all done. Where are they??
📞 They are alre-ady in
Three men [email protected]£ in,,,
He hang up and took his bag,, one of the men carried Sophia.
The guards was sh0t with slee-ping bullets,,, they carried Sophia into their car and drove out of the compound
” So where are we taking her?? I hope it’s not our mansion ” Curtis asked
” The boss asked us to take her there ” One of the men replied
” But that’s not safe enough, what if someone find out?? ” Curtis disagreed
” We are at the boss service ”
Curtis sighed almost regretting what he did,, Sophia doesn’t deserve that, he said inwardly. But he wouldn’t even dare approach his father, he will kill Him without a second thought that he’s his son.
Tony’s pov :
” Tk,,, see,, two cars driving out of their house ” Jin pointed
” What’s going on?? ” I asked looking scared
” Follow that car,”
” But what if Sophia is in?? ” I asked
” I know that car,, it’s Curtis car. But the second one is strange ” he said
I immediately increa-sed the speed and followed the cars,,, I made sure they doesn’t notice by leaving some space between us.
They st©pped in front of a big mansion,,, I [email protected] when I saw one of them carrying Sophia,
” Oh no,,, ” Jin said
” I knew it,, that guy is no good ” I hit my hand on the car wheel
” What are we going to do right now?? ” he asked
I took my phone and called four guards,, I texted them the address of where we are.
” We can’t stay here until they are here,, let’s go in ” I said
He nodded and we both got out of the car,,, we ti-ptoed and finally got the chance to enter fully.
We saw a dark room,,, two guards were standing in front of the room
” Am sure Sophia is in that room ” Jin said in a whisper, I replied with a nod
We can’t even see the inside,,
Sophia’s pov :
I opened my eyes with some voices chatting in my ear,, why can’t they let me rest???
I opened fully and was shocked to meet myself in a dark room,,, what am I doing here?? I wanted to raise my hand but I discovered that I’ve been tied to the chair. What’s going on???
I tried to remember what happened last,,, Curtis,,,, no,,, that’s impossible. He can’t be the one who kidnapped me,,, let’s forget that. How thefu-ck will I get out of here??
I struggled to free myself out of the grip but it’s only hurting me more,,,
” Don’t try to free yourself,, you will only hurt yourself ” A voice said coming into the room
I looked up and fear took over immediately,, what are they going to do with me??
” Why did you kidnap me?? What’s my offence?? ” I asked with tears rolling down my eyes
” Such a cute girl ” One of the guys t©uçhed my face
” Don’t t©uçh me!!!! ” I shouted
A ha-rd [email protected] landed on my face,,,,,
” Don’t you dare shout on me again,, do you get that?!!!! Or I won’t forgive you ”
I was f0rç£d to nod,,, why is this happening?? My parents are not even around,,, what do I do?? Am sure Tk will be worried alre-ady,,
” Bad thing you’re suffering for your parents mistakes ” Another one said
” my,, my parents? ” I was confused
” Yes,,, and it’s better you cooperate right now and give us your parents pin ” Another one said
” You can’t contact them,, they are not here ” I replied getting more scared
” You really have a death wish right?? ”
” Am telling you the truth ”
” Then you will stay here until they are back,,, enjoy your stay here ” They all turned their back going out of the room
” plea-se!!! Let me go!!!!!!! ” I shouted,, they went out and locked the door
” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhg!!!! ” I screamed in tears
What is gonna happen to me?? What if they kill me if they can’t contact my parents???
Tears keep on rolling down my eyes as I think about everything,, what is my parents offense???
Angel’s pov :
What do I do??? The guy and his friends will soon get into trouble if they don’t get out of this place right now.
I immediately appeared into where Sophia is,, I felt sorry for her. She’s crying,,, I untied the rope and opened her mind connecting it with the guy’s mind.
I guess this will help them further,,,, I disappeared before my pure garment attach some dirt.
