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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 49 & 50

Episode 49
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes
(Bad bi*ch)
Writer’s POV
Shawna felt un intense gaze on her, even in her sleep she could feel that.
She started opening her eyes slowly, the events of last night flashing back into her memory.
Her cheeks heated up immediately at the reminder. She had se-x with Dillon and she can’t remember how many rounds they went. Was it four? Was it five?
She finally opened her eyes to see a familiar loving face.
She looked at him with so much love. He was sited beside her be-d and was just staring at her as she sle-pt, just like yesterday.
“Good morning” she greeted sitting up.
“Hey, how was your night?” Dillon asked.
“It’s was…” Shawna felt pains all over her b©dy, especially in between her legs. She felt so so-re but she can’t tell him that.
“…sweet” she said with a blush.
“I’m glad you’re finally up, been waiting for you to wake up” Dillon said standing up and walking over to the tray of food on the table. He returned with the tray of food and then placed it beside her on the be-d.
“Here is breakfast, hurry up. Brush your teeth then come and eat, you must be hungry” he said with an unusually calm tone.
Shawna only nodded. She did as instructed and soon she was back. When she [email protected]£ back, she didn’t find Dillon there.
It worried her a bit but she let the feeling wash off.
She settled down to her meal of bacon, cheese and milk. She hasn’t gone far into the meal when Dillon showed up again.
He sat down beside her on the be-d ma-king her pause her meal.
“Um…I’m gonna be going somewhere after dropping you off and…you probably…yeah probably, won’t be able to see me around for a while, maybe one week at most. After one week if I don’t return then…ma’am Sandra is gonna be handing something over to you, just take it and you’ll be fine ok?” Dillon said softly.
Shawna nodded. Although she doesn’t quit un-derstand him but she still has to agree.
He pe-cked her on the forehead before standing up.
“Be quic-k, so we can leave” he added before stepping out again.
The ride back to the mansion was quit. Shawna could feel that something was wrong. She doesn’t know it but Dillon’s actions proved it.
She decided to ask but then swallowed back the question when a call [email protected]£ into his phone. It seems to be his twin brother on the line.
They talked about things, she didn’t pay attention to their conversation. She doesn’t wanna do something that might annoy him at all.
They got to the mansion without exchanging much words. The maids helped carry everything Dillon had bought for her into her room while she stood waiting for Dillon to leave.
After unpacking everything from his booth. Dillon walked up to her then k!$$£d her slightly on thel-ips. Shawna doesn’t un-derstand why she was suddenly scared, why she felt so uncomfortable. Even the k!ssdoesn’t taste as sweet as it should taste. She was quic-k to pu-ll out from the k!ss.
“Where are you going? I’m just concerned, you don’t have to pick offense with my words” she asked.
“I’m just going to the un-derground house. Have something to do there, see you” Dillon replied as he took steps back.
He paused after opening his car then added ” I’ll miss you” before getting in. He then drove out from the compound leaving Shawna more worried.
She doesn’t un-derstand why her heart kept misbehaving, it kept beating fast as if something wrong was about happening.
There is no big deal right? Why is my b©dy reacting this way? She worried as she strode into the mansion.
The first person she went to meet was ma’am Sandra.
The pills, especially the one of pain relieve is almost finished. She nee-ded another one from ma’am Sandra so she could take it.
“Dillon, can’t you forget him? Its been more than 15 years now. I’m sure you’ll be killing an old man now, leave him, he is close to his death anyways. I don’t know why you wanna risk a lot of things for him” Dilly spoke into the phone to his brother as he watched Suzan set the breakfast.
“I aren’t telling you so you’ll advise me against it. I’m just telling you for family sake. Keep yourfu-cked up advise to self” Dillon gro-an ed at him.
“Ok cool. See you in heaven in case you don’t make it” Dilly answered back a little bit annoyed.
Dillon just doesn’t listen. Whatever he sets he’s mind on, he’ll do it. One character he took from their dead father.
“Anything the matter?” Dilly heard a sweet voice ask him.
He lifted his head to see Suzan.
“No, nothing. Every time is cool” he answered walking up to her at the table.
He k!$$£d her slightly on thel-ips before sitting down.
Now, Suzan isn’t just a secretary to him. He has realized how much he nee-ded her, he nee-ded her in every area of his life. He likes her a lot, that one he is sure of it.
