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Songs of my heart Episode 29 & 30

( can’t help falling in love ❤️ )
Episode 29
By : Summer Gold
Angel’s Pov :
” Do you think this is a great idea?? ” I asked on our way
” Do I care,, I want to make you happy okay?? ” he said
” Thank you ” I said and pe-ck him
The car st©pped and we got out of the car,, I look around. Some old houses,,, I turned to Teddy. Am sure he’s not comfortable here but he’s doing this because me.
” Am sorry,,, ” I said
” St©p that ” he said ma-king me chuckle
” Teddy,, she’s the one ” I said pointing at the woman
” Let’s go to her ” he said
I nodded and followed him,, we got to where the woman is. She looked up, I hope she recognize me right now.
” Hello mam ” I said with a bow
” Daughter,, how did you find me here?? ” she asked
I turned to Teddy and smiled
” He brou-ght you here?? ” she asked and turned nodded
” Who is he to you?? ” she asked
I held his hand,, he scoff and look away. Such a spoilt [email protected]
” He’s my b©yfri£ndmam ” I said
” You guys are meant for each other ” She said
What is she talking about anyway
” What can I do for you? ” she finally asked
” plea-se,,, can you tell me more about my parents?? ” I asked
” I don’t want to say anything,,,, but because of your husband. Am going to tell you everything ” She said
” Husband?? ” I asked
” Come with me ” she said walking into a small house.
” Are we going to enter into this box?? ” Teddy asked
” Sweetheart,, it’s not a box. Respect peoples home okay?? ” I said
He scoff and followed me, how can he call someone’s house a box??
” Have your seat ” She said pointing at the short stool on the floor.
Teddy was reluctant to sit down,, I had to f0rç£ him.
” 20 years ago ” the woman started while we listen attentively
” Lucia ( Angel’s mom who is known as Vivian’s mom) and Norah ( Vivian’s real mother) gave birth on the same day in the same hospital
I was a nurse in that hospital 20 years ago. Norah was just a poor lady while Lucia’s husband was a very wealthy man,, and then Poor Norah [email protected]£ to me ”
FLASHBACK *******************
” I can’t do that plea-se,, I will be punished if the secret is out. ” I said
” plea-se, you have to do this. I don’t want my daughter to suffer because of me plea-se,, just exchange her daughter with mine ” Norah pleaded
” Don’t you un-derstand that,, it’s a great crime?? plea-se st©p ” I said trying to walk away
” plea-se!! ” she fell on her kneels
I [email protected]£ sad,, I un-derstand her pain and agreed to do it.
” she promised to take good care of you,, but she failed her promise. Am so sorry you went throu-gh a lot because of me ” she concluded her story
Am tearing up really badly right now,,,
” How can do that to a child?? Do you know what I went throu-gh?? She left me somewhere I don’t know!! She never took care of me because she knew am not her child!! My mother doesn’t even know maybe am suffering while she take good care of someone elses child!! You are so cruel!! ” I yelled and ran out in tears.
I can’t believe this!! How can people be so wicked??
( you’re re-ading songs of my heart,, @ Summer’s [email protected] 2)
Teddy’s Pov :
She ran out,,, I sigh and turned to the woman.
” Am so sorry, I regret everything I did, I am so sorry ” The woman said
” Do you know where her real mother is?? ” I asked
” Am sorry,, but I don’t have any idea ” she replied
” Her name is Lucia right?? ” I asked again and she nodded
I’ve heard that name somewhere but,, I don’t know.
” Can you tell me the name of the hospital where you work 20 years ago?? ”
” BFG ” She said
” I know where the hospital is,, ” I said standing up
” Am so sorry ” she said again
I nodded and went out, I got into the car. She look so sad that I don’t even know what to say.
I kept quiet and drove off,,, I continue to steal gazes from her to be sure she’s fine.
I st©pped in front of the medical Field known as BFG,, I put on my mask to prevent the paparazzi. I handed one to her also,, she took it from me without saying a word.
We both got down from the car and walked into the building,,,
” Hi,, how may we help you?? ” the receptionist asked
” Can I see the doctor?? ” I asked
” A minute plea-se ” she said and made a call
” You can go in ” she said
I nodded and we both walked into the office,, the doctor is a lady. I think it’s going to be easier.
” Hi ” She said coldly
” Hi ” I said and sat down
” How may I help you?? ” She asked coldly again ma-king me chuckle.
” I nee-d the birth record from this hospital 20 years ago ” I said
She wi-den her eyes at my request
” What?? 20 years ago?? How do expect me to know?? I [email protected]£ here just 4 years ago ” she said
” You should find it,, am sure it’s here ” I said without looking at her
” And who are you to order me around?? ” she asked
I sigh and re-moved my mask,, she [email protected] and covered her mouth with her palm.
