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Songs of my heart Episode 27 & 28

( can’t help falling in love ❤️ )
Episode 27
By: Summer Gold
Writer’s Pov :
Screams can be heard from the students in every Conner of the school, it’s obvious they are all happy.
💋 Wow, I can’t believe this!!
💋 A new queen will be chos£n!!
💋 But do you think Angel can win over Vivian?? Vivian is great!!
💋 I’ve never heard Angel sing,, but am glad she’s competing with Vivian
💋 It’s coming so soon more than I thought
💋 I can’t wait to watch this!!
💋 I also heard that the new queen will be featured with Teddy in his new song hit,, that’s such a great news!!!!
Just then everywhere [email protected]£ silent as Teddy walked in with his three friends,,, only some murmurs could be heard from the students who admire their cuteness.
” I love you Manson Oopa ” a student said loudly causing the students to [email protected]
To everyone’s surprise,, the four friends st©pped and looked back and then walked away .
” Omg, I can’t believe he heard my voice!! ” June told her friends happily
” He doesn’t even care, st©p dreaming ” her friends replied
” Am just too happy to st©p dreaming right now ” she replied jumping around the clas-s.
Angel’s Pov :
” Did you see the list alre-ady?? It’s going to be a Ko-rean battle field!! Nicole screamed
” St©p it Nicole, just st©p!! ” I yelled angrily
” Okay, am sorry. Am just happy ” She said
I scoff and look away, I’ve never Compete with anyone. So how will I do this?? For goodness sake,, more than millions of people will watch the competition.
What if I fail?? I can’t disappoint Teddy, I can’t!!
” You don’t have to think so much,, you’ve won this ” Jasmine said and I nodded
” I hope so Jas,, I really hope so ” I said folding my f!nger
” We nee-d to leave for something ” Nicole said
I nodded and they left, just then Liam [email protected]£ to me as I walked out of the clas-s.
” Hi ” He simply said with a smile
” Hi ” I replied
Now how do I get ride of this guy??
We continue walking while he keep on saying words, I don’t seem to listen though.
” Congratulations,,, I saw the uploads ” he said
” Oh that,,, it’s nothing anyway ” I said
Just then I saw Teddy coming,, I [email protected] immediately. Gosh what do I do right now?? He’s going to get mad at me!!
I saw him st©pped the moment he saw us,, and then he turned back and walked away. Oh no,,,,,
” Am sorry,, I have to leave ” I said and went to him
” Honey ” I called,, he turned to me and sigh
” What do you want?? ” He asked with no expression
” Am so sorry ” I said and bite myl-ips
” I told you to stay away from that guy!! Why don’t you un-derstand me?!! ” He yelled
I moved back immediately,,,,
” Boss,, calm down ” one of the guards said
A tear dropped from my eyes
” Damn ” I heard him said
He entered the car and left
” Mam,, I will take you home ” My driver said
I nodded and wipe my tears but the tears keep on coming,, I entered the car and the driver drove off.
It’s not a crime to make friends with boys right?? So why is he so angry???
The guard opened the car for me and I got down,, I walked into the Mansion still feeling hurt. I just hate it when he’s mad at me.
I went upstairs and entered his room,, I met him doing something on the [email protected]©p.
I sat beside him,,, he kept a straight face.
” Don’t try to apologize,, I’ve told you to stay away from him but you never listen to everything I say. You always like doing your things ,, just leave me alone for now ” He said
” Am sorry,, I will listen to you from now okay?? ” I said and hvgged him
” Am doing something important right now,, just go ”
” You want me to leave?? ” I asked
( this story is written ✍ by Summer Gold )
” Why are you starring at me like am hurting you?? ” he sm-irk and I bur-st into tears
” plea-se don’t push me away, you are hurting me when you do that. I hate it when you are angry with me,,I hate it when you yell at me ” I said
He wipe my tears and hvgged me,,,
” Am so sorry I yelled,, I was just too mad. Am so sorry ” he said and I nodded
” Promise to stay away from that guy?? ” he asked and I nodded again
” Good ” he said and unlock from the hvg
I look straight into his eyes and smiled,, I never knew I will be so weak for a guy like this.