And Bryan also really likes her, he then decided to ask her out and [email protected]£ for some some weeks. He’ll get to know her more for those weeks before he proceeds to the next official thing. And that is asking her to be his wife.
Bryan ran down the stairs, he lifted his phone to them.
He showed the phone to Dilly with a worried look on his face. There was someone on the line.
“Hello? Bryan I’m talking to you. Bryan?? Bryan hell answer me!” The voice of Rita kept booming out from the speaker.
Bryan collected the phone then placed it on his ears.
“Rita, I’ll see you later today. I’m gonna pay you off for the last time and you’ll leave Bryan alone forever” Dilly said throu-gh gritted teeth.
“Ok fine. Come with a lot of money and…”
Dilly disconnected the call with his teeth ti-ghtly joined together. Bryan had pleaded with him not to allow her remain with the police and he had bailed her out.
“Bad bit*h!!” Dilly gritted out
Dillon arrived the un-derground house. He entered to see some of his boys, both the ones who personally work for him and the ones who he just paid for the job tomorrow, packing all the equipment they were gonna use into different trucks.
After tomorrow, they’ll be no more boys whatsoever. He’ll have to dismiss the ones that comes out alive and live like he always wanted, that’s if he comes out alive too.
“Continue with the training, leave the weapons. Time is no longer on our side. Our target will be coming into the county in matter of hours” Dillon said walking towards them.
Episode 50
Writer’s POV
Dilly parked in front of Rita’s [email protected] He got into the gate, he walked straight to her door, he lifted his hand to knock on her door so she could open up. He doesn’t wanna spend more than 5 minutes there.
“The poor guy doesn’t even know that he isn’t his son” he heard someone voice that sounded like that of Rita’s mom say.
“Well, all my plan got ruined, I’ll leave him with Bryan for now. After Bryan might have turned into a man and is probably controlling [email protected] of their family’s company, I’ll show up to him again. Thinking about it, that’s a good plan” he heard Rita reply.
“I’m surprised that as smart as that guy is, he hasn’t run a DNA test on Bryan. That’s even shocking” he heard Rita’s mom say.
“That’s for the best mother. Isn’t he here yet? He should bring us some money, I wanna fly to paris right away” Rita said walking to the door.
She opened the door to check around for Dilly but was shocked to the bones to see him standing right outside the door.
She [email protected] and started taking steps back.
“What did you just say?” Dilly asked doubting that he really heard them right.
“No… nothing, co…come in…and be…”
“I won’t ask you again bi*ch!!” Dilly rasped.
Rita turned to stare at her mom who was also shocked.
“You..heard us wrong. Bryan is your son ok? He Is your son” Rita [email protected] out her reply. Her hand on her n£¢k protectively.
“Did you just say that Bryan isn’t my son?” Dilly asked walking in.
“He is, he is your son. I promise that he is your…..”
She st©pped talking when Dilly got close to her.
“I’ll kill you and then I’ll kill your stupid mother too if you lie to me again” Dilly threatened.
“Um..ok. He is not your son, but since you love him. You can take him, I don’t even know his father at all. He is a result of a one night stand I had at a bar” Rita revealed.
“No, it’s not possible” Dilly after hearing her revelation said.
He started moving back.
“Stay here the both of you. You are really going to rot in jail if what you said is true. I’m really going to end you two” Dilly said rushing out of the compound in a haste.
He’s mind was everywhere.
How can a DNA lie? DNA in three different hospitals showed that Bryan has his DNA. So how come? What is Rita saying? He thought as he drove all the way to the first hospital he performed the DNA test.
Dillon sat in a pri-vate room with Sam. A cigarette fixed in between hisl-ips. He puffed out smoke then looked up at Sam who was staring down at him.
“Sam, nothing must happen to you no matter what. un-derstood?” He said.
“Of course” Sam replied. He then added.
“And you too boss, you have to come out alive no matter what” sam said.
“I’ll try” Dillon replied him fixing in the cigarette back into his mouth.
Naomi had earlier called Sam. She shouted on him at first for not calling her, but at the end of the call she calmed down and explained that she really really missed him. Even more than before and she can’t wait to see him.
That alone had brou-ght smiles to Sam’s face. He then promised her that he was gonna meet her soon but not today. Since then the determination to survive at all cost kicked into him.
