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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 51 & 52

Episode 51
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Four long years)
****Four years later****
Writer’s POV
Dillon’s eye lid started sliding back open, he started returning back to the real world. He has been between life and death for four years and some months now.
The nurse who was cleaning him up saw his hand move. Her eyes wi-de-ned and she ran out from the room Dillon was kept in.
Luckily, it was still very early and his twin brother was still getting re-ady for work.
“Sir!” the pri-vate nurse kept knocking and calling out to Dilly, her breathing erratic.
“What is it?” Dilly who was knotting his tie turned towards the door.
The nurse pushed the door open, she ran in then swallowed down her saliva.
“It’s my patient, he is waking up. I just wanted to inform you” the nurse said and without wasting much time ran out back.
“What??” Suzan was the one that yelled from behind him.
“You brother is awake?” She asked stepping out from the bathroom with water dripping down her we-t hair.
Dilly stood stunned still trying to process the news.
“Your brother is waking up honey, did you hear that?” Suzan [email protected]£ and shook Dilly.
“Yes yes” Dilly answered coming out from his trance. He took to the door and started going to the last room along the corridor where people ha-rd ly reach.
He got to the room to see the nurse slowly helping Dillon sit up. Dillon felt pain all over his b©dy, his b©dy felt so so-re and he was wondering if that was really his b©dy refusing him.
“Dillon” Dilly called in a [email protected] He went and sat beside him on the be-d.
“Is that you? Are you okay? Do you recognize me?” Dillon asked.
“What happened?” Dillon asked placing his hand on he’s hurting head.
“A lot happened! A whole lot happened!” Dilly breathed out in reply.
The door opened with Suzan also rushing in.
“Honey” she called going behind Dilly and taking a good look at her husband’s identical twin.
Dillon’s stared a Suzan a bit confused.
“Who is she?” Dillon asked.
“She? She’s my wife, we got married two years ago” Dilly replied.
“Two what??” Dillon asked, alarmed.
“How long have I been like this?” Dillon asked.
“Well, four years and six months approximately” Dilly responded.
“What?? How is that possible? Was it not just yesterday that….” Dillion paused in [email protected] of his last memory.
He and his boys had attacked the man responsible for murdering his mom and dad. It was a sneak attack and it was also an unexpected one so they were able to kill a lot of the opponent men. But knowing how that man is, he is never alone, always with an army because of the numberous enemies he has made, most of this boys still got seriously injured. Only a few died and he was happy for that. But he got sh0t with a poisoned bullet and it’s antidote was really rare. A rare poison made in china. Very rare to come by.
He succeeded in killing that man, his only son, his son’s wife, he almost even killed his grand kids but withdrew himself. He killed them all in the most painful way.
But during all these time, the poison kept spre-ading throu-gh his b©dy because he received the bullet from the door. It had hit from behind – expectedly.
He could recount that Sam was also saved, he substained only light injury, he helped take those dead bodies to the mortuary. Dillon went to the hospital to get himself treated after he was sure that the rest were getting treatment. The poison being really slow at spre-ading started weaking him as he got close to the hospital.
He got operated on, most of the poison were extracted from his system and he was given an antibiotic.
But because of the numerous wounds he has formally sustained, his b©dy went into shock and the last thing he can remember is doctors rushing into his ward.
“Dillon, there is nothing like yesterday. It’s been four years, I think I should call Matthew and have him fly over to come help you” Dilly said going out from the room to take his phone.
Dillon sighed not really believing that he has been in coma for 4 straight years, almost five….
The nurse tried mas-saging him but he pushed her off.
“Leave me” he waved her off.
“She is a nurse and is probably helping to straighten your weak bones, your joints and….” Suzan tried saying but kept shut immediately Dillon gave her a ha-rd glare.
The next day
Dillon leaned so weakly on the wall beside his be-d. Andrew, Matthew, Dilly and even Bryan were there with him.
Matthew kept examining his b©dy.
“Can you move your leg? Try moving it” Matthew requested. Dillon tried it but it was very difficult moving his leg.
“You are gonna have to start moving about from now on. You are gonna get him some crutches to aid in his movement, Dilly” he referred the last words to Dilly.
“Don’t over stress yourself, I’ll be here with you for a month tho. I think in a month time you’ll be able to get back your whole b©dy” Matthew said closing up his box which contained all types of medical equipment.
