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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 3 & 4

Songs Of My Heart
__________Episode 3 🧡
Written By Summer Gold. W
🌲Lucia 🌲
” Vivian,, Vivian Park ” she said and I was shocked
” What do you mean by that? She’s my daughter not yours ” I said moving closer to her
” Then why don’t we do a DNA test?? ” she asked
” But,,,, how,, how did this happen? ” I asked in tears
So what about my daughter?? Where is she??
” You really have a lot to know,, but right now I have to save her. Doctor,, you can take my own blood, she’s my daughter ” she said
The doctor nodded and they went in together leaving me like a fool.
What’s going on right now?? I Walked in after some minute, it’s true. She’s Vivian’s mom,,
” You have to explain things to me woman!! Where thefu-ck is my daughter!! ” I yelled
” Am sorry,,,, our daughters were switched ” he said un-der her breath
” What? Who did that ” I asked
” I did!! Because I want the best for my daughter ” she said
I interrupted her with a h0t [email protected],,, that was when Vivian woke up, I look at her with disgust. Am sure she’s aware of all these
” You knew about this right? ” I asked
” Ooma,,,,, ”
” Don’t you dare call me that!!! ” I shouted pointing my f!nger at her
” Am sorry,,, I was scared of loosing you ” she said in tears
” So,, where is my daughter? Did you take good care of her?? ” I asked
” Am sorry,,, I don’t know where she is ” she said and I loosed my balance
” What do you mean??!!! ” I yelled
” No Ooma,,, I know where she is ” Vivian said trying to t©uçh me
” Don’t [email protected] hands on me!!! Who is she!! ”
” Beauty ” she said
” Who is beauty?? ” I asked
” Her name is Angel,, you named her beauty ” she said
I know who she’s talking about,,,,,
” No!!!! ” I screamed and everything [email protected]£ black
💫Angel 💫
” Don’t you think it’s time you meet your mom? ” Teddy asked stro-king my hair softly
” Am scared ” I said with a sigh
” Of what?? ”
” I don’t know,,,,, what if she doesn’t want me? You know,, Vivian has always being with her. But me,,,, ”
” She’s your mother,, she will be happy to meet you ” He replied
” You think so?? ”
” I know ” he replied with a sm-irk
Just then a call [email protected]£ on my phone, it’s a strange number. I picked it reluctantly,,,, and then the voice [email protected]£.
📞 Vivian??
📞 Yeah,,, it’s me
📞 What’s wrong?
📞 You nee-d to come to the hospital right now,, your mom is unconscious
📞 My mom??
📞 Yeah,, your mom. Don’t keep her waiting,, bye
I turned to Teddy with shock written all over my face,,
” We nee-d to go,, she’s not fine ” I said standing up
He followed me and we both went out, we got downstairs and he took the car key from one of the guards
” Boss,, we nee-d to go with you ” one said
” I will be fine ” Teddy replied
” But,,, ”
” I said, I will be fine! ” he yelled and they all bowed at once
” You don’t have to yell at them,, let’s leave ” I said and we both got into the car.
🚻 Omg,, it’s Teddy Lee and his girlfriend
🚻 Wow, best couples
🚻 Teddy Oopa is so handsome!!
🚻 I love you Oopa!!
🚻 Am gonna take a picture
We both ignored them and went to the receptionist,,
” Hello ” She said grinning
” We are here for Lucia Park, where is she?? ” I asked
” Who is she to you?? ” she asked checking something
I gulped down immediately,, what should I say??
” She’s her mom ” Teddy replied and she [email protected]
” Oh, I will bring you there ” She said
I smiled and nodded,,,
A tear dropped from my eyes as I took her hand,,, she’s so beautiful. She turned and opened her eyes,, she sat up the moment she saw me.
” I will be outside ” Teddy whispered to me and went out.
” Baby ” She said taking my hand
” I hope you forgive mom ” She said in tears and k!$$£d my hand
” Am so sorry,,, for everything you went throu-gh. I can’t believe I neglected my own child,,,, ”
” It wasn’t your fault,,, I’ve forgiven you. ” I said and wipe my tears
I hvgged her, she k!$$£d my hair and smiled
” Am fine now,, let’s go home ” She said causing me to giggle
” Are you sure? ” I asked
” of course I am ” She replied
A smile escape myl-ips as I watch the cool atmosphere,, so nice. I finally checked my phone after a long day,, omg 3 missed calls from mom.
