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Teens love Episode 10 & 11

[ Preston High 💛]
💛 Episode 10 💛
🍭 TK 🍭
” Baby,, we are really sorry. We never knew we are only hurting you,, we are sorry. plea-se forgive us ” Mom pleaded while dad nodded
” It’s fine, can you leave now? I want to rest ” I said and turned my back to them.
I heard the door closed and I breath out,, they are gone. That’s better,, the door opened again And Lisa [email protected]£ in.
She t©uçhed my head checking my temperature,,
” am fine ” I said
” TK,, did you say anything to Sophia??? ” She asked
” Why are you asking??? ”
” She was damn worried about you before you woke up,,, did you say rude words to her?? ”
” No I did not,, I only told her not to fall in love with me ” I said
” Are you sure of that?? You really don’t like her?? ” She asked
” I don’t ” I replied
” Why do I have a feeling that you’re only pretending?? ”
” Am not pretending,,,, you’re only saying this because you’re the one pretending here ” I snapped
” What do you mean??? ”
” Lisa,,,, you like Jin,,, you’re only proving [email protected] ” I said
” Can’t you try to un-derstand,,,,, ”
” You are older,, does that matter??? You really love him,, I can see them in your eyes, st©p hurting yourself ”
” Tony st©p,,, I don’t like him and I can’t like him. It’s never gonna happen ”
” Okay,, you can leave I wanna sleep ” I said
” Are you ignoring me right now?? ”
” I said I want to sleep,, you heard the doctor. I should rest,, but am going to school tomorrow anyway ”
” You can’t ”
” Of course I will,, I am a man ” I smiled
” Man my foot,, you’re only 17″
” Damn,,, I just wish I was born earlier. You are just too,,,,, soft ” I said teasing her
* Idiot ” She snapped and walked out
Just what I want though,,
🌼 Sophia 🌼
” Honey,,, You should take it easy okay?? ” Mom patted my back as we make dinner.
” Thank you mom,, I don’t know what I will do without you ” I said and pe-cked her cheek
” You know I’ve pas-sed throu-gh these type of things ” she smiled
” Dad?? ” I asked raising my brow and she nodded
” you want me to tell you about it?? ” She asked
” Of course ” I said happily
” Well,,, when I met your father. It was in a park,, with his girlfriend actually ” She said
” Oops ” I sm-irked
” I really admired him you know,, he was just too charming ”
” Ohhhh,,, ” I said loud
” Reason why I don’t wanna tell you ” she said ma-king me laugh
” Mom,, continue ” I said still laughing
” Okay,, we ended up attending the same school. Even though we were in the same school,, he doesn’t even know me. h0ttest guy in school [email protected]!ngthe h0ttest girl while I was just a random girl ” She said
” No mom,, you’re still the most pretty woman I know ” I said with a smile
” And then,, the unexpected happened… His girlfriend cheated on him,, he was sad while I was happy. Is that not a great news?? ” She asked and I laughed again
” You are full of drama mom ” I laughed
” I see that as a great opportunity Sophia ” She said
” Continue ”
” So,,,, ” Her phone rang
” Take this to the dinning, let me take the call ”
I nodded and left the kitchen,,,
She [email protected]£ to me,,
” I nee-d to go somewhere right now,, it’s important ” She said taking off the apron
” The story,, ”
” We will continue later ” She gr-ab a bag and rushed out
I sigh and check the meals on the table,,, I went upstairs. I was about going into my room when Rose entered before me
” This is my room not yours ” I smiled
” I know ” She replied
Spoilt [email protected], I thought
” I heard that ” She said
” What?? What did you hear?? ” I asked looking confused, did she hear my thought..??
” Oh,,, nothing ” she said and I sigh
” What do you want anyway?? ” I asked as we both [email protected] the be-d
” You love Tk right??? ” She asked,,, now everything is becoming strange. How did she know about him??
” I heard it when you and mom were talking ” She said
” You don’t know anything about love Rose,, just forget it ” I said and t©uçhed her hair
” That’s the problem,, you guys won’t let me talk. Always telling me I am still a baby ” She shook her head
” Rose,, what are you saying??? ”
” Okay Sophia,,,, am going to tell you something you don’t know,, right now ” She said and I sat up immediately.
