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Sons to a gang leader 2 episode 20 & 21

Episode 20
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D Writes
Writer’s POV
“Guys!! There is a problem” Jay after checking out the location ran back to the others to inform them of what he found out.
“What is it?” One by the name Rockie asked.
“Well, I found boss’s phone on the floor. The exact place I found it, there were foot steps there, and it looked like em..a car also parked there” he said.
“What??” Some skrie-ked becoming at alert.
“You were supposed to check out that location first” Sam said getting up on his feet.
“Yeah, but he was here picking up a fight with me” Luwis gro-an ed.
Jay ignored their comments and continued.
“But I check around and only sighted …is it an abandoned warehouse or what was that building? Well I think if they are holding him then it must be there cause that’s the only building around.”
“We nee-d to move now then” Sam said moving to the door.
Luwis remained sited there while some were trying to move.
“Hey Luwis, aren’t you coming or what?” Sam st©pped to call him.
“Well, not everyone can go. People going should not be more than four, I’m sure the boss is handling whatever situation, he is not weak” Luwis said.
“Well yeah, not everyone can go. But you have to go, come on get up” Sam said going back to pu-ll him up.
Far from that location.
In a kind of dark room two boys were inside the room looking at Vivian who was tied to an iron chair.
She opened her eyes and winched a little.
“What happened?” She mumbled then recalled the guy that had spre-ad some whitish substance into the air, then Dillion had [email protected]£d him but she has alre-ady sniffed in the substance which made her loss control of herself and she sle-pt off.
“Hey, she’s waking up” she heard then lifted her head up to see the two guys there.
“Can you see us?” One of the boys asked going closer to her.
“Who are you?” Vivian asked him.
“I’m just your captor” he replied and chuckled.
“Where is Dillion?” She asked.
“Um…he is in a much worst situation than you” the guy replied and laughed with the other one.
“Loss the ropes, my hands are hurting” Vivian said.
They both laughed.
“Really? And why should we do that?” One asked.
“Because I’m just a lady, are you afraid of a lady?” She scoffed.
“Don’t tell me you are.”
They both looked at each other.
“We aren’t but we are just being careful” one replied.
“Being careful that a lady might end up killing you both?” She scoffed again.
“There are others outside, we aren’t afraid of you” one said.
“Then loss me” Vivian insisted.
The both of them looked at each other and then decided to loss her.
One went behind her and loos£n her ropes.
“If you try to move,I’ll pu-ll the trigger and your [email protected] will scatter all over this place” the other said pointing his gun at her.
“Nope, you won’t be doing that” Vivian said stretching her b©dy.
In another room.
Dillion opened his eyes, sniffed and then coughed.
“He is waking up” the boys in the room with him said standing up from where they sat.
Dillion tried to move but he realized that he was tied to an iron chair.
“Hey, pour a bucket of water on him” he heard one voice say.
In minutes he felt his whole b©dy we-t.
“Are you sober yet?” One asked moving closer to him.
“No I’m not, I nee-d another bucket of water” Dillon replied and they poured another bucket on him.
“Ohfu-ck you all_ he cussed silently.
“Is that enough?” They tea-sed.
“No, it’s not enough” Dillion replied and they poured another bucket on him.
It continued that way until the big drum they were getting the water from [email protected]£ also dried up.
“I nee-d the last one” Dillion said knowing what he was doing.
They laughed amongest themselves and stood him up from the iron chair then walked him to the drum and fixed his head inside the drum.
“I’m sober now” Dillion said and f0rç£fully pu-ll-ed his head out from the drum.
He got hold of one of the guys holding him from behind and purposely bent his arms.
The guy got anger as expected and kicked him so [email protected], he staggered back but didn’t fall.
“Yeah? You’re strong huh!?” The guy asked moving closer to him to kick him again.
Dillion used that opportunity to start loos£ning the ropes used to tie his hands behind.
The guy [email protected]£ at him and kicked him [email protected] on the tummy again. Dillion fell on the floor and [email protected]£d the knife he had sighted earlier on the floor,it was among other torture tools there.
He cut the ropes but still pretended that his hands were still tied. That [email protected] guy [email protected]£ at him again and lifted him up f0rç£fully from the floor, he made to punch him but felt something piercing into his tummy.
The guy looked down at his stomach to find a knife inside.
“Goodbye” Dillion whispered to him and then pu-ll-ed out the gun tucked inside the guy’s pocket.
He sh0t at a guy at one end of the room then another.
One made to sh0t him but the used the guy that he has alre-ady stabbe-d to guard himself.
The guy dropped down dead on the floor and Dillion hid himself behind the big drum.
They were still five more guys in the room that aren’t down yet.
He waited behind the drum for long before coming out again and shooting down one.
Two left, he said to himself.
One sh0t at the drum he was hiding at ma-king Dillion stand up.
He dogged an incoming bullet again and sh0t down the remaining two.
He got to the door and opened it to find two other guys outside there pointing their guns towards him.
Far away from there.
Shawna felt someone looking at her, she f0rç£d her eyes open and sat up on a be-d.
There was a man there staring at her, the man had a lot of boys with him. Up to twenty and they were all in the room with him.
Shawna shifted backwards on the be-d fearfully. She doesn’t even un-derstand how she got there.
“Who…who are you?” She asked with a shaky voice.
“I am Matthias father, the guy that used to be your friend” the man replied and Shawna [email protected]
“Oh goodness!”