” Teddy Lee ” I heard her muttered
” Am glad you know who I am ” I win-ked
” Sir,,,, why do you nee-d that?? It’s a long time ago ” she said
” Do you care?? Am going to pay you,, just find it for me ” I said
” Give me 10 minutes ” she said and walked out of the office
I faced angel but she only kept a straight face,,,
” Hey,, you should cheer up. You look so damn ugly like this ” I said
” Shut up,, and why did you even wi-nk at that lady?? ” she asked
” What?? wi-nk?? ” I asked in surprise
” I saw you, don’t you dare lie to me ”
” It was nothing okay? ”
” Did you see how she blu-shed when you do that?? ” she asked
” I can’t believe you right now,, how can you feel jealous just because of a wi-nk? ”
” I hate it when you do that to some other lady,, do you get that?? ”
” Okay mam ” I said causing the both of us to laugh
Just then the doctor [email protected]£ in,,, she handed over a file record to me.
We started searching for it,,,,,,
” I don’t think it’s here ” Angel said after searching for 30 minutes
” You can give up but I won’t ” I said
She smiled and stro-ke my hair,, I heard the doctor [email protected] I re-moved the mask on her face so she can see her face.
” Oh it’s your girlfriend ” She said
My eye suddenly caught with the names,, Norah Ellie and then Lucia Park
” Angel,, I got it” I said showing her
She [email protected],,,,
” I know who Lucia Park is,,, am trying to remember. I’ve heard something like that ” I said rou-ghing my hair
” Omg!! ” I yelled at once
” What is that?? ” Angel asked
I brou-ght out my black card and handed it to the doctor
” Omg!!!! ” She screamed with happiness
I held Angel hand and rushed out of the office,,,
💋 Wow,, it’s Teddy Lee and his girlfriend Angel!!
💋 They look so cute
Soon we everywhere was filled up,, damn we should have used the mask before coming out.
None of the guards are here right now,,,, I held Angel hand ti-ghtly. They continue taking pictures,,,
” What do we do?? ” Angel asked
” I don’t know ” I said
She took her hand from mine and held me instead, what’s she doing??
She started walking toward the car,, the crowd moved out of our way.
” Wow, how did you do that? ” I asked when we finally got into the car
” Tell me what you find out ” She said
” Vivian’s mom ” I said simply
” What do you mean?? ” she asked
” Vivian is Vivian Park and her mom is Lucia Park , ” I said
” What????!!!! ,, does that mean?? ”
” Lucia is your mom and Vivian is Norah Ellie’s daughter ” I said
She bur-st into tears immediately
Episode 30
# Semi finale
Angel’s Pov :
What?? Vivian’s mom is my real mother?? I can’t believe all these is gonna happen to me..
Am sure Vivian will hate me more if she finds out,, oh Lord I hate these. Why!!!
” plea-se,,, st©p crying. You are hurting me ” Teddy said and hvgged me
I rested my head in his che-st and I [email protected]£ calm a little.
” Am so sad ” I said and sniff in
” Why must it be Vivian of all people?? Why?? ”
” It’s okay,,, ” he said patting my back
He k!$$£d my hair and I faced him,, he wipe my tears with his palm.
” Am so sorry,,, ” he said
” For what?? You helped me so much so why are you sorry?? ”
” Am sorry because,,,, I never knew you went throu-gh a lot. Am just,,, ”
” It’s fine,, let’s forget about these. Vivian can have her, I don’t wanna cause any fight. Am not going to tell her anything and I hope she doesn’t find out. She’s Vivian’s mom not mine ” I said and wipe my tears
” She’s your mother ” he said
” No she’s not ” I snapped ” I’ve lived all my life without a mother’s love,, and i survived. Right now,, what is the usefulness?? ”
He sigh and starts the car,,,, the drive was a silent one though
We both got out of the car and walked in,, I was walking in front of him while he followed silently. I turned to face him and he st©pped.
” Am sorry ” I said
” For what?? ” he asked
” For yelling at you,,, I was just mad and sad. Am so sorry ” I said with a pleading tone
” Just take your time to calm down ” he said
” No,, am calm. I don’t like this silence okay?? I don’t want my mother’s stuff to cause any difference ” I said and hvgged him
He held me ti-ghtly to himself,, I sniff in his perf ma-king me feel relax.
He unlock from the hvg and carried me in a bridal style causing me to giggle.
” What are you doing?? ” I tea-sed
” What do you think am doing?? ” he asked
” I don’t have any idea ” I said when we finally got to his room
He dropped me on the be-d,,,,, he k!$$£d my hair and t©uçhed my cheek softly.
