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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 57 & 58

Episode 57
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes
(He is my son)
Writer’s POV
Dillon arrived the mansion with Bryan. He got down, he stood for a while outside staring at the mansion.
Nothing’s change. Of course nothing can change. They intend keeping the mansion the way it is because it’s their family’s mansion which their late mom and dad built.
Dillon only moved when he felt someone tou-ching him. He looked down to see Bryan.
“You aren’t moving, where are we exactly?” Bryan asked.
“Well, this is the family’s mansion. Let’s go in” he urged him.
The securities kept greeting Dillon but it seemed like he didn’t even hear any of their greetings.
They got to the door, before Dillon could push it open. The door opened revea-ling ma’am Sandra.
“Oh my goodness, child. It’s been so long” ma’am Sandra exclaimed hvgging Dillon.
Dillon smiled lightly.
This woman has always been there, never got married again, never left their side and she is now like a second mother to them all.
Ma’am Sandra looked down at Bryan. Her eyes wi-de-ned.
“Who are you kid?” She squatted down a bit to ask.
“It’s a long story ma’am, explaination better left for later” Dillon replied walking into the house.
The maids lined up and kept getting him as he walked in but Dillon was never the type to as-sociate himself with a lot of people. He just ignored them as always taking the steps up.
“Wow! This place is big, just like the one in mexico” Bryan exclaimed looking around.
“It is?” Dillon asked.
“Yes, it’s beautiful too” Bryan confirmed.
Ma’am sandra kept following them until Dillon got to his room.
He walked in and sat down in front of the chair there that faced a mirror.
His mind suddenly flashed back to the time he recently got Shawna as a gift from his brother.
He had S-xed Shawna right at that position, ma-king her face the mirror.
“Child?” He heard ma’am Sandra’s voice. He kicked the memory aside.
“Where is Shawna? Where is lewiston? You have met them right?” She asked.
“Yeah. Can you help me call her? She is probably waiting for me to get back. Call her, tell her that I’ll be here for the main time plea-se?” Dillon asked.
“Ok then. I’ll do that, but first you nee-d to tell me who he is?” Ma’am sandra pointed at Bryan who hasn’t st©pped looking around since he walked into the room.
“He? He is Dilly’s. He must have told you about him at some point right?” Dillon answered.
“Oh! Is he the Bryan? I didn’t even know. I’m so sorry son” Ma’am sandra said referring to Bryan at the last [email protected] She [email protected] Bryan.
“We should have met sooner?” Ma’am Sandra said to Bryan still hvgging him.
“Oh! Ma’am, I’m suffocating here” Bryan said throu-gh his nose ma-king ma’am sandra to move away from him.
“I’m so sorry, what could you like to eat?” She asked smiling at Bryan who had a grumpy look on.
“You can get me some beef and coffee. That will do” Bryan said.
“And…it should be a h0t one, I don’t like cold meals, they make me wanna throw up” Bryan added as ma’am sandra was about to leave.
Ma’am sandra looked at Dillon.
“That sounds a lot like a younger you Dillon” she said before disappearing
“You don’t like cold meals?” Dillon asked him.
“Yup! Started from a allergy, mom always f0rç£s cold meals on me and….”
“Don’t ever talk about her if she makes you feel uncomfortable. Got that?” Dillon cut him in.
“Yeah pup, is that your be-d?” Bryan pointed at the be-d.
“Obviously” Dillon replied.
Bryan ran to the be-d, he threw his designer bag aside and lie down.
After some minutes ma’am sandra [email protected]£ back with a plate full of grilled meat and beef, also with a cu-p of h0t chocolate coffee.
She opened the door to Dillon’s room to see Bryan and Dillon lying together on his be-d and probably asleep.
Ma’am sandra snickered.
Of course your twin brother alre-ady opened up to me about everything. He is not so secretive like you, Ma’am said in her mind before leaving the two to continue their sleep.
4 hours later
“Granny! Granny!!” Ma’am Sandra heard the voice of Lewiston calling to her.
Lewiston has come to take her as a grandmother. She took care of him, bathed him during his early days so she was obviously like his grandma.
Ma’am Sandra started walking down the stairs gently knowing that Shawna has arrived with Lewiston.
She had called and informed Shawna that Dillon [email protected]£ over, she told her that she will be coming later when lewiston closes from school.
They are here.
She met lewiston at the middle of the staircase. Lewis jumped on her, she carried him up into a warm [email protected]
Shawna was right behind him, a smile of her face.
“Hi ma’am” Shawna smiled.
“Oh dear, you are finally here. He is in his room” ma’am Sandra said knowing that the person she badly wants to see is Dillon.
Shawna smiled at her with little pink blush. Ma’am Sandra now knows in and out of her.
Shawna walked pas-s them going to Dillon’s room.