I can’t believe I finally have someone to call mom after 20 years,,, she’s just the sweetest mother. I remember the last time I was with her,,
” Wow,, you look so beautiful in that dress., it’s not a surprise that Teddy fell in love with you, am so proud of you baby ” She said and pe-ck my cheek
” Thanks Mam Lucia ” I replied
” Angel,, when will you ever learn to call me mom?? Just say it ” She said tou-ching my cheek
” It’s not easy mom,,, I’ve never called that in my life. So how do you expect me to learn it easily?? It’s [email protected] ” I said as tears rolled down my eyes
” I un-derstand you baby,, am so sorry ” She said and hvgged me patting my back softly
She wanted to sue Vivian’s mom,,, I actually begged her to ignore everything. It’s just fate,, I can’t let her do that to Vivian’s mom.
I felt a hand around my [email protected]!st,, I turned back to see checking me out
” You are so spoiled honey ” I said with a sm-irk
” Spoiled for you alone ” He replied and hisl-ips landed on mine, why do I always remember Nicole’s and Jasmine’s word whenever he k!sses me?? Angel, you are crazy.
” Don’t you think you should get some sleep? We are leaving tomorrow ” He said with a pout
Oh yes,, tomorrow is the camp. I can’t believe the camp will last for one month. That’s long,,
” You don’t have to miss me too much,, I will be there ” He said and hvgged me, i smiled
” I know ” I said and pe-ck hisl-ips
” You are so beautiful ” He said and re-moved the hair strand from my face
” You are the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen ” I said
” You don’t have to tell me,, I know ” he sm-irk
” I have to pack my things ” I said with a sigh
” You don’t have to do that ” he replied
” Why?? ”
” Don’t worry about all that ” he said,, his gaze now on his phone
What is he trying to do anyway,,,
________Episode 4 💙
🎻 Vivian 🎻
” Omg!! I love that dress!! ” Lily and Briana shouted
I smiled,,
” Thanks ” I said shortly and we walked in
” Wow,, this place is so large and beautiful. I heard Teddy gave 80% in this, damn he’s so rich. Am really jealous of Angel ” Lily said, I turned to her angrily
” St©p talking about her okay??!! ” I yelled, she nodded immediately
Different celebrities all over the world are pres£nt here, this one month is really gonna be interesting. I’ve got my most beautiful clothes here, am sure Teddy won’t be able to resist me, I sm-irk inwardly.
Suddenly we heard a loud screamed from everyone, even the non Koreans.
🚻 Omg!!!! It’s Teddy Lee!!!!!
They shouted running out,,
🚻 Wow,, he’s so handsome I think am gonna faint!
🚻 Wow, his girlfriend is h0t!
🚻 I love you so much Teddy
🚻 plea-se look at me!! I really love you alot!!
🚻 Holy!! Who is that S-xy lady beside him?!!!
🚻 She looks like an angel!!!
🚻 Is she human???
I scoff as I heard everything,, I checked Angel out and I bite my bottoml-ips, she was putting on a short red go-wn with a flower decoration at the back. She look so clean and h0t,, I watched as Teddy held her hand. They walked in while everyone keep on taking pictures.
I left the scene and went into the bathroom as angry as ever,,, who do I keep getting jealous of her?? I just can’t help the fact that I hate her!! She took everything away from me!! Right now Mom doesn’t even wanna see me,, it’s not my fault that we were switched. I grew up thinking she’s my mom and I love her,,, how can she suddenly neglect me?? Why!!!!
I cleaned my tears and watched my face,, I was about going out when she [email protected]£ in. What is she doing here anyway,,
” Hey ” she said with a smile
” What do you want? ” I asked
” Just wanted to say hello,,, and about our mother,,, I will talk to her. You don’t have been feel bad okay?? ” she said causing me to scoff
” And when did I ask for your help?? Just get out of my way,,, don’t you even get?? I hate you!! ” I yelled and walked out of the restroom.
She’s so annoying!!!
🎤 Angel 🎤
A tear dropped from my eyes when she said that,, all I want is peace,, why can’t she just un-derstand? Why is she behaving this way???
I walked out of the restroom and two ladies jumped on me almost choking me,,,
” Ni hao ( Hello in Chinese ) ” They all said, oh they are Chinese, wow. Thank God I un-derstand
” Zao Shang Hao ( good morning) ” I said and they [email protected]
” Ni Hao Ma?? ( How are you?) ” one of them asked
” Wo Hen Hao ( I’m fine ) ” I replied
” Omg!!! I can’t believe this!! I even love you more!!! ” they chorused
” Thanks ” I said
” You are really Teddy’s girlfriend?? ” they asked and I nodded
” Omg, you are so lucky. Everyone love him so much, I’ve always look forward to seeing him, can you plea-se introduce us to him plea-se, I wanna get at least a shake ”
” Okay ” I said,, am alre-ady feeling uncomfortable
” A picture plea-se “, I nodded and she took a picture of us together
” Bye!! See you later in the evening ” They said waving at me
I breath out immediately,, that was too much.
