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Songs of my heart Episode 5 & 6

Songs 🎻Of My heart 💞
[ Beautiful [email protected]ç£💘 ]
Episode 5 💜💛💚❤
👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑
🎹 You made me feel complete
🎹What can I do without you?
🎹 You make my whole, whole world
🎹 Complete,, and Amazing
🎹 So, tell me why I should oh
🎹 Tell me why I should not fall in love
🎹 with you girl!!
🎹 I open my heart to you
🎹 my true feelings for you
🎹 you,,,,,,,,,
” Gosh!!! ” I [email protected] loud
Why am I having problems on this chorus?? I have just today and tomorrow to submit this,, those people have been waiting.
I don’t know what to do anymore
” Why is the song not coming!! Just come, come!! ” I shouted
” Let’s just try one more time ” I said to no one in [email protected] and started singing again
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
God,,, how do I help him? He really nee-d this badly, I wish I can do anything to help
I watched as he keep on struggling with the chorus,, its such a beautiful song
I listened
🎹 Now let’s go away,,, away
He’s having problems again,,,, I can do this
I cleared my throat silently and started singing
🎵 I open my heart to you
🎵 my true feelings for you
🎵 you look at me,, am filled with love
🎵 And my heart feels like
🎵 it’s going to run out of my che-st
🎵 am singing the songs of my heart
🎵 The Songs Of My Heart!!!
🎵 Oh yeah
🎵 Songs of my heart
” I wish it helps ” I said
” Wow,,, who are you? ” he asked turning
I hide myself properly so he can’t see me
” Am someone you can’t know ” I replied
” Why? ”
” Because we are from two different worlds ” I replied
” plea-se don’t leave ”
” Why? ” I asked
” Can you sing again plea-se? I wanna record ” he said and I sang one more time
” Will you come back again? ” he asked
” Not sure ” I said and ran off
Now finally I think am crazy,, why am I so scared of Vivian? Okay,, it’s because I don’t wanna cause any trouble right? Yeah
I bu-mped into someone,,,
” Ouch ” The person gro-an
” Am so sorry ” I said
” It’s okay ” She replied finally looking up
A pretty blond hair girl
” Wow,, it’s you!! ” she screamed
” You know me? ” I asked
” Who wouldn’t know Angel the most beautiful girl in school with the h0t straight legs? ” she asked and I blu-shed a little
” Am sorry for bu-mping into you ” I said
” It’s okay,, we can be friends right? ” she asked bringing her hand for a shake
I took it immediately, I really nee-d a friend right now since Nicole is too busy
” Sure ” I said
” Am Georgia ” she said with a wi-nk
” Nice meeting you ” I said and that’s how we walked to the cafeteria together
We talked about lot of things,, she’s really fun to be with. Just like Nicole, wow. I love her alre-ady
🌹 Theo 🌹
” What is it this time? What happened to the cook? Where is she? ” I asked
” I fired her ” Teddy said like he doesn’t even care
” What the heck??? Why!! ” Manson shouted
” Can you imagine she was tryna s£dûç£me? I don’t give a damn about all that ” He said chewing gum
” So how are we gonna eat now? Am starving ” Luca said
” I will just find another cook,,, but not now ” He said
” But we are starving ” I said
” You can all go to the restaurant ” he said
” I can’t ” Manson sand
” Don’t worry, I will go look for another cook ” I said standing up
” What?? This is my house!! Not yours ” He yelled
” Am doing this for you,, you will starve to death ” I chuckle and went out
Where will I get someone right now?
I entered the car and took off
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
Finally school is over,, I rushed out immediately. I didn’t wait for Nicole,, I will be searching for a job today.
Am tired of staying at home all day,, I can just find a [email protected] job somewhere
I continue walking when suddenly a car st©pped right beside me
Who is this?
He [email protected]£ out and I [email protected],, It’s Theo Oopa.
” Hey ” he said
I looked back and saw no one, is he talking to me?
” Am talking to you pretty ” he said
” Hi ” I said without looking at him
” Looking for a job? ” he asked
What? How did he know that?
” See? Am right,, just come with me ” he said dragging me into the car without waiting for my response
” Sir!!! Where are we going?? What type of job?? ” I keep on asking different questions but he ignored me and keep on driving
He st©pped in front of one of Teddy’s Manson,, but this isn’t the white house I cherish a lot.
” Come down ” he said and I did
He took my hand dragging me along with him ignoring my complains, what type of person is he???