” You should take some rest okay?? ” he said and I nodded
” Are you going somewhere?? ” I asked
” Yeah,, I have to meet up with,,,, ”
” Your friends??? ” I interrupted and he nodded
” For what?? ” I asked with my brow up
” Something important ” he replied and took his car key, I guess he’s going alone
” Be safe ” I said sleepily as he walked out of the room.
” I will be back,, and remember you promised that you will do everything I want. Am ma-king use of the promise tonight ” he win-ked and walked out
What?? Promise??? What will he ask for??
Vivian’s Pov :
I walked into the hospital after ma-king sure no one is out,, I wish it’s positive.
” Ma’am,, follow me ” the doctor said and I went in with him.
I sat down and waited patiently for him,, finally he [email protected]£ in and sat right in front of me.
” Here is the result ” he said handing it over to me
I took it from him immediately and opened it,, I checked and flin-ched. Oh no,, it’s negative,,,, she’s not my mother.
A tear dropped from my eyes and I stood up,,,,,
” Take it easy mam ” I ignored him and ran out of the hospital.
I entered my car and bur-st out into tears,,,,,,, this is not happening!!!!! No!!!!
( This story is written ✍ by Summer Gold)
Now what do I do?? I have to find the woman who called herself my mom,, she nee-d to explain everything to me.
I called my PA,,
📞 Yes mam??
📞 Did you find out where the woman stays??
📞 Yes mam,, I will s£nd the address right now
📞 plea-se do
📞 Okay
He s£nt the address,, I guess I know this place. I drove off immediately.
I got to the house and got down from the car,,,,
Angel’s Pov :
I opened my eyes slowly,, omg. I never knew I sle-pt for so long,,, I got out from the king sized be-d and went to my room.
I undress and walked into the bathroom,, but why is Teddy not back?? Am really worried right now,,,
After the quic-k bath I walked back into the room and dressed up
I heard some cars coming in, I rushed to the window and checked. Teddy [email protected]£ out of one of the cars and a smile escape myl-ips,, he still looks so cute even though it’s dark.
Soon he [email protected]£ in,,, I turned to him and smiled.
” Hey ” I said hvgging him
” How are you feeling?? ” he asked
” Great ” I replied and unlock from the hvg
I look straight into his eyes, I can see that he’s tired. When will he ever rest?
” Are you okay?? ” I asked
” Am fine, you don’t have to worry about me ” He said and walked out of the room
What?? Is he sick or something?? I rushed out of my room and went downstairs,,
” Mam,, what do you want?? ” a maid asked
” Glas-s of water ” I said
” Wait here mam ” she said,, I nodded and waited
” Here ” Another one said and gave me the water
” Thanks ” I took it and went back upstairs
I entered his room and met him lying down on the be-d with his eyes closed, I sat beside him and t©uçhed his forehead.
” Omg ” his temperature is so high
But he look really fine while leaving some hours ago
” Sweetheart?? Are you okay?? ” I asked
” Am fine ” he replied
” You are not fine,, plea-se tell me what’s happening,, ” I said alre-ady in tears
” Just a slight Headache I will be fine ” he replied slowly
” Am going to call your doctor right now ” I said and took his phone
I dialed the number immediately, thanks goodness the doctor picked at first ring.
📞 Hello sir
📞 It’s,,,, his girlfriend
📞 Oh,, hi mam, is everything okay??
📞 No,, can you come here right now?? He’s not fine,,
📞 Oh no,,, I will be there in 10 minutes
📞 Okay thanks.
I faced him again,, why will he call a headache something slight??
” Teddy?? ” I called but got no answer ” Teddy?? ” I called again and he opened his eyes.
I breath out,, damn am so scared right now. What if something bad happen to him??
Should I call Joanna?? No,, I will wait for the doctor first.
The doctor ran in and went straight into his room,,
” Can you excuse me for a minute?? ” he said
I nodded and walked out of the room,, I was pacing around waiting for him to come out.
Soon he [email protected]£ out ,,,,
” What’s wrong with him” I asked
” He’s fine,, just stress ” he said simply with a smile
” Oh thanks ” I said happily
He went downstairs and I suddenly sm-irk at myself, I almost lost my heart.
I walked into the room and met him alre-ady asleep,, I la-id beside him trying my best not to wake him up.
Vivian’s Pov :
I drove into my pri-vate Mansion,, I really have to relax my [email protected] right now. I can’t just think straight,, how can Angel be my mom’s real daughter??
Why Angel and not someone else?? Why!!!! Angel why do you keep on ma-king me sad???!! I hate you so much!!
I wish you were not alive,,,,
I took my phone and tried Liam’s number,,,
📲 Any news??
📲 I want you to do something for me urgently
TBC ::::::

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