I’ve been given the room number am staying,,, I don’t even have any luggage with me. I went to the room and knocked,, to my surprise Lily was there, how can Vivian’s friend stay here?? Two other girls I don’t know are also there,,,
” Omg!! You are Teddy’s girlfriend!! ” they shouted running to me
Oh,, not again!!!!
” Hi ” I said feeling tired
” It’s my plea-sure meeting you,, you look so beautiful ”
” Thank you ” I smiled
Just then Nicole [email protected]£ in and my face light up immediately,,,
” I thought it’s a different room you are in ” I said
” I think it’s Teddy’s work ” she whispers and I smiled,,
” Am so happy, I can’t imagine staying here without you, how about Jasmine?? ”
” It’s a pity she’s staying with Vivian ” she sigh
” I know Jasmine doesn’t take $h!t ” I laugh
” Exactly ”
” Wow,, is she your friend?? ” one of the girls asked
” Yeah ” I replied
” I wish am also your friend,, am Erika ” the blonde girl said,, she’s beautiful
” Am Vanessa ” the second one said
” Angel ” I said taking their hands
” Wow,, the name really suit you. You are really an angel ”
” Thanks,,, and this is Nicole ” I said pointing at her
” Nice meeting you Nicole ”
” Yeah,, thanks ” she replied.
Just then someone knocked on the door and we all kept quiet,,,
” I will go and check ” Erika said and went to open the door
” Omg,,, it’s Teddy’s guards ” She said and we all faced the door
They all [email protected]£ in with different bags,, what’s going on??
They dropped the bag,,,
” What is this?? ” I asked
” Clothes,, ” One of them replied and everyone [email protected]
” Oh,,,, thanks ” They all went out but one of them stayed
” Why are you here?? ” I asked
” The boss told me to stay with you ” He replied
” You can’t stay here,, ”
” I will stay outside ” he replied and went out, I let out a heavy sigh.
” Omg,, this is amazing. Let’s check these out!! ‘ Vanessa said and they all rushed to the bags,, Lily walked out. Damn this girls can’t change
” Wow,, I love this. I think am gonna take it ” Erika said
” No,, I saw it first ” Vanessa said taking the dress from her
” I am her best friend, that should be mine ” Nicole said
” Guys,, you all should take what you want. It’s enough ” I said
” Wow, really?? Thanks so much you are the best,,, ”
🪕 Jasmine 🪕
” You can’t believe it,,, I saw it with my two eyes. The clothes are damn much!! ” Lily said
” Am so jealous of her ” Briana said
” Guys st©p!!! ” Vivian yelled and I scoff
” We are sorry ”
” Do you even have to get angry?? You’re only hurting yourself, damn I pity your condition ” I said and shake my head
” Jasmine,, can you just stay out?? ” Lily said
” So,, you are going to beat me?? ” I asked
” Let her be ” Vivian said
I faced my phone,,, a message from Angel
💌 Hey bess
💌 Hi,, what’s up
💌 Am missing you
I smiled when she said that
💌 We are going to see each other in few minutes
💌 Yeah,,, I know
💌 Okay, later
🏓 Angel 🏓
” Wow,, I can’t wait to get to that talent show. Am gonna dance my whole b©dy out!! ” Erika shouted
” I guess you are a good dancer ” Nicole asked as we all dress up
” Yeah ” she said showing some skills
” Wow,, that’s awesome ” I said
” I love your dress,, am sure Teddy is not gonna take his eyes off you tonight ” Nicole said and they all nodded
” Guys come on ” I rolled my eyes
” So tell us about him,, is he a good k!ss£r? ” Erika asked with wi-nk
” How does hisl-ips taste like?? ”
” Is he good in be-d?? ”
” Which style does he love?? ”
” Guys!!!!!!! St©p!!! You are so spoiled!!! ” I yelled
” We are sorry ” They chorused and bur-st into laughter
Damn, what do I do about them???
” Guys,, let’s leave. We are done ” Nicole said
We all walked out of the room,, the guard followed us.
” What do we do about him?? ”
” Nothing,,, ” Nicole said with a sm-irk
” Wow,, this place is beautiful. I can’t wait to get to that stage ”
” Babes ” Someone said behind us, we turned and found Jasmine standing
” Omg,,, you are so beautiful. Are you Angel’s friend?? ” Vanessa asked
” Yes I am ” Jasmine replied
” I’ve seen your videos,,,, you are so good ” Erika said
” Thanks ” She replied
🚻 Omg!! Is that not Angel?? Teddy’s girlfriend??
🚻 She’s so beautiful!!
🚻 Let’s take a picture
” You are so famous ” Jasmine whispers in my ear
” Oh shut up” I said and we all bur-st into laughter
My eye caught with Vivian,, she sm-irk the moment she saw me. I know she’s up to something.
This people will not kill me ooooo 😂😂
Angel,, hmm 🚶🚶

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