“It’s good to have you back Dillon. It’s really good, you fought ha-rd ” Matthew t©uçhed him on his shoulder.
“I’ll get going now” Matthew added before leaving.
Suzan [email protected]£ in after Matthew had left with a six months old baby.
Dillon kept staring at Suzan and the baby.
“Who’s kid is that?” Dillon asked.
“Oh she? She’s mine. You should know Dillon, I told you that I’m married” Dilly responded to him.
Dillon sighed in tiredness, he then closed his eyes and remembered Shawna.
He had also remembered her the previous day but doesn’t even know who to ask about her.
“Guy, are you alright now? Hope you recognize me tho. You haven’t even spared me a glance since I got here” Andrew said.
Dillon spared him a glance but then rolled his eyes at him.
“Can you connect me to ma’am Sandra? I nee-d to speak with her” he requested.
“Bryan, go get the telephone” Dilly turned to Bryan and instructed.
Bryan nodded then left to get the telephone.
“Where is Naomi?” Dillon asked.
“She? She is currently on her way here with her finance, she has been in Mexico and is only coming back here because of you” Andrew replied him.
“Finance? What finance are you speaking of?” Dillon asked.
“You’ll see them both when they get here. The world won’t wait for you, would it?” Dilly responded.
The statement annoyed Dillon but he let it slide.
Bryan returned back with the phone and handed it over to him.
“And who is he? Is he your son too?” Dillon asked collecting the phone from Bryan.
Dilly didn’t reply him, he just kept quite at that and pretended not to hear him.
“What’s the landline again? Goodness I can’t even remember some things” Dillon grossed out.
“You have been asleep for long. Why won’t you forget a lot?”
“Look at your hair, it’s so long now” Andrew responded him.
Dilly collected the telephone from him. He dialed in the landline to their family’s mansion at Mexico.
Someone picked the call then connected ma’am Sandra.
Dilly then hand the phone back to Dillon.
“Hello” Dillon breathed out into the phone.
“Hello? Hold on, who’s voice am I hearing? Is this Dillon?” Ma’am Sandra asked.
“Yeah. Has it truly been four years since you heard my voice last?” Dillon asked for confirmation. He wasn’t really trusting his brother.
His brother might be pla-ying a prank on him.
“Yes child. Goodness! We have all been waiting for you. Even your son has been waiting for you back here” ma’am Sandra said.
“What son??” Dillon asked in total confusion.
Episode 52
Writer’s POV
“What son? I don’t un-derstand” Dillon said into the phone again, his eyes running from Dilly to Andrew.
“You’ll find out once you get here child. Be quic-k about it” [email protected]£ ma’am Sandra’s reply.
The line went off before Dillon could ask any other question.
He dropped the telephone and tried standing up but his b©dy refused.
“Fu*k!” He gro-an ed resting his back on the wall again.
“What son is she talking about?” Dillon asked staring at Dilly.
“Well, I think that girl, what’s her name again?” Andrew tried responding.
“Shawna” Dillon gave the answer.
“I heard you freed her, I think she got pregnant for you.”
“Yeah” Dilly replied, then added “when you’re better, you should find out yourself”.
“Bryan, take your sister to her room. Go [email protected] her there” Dilly said to Bryan.
“Ok, come here Ellie” Bryan said gently taking Ellie – Dilly’s baby girl. Then he left with her.
Dilly went and then sat down beside Dillon on the be-d afterwards.
“Dillon, I’ve been waiting for years now to tell you this” Dilly started.
“Um…Bryan, is not actually my own son but yours” Dilly said.
“Now I have two grown up sons. Wow! That’s really shocking” Dillon said sarcastically.
Dilly ignored him then continued.
“I found out that I’m not the one who actually impregnated his mother but…I have the same DNA with him. Well, after all the investigation. It all resulted that you are actually his real father, my DNA with him [email protected]£ out 98% while yours [email protected]£ out 99%. I don’t really un-derstand how all this misun-derstanding [email protected]£ on, but have you known any lady by the name Rita?” Dilly explained.
“No, I don’t know any bit*h by that name and I aren’t the father of that boy. Since your DNA matches with him then his your son” Dillon argued.
“Fu*k! Do you think I’m happy that I’m not his real father or what? You have to remember that Rita. You have to remember if you had anything with her at some point” Dilly half yelled.
“Hey, you don’t yell at me ok? I don’t know any bit-ch by the name Rita” Dillon gro-an ed.