She opened the room but didn’t find Dillon there, instead she found Bryan.
Huh! Where is he? Shawna wondered as she walked into the room. Shutting the door behind her.
She walked up to Bryan who was sitting on the be-d with his headphone on.
“Hey” she tapped Bryan attra-cting his attention.
Bryan re-moved the headphone from his ears.
“Hey” he replied her.
“Where is Dillon?” Shawna asked.
“In the bathroom” Bryan pointed.
“But who are you? I’ve never seen you before” Shawna asked.
“Yeah, same here” Bryan replied her.
The door to the bathroom opened and Dillon walked out.
Shawna turned to look at him.
“You’re here, been waiting for you” Dillon said.
“Bryan, could you excuse us plea-se?” Dillon asked Bryan.
“Yeah, of course” Bryan replied then left.
“Who is he?” Shawna asked. Instead of replying her, he [email protected]£d her by the [email protected]!st and slammed hisl-ips on hers.
“Geez! You don’t know much I’ve missed this” he gro-an ed in between the k!ss.
The k!sslasted for few minutes before shawna pushed him away and walked to the door.
“Get your clothes on, I can feel your bulge throu-gh that towel” Shawna said.
Dillon chuckled.
“My b©dy wants only you” he said as he walked to the closet there to pick out a dress.
“So, who is he?” Shawna asked again.
“He? He is Bryan. Will you believe it if I say that I actually father him?” Dillon asked walking throu-gh his closet.
“You aren’t serious, are you?” Shawna asked back.
“I’m serious. He is my son, are you angry?” Dillon replied her.
“Your son?” Dillon heard Shawna’s voice behind her.
He turned to look at her. She was now standing behind him.
“How did you get here so fast?” Dillon asked, suprised.
“Come on tell me, is he really your son?” Shawna asked curiously.
“Yeah, I father him like I said but…he is now Dilly’s son. You don’t have to worry much.”
Dillon explained the whole thing to Shawna to cool her curiousity.
“Woah! He is really your son? So it’s true?” Shawna asked.
“You knew?” Dillon turned to ask her.
“Naomi, I mistakenly overhead her conversation with Sam years ago. You really have a son. What of his mother?” Shawna spoke so fast.
“Oh his mom? If I ever see her, I’m killing her myself, you don’t have to get jealous” Dillon replied her.
Shawna exhaled de-eply.
“Oh thank goodness! I was scared you were gonna marry another woman” said Shawna.
Dillon chuckled.
“I can only get married to these three women in this world. Their names are Shawna Marcus, Shawna Marcus and Shawna Marcus” Dillon said earning a blush from Shawna
Episode 58
(I nee-d you)
Writer’s POV
“Really? You are gonna marry only me? Well, I was scared you were gonna…”
“Nothing like that will happen. I won’t be marrying Bryan’s mother, I’ll be killing her” Dillon interrupted Shawna.
Shawna continued blu-shing, happy that she was the only one preferable to him.
“So, when are you gonna marry me then?” She asked.
“Huh! I should be asking you that. Maybe you should marry me instead, I’ll bear your surname, huh? It sounds cool, right?” Dillon tea-sed.
Shawna re-leased a slight frown.
“I’ll be going” she turned and immediately walked out from the room, su-cking.
“How can I be the one marrying you?” She su-cked as she went down the hallway – a little bit hungry.
She got to the stairs to hear ma’am Sandra’s voice.
“You guys should st©p pla-ying the ball here ok? Your father won’t be happy with you. You two should st©p” she heard the elderly woman’s voice.
She sighted Bryan and Lewiston pla-ying a ball inside the sitting room.
“Grandma, you really nee-d to let me win him. I have to” Lewiston replied her.
Getting really curious, she hurried down the stairs to see everything for herself.
“Why are you two pla-ying ball inside the sitting room? Can’t you just go outside?” Shawna fixed her hands on her [email protected]!st as she asked.
‘He said he wanted to [email protected] me” Bryan replied picking up the ball.
“Oh mom! plea-se leave us” lewiston cried out.
“No! This is a sitting room. It’s not a pla-ying ground. You can go outside if you wanna continue pla-ying” Shawna pointed out.
“But it’s alre-ady dark outside” lewiston cried out again.
“What are you shouting at them?” Dillon’s voice asked from behind.
Shawna turned to look at Dillon.
“Well, your sons are pla-ying a ball inside the sitting room. I suppose you won’t support that, will you?” Shawna asked.
Dillon looked at Bryan, and then Lewiston.
“You can leave them. It’s alre-ady late. It’s only for tonight after all. Let’s go” he pu-ll-ed Shawna along with him going outside.
Ma’am Sandra on hearing Dillon’s response calmed down. She can’t Dillon will act so cute when it comes to his sons.
