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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 5 & 6

🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 🎻
________Episode 5
Written By Summer Gold. W
⭐ Angel ⭐
We all sat down chatting and laughing,, I never knew it’s going to be fun, meeting new friends and all.
Suddenly, there was a loud scream. What’s going on?
🚻 They are here!! Set the [email protected]£ra!!
” Who are they talking about?? ” I asked
” Teddy and the other three of course ” Nicole replied
🚻 Omg!! They look so h0t
🚻 Can you see Theo Oopa?!! He’s so handsome!
🚻 I love you guys so much!!
🚻 Wow,, Teddy hair looks h0t.
What’s with the hair?? I turned to look at them and I [email protected], I can’t believe he dyed his hair. I’ve never seen that before but he look so cute.
” Awwn, am so jealous of you. Your b©yfri£ndis an idol, and you will also become one very soon. Can we plea-se exchange names?? ” Erika asked
” You can take it ” I replied and we all bur-st into laughter.
I watched as they all walked to the table which is somehow far from ours, I saw him turning. Oh no, I hope he’s not searching for me. Soon his eye met with mine,, he smiled and win-ked which made me turn red immediately.
” Omg,, did he just win-ked at you?? ” Vanessa asked
” Damn, where did you see these girls!! ” Jasmine asked
” Why did you ask?? ” Nicole asked her and we all listened
” Gosh!!! I love them!! They are crazy like I am!! ” she said
I rolled my eyes while they keep on laughing,, I saw one of Teddy’s guard walking toward us.
” Oh no,, I guess he’s coming for you ” Nicole said
” Of course not ” I defended even though I knew I was wrong
” Mam,, the boss want you to come over ” he said
” I knew it ”
” Thanks,, you can leave ” I said
He bowed and walked away
” So what are you gonna do?? You will leave us?? ” Jasmine asked faking stupid tears
I took my phone and messaged him,,,
💌 Am sorry,, I can’t ,, I wanna spend time with my friends. Don’t worry, I will make it up to you
💌 Really?? So what about me? 😭😭
The emoji made me laugh,,
💌 I love you
I s£nt it
💌 Don’t worry I know what to do
What’s he gonna do??
” Angel look!! ” Vanessa said and I followed her hand
Oh my Gee,,, Teddy and his friends are coming over!!
🚻 Where are they going?
🚻 Are they leaving alre-ady??
They finally got to us,, Nicole left my side and Teddy sat down beside me
🚻 Wow,,, he really went there to sit with his girlfriend. So ro-mantic
Can’t these people keep quiet for once??!!!
⭐ Vivian ⭐
” Did you see that?? They are now together, everyone is taking pictures. Let me take some ” Lily said bringing out her phone
” Are you crazy?? You know Vivian is gonna get mad ” Briana said and Lily sighed before taking back her phone
I only kept quiet as I watch everything,,,, this is gonna be fun I guess. Am going to make sure I win the competition no matter what,,, I must win.
⭐ Angel’s Pov ⭐
” Angel,, don’t you think you should sleep with your b©yfri£nd?? ” Erika win-ked
fuc-k, this girl is something else
” I agree with her ” Vanessa sm-irked
” I totally agree ” Nicole said
I faced her and gave her a killing stare
” I can’t believe Teddy fell in love with someone as shy as you are,, I can’t imagine what am gonna do if Teddy is my b©yfri£nd, I will k!sshim and,,,,, let me keep quiet ” Erika said and we all laughed
We heard a knock and we st©pped,,
” I will go get it ” That’s Erika again 😂
She opened the door and the guard staying with me [email protected]£ in,,
” What do you want?? ” I asked
” You have to come with me mam,,, The boss asked me to bring you ” He said
I turned to the others,, they all faced the other side like they’ve planned it. Those idiot,, am so unfortunate to have them as my friends 😂😂
” Okay,, You can leave. I will go meet him ” I said with the soft smile
” No,, I don’t want to loose my job, kindly follow me ” He said
” That’s awesome,, plea-se bundle her out of this place with impending alacrity ” Vanessa said and the others bur-st into laughter
” Am going to deal with you all tomorrow, trust me ” I said and stood up
I walked out with him,,
” After you mam ”
” No,, after you ” I said
I hate walking in front of guys,, that’s crazy and I know. I really deserve a punishment from Teddy,, he actually called me but I refused to pick his calls. I just want those girls to keep quiet for some minutes, they are really frustrating me.
