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Songs of my heart Episode 13 & 14

Songs 🎻 of my heart 🎷🎻
( beautiful [email protected]ç£😍 )
Episode 13
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
After school,, Jasmine dropped me in front of the mansion. I walked in and went straight into my room,,, Teddy is not even home.
Am sure he’s mad at me for lying earlier,,, what do I do??
I sl!pout of my dress and walked into the bathroom,, I turn on the shower and allow the water to spre-ad all over my b©dy.
I walked out after the long shower,, I put on a light go-wn and rest my head on the be-d.
Am really hungry but too lazy to go downstairs,, I will just take a nap for now.
Oh no,, I nee-d to cook for Teddy.
I stood up and went downstairs,, I walked into the kitchen, two maids were there.
” You can go and rest,, I will do the cooking ” I said.
” Okay ” they said happily and left
I put on the apron and start the cooking,,, what should I make??
I guess pasta will be okay for dinner right?? Yeah
By the time am done, it’s alre-ady 9:00pm. I ate mine and kept the rest,,,, I went back upstairs.
He should be home by now,,, where is he??? I walked to the window checking maybe he’s back,, a smile escape myl-ips when I saw two cars entered into the compound.
He [email protected]£ out of the second car,, I can’t even see his face clearly since it’s late alre-ady.
I went out of my room,,, I was about going downstairs when I saw him coming.
I waited,,, he ignored me and went in. Whatttt,,, is he angry with me or what. I entered his room and found him alre-ady slee-ping,, oh mine. I guess he’s so tired.
I walked to him and checked his temperature with my hand,,, he’s fine. Maybe just stressed out,,, maybe I should go get him a bottle of water.
I stood up from the be-d,,, he pu-ll-ed me back.
” Where are you going? ” he asked still closing his eyes
” To get water ” I said
” Just stay here,, I will be fine ” he said and pu-ll-ed me closer to himself.
” I made dinner,,, should I,,,,,, ”
” I will eat that later ” he said and closed him eyes with his hands around my [email protected]!st.
I re-moved the hair strand from his face,,, so cute while slee-ping. My eye moved to hisl-ips,,, when will he k!ssme?? Should I just do it myself? No I can’t,,,
🎻 Vivian’s pov 🎻
Why did he stood up for Angel earlier? I don’t un-derstand,, but something is not right. I nee-d to find out about everything.
But how??? I really have to do something about this,,
I took my phone and called my personal guard
📞 Hi mam
📞 Yeah,,, can you do something for me??
📞 Anything for you mam
📞 Okay,, help me keep an eye on Angel. Report to me immediately if you find out anything
📞 Okay mam, done
📞 thanks
I ended the call and sigh,,, Teddy, you are mine no matter what. I will make sure of that.
💋 Unknown pov 💋
You can’t get away from me Angel,, I will make you are mine no matter what.
I don’t mind if I have to kill Teddy just to have you,,, you are just too beautiful for me to resist
And all you see is Teddy Lee,,,, I don’t care. I will get ride of him and make you mine.
I gulp down the alcohol and threw the glas-s away,,, am so frustrated right now.
Always thinking about you!!!
Don’t worry,, just give me more time. Am going to make you mine.
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
I woke up at nothing in [email protected],, I can’t believe I sle-pt off. I checked the time,, just 10:30pm?? I almost thought it’s morning alre-ady ,, but where is Teddy??
I heard the bathroom door opening,, I closed my eyes immediately pretending to me asleep,,,,
He walked in,, I opened my eyes slightly. His hair was really we-t which make him look more h0t,,, his abs are really wi-de.
I felt like tou-ching every [email protected] of it
” You can just take a picture ” He said and faced me
” I closed my eyes immediately,,, I can’t believe he knew I was pretending. Damn am so stupid,, my mind is becoming something else
” Open your eyes ” He said and I opened
He’s now dressed up,,, a band around his we-t hair
” Hi” I grin trying to make him forget about the starring [email protected]
” you have to get punished ” He said
” For what? ” I asked
” I told you to watch me sleep,,, but I ended up watching you. Such a sleep head ” he said
” Biane( Sorry) ”
” Hold your ear ” he said with a sm-irk
” What??? ”
” Hold your ear,, am giving you your punishment ” He said displa-ying it with his hand
I nodded and used my two hands to pu-ll my ear,,
” Ouch,, my ear ” I said faking some tears
” What?? Did that hurt you?? ” he asked tou-ching my ear
” Yeah, so painful ” I said and sniff in the tears
” Am sorry ” he said b!owing air with his mouth to my ear
” I was kidding ” I sm-irk
” What the fv¢k??? You nee-d to get a beat up ”
” Am so sorry ” I laughed and stood up re-ady to run out of the room
He caught me by the [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed me closer,,,, our faces just an inch from each other.
