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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 44 & 45

Episode 44 & 45
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Few minutes into their course meal. A waitress walked into the VIP room of Dilly.
“Sir, would you allow me to take your son for a few seconds? For a VIP personnel like yourself sir, we are giving out free gifts, but instead of handing you what we prepared for people like you. We’ll hand over the gift to your son, sir. What do you think?” The waitress spoke politely.
Dilly looked at Bryan who was also staring at the waitress. He has an excited look on.
“What gift is that? A toy machine?” Bryan asked the waitress.
The waitress smiled at him.
“It’s a surprise” she answered.
‘You wanna go Bryan?” Dilly asked.
“Yes, it won’t hurt. It’s a gift, I don’t usually receive gifts” Bryan said trying to get down from his sit but it was difficult for him getting down.
Dilly pu-ll-ed Bryan’s sit closer to his side, then helped him down.
“Alright, go on but don’t [email protected]!st time or your meal will get cold. You know you don’t like cold meals” Dilly said to him.
“Yeah I’ll” Bryan replied back walking towards the waitress.
“Bring him back” Dilly said to the waitress.
“Of course sir” the waitress smiled and tried holding Bryan’s hand but Bryan folded his hands together.
“I’m sorry, let’s just go. Don’t like strangers tou-ching” he said then started walking out from the room.
The waitress chuckled suprised at Bryan’s act. She followed him out.
She walked behind him as she kept directing him to the elevator they were heading to.
Just when they where about getting into the elevator that will take them up. Rita, Bryan’s mother appeared from nowhere and [email protected]£d hold of Bryan.
Bryan was startled at first, he pu-ll-ed away from Rita’s grips, before turning to see her.
“Who are you ma’am? plea-se don’t t©uçh him” the waitress said to Rita blocking her from reaching Bryan.
“I’m his mother” Rita hissed then hit her head with the bag with her.
She hit her again and again, the waitress tried returning the beating but Rita was fas-ter and smarter.
She kicked her down then pu-ll-ed her into the elevator. She closed the elevator and the elevator started taking the waitress away.
She turned back to Bryan who was really scared. He has always been scared of her.
“plea-se mom…I’m sorry, plea-se don’t hurt me” Bryan pleaded moving away from her.
“You are such an ungrateful child. Aren’t you supposed to be grateful that I didn’t abort you when you were still in my damned wo-mb. But because your met Dilly you now forgot about me, huh!? Huh!” She skrie-ked at Bryan.
“I’m sorry” Bryan could only apologize. He doesn’t really un-derstand all the words she spilled from her mouth. She went to him and tried carrying him but he resisted.
“No, leave me. I don’t wanna live with you anymore. I don’t wanna go with you” Bryan cried out but Rita was way too stronger than him.
“Shut up! You are my son! I’m your mother, you should be with me. You fu*ked up all my plans you damn kid. Your father is worthless too” Rita hushed.
“Dad! Suzan, plea-se help me!!” Bryan only screamed the more as he struggled with her in her arms.
She wanted to leave the floor so Dilly won’t find her there. She has come up with another plan and in order for the plan to work out, Bryan must be with her.
“Help me Dad!! She’s taking me away!” Bryan continued crying out.
Inside the VIP room, Suzan was the first to hear a kid voice screaming for help.
She looked at Dilly.
“I hear a kid voice outside” Suzan said.
Immediately, the thought that Bryan might be in trouble flashed into Dilly’s head.
He immediately stood up and rushed out followed by Suzan.
They both rushed out to the corridor, they continued hearing Bryan’s voice. They started tracing the voice, they traced it to a room.
When they got into the room, securities alre-ady filled the room. Rita was still holding Bryan.
Dilly saw Rita holding Bryan with deadly glares.
“You bit*h! What do you want again?” Dilly gro-an ed getting so angry.
‘Sir, is he your son? We think that lady is possessed” the securities leader who was pointing a gun at Rita said.
“Put your guns down, I’ll kill her myself” Dilly replied throu-gh gritted teeth. He walked pas-s them to where Rita stood.
