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Songs of my heart Episode 17 & 18

Songs 🎻 Of My Heart 🎻🎻
( can’t help falling in love 💋)
© summer. w. gold
Episode 17
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
After am done,, I walked into Teddy’s room. I cleared my throat and he turned to me. His eyes checking me out all over,, I sm-irk.
” Anything wrong with the dress? ” I asked
” You are so beautiful ” He said and I felt my face burning
” Thanks ” I said
” Where are we going?? ”
” Our first [email protected]£ ” He said and I [email protected]
” You never told me,, I should have,,,,,, ”
” You should have what?? ” he raised an eyebrow
” Get more re-ady than this ” I said with a sigh
” It’s okay,, you look amazing ” He said holding my hand
” Thank you ”
” Let’s leave ”
We both walked out of the house,, we entered the car and the driver took off immediately.
I stole it gaze from him and smiled,,
” You can just take a picture ”
” I knew you would say that ” I scoff
He hold me ti-ghtly as we walked into the popular and clas-sic restaurant known as Winnie,,,
💋 Oh my God, is that not Teddy Lee??
💋 He look so cute
How dare them talking about how cute my b©yfri£ndis???
💋 Is that his girlfriend??
💋 I hope not
I turned to him,, he wi-nk and I scoff
” They are annoying ” I said as we sat down
” Just ignore them, you should get re-ady for that , you are Teddy’s girlfriend. ” He said
” yeah I know,, The Popular Teddy every girl want ” I tea-sed
” Just a pity you are the only girl I want ” I blu-shed immediately
The waiter [email protected]£ to us beaming with smile,, I saw as she wi-nk at Teddy.
” Are you here for work or what ” I asked
” Am sorry mam ” She apologized
I scoff and look away
” What do you want?? ” She asked
” Anything my b©yfri£ndwants ” I said with a sm-irk
I heard her [email protected],, maybe she’s surprised. Who cares,, I hate it when someone tries to flir-t with what’s mine.
Teddy told her what he wants and she left,, I hissed.
” Am sorry about that ” He said and took my hand
” You don’t have to be sorry,, am fine ” I said with a smile
” I nee-d to use the restroom ” I said
” You will be fine right? ”
” Of course,, I will be back ” I said and left.
I went into the restroom and after am done,, I washed my hand and opened the door to go out. Someone block my way,,,,
” Who are you?? ” I asked
” You don’t have to know me,,, ” He said grinning
I scoff,,
” Can you excuse me?? ” I asked trying to pu-ll him off my way
” Can I have your pin?? You look so S-xy ” He said and li-ck his bottoml-ips as he check every [email protected] of my b©dy out
” St©p starring at me that way, am not food ” I said
I pushed him off,, he took me by the [email protected]!st. I turned back and gave him a h0t [email protected]
” Leave me alone you idiot!! ” I yelled
” Your [email protected] is nothing to me,, let me k!ssthose S-xyl-ips of yours ” He said and t©uçhed myl-ips
I [email protected] his hand off
Teddy where are you???
” Let me go,,, ” I said calmly this time
He pu-ll me closer to himself by my [email protected]!st, I [email protected] and struggled out of his grip
” Are you crazy?? Let go off me ” I yelled
He lean closer to my face, moving hisl-ips to mine.
The last moment I felt him [email protected] left me, I look up and found Teddy starring at him angrily.
” How dare you try to do that to my girlfriend?? ” He asked angrily
” Your girlfriend?? So what?? ” the guy said
Three guards [email protected]£ in, they carried the guy away. What?? What are they going to do with him??
Teddy faced me, I bite my bottoml-ips immediately.
” What if I didn’t come to check you?? You would have allowed him k!ssyou?? ” He asked
” No, I was,, ”
” You can’t shout?? ”
” Am sorry, but,,, ”
” Did he t©uçh you??? ” He asked with a serious tune
” What??? ”
” Am asking maybe he t©uçhed you before I [email protected]£ in! ” he yelled
” Just,,,,,, my [email protected]!st ” I said with my head down
” Am gonna kill him ” He said walking away
” No ” I said and ran after him ” Wait ”
” Stay out of this okay?? ” he said and walked out
I followed him silently,, I regret going to that restroom. He’s going to hurt him,, I know Teddy .
I entered the car with him,, how can our first [email protected]£ be messed up like this?? Thanks to that j£rk of a guy.
Now, he’s not even talking to me. Is it my fault??
” Sweetheart,, am sorry ” I said facing him
He faced me and turned back to the other side without saying a word
What else should I say now??
😍 Jasmine’s Pov 😍
” Are you crazy?? How can you call me a slut?? I told you that guy is nothing to me!!! ” I yelled
He punched me in the stomach and I winced in pain
That’s what I’ve been facing for several years, I can’t even tell anyone about this.
My parents are the cause of everything,, how can they sell their only daughter out??
” Max,, you are such an animal to raise that your fv¢king hand on me!! ”
” Do you want me to show you what an animal is?? ” He asked and gr-ab my hair
” Let me go you motherfv¢ker!! ” I shouted from his grip
He threw me on the floor,, I tried to prevent my face from the bruise
” I will destroy your pretty face for you,, you slut ” he shouted and gr-ab me again
” Max plea-se, don’t hurt me in the face!!! ” I shouted
He took a blade,, I cried as he tried cutting my face with the blade.
