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Songs of my heart final Episode

🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 🌹🌹
( can’t help falling in love )
Episode 31
# finale
By: Summer Gold
Angel’s Pov :
” Omg, amfu-cking late ” I said to myself and rushed out of be-d that was when I discovered that Teddy is not here..
Did he leave again?? Can’t he just un-derstand that he have to rest?? Huh?
” You don’t have to think too much,, am here ” He said coming out of the bathroom
” I was not thinking about you ” I said running my eyes all over his b©dy.
Damn those abs,,,
” So what are you thinking about?? ” he asked and walked toward me
His hair dropping water all over,,,, I look up straight to his face
” Nothing,, I will just go on and take my bath ” I said
” Do you nee-d my help?? ” he asked
” Nope ” I said
” I insist,, am going to choose what you will put on. ”
” Am going to school not some [email protected]£ stuff ”
” Who cares? You are my girlfriend,, just get used to it ” he win-ked
” Okay,,, but wait ” I said and walked out of the room.
I got to my room and undress immediately,, I rushed to the bathroom and took my bath. After that,, I ru-b the lotion and put on my undies.
Where is he right now?? I was about going out when he [email protected]£ in fully dressed, he was putting on a complete white, even the hair band is white in color.
He look so damn h0t,,, I still can’t believe that the idol every one wanted is my b©yfri£nd. Is God not amazing??
” Am I that handsome?? ” he asked causing me to chuckle
” Can you just do whatever you want? ” I said
He scoff and walked to the wardrobe,,,, I watched him as he search all over. I was about to scream when he brou-ght on a crop t©p with a long sleeve and a short Sk-irt.
I [email protected] starring at the clothes in his hand
” Are you kidding me?? There’s no way am gonna wear that ” I said
” Well you have no choice ” he handed it to me
I chuckle and took it from him,,,,
” You can leave now ” I said taking myl-ips in
“fu-ck ” I heard him muttered as he walk out
Who cares anyway
I put on the clothes and faced the mirror,, wow so h0t. Teddy is really great,,, I immediately brou-ght out my phone and snapped a mirror capture,,
” Omg,, it’s beautiful,, I have to show Teddy ” I rushed out of the room.
I was about going into Teddy’s room when I bu-mp into someone
” Omg, am so sorry ” I said with a bow
I look up and faced the person,,, it’s one of the guard. He only kept a straight face but I caught him checking me out from my head to toe,,,,
” Am sorry mam ” he said coldly and walk away
What type of guard is he?? No guard has ever stare at me that way,,, I kept it off my mind and walked into Teddy’s room.
” Wow ” he said causing me blush really [email protected]
” See this ” I said and show him the picture
” You should know I have a great taste in girls ” he sm-irk
” Great taste my foot,, I just wanna,,, uhm,,, okay you won ” I said causing us to laugh.
” Am keeping this ” he said showing me his phone,, oh alre-ady s£nt to himself.
” Keep it safe ”
He drag me out of the room back to mine,,
” Let’s do something about the feet ” he said
” I got it ” he added and took a black trainers shoe
He bent down and put it on for me,, awwn so cute
” Thanks ” I said with a blush
He faced me and smash hisl-ips on mine,,,, I was about doing my thing when he broke the k!ss.
” Let’s leave ” he said taking my hand
We got downstairs,,, a guard opened the car and Teddy got in. I was about going in when I saw the guard I bu-mp into,, I flin-ch in fear at his sight.
Damn why am I feeling this way??
( This story is written ✍ by Summer Gold )
I finally entered and the driver took off almost immediately,,,, I turned to Teddy. He whispered
” Are you okay?? ” he asked and I nodded
We both [email protected]£ out of the car and there was a loud scream from the students,, oh. I should have prepared for this!! Teddy held my hand as we continue walking in
💋 Omg!!! It’s Teddy Lee and Angel!!
💋 Awwwn, love the couples
💋 His girlfriend is so damn h0t!! I wish she’s me
💋 Am so happy for them
💋 Omg,, can you see the way they hold hands??? I think am gonna faint
I couldn’t help but to laugh silently when I heard that,,, Teddy look down to me since am shorter
” what are you laughing at?? ” he asked
” They are funny ” I replied and he grin
” I love what they are saying anyway ” He said and look straight again
💋 Omg,,, they are chatting
💋 I wish I can hear them speak 😭😭
💋 I love You Angles
What the hell?? Angles 😂😂
” You can leave now ” I said when you got to the clas-s
” Be careful ” he said and gave me a quic-k pe-ck on thel-ips before walking away.
I was chatting with Nicole and Jasmine when a a junior student [email protected]£ to me,,
” What do you want?? ” I asked
” Mam,, Teddy called for you ” he said
What?? How come??
I turned to Jasmine and Nicole,, they also look confused
” Where is he? ” Jasmine asked
” Music clas-s ” He replied
” What are you waiting for?? ” Nicole asked
I kept quiet,, actually I have a bad feeling about this.
” I will see you guys later ” I said and followed him.
We continue walking,, I was about enter into the Music room when a hand gr-ab me from the back. I wanted to scream but he alre-ady used an handkerchief on me,,, I don’t know what it is,, and then everywhere [email protected]£ black.

Songs of my heart season two

End of Season 1

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