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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 13 & 14

🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 💟💟
( Beautiful [email protected]ç£💘)
Episode 13 🍿
Written By; Summer Gold. W 🖊️
@ Summer’s [email protected] 📗
🍡 Angel 🍡
I woke up when the brightness of the sun shone all over me,, damn I can’t believe it’s morning alre-ady. I opened my eyes and decided to stand up,, that was when I discovered that I was still n-ked.
I immediately covered my che-st with the duvet,, I remember last night. I still feel the pain all over,,, am so dead. The door opened and Teddy walked in, I look downward. I bite my bottoml-ips trying to hide my embarras-sed mood.
He walked to me and pe-cked my cheek,,,
” Morning ” he said
I replied with a nod and he smiled,,,
” Does it still hurt?? ” He asked and I nodded again
He kept quiet for a minute and I look up,,,
” I will help you to the bathroom ” he finally said
I nodded again,, Damn Angel say something!!! But no word is coming,, he re-moved the duvet from me and carried me in a bridal style into the bathroom.
He dropped me in the bathtub,,, I exhale lightly and faced him.
” Should I help you?? ” He asked with a smile
I nodded again,,, and he bur-st into laughter 😂
” What’s funny?? You caused everything! ” I yelled but he keep on laughing
” Okay,, blame accepted. I caused everything,,, but you are really something else. So,, now you can’t even talk?? ” he asked still laughing
” Shut up and help me take my bath ” I said
” Okay I will,,, I will be back in two minutes ” he said and walked out of the bathroom.
I managed to brush my teeth before he [email protected]£ back,,,
” You should thank me ” He said as he carried me into the dressing room
” For what?? ” I asked
” For taking good care of you,, am now a father taking care of his baby ” he said and k!$$£d me
” Father my foot ” I laughed
” Really?? ” He said and dropped me
I smiled and faced him,,,,,, he was starring at me. What is he starring at anyway,, the towel is wra-pped around me,,
” You Are so different,,,, ” he finally said and I felt my face burning
” You Won’t leave me after this right?? ” I asked resting my head on his che-st
I heard guys always dump girls when they get into their [email protected],, I hope You are different Teddy.
” You trust me right?? ” He asked and I faced him,,,, I nodded
” That’s enough if you trust me ” He said and k!$$£d me
I k!$$£d him back,,, I felt his ton-gue into my mouth. I smiled,, Teddy is so spoilt.
” Get dressed ” He said and pe-ck my cheek
” You should help me dress up,, end what you started ” I win-ked
” You are becoming [email protected]ûghty ” He said
” You taught me ” I said and bite my bottoml-ips
” You don’t know what you always do to me whenever you do that ” He said
” What?? ” I asked
He used his thumb to ru-b myl-ips softly,,,,
” I think am going crazy ” He said and rou-ghed his hair
I giggle,,,,,,, I really love this man a lot. I will never let anyone come between us, never.
💊 Jasper 💊
I pace round the room,, my guards all kept quiet since am in a bad mood. I must do something about this,,, where thefu-ck did he get that type of money???
Even me that is older than his father does not have that type of money,,,, I am his father elder brother. I know my brother is not Teddy’s real father,,,
He was also a wealthy man before he died, but right now Teddy’s wealth is thrice my brother’s wealth.
I really nee-d to do something,,,, I must get my own share out of his property.
Brother, am sorry if I disappoint you but anyb©dy in my shoe will do this.
🍬 Vivian 🍬
” What the heck?? Why is my plan not working?? How can this happen to me?? They even become more close,,,,, ” I said
” Vivian,, calm down okay?? ” Lily said
I saw Angel walking toward us,,,, I fold my fist and moved to her blocking her way.
” Get out ” she said
” You now got some boldness right?? ” I said with a sm-irk
” Vivian,, I don’t want us to cause any scene here. Why can’t you just st©p?? You tried to break my b©yfri£ndand I [email protected] but you did not succeed,, now what else do you want from me?? ” she asked
” You just disgust me,, and trust me Angel,, am going to make sure you regret everything you did to me!! You took everything away from me!!! ” I yelled
” Do you think he’s going to like you this way?? I pity your condition ” she said shaking her head
I raised my hand to [email protected] her but someone held my hand,, I turn back and faced the person. He’s her b©dyguard,,
“let go of my hand right now!! ” I yelled
” Am not gonna forgive you when next you try to raise this tiny hand on her, trust me ” He said and threw my hand off
I faced Angel in anger,, she smiled
” Smile for me baby, you look ugly this way ” She said and walked away swaying her bu-tt
Am not gonna forgive you Angel,, this is just the beginning.