He took Bryan away from her then handed Bryan to Suzan who was right behind him. He’s hand found Rita’s n£¢k, the urge to end her life was too much and that was what he wanted to do without thinking twice about it.
He started choking life out of her.
“Sir, st©p! We’ve called the police alre-ady, let the police handle her” the securities kept saying.
Suzan hide Bryan’s face on her che-st so that Bryan won’t watch what Dilly was doing to Rita.
Dilly wasn’t hearing at all, he’s hold on her n£¢k only ti-ght£ñed.
“I’m fed up with you, with your attitude towards your own son” Dilly hissed out to Rita.
“You…bastard…how…..” Rita’s words choked as she tried speaking.
“St©p!” Suzan said from behind.
“You’ll kill her. St©p!” Suzan t©uçhed Dilly’s shoulder and tried pu-lling him away from Suzan but he didn’t let bulge.
“I want her to die. That’s what am trying to do” Dilly hushed.
“The cops are around sir. Leave her now” the securities said from behind.
“Dad….plea-se st©p, don’t hurt her” Bryan who was able to steal a glance at them said.
“Dilly you have to st©p!!” Suzan yelled at him with all her might and for the first time called him by his name.
By now Rita’s eyes were closing and she wasn’t really struggling much, life was leaving her.
Dilly finally let go of Rita immediately after Bryan’s pleading and Suzan’s screaming into his head.
“I’m sorry. I..I. just lost control of myself few seconds ago” Dilly apologized to both Bryan and Suzan. They were both crying by now.
Rita coughed seriously on the floor trying to catch her breath. The police [email protected]£ into the room and went to pick her up at the securities direction.
Dilly carried Bryan from Suzan after calming down a bit.
He apologized again.
“I’m sorry”.
“Valentine let’s go home, it’s of no use. Didn’t you listen to me at all? Dad actually sold Shawna like a property? I want to confront him. Staying here won’t help us at all, we have to go” Tina said.
“No! How can you believe that bit-ch over your own father Tina?” Valentine screamed at Tina.
“I want to confirm it. Let’s go home now. Even Dillion’s doesn’t want me. We aren’t nee-ded here” Tina replied her sis.
“What about the plans? We planned that we were going to get you back to Dillon. He alre-ady promised not to leave you. It’s an unbreakable promise, let’s do it” Tine insisted.
“I don’t want to do it anymore. Dillon doesn’t love me, he doesn’t even like me at all. The unbreakable promise can’t hold him either because what you don’t know is the promise alre-ady got broken the moment I ended things with him. That day at the club, the day I left him at the club, that was the time everything really ended. It won’t work on him Tine, let’s just go” Tina explained.
“Well, you can go. I’ll come later, I still nee-d to see that bit-ch” Tine replied folding her arms.
Before Tina could utter any other word, Tine left the room and it just happened that Andrew was standing outside the door.
He got in then closed the door immediately Tine left.
“You’re leaving?” Andrew asked ignoring all the other confusing [email protected] he heard them talk about.
Tina ruffled her hair and then sat down.
“Yes” she replied.
“That means your giving up on Dillon right?” Andrew asked sitting beside her.
“Look Andrew. I’m so confused right now, plea-se don’t start” Tina responded.
“You can lean on me Tina. I’ll always be here for you no matter what, as friends or as lovers” Andrew coed.
Tina sighed then placed her head on his shoulder.
“She’s stubborn” Tina muttered.
Andrew chuckled, his hand going over her n£¢k.
“She has always been” Andrew mumbled in reply.
Naomi walked inside Sam’s room after bathing to see him putting on his clothes.
“There is something fishy going on in this mansion lately. And I think it’s those evils bit*hes, while heading here. I heard them screaming at each other, it could be so much nice and fun if they’re both away. I don’t like them” Naomi said.
Sam finished bu-ttoning up his last bu-tton then picked up his phone from the be-d.
“Where are you going?” She asked her hands at akimbo.
“I’m going to the un-derground house. Our operation is next week, I nee-d a lot of training” Sam replied walking pas-s her.