” I brou-ght a cook ” he said to the others
I watched everyone in,, Manson,, Luca,,, and Teddy!!
My heart skipped a beat seeing him,,
” She is the cook? ” Manson asked
” Of course ” Theo replied
” But sir you never told me anything ” I imagine myself saying
” You are the Cook? ” Luca asked me and I found myself nodding
” Good,, you can get into the kitchen and start your work ” He said
I stole a gaze from Teddy who was not even paying attention to me,, maybe he hates me alot.
Why? Because my hair is not down right now? Maybe he really love long hair.
” What are you waiting for? ” a voice said and I [email protected]£ back to reality
” The kitchen ” I said
Two maids [email protected]£ to me immediately and led me to the kitchen,, wow this kitchen is bigger than Nicole’s whole Manson..
He’s fv¢king rich!! Right now I wish Joanna is here,,,
” Wow,,, you look so beautiful!! ” The maids said
” Thanks” I replied
” Are you really a cook? You don’t look like one,, your skin are so soft and pure ” They said and I smile
“‘What lotion are you using? ”
” Your hair is so thick ” One said and t©uçhed it ma-king the hair fall freely below my killer h!ps
” Oh my God,, it’s really long ” She said
I quic-kly tie the band back,, Teddy will find it easy to recognize me if my hair is down
They keep on tou-ching me as I cook,, now am so tired
Finally I finished cooking,, I set everything on a tray and went to the dinning room
I set it on the table properly and went to call them in the living room
” Are you done? ” Luca asked and I nodded
” Am really starving ” They said and rushed to the dinning almost immediately,, I faced Teddy. He finally stood up and walked to them slowly with his two hands pocketed.
Is he actually a human? Everything about him is different
” Oh my God!! You should just stay here and cook for ever ” Theo shouted and I smiled
” Thank you sir ” I said with a bow.
” The food is so delicious just like the way you look ” Manson said
Theo hit him on the head with his spoon,, no doubt. I heard Manson is a wom-anizer,, so bad for a cute guy like him.
I continue starring at Teddy,, why is he eating so slowly? He’s eating and pressing phone at the same time,, so cute.
” Am taking my leave ” I said after they finished eating
” What? Of course not,, you will be staying here for now ” Theo said..
What??? I turned to Teddy,, what if he doesn’t want me? He didn’t even say anything.
” But,, I haven’t told anyone ” I said
” Okay,, you can just go home and come back tomorrow. You can start fully tomorrow ” He said
Gosh,, am really unlucky
How can I stay in the same house with Teddy? I will just faint one day
EPISODE 6 💜💙💚❤
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
” So you will be staying there from now? ” Nicole asked with sadness written on her face
” Am sorry Nicole ” I said and she pouted
” You will see each other in school right? ” Nicole’s mother said
” Yeah ” I said and hvgged them both
” I will just drop you there ” Nicole said and carried my small bag
” Thanks ”
” Don’t thank me,, am gonna cry ” she said and I heard her sniff in
Gosh,, she’s crying alre-ady. I am sorry Nicole, I will never forget you.
She dropped me in front of the mansion and drove back home since today is Saturday,, I breath in and out before going in.
I got in and two maids rushed to me immediately and took my bag
” Can’t believe you will be staying with us from now ” One said
” Of course I will ” I smiled
” You look so pretty,,, but why don’t you just loose your hair? ”
” I can’t,, personal reason ” I said and they nodded
” I will show you your room ” They said at once ma-king me laugh
Do I deserve so much love?
I put on my clothes after taking my bath,, gosh when will he come back home? His food will be cold
I stared continuously outside my window,, and then almost ten cars entered. Gosh is he the president? I chuckle at myself.
He [email protected]£ out of his car before the guard was able to open it,,, his hands always in his pocket.
I smiled as I watched him catwalk in,, such a cute guy. Angel,, are you crushing alre-ady? Reason why I don’t wanna stay here.
I heard him come upstairs,, I wonder why those maids have to make me stay upstairs when there are numerous rooms.
I checked myself out ma-king sure nothing is expo-sed,, gosh my pointed brea-st is the problem.
I finally walked downstairs,, I arranged the food on the dinning and went into the kitchen to avoid any eye contact with him.
Soon he [email protected]£ downstairs,,, changed alre-ady. He had a band tied around his head which prevent his hair from falling in his face.
He sat down and looked around,, is he looking for me? He took his fork and started eating,, gosh I have to wait until he finish his food.
