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Teens love Episode 16 & 17

[ Preston High ⭐]
⭐ Episode 15 ⭐
Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️
💞 Sophia 💕
I opened my eyes softly,, this is a strange room. I jumped out of the be-d,, how did I get here. I t©uçhed my b©dy,,, am still putting on clothes thank God. I [email protected] my head,, I really drank too much,, hope I did not do any ru-bbish. But who carried me in???
The [email protected] has ended , I checked the time. 9:00pm??? Damn,, how do I go home???
I ran out of the room,, still trying to remember how I got into this room.
I went downstairs,,,,,
” Hey Sophia,, you’re awake ” Davis said acting somehow silly,, he’s drun!k.
TK appeared and gr-ab his hand placing it on his shoulder.
” I can’t believe am doing this ” He said lifting him up
” Do you have any idea who took me upstairs?? ” I asked as I followed him to where he’s taking Davis.
” I don’t have any idea ” he said
Idiot,, I was thinking he was the one. I should know he’s not caring enough to do that.
He finally dropped Davis on the be-d,, he sigh out before walking out of the room.
” Let’s go, am taking you home ” he said
” I don’t nee-d it ”
” That’s silly you know??? I know you want me to take you home ” He sm-irked
” And why will I want that??? ” I asked
” Then fine,, goodnight. You can stay here all you want ” he said walking out of the house
I immediately ran after him,,
” Am going with you,, but just for this night ” I said
” Who cares ”
I rolled my eyes and entered the car, he start the engine and drove out of the mansion.
” So now,,, you have a girlfriend??? ” I asked
” I thought you don’t care ” he replied
” We both have [email protected] now,, so its cool ” He said
” Levi is not my b©yfri£nd” I said and look away,,,,
” So??? ”
” I love you!!! ” I yelled
” I have a girlfriend now “..
” I don’t care ” I snapped
” I love her,,, not you ” He said
” You,, don’t like me at all??? If that’s a joke, can you st©p?? You’re hurting me ” I wipe my tears
” We are here,, get down ” He said
I nodded and got down from the car,,,,, I called the security and he opened. I took a glance at Tk before walking in,,,,
I guess everyone is asleep, I went into my room and locked the door. I felled on the be-d crying my eyes out.
Was it because I lied about Levi being my b©yfri£nd??? How can he do that??? He really have a girlfriend now,,,, why can’t he just love me instead?? Why!!!!
I don’t know how long I cried,, but I sle-pt off.
I walked into the bathroom,today is Saturday and am somehow glad. At least am not gonna see TK,, I will just go have some fun and forget about him.
After taking my bath, I put on a matching outfits,, a pink crop t©p and pink trou-ser,, I wore my white snickers and took my phone. My stomach made a horrible sound, damn am hungry.
I went downstairs,,, nob©dy is there. It seems odd,,,
” Where is everyone?? ” I asked one of the maids
” They did not tell you anything?? ” she asked
” What?? ”
” They traveled, I think its emergency. They went with Rose ” she said
I immediately brou-ght out my phone,, it has been off since last night. I on it,,, I saw her messages.
They went to take care of somethings and I can’t call them because the place doesn’t have service,,, where did they go to??
” Amfu-cking hungry ” I snorled
” I made some pancake would you want some?? ”
” Yes,, thanks ” I smiled
She walked out,, minutes later she [email protected]£ back with it. She dropped it in front of me,, wow it smell nice.
I started eating it,,, in no time, I finished it. I drank a cu-p of milk.
” Am so full ” I said
” That’s a relief mam ”
I only smiled and stood up,,,,
” I want to take a walk,, I will be back ” I said
” Okay mam ”
I walked out,,,,,
” Do you nee-d me mam?? ” my driver asked
” No,,, have fun ” I smiled and finally walked out of the mansion
I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop,,, I suddenly remember Erika. I went back to the shop after the day I met Levi but I was told she left. I don’t know her house, we met in the coffee shop and [email protected]£ friends.