💌 Episode 21 💌
Sophia’s pov
I suddenly discovered that the rope got loosed,, how did it happen?? I stood up immediately and went to the door, it was locked.
There’s no single window in this dark room, what do I do??
” I just hope she’s fine ” I heard Tk’s voice in my mind.
Maybe am just day dreaming,,,
” What?? Sophia?? ” The voice [email protected]£ again
” Tk? ” I asked in my head
” Yeah it’s me,,, how come you’re in my head?? ” he asked
” I don’t know,, where are you?? ” I asked
” I really nee-d to hide right now,, I guess we’re gonna be in trouble ” He said
” Oh,, I got untied. But there is no window here,, the door is locked alre-ady ”
” Make sure you don’t do anything stupid, stay calm until the cops get here ”
” Okay,, am gonna wait ”
I sigh and sat down
👑 Tony’s p.o.v 👑
” We nee-d to act fast or we will get hurt ” Jin said as we watch the men searching for the intruders
” I think the cops are here ” I said when I heard the siren
” That’s right,, they are here ” he replied
We ran out of our hide out and ran out,,
” Young Masters, are you okay?? ” one of the guards asked
” Yeah,, am fine. But Sophia is in,, save her ” I said
” Don’t come with us,, you may get hurt”
I nodded and took the bottle water In my car,,, I drank out of it and handed the rest to Jin
” Thanks ” he said and gulped down everything in a minute,,
” Did she pas-s out?? ” Jin pointed at the guard carrying Sophia on his back
I ran toward them immediately,
” What’s wrong with her?? ” I asked
” She pas-sed out, I think the heat was too much for her ” He replied
He carried her into the car, Jin and I followed. I keep on checking her,, damn, her temperature is so high.
” Hey Sophia,, you will be fine okay?? Am here for you ” I said and pe-cked her forehead
” You don’t have to worry too much,, she will be good ” Jin patted my back
I nodded with a smile
💄 Rose’s p.o.v 💄
I watched as the maid arrange my stuffs into the bag, am happy we are leaving early tomorrow. My parents are not even aware of what’s happening right now.
But what about Angel? She haven’t tell me anything,
The maids walked out of the room,, I la-id on the be-d. Suddenly I felt her pres£nce, I stood up
” Angel, how was it? ” I asked
” Mr Johnson and his men got arrested,,,, thanks to Tk who called the cops ” She explained and I smiled
I knew it,,, he love my sister alot
” How about Sophia? ” I asked
” She was taken to the hospital, I think she pas-sed out ” She said and I nodded
Am just happy she’s out of danger,,
” I feel some pres£nce coming,, bye ” she disappeared
I immediately faked a sleep,,
” Hmm,, seems someone is slee-ping ” I heard her
She walked closer to me and covered me with the duvet,, I smiled in my sleep.
She k!$$£d my cheek and walked out of the room.
Sophia’s pov:
I opened my eyes slowly and met myself in another strange room,,, but it’s like am lying down on something soft.
” Sophia,, you’re awake ” A voice said beside me and I turned
” Tk? ” I called in tears
He wra-pped his arm around me and hvgged me on the be-d,,
” Am so sorry,, I should have st©pped you from going home with him when I keep on having a bad feeling,, it’s all my fault ” he said
” No its not your fault,,, I should have listened when you told me you don’t feel good about it ” I said
” How are you feeling right now?? ” he asked
” I want to go home, I hate hospitals ” I said
” But, are you,, ”
” Trust me,,, an fine ” I smiled
” I will just call the doctor first ” he said and walked out of the ward
I keep on thinking about what happened,, firstly it was the rope which got untied and later our minds got connected. Something is strange,, maybe TK doesn’t notice this.
The door opened and he [email protected]£ back in with the doctor,,, the doctor run some test on me.