” Think about something ” she said
” I don’t un-derstand ” I replied
” Am telling you to think about something in your mind ” She said
” Okay ” I said and breath out
‘ I really wish Tk quic-k recovery so he can come to school tomorrow,, I really wanna see him ‘ I thought
” I really wish Tk quic-k recovery so he can come to school tomorrow, I really wanna see him ” she said and I j£rked up
” What???? What’s happening?? How did you hear everything?? ” I asked looking scared alre-ady
” You don’t have to be scared,, am your sister. Am only telling you this,, because I wanna help you ” She said and I [email protected]£ calm
” Is mommy aware of this?? ” I asked
” No,, am not planning to tell her though ” she said
” So what do you want right now?? ” I asked
” It’s about Tk,,,,,, Sophia. You guys are meant for each other. But he’s not re-ady to accept that ” she said
” You’re right,, so what do I do right now?? ” I asked
” Make him want you ” She said
” really?? But how?? Do I nee-d to make him jealous right now??? ” I asked
” You should do that,,,, but,,,, ”
” But what?? ” I asked
” Make sure you don’t hurt anyb©dy’s feelings,, it’s better you inform the guy before trying any stuff so he won’t fall in love with you along the line ”
” Wow,,, you’re so [email protected] I should have know about this earlier ” I said and hvgged her
” Trust me,, he’s gonna come around. But also make sure you’re around him,, if he nee-d help, you must always be the first person he’s gonna see ”
” I un-derstand,, thank you sis ” I pe-cked her cheek
She smiled out those de-ep dimples of hers,, she’s so beautiful.
[ Next Day ]
I managed to get up from the be-d,,, I walked into the bathroom and do my things. I went back in,,, today is Wednesday so it’s a sport wear stuff.
I put it on and arranged my hair before taking my bag,, I went downstairs.
I met only Rose eating some cereal,,,, where is mom and dad??
” They left ” She replied,, I should be getting more of this that she can re-ad my thought
” I only do that when necessary,, I can’t drive into your pri-vate life okay?? ” She said
” Okay ” I sat down and make my self some cornflakes,, that’s my best.
” So,, who will take you to school?? ” I asked
” The driver,, he will drop you and take me to mine ” She replied
” That’s cool ” I smiled
” You know I wish to meet TK one day ”
” That’s if he’s not arrogant anymore ”
” Don’t call him that ” she laughed
” Oh,, I forgot he’s your role model now ” I win-ked
” Anyhow ”
We both got up,, the guards helped Rose with her bags while I carried mine,, its just two books in the bag. The rest are in school,,,
We entered the car and drove off,,,
” Okay,, bye ” I pe-cked Rose cheek
” I will miss you ” she said shyly
” Alre-ady missing you ” I said and went out
” Omg is that Rose?? I really want to meet her!! ” Bianca screamed just as the car drove off
” you late ” I sm-irked
” I will come over to your house this weekend for that ”
” Just to see my sister??? ”
” She’s cute Sophia ” actually I showed her Rose’s picture and she won’t st©p talking about how cute she is. I guess I made a mistake for showing her.
” Let’s just go to clas-s ” I Said
❤️ Episode 11 ❤️
💛 Sophia 💛
Levi rushed to us the moment we entered the clas-s,,
” I’ve been waiting like forever ” He said with a pout
” Why do you miss us when you have lot of girls seeking for your attention?? Are you kidding me?? ” I tea-sed
” Mood spoiler ” He hissed causing me to laugh
” Uhm,,, am here ” Bianca said
” Hi ” He greeted shortly and faced me again,,,
I turned to face Bianca and she look hurt,,, I don’t think I will be able to do what Rose said. It’s obvious that Bianca like Levi a lot, I don’t want her to think of me as a bad friend. So what do I do??
Am confused right now,,,
We all settled down in clas-s and then,,, Tk and his two friends walked in. As usual the clas-s [email protected]£ noisy,,, but what about Lisa? Oh,, I forgot she’s a s£nior to us.
🚻 Omg!! They look so h0t!!! 🚺
🚺 Tk!! I love you!! 🚻
I scoff when I heard that,,,, love him??
Jin and Davis were chatting while Tk only maintained a straight face,, when will you ever change. Almost all the girls in the clas-s were calling them to sit beside them,,, and then the unexpected happened.
He sat down beside me,, what?? He really sat down with,,, maybe he did not see my face right?? Yeah,,,,
The teacher [email protected]£ in and started teaching,, I was trying my possible best not to stare at him. But he’s just too adorable,,,, I continue stealing gazes from him,, his hair, hisl-ips,. I bite my bottoml-ips and faced the teacher, but in a second I was staring at him again.
Why did you sit with me??? I am loosing focus, his scent filled my nose,,
” Miss Sophia, can you plea-se concentrate??? ” The teacher asked and I immediately turned away from him
🚻 How will she concentrate when she’s sitting with Tk?? 🚺
🚺 Why am I feeling jealous? 🚻
” Attention plea-se ” The teacher said and everyone [email protected]£ calm
But why is Tk not even giving me a glance,, such a j£rk.