I swallowed and my eye went to hisl-ips again and then back to his eyes ,, just do it plea-se.
He raised my face up with two f!ngers,, hisl-ips landed on mine,,,
I opened my mouth and allow him gain entrance into it,,, his hand ru-bbing my [email protected]!st slowly.
His second moved into the night wear I was putting on,,, he pressed my br***t softly. I [email protected] and opened my eyes.
No one have ever t©uçh me that way,,, a slight [email protected] escape myl-ips.
He pressed my n!ppleand I flin-ched and unlock from the k!ss,,,,,
I hvgged him and buried my face in his che-st,, damn am not used to that,, but my b©dy was really reacting so [email protected] to his t©uçh. I bite my bottoml-ips before breaking the hvg
I heard him chuckle,,
” What’s funny?? ” I asked
” I never knew am going to fall in love with someone as shy as this ” He said and I blu-shed a little
” But am glad you are different ” he added and k!$$£d my hair
” You won’t leave me right?? ” I asked and hvgged him again
” You should not ask that question, it’s never going to happen ” He replied holding me more ti-ghtly
I don’t know what will happen to me if he ever leave me, i can’t even live without him right now.
Episode 14💚
💖 Jasmine’s pov 💖
” What do you mean by Angel is the girl Teddy was looking for?? How did you know that ” I heard Lilly asking Vivian
But really,, how did Vivian find out??
Angel is really in trouble right now,, I know Vivian more than anyone,, she doesn’t give up easily. What do I do??
I have to tell Nicole about this right now,,,,
I rushed out from where I was hiding and went to the music room,, am sure Nicole will be there.
” Hey girlfriend, your face look finished ” Nicole said and laughed
” Bad news ” I said
” What?? ” She dropped the guitar in her hand
” Vivian finds out the truth about Angel ” I said
” Omg,,, that’s bad ” She said and sigh
I shook my head and sat down properly on the chair,,
” What are we going to do?? ” she asked
” Let’s just keep an eye on her for now,,, if she try to hurt Angela then she gat me ” I sm-irk
” No,, we gat her ” She said causing us to laugh
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
I got home feeling as tired as ever,, I really nee-d to rest. I think am feeling really sick, damn.
” Welcome ” One of the guards ran after me grinning
” What? ”
” You have to leave this place right now ” he said
” For what?? ” I asked looking confused
” The boss will be moving to his other mansion ,,, and you have to go there ” He explained
” But,,, my things are,, ”
” You don’t nee-d them, just come with me ” He said
I mumbled and followed him,, Teddy should have told me before now. Why all of a sudden??
I wonder if it’s the white house I like,, that’s going to be awesome anyway.
I got into the car and the driver took off,,
I walked in looking around,, this is not even the white house,, but it look more bigger and beautiful.
How can someone build a house like this?? I thought am in a paradise island,, I can’t explain how it look like,, am just too astonished.
I entered into the house,, the maids there all bow their heads
” You are welcome mam ” They chorused
What?? Mam??
” Thanks ” I said still checking the house out, so beautiful.
I wonder if Teddy is home,,,, he doesn’t even come home this early right??
” We will help you to your room ” Three of them said
” I will appreciate that ” I said with a smile
💋 She looks so beautiful
💋 I love her eyes
💋 Her hair is so long
💋 She’s really nice
💋 Am sure the boss really love her a lot to bring her here,,,
💋 Am curious , what do you think her name is?
I heard the maids murmuring among themselves,, I smiled and turned to them
” You can call me Angel ” I said
” Mam Angel?? You really look like one ” They said
” Thanks ” I replied
” Come with me mam ”
I followed the three,, we went upstairs while I continue to admire the mansion.
” Wow ” I said softly
” We are here” They opened one of the rooms
” Amazing ” I said and entered,, so large.