I always feel sad whenever I remember her,,
[ Coffee Shop ☕️ ]
I entered and greeted the new girl who repres£nted Erika,,
” Hi,, what should I get you?? ” she asked
” Can I just sit for now?? I will tell you what I want later ” I replied
” Of course,,, your schoolmates are here, ” she pointed at some people sitting down
Davis and Jin,, thank God Tk is not there. I went to them,,
” Wow, Sophia it’s you ” Jin smiled
” Yeah ” I sat down
” When did you leave yesterday?? ” Davis asked
” How will you know when you were so drun!k?? ” I scoff
” Oops,,,, I was told Tk carried me,, still can’t believe he did that ” He said
I only scoff,,,, I remember what he said last night. I just don’t wanna talk about him.
” Did Tk tell you about Tonia?? ” Jin asked
” Why will he tell me about his girlfriend?? ”
” She’s not his girlfriend ” Davis said
” Then what are they? Friends with benefit?? ”
” His Cousin ” Jin said and my shoulder dropped
” What?? He told me,,,, ”
” Tk can be crazy sometimes ” Davis smiled
I only nodded,, so why did he tell me that they are [email protected]!ng??
” Am still wondering how TK managed not to get drun!klast night ” I said with a sm-irk
” He doesn’t drink ” Davis said and my eyes [email protected]£ wi-de
” What?? How possible is that?? ” I asked
” I guess he’s kinda allergic,, the first time which was also the last time he tried it,, some rashes were all over his b©dy ” Jin replied
” That was why I find it [email protected] to believe when he carried me in without getting mad ” Davis said
Wow,,,, I never knew there could be someone who’s allergic to Alcohol.
” Tk is here ” Davis said
” He’s here??? ” I asked,,
” See ” I looked back and saw him walking toward us with his two hands in his pocket
” What is this Nosy pushy doing here?? ” he asked
” She’s here for us, not you ” Davis said
” That’s better ” He said and sat down
” Can we just leave?? We only planned to meet here ” Jin said
” Sophia, will you come with us?? We wanna have some teens [email protected]” Davis win-ked
” No,,, its fine. You can leave, I will just go home ” I said standing up,, I suddenly wish Tk will ask me to stay
” You can stay,, ,, am saying this because you look bored ” he sm-irked
” Idiot,, even if am staying, am not staying because of you ” I said
” Enough of the fight,, let’s leave. I wonder when you guys will get along ” Jin said
We all walked out,,,
” We are using my car,, I guess the guards dropped Tk here right?? ” Jin asked
” Yep ” he replied
We all entered the car,,, I sat down at the backseat, Jin will be driving and Davis was with him.
” Tk why are you out?? ” Davis asked
” Can you just come to the back?? I can’t sit with this Nosy pushy ” He said
” No, I can’t sit with her also ” Davis said, I heard Jin chuckle
” Damn,, why me ” Tk said ban-ging the door [email protected]
” Am sure you’re gonna get me three when you break the door ” Jin said
” In your dreams ” He replied
The distance between us was wi-de as fv¢k,, is he crazy??
We got down from the car and walked into where I’ve never seen,,, on the long building was written TEENS VIBES,,, wow how did they know about this place??
” Its strange to Sophia ” Davis smiled
” Yeah ” I replied still looking around
We went to somewhere and we were asked for our names, they even asked for our parents number. Maybe for security,,,, after that we went to another place where they paid for the registration. Tk was the one who paid though.
After that, we were allowed into the large building.