Naomi held him back.
“Why? So suddenly? I thought we were going to spend time together till I go back” Naomi asked.
“I nee-d to train Naomi. It’s very important” sam replied.
“But before I left to bath, you didn’t show sighs of going somewhere. Why suddenly? Why…..” she was still asking when she remembered seeing someone that looked like him leaving when she was with Andrew.
“Oh! I know why. You want to run away from me right? Do you even remember that I’ll be turning 18 soon, you want to leave? Aren’t you supposed to be with me?” She frowned.
Sam exhaled.
“You’re a [email protected] nut to crack, Naomi. Don’t f0rç£ me. I do remember your birthday ok?” Sam replied then tried leaving again.
“Andrew, he doesn’t like me. He just takes me as a kid sister, Sam, but that doesn’t make me st©p crushing on him. I’m sorry if that hurts you. I..I just see you as a best friend, nothing more than that” said Naomi.
Sam sighed again on hearing that.
“I know, you don’t have to explain” he mouthed then left.
Few hours later
Valentine traced Shawna to her room. She knocked aggressively on her door. Anger filled her whole system.
First she doesn’t believe her father sold her. She feels that Shawna got her way into the mansion throu-gh being bit*hy. Second she’s angry that Tina is giving up without trying.
How am I supposed to get throu-gh to Dilly if this plan fails? She thought angrily as she ban-ged on Shawna’s door forgetting that, she wasn’t in her father’s house.
The door opened and Shawna appeared. She has just gotten back inside to wee and then go back downstairs to continue her chat with few of the maids who aren’t aggressive to her.
Shawna was still in the toilet when she heard loud ban-gs on the door she she hurried out to open the door. She saw Tine then frowned.
“This isn’t your father’s house Valentina. You have no right to hit on the door that way” Shawna said to her
Valentine pushed the door then got in fully. She stood at the center of the room in rage.
“I see that you’ve really grown wings. You’ve learnt how to use your pvzzywell, huh!?”
“But let me tell you. Tina was literally Dillon’s first love. Tina opened up Dillon’s cold heart and as you have heard, first love never dies. Even tho Dillon got used to your pvzzy, it doesn’t mean that he’ll keep enjoying it forever.”
“He is only attracted to your wild pvzzy. Get that into your damned skull” Tine snapped at her.
“Are you done?” Shawna asked holding back the tears that were about to spill from her eyes.
Valentine got shocked by Shawna’s simple reply. She expected her words to infuriate her, she wanted Shawna to try attacking her.
“Are you done?” Shawna asked again.
“You….! bit-ch, how dare you?” Tine cussed then walked to closer to her.
“Has he ever confessed his undying love for you? Don’t get ahead of yourself so you won’t end up like your dead parents. They….”
“Out! Now!! And never return” Tina got interrupted by a harsh voice at the door.
She turned to see Dillon and he was looking more than angry.
She clamped her mouth shut, glared at Shawna again before storming out.
Dillon walked up to Shawna. He took her hands.
“You could have just [email protected] her. Don’t let people temper over you again, she’s your age mate. You could have done something to make shut her su-cker mouth” Dillon said.
Shawna didn’t reply him. It was as if she was thinking about Tine’s words.
Slowly, she pu-ll-ed her hands away from Dillon’s then went and sat down on the be-d.
Dillon who was a bit confused by her reaction decided to still calm her down.
He went and sat down beside her on the be-d.
“What is it?” Dillon asked.
Shawna didn’t reply. She kept staring at the floor as tears filled her tear duct.
“Shaw? What is it?” Dillon asked again trying to sound as cool as possible.
He took his hand to her face and then raised her chin up a bit, in that way, their eyes met.
“Do you….Do you have feelings for me? I wanna know cause I really love you” Shawna finally blurted out the question she was trying to swallow down her throat.
TBC Shawna


  1. Ruth abulu

    I don’t like this episode the last part why will she confess her love for him first it won’t make s£nse because his first girlfriend confessed her love for him it should be different this time

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