Am I staying here alone?? Or with someone?? How can I stay in this large room alone?? The be-d is a queen sized one,
” Call us when you nee-d anything mam ”
” I will,, thank you ” I said
They bow one last time and walked out,,,
I walked to the wardrobe,,, it’s filled with clothes. Omg, I can’t even wear everything!!
The shoes are just too much,,,, Teddy is something else.
Just come home alre-ady plea-se!!!
I [email protected] on the be-d happily,, awwwn so soft.
I got up and took of my dress immediately,, I entered the bathroom and took a warm bath.
After the long bath,, I went back into the room still on towel. I moved to the wardrobe to put on a night wear or something.
I took one out,, its a complete pink. Wow I will just take this
I put it on,, oh no it’s too transparent. I searched for a night jacket and put it on with it. I guess it’s better now.
I checked my phone, 10 missed calls from Nicole?? What’s happening??
I dialed her number immediately
📲 Hey Nicole
📲 Hi lover girl, I guess you are too busy with Teddy to pick my calls right??
📲 Am sorry,,
📲 I missed you,, since we didn’t even see each other in school today. We were busy,
📲 Yeah I know,, so what’s up?
📲 Vivian find out about you and teddy,, and right now am sure she will be planning something
📲 Omg,, but how did she find out??
📲 She’s Vivian right?? She always get whatever she want. Just be careful okay?? We gat your back
📲 Thanks Nicole,,
📲 Later
I sigh out loud,,, What’s Vivian up to??? Nicole is right, she’s going to do something silly.
Someone knocked the door,,
” Come in ” I said
” Mam,,, you should come down for dinner now ” The maid said with a bow
” plea-se, can you st©p bowing down for me?? ”
” I can’t mam ” She replied
I [email protected] stood up,, I followed her downstairs.
( Written ✍ by Summer Gold )
I took a bite and chew it softly
” How is it mam?? ”
” It’s good,, thanks ” I said
I saw them blu-shing,, these maids are something else.
After the meal I went back to my room,, should I call Teddy?? No I can’t,, I don’t even have enough boldness for that.
I la-id on the be-d and closed my eyes,,, I can’t believe it been long since I sing. Let me just try my Voice out.
I cleared my throat,,,
🎶 More than a moment 🎶
🎶 you are more than a moment to me 🎶
🎶 don’t care where we go 🎶
🎶 As long as you are going with me 🎶
🎶 And all the days before the day 🎶
🎶 Before you [email protected]£ my love 🎶
🎶 I was afraid of losing faith 🎶
🎶 Thinking of giving up 🎶
🎶 Now all that I ever wanted 🎶
🎶 [email protected]£ so suddenly 🎶
🎶 you walked right out from my own dreams
🎶 and right in front of me 🎶
🎶 we don’t have have to go to heaven 🎶
🎶 to feel like we are in paradise 🎶
🎶 cause I feel like am in heaven 🎶
🎶 When I look into your eyes 🎶
🎶 Everytime I look into your eyes 🎶
” I guess that’s for me ” I heard Teddy’s voice
i turned back,, he’s right there grinning
” Sure ” I said and hvgged him
” You really missed me that much?? ” He asked and k!$$£d my hair
” Yeah,, I was really lonely without you ” I said and took myl-ips in
I unlock from the hvg and look straight into his eyes,, I saw him checking me out. Hun???!!!
” Take the jacket off ” he said
” What?? But,,,, ”
” no but,, off, off, off ” he said using his hands
I obeyed and took it off,,, he satisfied his eyes and smiled.
” You per-vert!! ” I yelled causing him to laugh
He carried me in a bridal style and walked out of the room,,,
” where are we going?? ” I asked with my hands around his n£¢k
” Our paradise I think ” he said
We got into the room and I [email protected]
” Wow,, amazing ” I said
He dropped me on the be-d and la-id beside me,,, I watched him as he continue starring at every [email protected] of my b©dy
” You should just take a picture instead ” I said mimicking him
” I don’t nee-d to take a picture, since you are mine ” He said and lean closer to me.
He clashed hisl-ips on mine,, his hands moving into my dress alre-ady. Oh no,,, not again.
I was feeling h0t alre-ady,,,,,, I felt his hand on my [email protected] line and I [email protected]
Lemme come and be going 🚶🚶

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