” Wow ” I said when I saw different boys and girls around our age having fun
” Finally!!!!! ” Jin screamed
” What should we do first?? ” Davis asked
” Sliding!!!!! ” I yelled pointing at the slide cli-ps
” What?? We’ve never done that before,,, it’s childish ” Jin said
” Yea I agree ” Davis said
I pouted sadly and continue starring at the floor,,
” Let’s try it ” Tk said
” You want us to try it?? ” Jin asked
” Yea ” he replied walking toward it
” Yeah!!! ” I shouted happily
⭐ Episode 16 ⭐
🍬 Sophia 🍬
” Wow,, that was fun!!!!! ” Jin screamed
” Yeah it was,, thanks to Sophia ” Davis added
” Let’s go get some ice cream ” Tk said pointing at the ice cream stand
” Yeah,, let’s go ”
We all ran toward the young man selling the ice cream,,,
” How do you want it kids?? ” He asked and we all told him
” Here you go ” He gave each one of us
” Who’s paying??? ” Davis asked
” Sophia ” Tk replied
” What???? ” I asked,,,, the money I have is not enough for the four of us
” Am paying ” Jin grinned
I [email protected] Tk’s head angrily
” Ouch,,, what are you doing?? You almost spilled the Ice cream all over me ”
” Idiot,,, you should be the one paying for everything ” I snapped
” And why will I do that ” he
” Stingy Cheapskate ”
” Stingy??? I paid for the whole registration fee and others,, so now am stingy??? ”
” Who cares,, Stingy cheapskate ” I stuck out my ton-gue at him
” Nosy Pushy ” He win-ked
” Don’t call me that ”
” Nosy Pushy ” He said again and I huff
” I don’t know what to do about you two,,,, ” Jin said
We all sat down on the long bench watching others pla-ying around,,,
” Wow,, can you see that?? He really jumped over that high jump ” I said pointing at some group of guys
” I can do that,, its nothing ” Tk snapped
” Then go, let’s watch ” I said
” Not in the mood ” He replied causing us to laugh loud
” Guys,, how about we do something fun?? ” Davis asked
” What??? ”
” First to get to the last floor ” He said
” Yeah,,, that’s fun. But,, we are four,,,,, it’s only three ways to get to the t©p ” Jin answered
” We can do it in group ” Davis smiled
” You and I ” Jin said taking Davis hand
” So,, Tk and me?? ”
” Yep ”
I turned to him,, he was not saying anything.
” So the last group to get there will pay for anything we are doing next ” Jin said
” Are you guys crazy??? There are 200 floors,, how do you expect Sophia to,,,,,,,, ” he st©pped like he regret ever saying that
” 200??? ” I asked
” Yes,, can you do it?? When we are coming back,, we will be using the elevator ”
” I will ”
” Now let’s go ” Davis and Jin ran out immediately
” Hey let’s move before they get there before us ” I said dragging Tk
” Dummy,, how can you agree to do this type of thing?? I told you it’s 200 floors before we get to the t©p building,, and each floor have 30 stairs, why can’t you just un-derstand ” He said
” Don’t worry,,, I am strong ” I win-ked
We got to the stairs and started running up,, wow it’s really fun.
” Let’s run fas-ter ” I said
” fas-ter?? ”
” Yes,, we nee-d to be the first. So don’t act silly here ” I said running forward
” I can’t believe you right now ” he murmured
[ Floor 120]
Damn,, am fv¢king tired. I don’t even think Tk have any feeling about this, he was only climbing the stairs while I follow. Can’t he just ask if am tired alre-ady?? Idiot,,,
An idea bopped into my head and I smiled,,,
” Ouch!!!! ” I gro-an ed and fell to the ground holding my ankle
He turned back,,,
” Sophia!!!! ” He rushed back to me
” What’s wrong?? Did you break your ankle?? ” he asked,, I replied with a nod
” How did that happen??? I told you not to agree to this,,, but you were too stubborn ” He said and immediately took off my shoes.
