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Songs of my heart Episode 19 & 20

( can’t help falling in love 💋)
Unknown pov 💖💖
I watched as Teddy walked out of the house,, I laughed out. Why do you think you are so wise???
I know you are trying really [email protected] to find out who I am,, you don’t have to worry too much. Am with you,, I sm-irk the moment I saw Angel.
I checked her out,, so h0t. I li-ck myl-ips. Am going to make sure you become mine no matter how you try,,,,
I checked my phone,,, a call from one of my men
📲 What
📲 Boss,,, I saw angel in the car. I think she’s on her way to school, should we carry out the plan??
📲 No,,, I think Teddy is up to something. Let her go for now
📲 So what do we do??
📲 We are going to give them more time,, but if I become uneasy. I will take her myself. I hate it when someone pla-ys with what’s mine
📲 Okay boss
📲 Yeah
I dropped the call immediately,, don’t worry Angel. Am coming for you,,,
💖 Vivian’s Pov 💖
” Hey babe,, are you preparing for the upcoming competition?? ” Briana asked and I scoff
” Do I nee-d to prepare?? Am the best ” I said with a sm-irk
” That’s if Angel is not gonna compete ” Lily said
” That’s true,, she’s a really good singer. But I don’t know maybe she dances too ” Briana replied
” Let’s see to that,,,, am always the winner. No one can take what’s mine from me!! It’s me queen VIVI!! ” I said with authority
” I trust you babe,, but don’t you have any plan?? I hate to see Teddy and Angel together,, Teddy should be yours ” Briana said and I sm-irk
” Just sit down and watch how I destroy their relationsh!p” I said in akimbo
” Yeah!!!!! ” They shouted
I sm-irk,,, just wait and see Angel. 😏😏
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
I entered the school and everyone started waving at me,,, I scoff. So what if am not Teddy’s girlfriend?? They will hate me??
” Girlfriend!!! ” A voice called behind me
That should be Jasmine right??? I turned back in a grin
” Nicole?? ” I called somehow sad
” Are you not happy to see me?? ” She asked
” I was expecting Jasmine, am sorry ” I said with a sigh
” Jasmine?? You’ve not spoke with her yet?? ” She asked somehow surprised
” Of course not,, I called her but she’s not picking up ” I said showing her my phone
” Do you think something bad has happened to her?? ” She Asked
” That’s not possible,, have you tried checking her at home?? ” I asked curiously
” Yeah,, she’s not home since last night ” She replied
” Her parents house?? ” I asked
” What?? No I can’t do that ”
” Why?? ”
” Her parents are really strict ” She replied
” Do you know if she has a b©yfri£nd?? ” I asked
” I don’t think so,,, she never talk about having a b©yfri£nd” She replied
” Am scared ” I muttered
” Me too ”
What if something bad has happened to her??
” Omg,, I really have to leave right now. It’s urgent ” Nicole said after checking her phone
” Okay,, see you after school ” I said and we both [email protected]
I was about going into the music clas-s when I saw someone familia,,, oh it’s Vivian’s mom. A smile escape myl-ips as I watched her speaking to someone.
” She’s so beautiful ” I said to myself
Should I say hello to her?? No I can’t, what if Vivian sees us together??
I shook my head and took the door,,
” Beauty??? ” Someone called
I looked back,, she’s the one waving at me.
” Hi mam ” I said with a bow as she got to me
” I don’t know your name,, but I guess beauty is a perfect name for you ” She said and ruffled my hair
” Thank you mam ” I smiled ” Are you here for Vivian?? ” I asked
” No,, I [email protected]£ for something else,. Am leaving anyway, see you next time ” she said
” Can I hvg you mam?? ” I asked
She stood still for some minutes before she nodded
I hvgged her ti-ghtly,, this is the first time I ever get a hvg from a mother. Even though she’s not my mom,, the hvg felt different like she’s my mother.
” Thank you ” I said after I left her
” You are welcome ” She smiled and went off.
💖 Jasmine’s Pov 💖
I opened my eyes and met myself in a strange room,, I j£rked up immediately. How did I get here?
Just then, I remembered last night. I was drun!k,, someone took me here. But who?? And what about my car?? Am so stupid.
I checked my phone,,
Whaaaat!!!!! Damn,,
Suddenly a figure entered,,, I [email protected] when I saw his face
” Lu,,,, , Luca? ??? ” I called.
He turned to me and sm-irk,,,
” How was your night drun!kard?? ” He asked with a sm-irk
” Idiot ” I muttered
This is my first time speaking with him but I feel so safe with him.
He moved closer to me,
” Why did you drink that much when you can’t hold it in?? What if I didn’t show up?? ”
” Am sorry,,, but I don’t want us to talk about this ” I said
” Okay,, here ” he handed over a new dress to me
” Thanks ” I said and went into the bathroom
I took a warm bath and put on the dress,,, wow so beautiful. But how did he guess my size right??