And now, he is so sure that he is gonna survive no matter what. Because even death itself won’t st©p him from seeing Naomi.
A month later
“Shawna, what is it?” Ma’am Sandra ran after her into the bathroom to ask.
Shawna re-leased all the content in her mouth into the toilet. She washed her mouth clean after that then turned to look at Ma’am Sandra.
“I don’t know. I’m scared” she answered then [email protected] ma’am Sandra there in the bathroom.
“When is he coming back? It’s been a month now? When is he coming back?” She asked ma’am Sandra tearfully.
“Um…I don’t know. But let’s talk about you now. How are you feeling? You have vomited thrice this morning” she asked leading Shawna out from the bathroom.
“Yes, I just feel feverish and really sick. I think I’m like this because I miss him” shawna replied.
“Oh feverish? And you always been feeling sick every morning right?” Ma’am Sandra asked.
“Yes” shawna confirmed.
Ma’am Sandra placed her hands on her [email protected]!st.
“After meeting with him, did you take all the pills I gave you?” Ma’am Sandra asked.
“Um…yes or….I don’t remember. But I can remember that I was so worried then, maybe I forget or maybe I took them” Shawna replied not really sure why ma’am Sandra is asking her all those questions.
“Show me where you put them” ma’am Sandra demanded.
Shawna walked up to the small locker table there, she pu-ll-ed out the locker then pres£nted all the medicine inside to ma’am Sandra. Ma’am Sandra looked at them then sighed.
“You really forgot to take it. Well, then you might be pregnant” ma’am announced.
Shawna’s eyes wi-de-ned.
“Pregnant??” She repeated after ma’am Sandra.
“Yes Shawna. But we’ll run a test on you first to confirm it” ma’am Sandra replied.
“Oh goodness! How did this happen? So, I might be pregnant for Dillon? OMG! What should I do?” Shawna asked scared and shocked at the same time.
“If you’re truly pregnant then you’ll have to keep it” ma’am Sandra replied.
“But…but. .I’m still going to school, I’m still going to school” Shawna stuttered.
“Then you shouldn’t have forgotten your pills. You’ll have to push your schooling if the result comes out positive. Go and have your bath now, I’ll esc-rt you to the hospital” ma’am Sandra told her.
Shawna nodded with her b©dy shaking as she walked back into the bathroom.
Dilly waited for Suzan patiently at the restaurant he had booked. Today, he is going to propose to her, he’ll ask her to be his wife.
About the DNA result, the ones he is currently running is gonna be coming out anytime soon but he doesn’t want that to change a thing. He still wants to get married to Suzan and he is proposing tonight.
His phone started running but he cut the call and kept his phone aside earnestly waiting for Suzan, nervously.
Just as Suzan stepped into the restaurant, his phone started ringing again.
He ignored the call, he stood up on his feet to welcome the smiling Suzan.
The call ended and just as Suzan sat down. The call [email protected]£ again, he had no choice but the pick it. Even Suzan was expecting him to pick the call.
“Hello” he said huskily into the phone.
“I’m speaking to Dilly Mark, I’m I right?” The voice [email protected]£ from the other end.
“Yeah, straight to the point plea-se” Dilly fumed really annoyed.
“Ok, this is doctor Matthew” the caller revealed.
“Oh Matt, what is it?” Dilly asked.
“It’s about your twin brother” Matthew revealed.
“What is it about him? Has he woken up yet?” Dilly asked.
“No, a worse situation happened” Matthew replied.
“What worse situation. Go straight to the point Doc” Dilly demanded.
“Ok, he went into a coma after having a seizure” Matthew revealed.
“A what?” Dilly asked standing up on his feet. Suzan also stood up suprised by his sudden reaction.
“Yeah, we’ve tried everything we could but still, he went into a coma” Matthew confirmed.
“When is he gonna wake up then?” Dilly asked his heart raising.
“Well, we don’t know. He might die any day, he might wake any day. I’ve seen a lot of patients who wake up from their coma after 10 years. It depends, Dilly” Matthew answered.
“Christ” Dilly [email protected], fear developing inside him. He was expecting Dillon to wake up not go into a coma.
“Ok, I’m coming over to Paris now. I’ll come take him” Dilly said ending the call.

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