” You saw the upload right?? ” He asked
” Yeah,,, ” I said resting my head on his shoulder
” You don’t have to be scared,, you should know you are better than her ” he said pla-ying with my hair
” Okay,, am going to do everything for you remember? ” I said and faced him
” Everything??? ” He asked and I nodded
” You mean everything I want?? ” he asked again
” Yes,,, ” I replied and he grin
” What’s funny?? ” I asked
” Am sure you can’t do what I want ” he said and focus back on the [email protected]©p
” What do you want?? ” I asked somehow scared
” You will find out later ” he win-ked
” Okay ” I said
” Do you know there will be one month camp before the competition?? ” He asked and turned to me again
” Really?? ”
” It will be announced soon, but am telling you first because you are my girlfriend ” he said
” You don’t have to remind me of that okay?? ” I said
” I have to do that,,, so you should always remember that you are mine. No one else can do what I do with you,,” I bite myl-ips and nodded
” I know ” I said simply
” Yeah,, I got it ” He said and turned the [email protected]©p to me
” What’s that? ” I asked
I faced the [email protected]©p and [email protected],, I can’t believe he tried to track the woman who spoke to me about my mom. So cute,,,,
” How did you do that?? ” I asked looking confused
” Am sorry to say this,, but,,, there’s a tracker in your car ” He said causing me to [email protected] again
” I never knew there was,,,, ”
” Am sorry okay?? I just don’t want anything to happen to you,,, am always worried about you. I always think about you,, am just,,,, ” I interrupted him with a k!ss
He reciprocate immediately,, am I not lucky to have someone who think about me every time??
” I love you so much ” I said after we broke the k!ss
” I know, and I love you more ” He replied and k!$$£d my hair
” We are going to visit the woman,, ” he said
” But when,, am really busy right now ” I replied
” Busy?? For what?? ”
” I have to prepare for,,,, ”
” No,,, we are going tomorrow and nothing can change that ” He snapped
” Okay ” I said simply and stood up
” Where are you going?? ” he asked
I turned back to him and sm-irk
” Where do you think am going?? ” I asked
” You are not leaving,, okay ” he said and drag me back, I chuckle at his action
” Okay b©yfri£nd” I said resting my head on his che-st.
A call [email protected]£ on my phone,, it’s a strange number. I pick the call
📞 Hi
The voice said
📞 Who is this??
📞 Liam
Whaaaaat?? How did he get my number???
Episode 28
Angel’s Pov :
I faced Teddy,, I swallowed and hang up immediately.
” Who is that? ” he asked
” Nob©dy ” I said
” What?? Someone called just now, are you planning to start keeping secret?? ”
” It’s,,,,,, Uhm,, Liam,, but you don’t know how he got my number, am confused ” I said
” Who is Liam?? ” he asked sitting up
” The one you saw with me ” I answered, he sigh and kept quiet
” Am sorry ” I said b!tt!g my bottoml-ips
” Teddy?? ” I called
” Am fine ” he said
What do you want Liam?? What?? Why do you keep on causing stuffs??
I wra-p my hand around him and sle-pt off.
Teddy’s Pov :
It’s not wrong to have a male friend,, but I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about this guy.
What if he tries to hurt her?? Why will he cling on her so much?? Am sure he’s up to something,, am definitely gonna find out.
And if he tries anything stupid,, am going to do something he will regret.
Vivian’s Pov :
I walked into mom’s room since she’s not home, I have to act really fast right now. I took her hair brush and re-moved some hair strand and left the room.
I took a scissors and cut my hair shortly and then left the mansion,, I really have to do this.
My driver [email protected]£ to me,,
” Am going alone ” I said and entered the car and drove off, I hope this is not true. It can’t be true,, she’s my mother, she is.
I got down from the car and went straight into the hospital,,
” Mam,, how can I help you?? ” a nurse asked with a smile
” I nee-d to see the doctor pri-vately ” I replied
” This way ” she pointed
” Thanks ”
” Can you sign an autogra-ph for me?? Am a big fan ” she said
” Sure ” I replied and sign.
” Thank you ” She said simply with a bow.
I walked into the doctor’s office,,,
” Hi ” He said beaming with a grin,, I scoff
” Yeah,, ” I said and sat down
” How may I help you?? ” he asked
” I [email protected]£ for a DNA test,, can you help me?? ” I asked
” Of course,,, ” he replied
I brou-ght out the hair and handed it to him,,
” I want to know maybe the two is a match ” I said and he nodded
” You have to come back tomorrow ” he said
” Okay,, I will ” I said and stood up
” And,,, am a great fan of yours ” he said
” Thank you ” I said with a smile
” You are welcome ” he replied and we both walked out of the office
I went out and drove off immediately, I can’t afford to be seen here.