He opened the door and I walked in,,, leaving him staying with others in the doorposts. I wonder if they always sleep.
Wow,, this room is really hvge. The room is painted with white and some decorations,, the be-d is just out of this world. I can sleep on it without waking up,,,
” Are you done checking it out?? ” Teddy appeared from another side in the room, maybe the dressing room, he’s putting on a pajamas, a hair band around his head which prevent his hair from falling to his face
His hands insides his pocket,, he look so h0t!
” Uhm,,, hi ” I said with a small smile
” You can’t get me with your smile,, why did you ignore my calls?? ” He’s now very close to me
” Dui bu qi ( am sorry in Chinese ) ” I said
” Since when did you start speaking Chinese?? ” he scoff
” Biane ( Sorry in korea ) ”
” Your sorry is not going to work this time ” he sm-irk and walked to the be-d, he sat down and took his [email protected]©p
” So what should I do? ” I asked and moved closer to him
He kept quiet,,
” Don’t ignore me,, am gonna cry ” I said.
He sigh and look up,,,,, he dropped the [email protected]©p on the shelf beside the be-d and took my hand. He drag me and I landed on his [email protected]
” You really think am mad at you?? ” He asked
” Not really ” I said and he smiled
” I really miss you a lot ” He said resting his head on my che-st
I [email protected],,,, damn Teddy is really gonna spoil me.
” Uhm,, baby?? ” I called
” What is it? ” He asked without even raising his head,,,,
” I love you ” I said and it worked
He turned to me and smiled,,,
” I know why you said that ” he said, I bite my bottoml-ips and turned my face to the other side preventing him from seeing my blush, he really caught me
He turned my face with his palm and hisl-ips landed on mine,,, his hands around my [email protected]!st as we k!$$£d.
” You Are so beautiful ” He said between the k!ssand I chuckle
Are you kidding me right now???
He la-id me softly on the be-d still k!ss!ngme,,,, after some minutes he st©pped. Why did he st©p?? I alre-ady made up my mind to do whatever he want,,, I don’t want to keep him waiting.
” Honey?? ” he called
” Huh?? ”
” Tell me,, you’re a v!rg!nright?? ” he asked and my heart skipped a beat
Why is he asking?? Does he hate vir-gins?? Angel you always think negatively
” Why are you asking?? ”
” Tell me ” he said
I nodded and his eyes grew wi-de,, right now am feeling scared alre-ady. And then,, he smiled and look away. Did he just smile??
” What’s wrong?? ” I asked
” You mean am going to be the first guy to get there?? ” he win-ked
I sma-ck his head,,,
” Ouch,, what was that for ” he said tou-ching his head
” You are getting spoilt everyday ” I said
” Now I un-derstand ” he said
” Don’t worry,, you can do anything you want with me ” I said with a smile, but de-ep down. Amfu-cking scared
” Liar ” he said
” What?? Liar?? ” I asked in surprise
” Am going to take it slowly with you,, v!rg!ngirlfriend ” he sm-irk
” Really?? ”
” Yes,, but that won’t st©p me from doing this ” He said
” Doing what?? ”
He gr-ab me and k!$$£d me again,, and before I knew it. His hand was alre-ady inside my night wear tou-ching my br***t softly
” Oh my God ” I [email protected] into the k!ss
Damn,, Teddy is becoming something else. Nob©dy ever t©uçhed me this way,, it feels so good anyway.
He left myl-ips and his mouth captured my n****e even with the go-wn I was putting on, this is just crazy
” Honey!! ” I screamed out but it was low
” Wait,, it’s tickling” I said but he didn’t st©p
Episode 6💕
❤️ Angel’s Pov ❤️
My hand runs throu-gh his hair as he did everything,,, right now am so scared. How will it happen,, how am I going to feel. And then suddenly his phone rang,,, he [email protected] ignore it.