I went out of the bathroom,,,
” I knew it’s gonna fit perfectly since your,,,, ” he st©pped and checked me out for a minute
” My what you per-vert!! ” I yelled
” I won’t argue about that ” He sm-irk
” Let’s leave okay??? ” I said and took my bag
” You really nee-d to be punished,, everyone is worried about me ” He said checking his phone
” Am sorry about that ” I said bowing my head
” Don’t worry,, You still owe me one, I will think about what to take from you later ” He replied without looking at me
I bite my bottoml-ips,,, why do I feel comfortable with him?? Even though I promised myself never to fall for a guy again. All men are not the same right??
🎻 Teddy’s Pov 🎻
” What do you mean by someone is stalking Angel?? that’s not possible ” Theo said doubtfully
” I saw the message ” I said still checking the tracker,, Angel is in school alre-ady and nothing happened.
She won’t take it light with me if she discover that am watching her movements right now
” What?? So, any suspect?? ‘ He asked
” Of course not,, I just wish he show up. And if he doesn’t,, ”
” Then it’s a person who knows your movements ” Manson replied and we all nodded in agreement
” Never knew you have so much s-en-se in that your small head ” Theo said causing us to laugh
” Now you know ” he replied
” I don’t think he’s gonna show up,, I hate what am doing ” I said switching the tracker off
” You hate what you are doing because you are jealous to see your girlfriend speaking with another guy ” Theo said
” Shut up ” I said
But who the hell is the guy she just spoke with?? I don’t like him one bit,,, he’s flir-ting with her!!
” You look angry right now,, but you can’t go to her. She thought you traveled ” Manson said and I sigh
” Where the fv¢k is Luca?? ” I asked
” He’s on his way here,,, ” Theo replied
” Talking of the devil ” Manson sm-irk and we all turned toward the door
He walked in busy with his phone
” Where the fv¢k were you last night?? ‘ I asked
” Stuck with someone ” He replied causing us to laugh
” Who?? Male? Female? ” Theo asked
” Are you kidding me? How can I be stuck with a guy?? ” he asked
” So who is the girl?? ” I asked
” Jasmine ” He replied
We all faced each other and then back to him,,
” Who is Jasmine?? ” I asked
” One of the band ” Theo replied
” Angel’s friend?? ” I asked and he nodded
” Stuck with her?? Why?? How?? ” Manson asked
” She got drun!kand I helped her,, ”
” Never knew you have a kind heart ” Theo sm-irk
” Damn,, you are really crazy! ” I said laughing
” Never knew you can say that ” Theo replied causing us to laugh ha-rder
Just too crazy for my liking, Just then I remember Angel and the guy. Maybe I should call her to stay away from him,, or what!!
Am I jealous or I think something is not right?? I don’t know,, but why will I be jealous when she’s mine??
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
I rushed out of the rehearsing clas-s,, damn am missing Teddy alre-ady. I took my phone out. I was about calling Teddy when a hand taped me.
I turned back and faced the person,, he’s a stranger. From this school anyway,, I don’t know him since I don’t as-sociate if many people here, just Nicole and Jasmine.
The guy look so cute which made me remember Teddy,, but not like Teddy anyway. He smiled the moment I faced him which I also returned .
” Hi ” He said and smiled out dimples
” Hello ” I replied calmly
” Am sorry to distract you ”
” It’s nothing ” I said
” Am Liam ” He said stretching out his hand for a shake
” Angel ” I said taking the hand
” You don’t nee-d to introduce yourself, I know your name ” He said and I [email protected]
” How?? ” I asked
” Who wouldn’t know the most beautiful girl here? ” He asked and I smiled a little
” Well thanks for that ” I said
” Hoping to be your friend” He said
” Sure, we can be friends ” I said
” Thank you ” he smiled
” Later ” I said and walked away
He seems nice though,,,,
” I saw you talking to some guy just now, who is he?? ” Nicole asked
” First time seeing him, but he seems nice ” I replied
” Teddy is going to get mad at you of he discover you are ma-king friends with a guy, you should be careful ” She said and I remember what happened on our first [email protected]£
” I will be more careful ” I said and bite myl-ips
” Better ”
” Girlfriends!! ” Jasmine shouted running to us
” Omg;!! Where have you being?? You got us worried as fv¢k!! ” I said and Nicole nodded
” I will explain to you guys later, not now ” She replied
” I hope so ” Nicole and I said at once causing us to laugh
I just love them.
💖 Norah’s Pov 💖
” Have you tried to find out about the second girl?? ” Mary asked
” Yeah,, she attends the same school as my daughter ” I replied showing her the details
” She’s so beautiful ” Mary said and I nodded
” Yeah she is ”
” What’s her name?? ” She asked
” Angel ”
Yeeeee 🙆🙆🙆🙆

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