Episode 21
Writer’s POV
“So look here, I’m gonna be asking you a lot of easy questions and I nee-d you to reply them as quic-k as they come” Matthias father said his eyes settled on the terrified Shawna.
“First, Mark Dillion is the one that killed Matthias, I am right?” He asked.
Shawna gulped down [email protected] when she heard this question,she took her eyes down unable to answer it.
‘Look here young lady. I know your history with him. I know that you’re just a mere property to him, so there should be no reason for you to protect him whatsoever” Matthias father said in a very [email protected] tone.
“I don’t…I don’t remember” Shawna replied him.
“Matthias drugged me, when I woke up I found myself alre-ady out of the place he took me to. I don’t know anything” she lied.
Matthias father shook his head and Shawna lifted her eyes to stare at him.
I hope he believes me, she thought.
“Okay, I’ll take it that you’re telling the truth. That aside, what business does that boy really do?” He replied then asked.
What should I tell him? Shawna wondered.
“Um…he..he runs a company” Shawna replied.
“What sort of company? What do they produce there?” Matthias father asked on.
“I think…it’s a communication company, I don’t know I’m just as-suming” Shawna replied really trying her best to hide a little bit of her fears.
“Okay, let’s leave that aside. I heard he just signed a contract with a weaponry company, what is he planning to do after getting the weapons he purchased?” He asked.
“I don’t know” Shawna replied.
“Look young lady, I don’t nee-d that answer right now. What I nee-d is your full cooperation, I nee-d you to cooperate before he gets here cause I know he will soon be here” he said.
“He will soon be here? What do you mean by that?” Shawna asked confused.
She thought they were all in this together, does it mean that she was the only one taken or what? She wondered.
“Bring that iron” Matthias father demanded.
A guy appeared with one pressing iron that is very h0t.
“I know you have been lying, one more lie I’m gonna instruct them to burn your skin. Starting from your face” Matthias father said and shawna’s eyes wi-de-ned as she stared at the h0t iron.
Far from there.
Vivian got out of the room she was kept in after killing the two guys with her.
They are really foolish to have loos£ned my ropes. What do they actually take me for? She thought as she walked out but bu-mped into one of the guys.
The guy made to sh0t at her but she was quic-k to jump at him ma-king his gun fall down, they both started struggling on the floor to get hold of the gun first.
Dillion who went out after successfully getting rid of the two guys he met early [email protected]£ back in when he started hearing some struggling sounds at one end of the house that looked uncompleted.
He followed the sound and met vivian and the guy, the guy had almost gotten the gun but Dillion sh0t him on his leg.
The guy winched and [email protected]£d his leg.
“Oh my goodness!” Vivian exclaimed in relief.
“Are you okay?” Dillion asked even if it was a stupid question.
“Yeah, I am now. Thanks for coming fas-ter, the bastard could have killed me” Vivian said cleaning herself as she stood on her feet.
Dillion looked around wondering where they kept Shawna.
“Hey” he called out to the guy still crying his eyes out on the floor.
“Where is the lady with the golden brown hair?” He asked.
The guy ignored him, he kept crying.
“Look, I don’t nee-d your tears, I nee-d answers” Dillon gro-an ed and stepped on that feet he sh0t. The guy cried ha-rder.
“I’ll cooperate, I’ll cooperate” he cried out the more.
“Good, now tell me where you guys kept her” he demanded.
“She’s not anywhere around here, she’s being taken far away from here” the guy replied.
“What do you mean by that? Where was she taken to and why was she taken there?” He asked.
“Well, she’s a bait to lure you. Isn’t it obvious?” The guy yelled. Dillion [email protected] him.
“You don’t reply me like that idiot. I’m not yourfu-ck*ng mate, now get up on yourfu-ck*d up feet” he commanded.
“I can’t stand, you sh0t me right? I can’t stand” the guy said.
“Look, I don’t care if you stand with yourfu-ck*ng ton-gue, it’s the least of my problems actually so if you don’t want me to sh0t your other leg, you will stand this instant” he rasped.
The guy nodded and managed to stand with one feet.
“Now lead to thefu-ck*ng place you took her too” he demanded.
The guy started towards the door, ma-king sure his other leg doesn’t t©uçh the ground until they got outside to where Dillion’s car was actually brou-ght to.
“Dillion” Vivian called and Dillion turned to look at her.
“He said it’s a tra-p and you’re still going?” Vivian asked.
“Why shouldn’t I? Am the one they nee-d and not her” Dillion said.
“Well, don’t you think you should as-semble your boys? It won’t be good walking into a tra-p alone” vivian stated.
“Then should I walk into a tra-p with all of them? I don’t nee-d bloodshed, not now so I’ve gat this myself, wait here. I don’t want you following me there either” Dillion replied.
“No, there is no way I’m letting you go there yourself, if you’re going. I’m coming with you” vivian insisted.
“I’m not changing my mind, I alre-ady have her to worry about, I don’t nee-d another person added to the list” Dillion said throu-gh gritted teeth.
He was getting angry at her for actually arguing with him.
“This mess happened because I actually [email protected]£ stupid, if I hadn’t allowed you two to follow me then I’ll be the only person finding my way out. I think I will st©p being stupid from now on and that starts with you actually leaving” he stated again firmly anger cussing throu-gh his system.
Actually blaming himself that Shawna is somewhere and he doesn’t even know what’s happening to her at the moment.

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