He as a kid always pick fight with Dilly. Its cute seeing him this way.
An hour later
A maid walked up to Bryan and Lewiston.
“You boys should head to the sitting room now, the food is re-ady” the maid said.
The two of them st©pped pla-ying alre-ady tired.
“I don’t know who you are but I kind of like you, you said you aren’t gonna be living here. Did you come back with my dad?” Lewiston asked Bryan holding unto the ball.
“Kind of, I think I’ll be going back tomorrow. I like you too. So, what’s your name?” Bryan asked.
“I’m Lewiston but you can call me Lewi for short” Lewiston replied.
“So, he is really your dad?” Bryan asked, curious.
“Yeah, he is. Is he your dad too?” Lewiston replied, then asked.
“Um…by birth, yeah but my real father, the one who looks after me is in Mexico” Bryan replied.
“He looks a lot like him. I heard they’re twins” Bryan explained following Lewiston as he head to the sitting room.
“Woah! That’s cool. So my dad is a twin with your dad? That’s awesome. But it’s a pity I won’t get to see you everyday tho” Lewiston said.
“Yeah right. That woman, she is your mom too?” Bryan asked again.
“Yes, she’s so beautiful right? She is the most beautiful woman on planet earth” Lewis replied proudly.
Bryan chuckled.
“I guess you’re lucky then. To have such a beautiful lady who obviously loves you’ Bryan said.
Lewiston st©pped walking, he turned to stare up at Bryan
“Why did you say that? Doesn’t your mom love you as much? You can share mine with me then, I won’t mind” Lewiston said.
Bryan chuckled again.
He took his hand to Lewiston hair and scattered his hair.
“You’re cute. I alre-ady got a better mom and a beautiful baby sister, Ellie, thank you” Bryan said.
“You’re welcome buddy” Lewiston replied, they finally got to the dinning to see Shawna and Dillon waiting for them.
Lewiston went to sit beside Shawna while Bryan sat beside Dillon.
They started eating and throu-ghout the dinner, Shawna kept watching Lewis speak freely with Bryan.
That made her relieved. At least they are friends. Due to Lewis picky nature, Shawna was a bit worried that Bryan and Lewiston relationsh!pmay go badly, but thank goodness.
“So pup, when I am leaving for Mexico?” Bryan asked Dillon.
“Tomorrow morning. It should have been today but um…the family’s jet is still getting prepared” Dillon replied.
Thirty minutes after dinner
Both Bryan and Lewiston were taken to a room to sleep since Lewiston couldn’t st©p talking to him.
One habit lewiston inherited that isn’t from Dillon’s, might be from Shawna’s side.
Dillon sat on her be-d staring as Shawna undressed herself to take a bath. They can’t go back to the penthouse and she isn’t bothered. The mansion is the main home for them all and she has gotten really comfortable there.
And oh… Beatrice, she watched Beatrice get engaged some times last year, she married and left the mansion to live with her husband.
It was such a beautiful sight.
After undressing, Shawna went into the bathroom and had a quic-k bath.
“I noticed you staring at Bryan earlier at the dinning’ Dillon said.
“Yeah, I did” Shawna replied.
“You like him?” Dillon asked.
“Of course, there shouldn’t be any reason for me to hate him. Well, except…if you had brou-ght his mom here, I wouldn’t be so sure of that” Shawna replied truthfully, wearing the nightgo-wn there.
Dillon chuckled.
“So, you don’t want any other woman around me huh!? Are you that stingy?” Dillon tea-sed.
Shawna turned to look at him.
“Stingy? You call that stingy?” She frowned.
“Well, if you wanna marry her, you can go ahead. The only thing I want from you are kids, I want like two more kids from you and then you are free to marry someone else, I won’t get jealous” Shawna said.
“Only kids? You don’t want me?” Dillon asked, standing up.
“Of course not. Why should I want you when you want another woman?” Shawna couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him.
Dillon [email protected]£ up behind her. He turned her and made her back hit the closet.
“Really? You don’t want me?” He asked, his hand trailing down to her vir-ginã.
“Ye..yeah” Shawna replied.
“Are you really really sure bout that?” Dillon asked in a whisper as his hand lifted Shawna soft fibric.
His f!ngerst©uçhed and ru-bbe-d her cl!t, ma-king Shawna [email protected]
“You…!” She was about saying when Dillon suddenly pushed one of his f!ngersinto her vir-ginã. It was so fast and unexpected. It made Shawna [email protected] again.
He pinned her to the closet and started f!nger fv¢kïñg her.
It didn’t take time for her to get we-t at all.
“You say you don’t want me?” Dillon asked again.
“No! It was a mistake. I want you, I..I..I nee-d you” Shawna replied as the plea-sure he gave her [email protected]£ more intense and sweet.
Semi final episode loading….!

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