Nicole’s Pov :
I watched as Vivian walked out of the hospital,, what’s she doing here? Is she sick?? But she doesn’t look sick,,,
I got down from my car after she drove off, I have to find out no matter what.
I walked into the hospital and lucky for me I met the doctor speaking with a nurse,,,,
” Wow,, why do we keep on having our idols here today?? ” A nurse said causing me to smile
” Hello ” I said
” You are welcome mam ” They replied with a smile
I faced the doctor,,
” Can I see you plea-se?? ” I asked politely
” Of course ” he said
” After you ” he said pointing at the way
” No, after you ” I said
” Oh,, okay ” He said and walked in with me behind.
” plea-se have a seat ”
” Thank you ” I said and sat down
( This story is written ✍ by summer gold )
” Can you do me a favour?? ” I asked
” Okay ”
” I saw my friend coming out of here some minutes ago,, I want to find out if she’s sick. She love keeping secret from me,, and hate it when my best friend fall sick plea-se ” I said in a sad tone
” Oh,, she’s not sick ” he replied
” So why is she here?? ” I asked
” It’s a personal stuff mam, am sorry ”
” I will give you whatever you want,, cash? Cheque?? ”
” Okay,,,, she actually [email protected]£ for a DNA test ” He said
What?? DNA test?? For who??
” Do you have any idea who it’s for?? ” I asked
” No,,, ” he said
I sigh and nodded,,,
” When will the result come out?? ” I asked
” Tomorrow ” he replied and I nodded
” Am going to give you my number,, so you can tell me the result ” I said
” Okay mam ”
I gave him a cheque of 2million won
” Omg,, anytime mam ” he said happily
” Yeah,, give me a call immediately the result is out ” I said
” Sure ” He replied
I stood up and walked out,,, why do I have feeling that the test have something to do with Vivian and her mom??
I got out and was about going into the car when someone st©pped me,, I look up at the person. What?? Theo??
He smiled the moment I looked up,,
” Hi ” I said and tuck my hair behind my ear
” Are you sick?? ” he asked
” What?? Of course not ” I said
” So why did you come here?? ”
” Oh,, just a slight headache ” I said tou-ching my forehead
” Oh,, sorry. How are you feeling right now?? ” he asked tou-ching my forehead
What is he doing? Why will he care so much??
” oh,, I will be fine. Thanks ” I said trying to hide my blush.
” Okay,, see you around ” he said and put his hands in his pocket
” Yeah ” I said and went into the car
He waved me,, I smiled and drove off.
Damn,,,, my heart. I placed my hand on my che-st,,, I damn I love him so much. Am so glad he care about me.
June’s Pov : ( the girl who screamed out Manson’s name)
I walked out of the rehearsing clas-s,, damn am so tired right now. I nee-d to calm my [email protected] a little.
I walked into the music clas-s,, which one should I enter?? Am confused.
I walked into one of the clas-ses,,,, am surprised to see someone in there. Who is he??
He turned and faced me the moment he heard steps,, I [email protected] and flin-ched immediately.
” Man,,, Manson oopa ” I said and covered my mouth immediately
He looked up when I said that,,,, damn he look so h0t,, have been crushing on him since grade three. But he doesn’t even know maybe I exist,,,
My eye caught with hisl-ips,, so cute.
He kept quiet,, ma-king me feel uncomfortable
” Am, am,, am so sorry,, I lost my way ” I said bowing my head countless times
” You are the girl,,,,,, in the morning right?? ” he asked causing me to flin-ch in fear
He recognize my voice,, what do I do right now??
” Ye,, yes ” I said and bow my head again
He stood up and walked closer to me,, I was shaking alre-ady. Will he punish me right now??
His hands inside his pocket as he walked to me,,, I was starring straight into the floor.
” Look up ” he said
I look up into his eye catching a better view of his handsome face,,,,
” What’s your name?? ” he asked
” June ” I replied
” Nice name ” he said
I almost blu-shed but I kept a straight face,,
” Thanks ” I said
He ignored me and walked out,, I finally breath out.
What thefu-ck was that??!!!
Unknown Pov :
I watch as Angel walked out of the Mansion with Teddy looking as beautiful as ever,,, I am sofu-cking in love with her and she doesn’t even notice me.
All she thinks about is Teddy,, why. Why is he so different??
I am going to have you no matter what,, I promise
You want to know who I am right??
Am one of Teddy’s guard……….
TBC :::::::
Now we know who the unknown is 😁

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