It rang the second time,,, he left me and pick the call. He walked into the other room as he speak on the phone,, I sat up and arranged my go-wn properly.
That was a narrow escape 😂,,,, he [email protected]£ back after some minute. I faced him,,, his arms folded on his che-st. He smiled as he watch me,,, what’s he smiling at??
” What ” I asked and took myl-ips in
” Why are you so shy?? ” he asked
I only kept quiet and chuckle,,,
” You don’t have to smile,, it’s a question ” he said and walked to me
” You don’t have to feel shy in front of me,, I am your b©yfri£nd,, and future husband ” he said and pe-cked my cheek
” Am sorry ” I said and faced him,, I saw him starring at my che-st. I immediately hvgged him,, I just can’t help it. He laughed and held me ti-ghtly to himself.
DAY 2 ⏰⏰⏰
🧡 Vivian’s Pov 🧡
I immediately put on my clothes,, tonight is really an opportunity for me to show what am made of.
” Vivian,, it’s almost time. Let’s go ” Briana said
The band is performing tonight ahead of the competition,, am so happy.
” Yeah,, let’s leave ” I said
🎤 Am so happy to pres£nt to you the band of Glamours High!!!
Everyone [email protected] as we moved to the stage,,,, they gave us the mic and we started.
💛 Angel’s Pov 💛
” Wow,, they are so amazing!!! ” Erika shouted ma-king me smile
I really love Jasmine and Nicole’s move,,, they are awesome
After performing for about 40mins,, they are done.
🚻 Omg,, that was awesome!!
🚻 Vivian, I love you
🚻 Jasmine,, you are the best!!!
I [email protected] as they [email protected]£ down from the stage,,,
🎤 Now do you know what we are doing next? We are calling on our favorite idol’s girlfriend to come up here and give us some hit!!!!
🚻 Wow,,, who is he talking about
🚻 I never knew Theo has a girlfriend
🚻 Is he talking about Teddy??
🚻 Can Teddy’s girlfriend sing??
🚻 I’ve never heard her voice,,
This is crazy,,,
” I think he’s talking about you ” Vanessa said and my heart skipped a beat
I’ve never sing in front of crowds before,, how am i going to do this.
🎤 And that is Angel!!!!!!!!
🚻 Omg!!!!!!!!!!!
🚻 Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel
” Stand up ” Nicole said
“fu-ck “I muttered and stood up
The [email protected]£ras were set on me immediately,, this is what I don’t like. Celebrities are really trying,,,, this is not me.
🚻 Omg,, she looks h0t!
🚻 So beautiful!!
🚻 She’s really the best for Teddy
I walked to the stage and took the mic,,,, the cheers died down immediately.
” Hi everyone ” I said and they began to scream again,,,
” Okay,, okay,,, ” I said using my hand and they [email protected]£ silent.
” That’s Angel on the stage,, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen ” someone said and everyone turned their faces to her.
And the person turn out to be,, Erika. I really nee-d to tie this girl’s mouth,,
🚻 I agree with her
🚻 She’s h0t
The noise started again,,,, I just decided to start singing since I Won’t be able to control them
🎤 I choose you,, and i ‘ll choose you over and over
I took my first dance step and there was a loud cheers front them,,,
🎤 Without a pause, without a doubt
🎤 Meeting you was fate
🎤 Your love fills my heart
🎤 I live for you
🎤 I dream about you
I dropped the mic and bowed one last time
🚻 What was that??!!!
🚻 Does that type of voice really exist???
🚻 Am in love with your voice!!!
🚻 She’s so perfect!!
I couldn’t even hide the smile growing between myl-ips,,, my eye caught with Teddy. He blew me k!sses and I did the same.
” Wow,,, that was awesome ” Vanessa said
” Bess,,, I never knew you can ra-p ” Jasmine said
” Well, I knew all along ” Nicole said
” Wow,,that’s great ”
” Damn,,, the video is all over. You are gaining fans more than I thought, can you believe it?? 10millions views and 8millions comment in just 20 minutes, this is amazing ” Erika screamed showing me her phone,, I sigh and la-id on the be-d
I really want to sleep but their noise is damn too much,,,, I took my phone and messaged Teddy
💌 Honey,, am coming over
💌 what are you waiting for??