” She’s okay now ” he smiled
” Are you sure we can go home now?? ” he asked looking worried
” yeah ” the doctor replied and walked out of the room
” Let’s go ”
I took his hand and we both walked out of the room,,,
” Thank you,, I owe you a lot ” I said
” I know, so when are you gonna pay?? ” He tea-sed
” What do you want?? ” I asked with a sm-irk
” Hmm,, I don’t know ”
A figure stood in front of us blocking our way,, we both looked up. I don’t even know who she is, I faced Tk and saw shock written all over his face, who is the woman??
” Mom?? What are you doing here?? ” he asked
So, she’s his mother??
” Get out of here right now, we’re going home ” She snapped
” But mom,, I have to,,, ”
” One more word and you will be leaving for California right away ” she said causing me to [email protected]
She eyed me with a disgust look and walked into the car waiting for Tk,,,
He re-leased his hand from mine and left without looking at me,,,, the car drove off. I stood there with h0t tears rolling down my eyes.
I don’t even have my phone with me to call a driver,,, how do I go home??? I can’t possibly walk.
Just then I saw Jin coming out of the car,,, I smiled and ran to hvg him.
” Am sorry I was not able to wait ,,, it’s a long story ” he said
” It’s fine ” I replied
He opened the door and I went in,,, thanks to Jin. I won’t even know what will happen.
He finally drove into our mansion,, I got down from the car immediately.
” Thank you Jin,,, ” I smiled
” What?? No,,,, it was Tk who told me what happened and asked me to take you home ” he said and I suddenly feel sad
” You see,,,, you really have to be patient with him,,,, his parents are really worst. He’s only doing this because he love you,,, am sure he’s going to be punished for this ” he sigh
” What?? I can’t let that happen,, he only saved me ” I said
” But there’s nothing you can do Sophia ” He said
” Take care of yourself ” He said and drove out.
I was about going in when the guards rushed to me,,,
” Mam,, we are so sorry for everything. plea-se forgive us, don’t tell the boss about this plea-se ”
” St©p!!!!!! Get back to work before I lose my cool!! ” I yelled and rushed into the house
I just can’t think straight right now,,
” You’re welcome mam,,,,, are you okay?? ” the maids asked
I nodded and went upstairs,,, I went into my room and locked the door. I never knew I was crying,,how can his parents behave that way??
They should think about their son’s happiness first,,
I put off my clothes and walked into the bathroom, I can’t wait to have my parents back tomorrow.
After taking my bath,, I walked out of the bathroom and put on my pajamas,,, I took my phone and checked to see if there’s any message from him, but nothing like that.
I sighed and walked out of my room,,, am so hungry.
” Is dinner re-ady?? ” I asked
” Yes mam ”
I sat down and watched as she dished out the meal,,, I so much hate eating dinner alone
” Can you sit and eat with me?? ” I asked
” No,,,, I can’t ” she said
She’s the youngest among the maids, she still look pretty though.
” Nothing is gonna happen,, am so scared to eat alone right now. So it’s just for today ” I said
She nodded and sat down,,
” What’s your name?? ” I asked
” Charlie mam ” She replied
I smiled and continue eating,,,
Tony’s pov :
” Tell me who the hell that girl is!! ” Father yelled
” She’s,,, she’s,,,,, ”
” Will you talk right now!! ”
” She’s my,, girlfriend ” I replied
” Are you crazy??? Your girlfriend??? What about Cora?? ” He asked
Cora is the vice president’s daughter,,, we are not even friends. I don’t know why father want me to [email protected]£ her.
” I don’t like her,, ” a h0t [email protected] landed on my face
” You should get prepared,,, immediately after the stupid project your school told me about. You are leaving,, and Cora will be there with you, so it’s better you find a way to start liking her now!!!,” He yelled angrily
I kept quiet
” Do you un-derstand!!! ”
” Yes father ” I replied and went into my room
” Hey kid ” Lisa [email protected]£ in
” I want to be alone ” I snapped
” You want me to leave?? ”
” Leave ”
She went out,,,, damn how am I going to do this???
And that girl!!! I don’t like her at all, she’s a flir-t. She’s not even pretty,,,, I hate what father is doing right now.

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