But he’s such a slow eater,, do I have to feed him??!! I wish I could.
I smiled as I watch him eat slowly,, so cute
Gosh Angel, why do you always admire his cuteness??? Do you have a crush on him? Don’t be stupid,,, you can’t have him.
Am feeling sleepy alre-ady,, but he’s not eating fast
👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑
Why did she have to sleep here while watching me eat? I saw her all along, only pretended not to. What type of girl is she anyway,, she even have to hide here.
What do I do with you right now???
” Hey,,, ” I don’t even know her name ” Hey cook ” I said tapping her
She jumped up immediately,, she lost her balance since she was asleep for so long.
I gr-ab her mistakenly by the [email protected]!st,,, her eyes got wi-de at that. I gulp into nothing,,,, she stood well and bow her head
Why is she avoiding my gaze anyway
” Am sorry sir ” She said
” Am done eating ” I said and went upstairs. I got on the be-d and I took my headphone,,, now I have to listen to my Angel’s voice to sleep soundly?
” I wish you will st©p running from me my Angel ” I said before finally closing my eyes
💛 Vivian’s Pov 💛
” What? She stays in my b©yfri£nd’s house? That witch? ” I shouted restlessly
What if she tryna s£dûç£Teddy,, I bet no guy will be able to resist her beauty. I will make her life hell,, she will run out of that house at last
I took my car key and walked out of the house immediately
” Viv, where are you going? ” to my b©yfri£nd’s house
I said and entered the car ” I have to teach that harlot a lesson ” I said and took off
I got out of car and sway my bu-tt as I walked in,, the guards all bowed as I walked in. Dont worry, am gonna become Teddy’s wife soon
I got in and the maids all greeted
” Where is Teddy? ” I asked
” His room mam ”
” Okay ” I said and climb upstairs
She was the first person I saw,,, I checked her out from head to toe. Gosh this girl is h0t,,, so perfect
” What are you doing in my b©yfri£nd’s house dressed like that?? ” I asked angrily
” What do you think am doing? ” she asked with a sm-irk
” Now you can talk back? I will get back at you ” I said and entered Teddy’s room.
I admired him alot, I watched as the money got scattered on the floor. He’s so careless with money
You must be mine,, no one can take you from me.
” What are you doing here? ” he asked
I walked to him
” Are you not happy to see me? ” I asked
” What’s there to be happy about? ” he scoff
” Gosh Teddy,, when will you st©p being [email protected] on me? Your mom really want this to work,, I really love you. Why can’t you just love me back? ” I asked faking a tear
” You are not my type,, just st©p all these. I hate it when people think we are some couples ” he said without looking at me
Have he seen that girl’s b©dy? Why am I not his type?
” Teddy,,, your words are hurting me ” I said
” Just leave ” he said and took his phones and headphone
He walked out of the room and I followed him out,, I quic-kly brighten my face so it won’t loom obvious. I don’t want those maids to laugh at me.
” Okay I will see you later ” I said and pe-cked his cheek ma-king sure that witch saw me.
I sm-irk and walked out of the house
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
I walked into the kitchen immediately I saw Vivian pe-cking his cheek,, I don’t want to get fired at this moment.
They nee-d their privacy since they are couples,, I should just focus on my work. I have a lot of things to do.
I started washing the dishes,, and then his memory [email protected]£ again,, his words to me
how his voice sounds like music in my ear,,, so sweet. How he eats slowly,, everything.
I know he will be searching for me right now,,, but I will be in big trouble if Vivian sees us together. I don’t like trouble one bit
” Ouch!!! ” I [email protected] as the knife gave me a de-ep cut
He [email protected]£ in and walked to me,,, the blood was really rushing,,,
He sigh and went back,, oh no he doesn’t even care about me. I wipe off my tears and left the kitchen,, I should just take care of it,,,,
” Come here ” I heard him and I st©pped
He’s holding a first aid box with him,, what? He wanna take care of my hand? He really do care,, so cute
” Will you stay there forever? ” he asked and I immediately rushed to him
I sat down and watched him clean my blood with a spirit,,
” Ouch, it hurt ” I said
” I never asked you to get yourself into trouble ” he said and I [email protected]
He just spoke to me again!! Am I not lucky right now?
” Done ” he said and left before I could thank him
” Thank you Sir ” I said and bow to no one in [email protected]
I t©uçhed the plastered hand and k!$$£d it,, his hands t©uçhed me!!!

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