“And I aren’t the father of that boy too.”
“Ok, Rita actually said she doesn’t know his real father either, further questioning. I got to know that she actually met the supposed guy she got pregnant for at Dullex bar, does that name ring a bell now. You often go there years ago” Dilly replied him.
“Well….I don’t know and if all these were to be true then I’m afraid I can’t accept him. Nigga is your son, he remains yours” Dillon stated.
“It doesn’t work that way Dillon. It doesn’t” Dilly insisted.
“Look Dilly, I don’t want him okay? He’s your son and will also remain yours. Don’t ever tell him any $h!t about what thefu-ck*ng results says.”
“I bet he doesn’t even like me as much as he loves you. Just forget about the results. Your DNA matches with him and that’s all that matters” Dillion replied him.
“I can’t seems to get my mind off it Dillon, no matter what, I can’t help but imagine what will happen when Bryan eventually finds out that….even tho our DNA matches that I’m still not his real father” Dilly responded his tone going cold.
“What?? What did you just say dad? You’re not my father?” Bryan who was secretly listening to their conversation couldn’t help but speak up.
Andrew and suzan who has been there the whole time turned towards the door to see Bryan there.
Dilly looked at him as well. He stood up on his feet slowly.
“Bryan, is not what you think ok?” Dilly tried denying.
“But that’s what you just said. You said our DNA matches but I’m still not your son. Then that eventually means that…you are not my father” Bryan said getting teary.
“Oh gosh! Bryan plea-se, let me explain it to you” Dilly pleaded walking towards him.
“I wanna be alone for now, Dad. And don’t look for me” Bryan sniffed in then ran out throu-gh the door.
Dillon shrugged his shoulder.
‘You shouldn’t have even said anything about it. It still won’t change a thing. He’s yours and I’ll appreciate if you all will leave right now” Dillon cooed slowly lying down.
Three weeks pas-sed and Dillon was back on his feet.
He was so curious about Shawna and his mystery son.
He was dying to see them so he took his training seriously and now he is back on his feet.
He took their family’s personal pri-vate jet back to paris.
He phoned ma’am Sandra on getting to paris. Ma’am sandra informed him that Shawna and his supposed son were both staying in his formal penthouse.
Before Dillon left for his revenge, he willed a lot of money to Shawna. He gave all his shares at the h0tel to her too so he isn’t so shocked to learn that Shawna was actually staying at that penthouse.
He took off to the penthouse at once. Immediately he got to the penthouse he unlocked the door with his card and the card surprisedly opened the door.
There were no guards standing around the door whatsoever and everything seems to have changed.
He pushed the door opened and then got in.
“Mom, is that you?” He heard a tiny boyish voice ask from the inner room.
He started going tracing the voice slowly.
“Mom” he heard again but didn’t bother responding.
He got to the place to see two boys of different age sited on the floor pla-ying toy game.
“Who are you mister?” The bigger boy there ask.
Dillon took a close look at him to see that the boy has no resemblance to either he or Shawna. He turned to the other boy to see a lot of resemblance.
This must be him.
“Why are you staring at me mister? Did you lost your way or something?” The boy who’s voice he had heard from the door and who also looked a lot like him asked.
“No,I didn’t lost my way, kid. I’m in the right place” Dillon answered.
“Look, my mom isn’t interested in men ok? That’s what she always tells all the men that comes to her. So mister, if you’re here to try your luck on her then I’m afraid you’re just wasting your time” the boy said sounding really rude and proud.
His attitude only made Dillon smile.
“Don’t worry, I aren’t here to try my luck on your mom. She’s alre-ady mine” Dillon replied with the same proud look the boy has on.
The boy sm-irked then looked at the second boy.
“What’s your name?” Dillon finally ask.
“Lewiston” the boy shrugged his tiny shoulders then answered.
“Hm…nice name. Where is your mom?” He asked.
“She? She’s a manager here, go check her out in her office” Lewis replied.
Dillon smiled.
“I’ll be right back kiddo, continue your game” Dillon said walking back.
He got to the door to hear the other boy ask.
“You look a lot like him, Lewiston. Is he your father?”
He heard Lewiston’s reply.
“I don’t know. But it’ll be interesting to know. Let’s continue.”
Dillon left the penthouse with a smile on his face. Nervousness started kicking into him at the thought that he is gonna be seeing Shawna again.
What is gonna be her reaction? Who knows?

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