🍡 Angel 🍡
” Thanks for saving me Michael ” I said with a smile
” it’s my job mam,, I can’t watch her do that to you ” he said
” Thank you, I owe you one ” I said and win-ked pla-yfully
” I really like you alot mam,,, you are really different. I expect you to be harsh toward me,, but you are so nice, and I promise to always protect you mam” he said and I faced him
” Thank you,,, but make sure you don’t hurt yourself, okay?? ” I said
” I will ” he replied
I smiled and entered into the room,,,
” Omg Omg!!! Gist us!!! What happened?? ”
” did you guys had se-x? ”
” How was it?? ”
” Tell us what Happened you look happy ”
” Guys!! It’s okay!! ” I yelled and they all kept quiet
” Biane,,, but”
” Am going to tell you okay,, calm down ” I snapped
” Remember you can’t beat me when it comes to fight right?? ” Erika said and we bur-st into laughter
” Am not fighting ” I said and rolled my eyes
” Better ” she replied
I told them everything and they all started laughing
” You really cried?? ” Vanessa asked and I nodded
” But you enjoyed it ” Erika win-ked
” Enjoy what!! You are so [email protected]ûghty ” I said
” She took after me ” Jasmine said
” Guys!!!! Check the [email protected]£s!! ” Nicole shouted and we all gr-ab our phones immediately
” What??? [email protected]?? I don’t even have a b©yfri£nd” Erika said sadly and we all faced her
” You mean,, you don’t have a b©yfri£nd?? ” I asked
” I don’t ” she said
” Same here ” Nicole said
” Me too ” Jasmine bur-st out
” Me too ” Vanessa said
They all turn their gazes to me,, they keep on starring at me like they wanna swallow me
” Am I safe?? ” I asked
” Damn, you spoiled everything ” they said and walked out of the room
I ran after them laughing my eyes out,,
” Girls,, I can make this up you know ” I win-ked
” How?? ” They asked at the same time
” Just kidding ” I said and ran off
” Come back here!! ” they ran after me
Crazy friends 😂😂😂
🎯 Episode 14 🎯
💛 Writer’s Pov 💛
” Guys, what do we do right now?? I don’t even have anyone ” Theo said and pout
” How about Nicole?? You always mention her name, why do I have a feeling that you’re in love with her?? ” Manson said raising her brow
” What?? I never said I loved her ” Theo said
” I am with Manson, ” Luca said and they all turned to Teddy to hear what he’s gonna say
” Why are you all starring at me?? ” he asked
” What do you think about what Manson said?? ” Theo asked
He cleared his throat a little,,,,,,,
” Well,,,,,,,,, Manson how about the girl who confessdvher love to you in school?? ” he asked and they all bur-st into laughter except Manson
” I knew you will support Theo all along,, this is not fair!!!! ” he yelled covering his face with a pillow
” You have to answer his question ” Luca said
” That’s a great idea,, but I don’t even remember her name ” Manson said and rou-ghed his hair
” I heard the students are coming tonight,, she may scream your name again ” Teddy said without looking up from the phone in his hand
” I agree with him ” Theo said
” Am trying my best here to make up for you,, you should thank me ” Teddy said with a smile
” I think I will go for Angel,, since I don’t have a girlfriend ” Luca said
” Who is Angel?? ” Teddy asked looking up
” Your girlfriend ” Luca said
” Prepare your death ” Teddy said and they all laughed
” I will help in arranging,,, don’t worry, I will help you inform your dad ” Theo said
” Guys,,, let’s be serious. Teddy doesn’t even have any problem,,, but us ”
” I am going to call Nicole ” Theo said taking his phone
” I can’t believe you have her,,,,, ”
” Shut your as-s” He snapped
” I hope she will be here ” Manson said and they all turned to Luca
” I will just,,,,,,,,, I don’t know. ” he said closing his eyes
” Jasmine?? ” Theo asked
” She won’t wanna see me right now ” Luca replied
” You can just sleep till we are done ” Teddy said
” Damn,, who is this guy. Am sure you’re gonna help if it’s Theo,,, am changing my name ” Luca said
” Theo is that true?? ” Teddy asked
” I don’t think so ” Theo said laughing out
” You guys can walk separately tonight,, we are giving up on you guys ” Manson said and held Luca’s hand
” What?? ” Teddy and Theo said with a wi-de eye
” We mean it,,,, ” Luca sm-irked
” We don’t mean anything dumbas-s ” Manson [email protected] his head
” We love your idea,, right Teddy?? ” Theo asked
” Of course ” He replied
” We were just kidding!!! ”
” We are no kids ” Theo replied
🍡 Angel 🍡
” Guys!!!!!!!!!!! ” Nicole ran in
” What’s going on?? ” Jasmine asked sleepily