I smiled and stood up,, I didn’t even bother to change my clothes. I will take my bath there,,,
” Goodnight girl ” They said without looking up
I shook my head and went out,,the guard is not there, maybe he went somewhere ,,, was about getting to his room when someone appeared in front of me.
I guess he’s one of the celebrities,, he grin the moment he saw me. I ignored him and decided to pas-s the other side,,, he blocked my way again.
” What are you doing?? ” I asked trying my best to calm down, he keep on starring at my whole b©dy. Now I love the fact that I did not change my clothes
” St©p starring at me that way, am not food. Get thefu-ck out of my way before you regret it ” I half yelled
” Damn,,, you are so S-xy. Can I have you for a night? ” he asked and li-ck his bottoml-ips
I hissed and pushed him out of my way,, and then he did the unexpected. He sma-ck my bu-tt,,, what??!!
I turned back and gave him a h0t [email protected],,
” How dare you!! ” I yelled
” What’s going on here?? ” I know that voice,, Teddy.
” Am sorry,, was just trying,,, ” the stupid guy said. ” Trying to do what?? ” Teddy interrupted him and he kept quiet
He faced me and checked my from head to toe,,,
” What did he do to you?? ” he asked
How do I tell him right now,,,,,
” Nothing,,,, it’s nothing let’s leave ” I said
” Are you pla-ying with me right now?? ” Teddy asked, not smiling
” Sir,, here ” A guard said and handed his phone to Teddy,, oh no there is a CCTV here.
” What?? Really??? ” Teddy sm-irk and turned to the guy
” Am so sorry,, I never knew she’s your girlfriend ” The guy pleaded,, I can see fears all over his face and I suddenly pity him,,, but he deserved to be punished
” Make him regret it ” Teddy said to the guards and took my hand
” Ok sir!! ”
He drag me into the room,, I can’t even face him.
” So you’ve started lying?? ” he asked and I look up
” Am sorry ” I said
” That’s what you always say,, sorry sorry sorry every time, what do you think is going to happen if I didn’t hear your voice?? ”
” Honey am,,,,,,,, ”
” Just go and rest and leave me alone right now,, I don’t wanna listen to your excuses ” he snapped
I went to sit down on the be-d watching him pacing round the room,, I know he’s hurt,, and its my fault. I should have explained before the guard brou-ght the video.
” The guard with you,, why didn’t he come here with you?? ” he asked
” I don’t know where he is ” I replied
Now I know he’s also in trouble,, he took his phone
📞 Get mark for me right now!!
He said on the phone,,, in a minute two guards [email protected]£ in. I recognize one,, he’s the one with me.
” Where did you go when she left her room?? ” He asked angrily
” Am so sorry boss,, I had to attend to some things. plea-se forgive me ” he said with a bow
” Forgive you?? What if she gets hurt?? Sorry is gonna treat her right?? ”
” It won’t happen again,, ”
” You are fired ” Teddy said ma-king me [email protected]
” No,,Boss,, plea-se give me another chance,, plea-se ”
I can’t take this anymore,, I stood up and moved closer to them
” plea-se forgive him,, it’s my fault. Don’t use your anger on him,, just punish me instead ” I said
” Stay out of this ”
” No,, not until you forgive him. plea-se ” I said
” Okay,, You can leave,, just thank your star ” he said
” Thank you so much sir!! ”
” Get out ”
He ran out immediately,,,, I smiled at him. At least even though he’s mad at me,, he still listen to me.
” Forgive me, will you?? ” I asked and pointed my hand to him
” Damn,, I just can’t get that thing out of my mind. Who does he think he is?? ”
Now I know that he’s just jealous and angry,,,right now am trying my best not to laugh out.
” Am sorry ” I said with a sorry face
” Am not forgiving you easily this time,,,, ” he said and went to the be-d,,, he took his [email protected]©p.
Now what do I do right now??

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