He started mas-saging my ankle,,
” Oh no!! ” I let out a fake cry
” Is it really painful?? ” He asked and I nodded again
” What do I do right now??? I knew this was gonna happen,, you should have listened to me,,, now you’ve hurt yourself!!! ” he suddenly [email protected]£ angry
” Am,,, ”
” Do you think I will be able to take it when you are hurt?? You’re so stupid ” he said and rou-ghed his hair
” What are you talking about??? ” I asked
He st©pped and looked away,
” It’s nothing,,,, does it still hurt? ” he asked
” Tell me what you meant by, you won’t be able to take it when am hurt! ” I yelled at him
” It’s nothing,, let’s leave ” He tried standing up but I pu-ll-ed him back
” Tell me,,,,, plea-se ”
” Okay I love you!! That’s what you wanna hear right?? I love you so much that am gonna feel bad if something happen to you ” he said
I could not believe my ears,,,,
” You love me??? ” I asked to be sure of what I heard
” Just forget it ”
” So,, why do you keep on pushing me away like you hate me?? ” I asked
” We shouldn’t be talking about this,,, ”
” am not leaving until you explain ” he sigh
” It’s because,,,,, am scared ” He said looking away
” Scared of what?? ”
” Sacred of,, loosing you ” he replied
” That’s never going to happen ” I said
” You can’t un-derstand ” he said
” Then make me un-derstand ”
” I will be leaving after high school,,,, to take over the family business ” he sniff in and wipe the slow tears rolling down his eyes
” I would have left before now,,, but father changed his mind so I can finish high school before leaving ” He added
” You’re,,,, leaving me?? “. I asked in tears
” That’s why I don’t want you to have any feelings for me,,,,, I don’t wanna hurt you,,,,, and I don’t wanna loose you to another guy,,, I won’t be able to take that,,,,,,,,,,, so its better we don’t get along with each other ”
” No,,,,,,,,, I am gonna wait for you.,,,,, just st©p avoiding me,, okay??? ”
” I don’t want you to do that,,,, just love someone else,,, am not the right person for you. ”
” But you’re the one I love,,,,,, and you love me too. So,,,, we can do this,, ” I smiled
” Are you sure?? ”
” Yes ”
He hvgged me,,,,,I held him so ti-ght to myself like he’s gonna run away.
He finally pu-ll away,,,, he looked up around the floor we are
” What are you looking for?? ” I asked
” Am checking if there’s CCTV,,,, ” he replied
” There’s none ” I replied
” That’s better ” he said and pu-ll me to himself before hisl-ips landed on mine,, I smiled. Never knew this was what he wanna do.
Ourl-ips were the only one doing the flir-ting,,,, I’ve waited too long for this. After some minutes he unlock from the k!ss,,,,
He smiled and poke my nose,,,
” Let’s leave ” He said
” I think,, we are paying ” I sm-irked
” Obviously ” he replied ” Climb on ” He said
He bend his back for me,,
” Why?? ”
” Are you kidding?? You broke your ankle ” He said
I smiled and climb on,,,,, he stood up and we started where we st©pped again
” I have a confession ” I said
” What is it?? ”
” I didn’t broke my ankle,,, I pretended ” I said
” What??? It was all fake??? ” he asked, I was expecting him to drop me but he did not
” It was fake ” I answered
” Now,, am happy you did that ” he said
” Me too ” I laughed
” Damn!!! Finally ” We both gro-an ed when we got to the last floor
” You can drop me ” he did
He hold my hand as we climb the last together,,,, am I dreaming right now???
We got to the t©p building and we were surprised that they are not there yet,,
” What’s wrong?? ” Tk asked
” Do you think they,,,,, ”
” Tada!!!!!! ” They shouted coming out of their hideout
” Why did you guys take so long?? ” Jin asked raising his brow
” Actually,,,, uhm,,,, she broke her ankle ” Tk said and I nodded in agreement
” Really?? Sorry about that ” Davis said
” Thank you ”
” So you guys are paying!!!!! ” Jin shouted jumping around
Tk and I faced each other and smiled
” Wait,,, did something happened in the,,,, ” Jin asked
” What?? Nothing happened ” We said at the same time
” Tssh,, why do I have a feeling that,,,, You k!$$£d?? ” He said pointing at ourl-ips
Oops,, bur-sted
Tk and Sophia,, don’t kill me na 🙄😂

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