” Theo just asked me to be his [email protected] tonight!! ” She shouted happily
” Wow,,, that’s good news ” Vanessa said
” Great ” I said
” Gross ” Jasmine said and we all [email protected]
” What do you mean by that?? ” Nicole asked a little bit annoyed
” Nothing,, am just mad at myself ” She replied and we faced her
” Nicole told you to go apologize but your pride won’t let you do that ” Erika snapped
” Erika st©p ” I said
” What are you gonna do?? You nee-d to have a [email protected],,, you are one of the band ” I said
” I will just get someone at the [email protected],,, am very sure of that ” She said
” You are right ” Vanessa said
” And,, Erika,, I really nee-d to chop off your ton-gue, ” Jasmine said and we all laughed
” Sorry Boss ” She said
This girl is really something else,,,
We heard knocking and we [email protected]£ silent
” I will get it ” Nicole said walking toward the door
” Oh,, Angel I think they are here for you ” She said
I stood up and walked to them,, oh it’s Teddy’s guards
” We were asked to bring this here,,, ” One of them said
It’s contain shoes and clothes
” What are they for?? ” I asked
” Your friends ” They said
” What!!!!!! ” they all shouted and ran toward the door pushing me away that I almost fall
” Thank you ” They said and took the bag
I sigh and shook my head,,,
” This is for you mam ” Another bag was given to me
” Thanks ” I took it and close the door
” Wow,, Teddy is really great. Am gonna take this,, it’s my size ” Erika said
They all took one out of the clothes including shoes,,,
Why did he decide to give them?? That’s so cute of him
” Someone is blu-shing,, let’s check yours ” they said and gr-ab the bag from me
” Wow!! ”
” Omg!! I’ve never seen this type of dress before ”
” Wow,, ”
” Am jealous ”
” Guys,,,, it’s okay ” I said
” This is going to worth billions,, I really envy you ” Nicole said
I really don’t like it when they do this,,, I want everyone to be happy. But,,,,,,
” What are you thinking,,, we are just happy for you ” Jasmine said and I smiled
” Thanks ”
My mind went to Teddy,,, you are always the one who buy me things, I don’t even know what I can give you. Am so sorry,,,
🍬 Vivian 🍬
” Vivian,, we have to return this n£¢klace,, it’s special to Angel ” Lily said
I sh0t her a glare
” Am going to dispose it ” I snapped
” You can’t do that ” She said
” Who do you think you are?? ” a voice said and we all turned back only to find Luca standing
” What do,, you mean?? ” I asked
” Give me the n£¢klace now before I announce you as a thief ” he said
I [email protected] hand over the n£¢klace to him,,
” You are ma-king Teddy hate you more,, not only him,, everyone. ” he said shaking his head
” Am going to tell Teddy about this ” he said
” What?? You can’t do that ” I said
” Is that a threat?? ” He asked
” No,,,, Biane,, but,,,,, don’t tell him ” I said
” You should beg me more ” He said
” plea-se ” I said,,
” I never knew the almighty Vivian can apologize,,, before I accept that. We should make a deal ” he said
” What deal?? ”
” From now on,, you will do whatever I tell you ” he win-ked
” Are you crazy?? How can I do everything you tell me?? ”
” I guess you’re not re-ady ” he said walking away
I ran after him and gr-ab his hand
” I will do everything,, ” I said
He smiled
” Good,, now leave my hand ” He said
I left him and he walked away,,,
Damn, what have I gotten into??
🎻 Jane 🎻
” Wow, I love your dress ” Mia, my best friend said, she’s not attending the same school with me though
” I really wanna look good tonight,,, ” I said checking the dress out again
” For Manson Ooppa, am sure ” She laughed
” What else can I do?? I really want him to notice me so badly,, I love him so much ” I said and smiled
I always remember the first and last time we met,,, his voice was so cool. He even asked for my name but am sure he’s not gonna remember again.
Manson,, I really wish you know how much I love you. My crush ever since kindergarten,, that’s crazy though.
” I wish you luck ” Mia said
” I also have another mission ” I sm-irk
” What’s that?? ”
” I wanna make friends with Angel ” I smiled
” Teddy’s girlfriend?? Why?? ”
” I like her,, she’s beautiful,, nice, and different. I’ve always wanted to talk to her,, but she’s always with her friends and besides no one will wanna get Teddy annoyed ” I sigh
” Yeah,, I always see her pictures. I can’t believe her fans are even more than Vivian fans, what if she start her career fully?? I also like her ” she said
I wish she likes me too
TBC ::::::::

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