I kicked his c***k with my leg, he left me and fell to the ground.
I took my shoes and ran out of the house,, I know this is not over yet. He’s still coming for me, but I don’t have a choice right now.
I can’t allow him destroy my face,, I know he can do it. That’s how wicked Max Golem is,,, I entered my car and drove off in tears.
I got to a nearby bar,,, I walked in and wipe my tears. I will just drink and forget about MAX!!!
EPISODE 18 💚💜💛❤
💄 Jasmine’s Pov 💄
” Give me another bottle of Scotch ” I said
” Mam,,,, I can’t give you again. Probably you are drun!kafter taking three bottles,, am sorry I can’t give you another bottle again ” he said
I laughed, I know am drun!kbut who cares.
” Are you crazy?? I can sue you!!! ” I yelled at him
” Mam,, am sorry. I can’t give you ” he said
” What is happening here???? ” A voice asked
I look back and faced the guy,, I don’t seem to recognize him though, but he’s cute 😋.
” She’s asking for another bottle of scotch after three bottles ” The waiter explained
“leave her for me ” The cute guy said
” Hey h0ttie ” I said and smiled
” Damn,, she’s so drun!k” He said
” Am not drun!k, idiot ” I muttered
” come with me ” He said and pu-ll-ed me up from the seat
” Where are we going?? ” I asked
” Idiot,, you can’t even walk ” He said
Before I could say something, he carried me in a bridal style.
” So nice of you ” I sm-irk
” I guess so ” He replied and we walked out of the bar.
” Where are you taking me to?? ” I asked as we got into his car
” Even if I tell you, you won’t know drun!kard ” he said
I hissed and sle-pt off immediately.
😍 Angel’s POV 😍
” Honey?? ” I called as we got into his room
” What do you want?? ” He asked taking off his shi-t
” Am sorry,, okay??? It won’t happen again ” I said and hvgged him
” It’s fine,, ” He said
” What are you going to do with him?? ” I asked
” Don’t ask me that ” He said and left me
I took myl-ips in and watch his abs,, a sm-irk escape myl-ips
” Take a picture ” He said
” Shut up ” I scoff and la-id on the be-d
He joined me and k!$$£d my head,,,
” Why my head?? ” I asked and li-ck myl-ips
” What the fv¢k?? My girlfriend is trying to s£dûç£me?? ”
” Really?? Am leaving ” I said and stood up immediately
” Goodnight ” He said
” What???, you really want me to leave?? ” I asked raising my brow
” Leave before I do something silly 😋 ” He sm-irk
I [email protected] his shoulder and walked out of the room,, I checked my phone. What??
Message from an unknown number,,, I opened it immediately
💌 No matter how you tried,, you are mine. Am coming for you soon
The phone fell from my hand,, what the fv¢k??? Who is this???
I took my phone and rushed out of the room immediately,,,
” What’s wrong?? ” He asked as I joined him on the be-d
” Check this ” I said and gave him the phone
” Who the fv¢k is this?? ” He asked
” I have no idea ” I said shaking my head
” You don’t have to think about this okay?? Just some secret admirer ” He said and rou-ghed my hair
I nodded
But still am not calm,,, who can this be?? I don’t want anything to happen to my relationsh!pwith Teddy,,,, I will just inform Nicole and Jasmine about this.
👑 Teddy’s POV 👑
I can’t even tell her what is going on in my mind right now, I hope she doesn’t get hurt with this. This person can be so desperate to get her,,,
” What are you thinking about?? ” She asked resting her head on my che-st
” Thinking about how beautiful you are ” I said and k!$$£d her hair
” I have to go for a trip tomorrow ” I said
She stood up immediately,,
” What?? You are leaving me here alone?? How do you expect me to stay here?? ” She asked almost tearing up
” Angel,, you don’t have to be sad. Just three days and I will be back ” I said
I think it added to her pain
” Three days?? Bad ” She mattered
” Am sorry,, I don’t want to leave you but it’s important ” I said
” I know,,, am going to be bored ” She said sniffing in
” Your friends are there right?? ”
” I love you ” She said and hvgged me
” More than you do ”
I hope my plans work,, am sure the unknown guy is someone close to her. He’s sure gonna appear when he finds out that am not around,,,,
No one try to joke with what’s mine,,,
I checked her and I smiled, can’t believe she sle-pt off this way. Such a cute baby,,,
” you are checking me out ” She said from her sleep
” Am not ” I said and look away
” Really?? ” She sat up
” I thought you are asleep ”
” Not until when i felt your eyes on me”
A sm-irk escape myl-ips,, never knew am going to be in love like this. She’s just so different that am lost in her love.
💄 Nicole’s POV 💄
Something is not right, I’ve been trying to call Jasmine for hours. But she’s not picking up,, I hope she’s fine.
I sigh and threw the phone somewhere,, I la-id on the be-d and took the phone again.
I slide into my gallery and checked the pictures out,,, I think am crazy alre-ady. How can Theo’s picture be more than mine??? On my phone???
Not my fault though,, i love him a lot. He doesn’t even think about me that way,, I chuckle when I remember the day he helped me with his car.
So cute,,,,, I breath in and dropped the phone. Sleep took over immediately I closed my eyes.

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