🌹 Harley 🌹
She’s just a bit-ch,, I feel like hitting her with something. How dare her!!! Don’t worry, am gonna deal with you. Just wait and see.
💛 Sophia 💛
The lesson finally ends,, the teacher walked out of the clas-s and almost immediately the students rushed out. I just sat down there not knowing the next step to take,, Tk was busy with his phone and doesn’t even care about what’s happening.
How do I behave right now,, even Bianca and Levi went out without me. Am going to deal with them later,,
” Hey Sophie ” I heard my name and I looked up
” Hi Jin ” I smiled and I suddenly grow enough courage to stand up
” You look more beautiful today ” Devis win-ked
” Thank you,, you’re also handsome ” I smiled
” Am blu-shing ” He said and we all laughed
” You guys are going for lunch right?? ” I asked
They both turned to TK who seem not to care about what we are saying,,,
” Yeah of course,, you can join us ” Davis said
” Really?? I can??? ” I asked happily
” Yeah ” Jin replied
We all [email protected]£ silent still waiting for Tk,, he finally stood up
” Let’s go ” Davis said holding my hand as we walk. TK was coming behind us, we keep on talking and laughing. I was really controlling myself not to look back,,,
We walked into the cafeteria and all eyes focused on us,,
🚻 She really [email protected]£ with them?? 🚺
🚺 What’s between her and Davis?? They are even holding hands 🚻
Davis turned to me and whispered into my ear
” Just [email protected], since they are silly ” He said and I almost laughed but I end up nodding
We went to sit down and the woman [email protected]£ to us asking for what we want,,,, we all told her. Davis keep on saying funny stuffs and I always laugh,,, I will steal a gaze from Tk and re-move it when he want to notice. Maybe he really doesn’t like me.
💜 Tony K 💜
I scoff as I watch her chatting really [email protected] with Davis,, is she okay?? Why will she let everyone think they are couples??
Why am I even bothered anyway?? She can do whatever she want,
” Am having a [email protected] this Saturday in my house,, do you mind coming?? ” Jin asked Sophia
” Uhm,,, I don’t know your house ” She replied
” I will Come take you ” Davis said
” That’s great,,, so you don’t have any excuse right now ” Jin said with a grin
” You don’t even know where I live ” She turned to Davis
” Just text me the address and I will be there ” He replied
” But,, I think Tk house is closer to hers ” Jin said and I looked up with a confused look
” What?? ” I asked
” Sophia,,,,, ”
” I will be busy ” I said
” So you won’t attend the [email protected]?? ” He asked
” That’s what I was trying to say,, I will be busy with the [email protected] stuff ” I replied
” Don’t worry,, I will pick her up ” Davis said
” You’re so nice,, I should have noticed earlier ” She said and t©uçhed his cheek
” Thanks ” Davis replied and also t©uçhed her cheek lightly
What are they doing right now?? I wanted to talk but I kept my cool,,,
After lunch we all stood up,, Sophia went to join her friends, the guy and a girl I don’t know.
” I never knew she was so cute as that,,, I think am starting to crush on her ” Davis said dreamily
” You’re crushing on her??? ” I asked
” Yes,, anything wrong with that?? She’s beautiful and charming,, just what I like in girls ” He replied with a grin
I rolled my eyes and continue walking,,,
” I nee-d to get to the [email protected] for a text,, I actually left my maths text at home ” Jin said and walked off
” Omg,, maths is our next lesson. I never knew that,, it’s my worst subject ” Davis said
” Blockhead,, it’s the simplest ” I said
” That’s to you ” he said
We got to the clas-s,,, I sat down,, beside her again since we all have to seat the way we sat in the morning.
The maths teacher [email protected]£ in,,, Jin is not even back. Maybe he’s still searching for the text, I should have given him mine .
🌸 Jin 🌸
I ran into the [email protected],, thank God no one is here. I immediately went into the maths section searching for the text, I was so careless to forget that we have maths today.
I suddenly bu-mped into someone and the books in her hand fell,, I found that she’s a girl because of her hair.
” Am so sorry ” I said and helped her with the books.
I raised my head up and handed the books to her,, I faced her and was surprised to see Lisa standing in front of me.
She took the books from me and stood still,,,
” Hi sis ” I said with a smile,, she seem shocked.
I bowed one last time and continue looking for the text,, luckily I got it. I smiled and ran out of the [email protected]
Awwwn Jin 😢

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