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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 40 & 41

Episode 40
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Shawna after hearing some voices from the door wondered who the owners of the voice might be.
When a familiar smiling face appeared, her eyes wi-de-ned in shock and disbelief.
Isn’t that Valentina? Or am I mistaken? She wondered still staring at the once smiling face. She also stared back at her in shock.
Valentina told herself that the lady standing beside Dillon might not be Shawna.
How will Shawna end up here of all places? She wondered.
Maybe it’s just her look alike.
She started climbing the stairs ignoring Naomi and her twin sister as they bicker between themselves.
She got to Dillon who was obviously staring at her in surprise and smiled again at him softly.
She quic-kly [email protected] him too but was quic-k to dis£ngage from the hvg to avoid embarras-sment from Dillon side. She hasn’t forgotten how he behaves.
“Hi Dillon” she waved her hand at him.
“What are you doing here?” Dillon asked with a straight face.
She smiled not bothered by his unwelcoming attitude then took her eyes to the lady who looks so much like her step sister.
“Hi” she also waved at him concluding that she might be his cousin or anyone. Because she also knows a lady of no statue and meaning can’t stand that close to him.
Shawna didn’t reply her. She just kept staring at her which made Val to also stare back at her.
“Valentina?” Finally [email protected]£ out from Shawna’s mouth. Dillon turned to look at Shawna wondering how Shawna knew her.
Tina’s eyes wi-de-ned on realizing that she was actually Shawna. She wasn’t Shawna’s look alike but was the real Shawna.
“Shawna?” Tina also called with a cringe leaving Dillon in a confused state.
Both Shawna and Tina stared at themselves for a long time.
“Wow! What are you doing here? It’s been so long” Tina asked.
“Yeah, it’s been” Shawna answered.
“I didn’t expect to see you here. How come you’re here?” Tina asked again.
It made Shawna recall how her dad actually sold her out to a se-x house. Her mood darkened on the recalling the hurtful memory.
“I just happen to be here” Shawna answered, her head down.
Dillon turned fully to Shawna. She is gonna have to explain how she knew Valentina later.
“Shaw” he called.
She raised her head up a bit to stare at him.
“Will see you later” he said in order for her to leave.
Shawna turned to look at Tina who couldn’t st©p staring at her for the last time before she walked up back to her room.
“Now, what are you really doing here?” Dillon turned to Tina then asked again.
“You have broken up with me, haven’t you?” Dillon quic-kly added.
Tina held herself from getting affected by his harsh words. Instead, she smiled.
“It doesn’t mean we can’t continue being friends. We started from being friends, didn’t we?” She answered him.
“You don’t have to be here Tina. You weren’t invited” stated Dillon.
“Well then s£nd me back then, I’ll walk out of that door once you personally ask me to go back” said tina.
Dillon just stared at her for a while without uttering a word.
“Ok then, I’ll take that as a welcome” said tina.
“Whatever, just suite yourself but make sure you don’t disturb me” Dillon stated coldly before leaving her there.
Her twin after minutes of bickering with Naomi finally climbe-d up the stairs to meet her.
“That [email protected] is really getting on my nerves. If not for the fact that Dilly is her elder brother swears I could have taught her a terrible lesson she’ll never forget to tell her grandkids” fumed Valentine.
Valentina who hasn’t been listening to her sighed.
“Shawna is here” she said.
Tine’s face showed that she doesn’t un-derstand what her sister just said.
“Shawna, our step sister is here” Tina explained again.
“Which Shawna? I don’t still get” asked Tine really confused.
“I’ve told you. Our step sister dummy, our step sister” Tina half yelled at her annoyed that Tine wasn’t un-derstanding.
Just when she continued her explaination to Tine was when Ma’am Sandra showed up and happened to hear Tina say that Shawna is their step sister.
It surprised ma’am Sandra but she also knows about Shawna’s story.
She climbe-d the stairs and walked pas-s them both to Dillon’s room. She got to the door then knocked on it.
“You can come in” Dillon reply [email protected]£.
She opened the door then walked up to him. He was standing in front of his closet searching for the clothes he was gonna change into after showering.
“Child?” She called. Dillon turned to spare her a glance before he continued what he was doing.
“Who are those girls on the staircase? Seems as if I’ve seen them before” Ma’am Sandra inquired.
“Yeah, you have. Valentine and Valentina. Valentina is my ex, she [email protected]£ here once before” Dillon explained.
“Oh! That explained why they looked a bit familiar” ma’am Sandra nodded in un-derstanding.
“But, where are you going? Aren’t you gonna have breakfast with your friends then?” Asked ma’am Sandra.
“I have somewhere to be, but I’ll return real quic-k” answered Dillon still searching throu-gh his closet and checking out the perfect wears to go out with.
“I think I’ll have to shop for new dress” he mumbled not looking satisfied by what he has. He picked out the once he considers okay after some time then walked to the be-d there.
He kept his clothes there then pu-ll-ed off his shi-t in other to take his bath. He also pu-ll-ed off his trou-sers then made for the bathroom but was st©pped by ma’am Sandra’s voice.
“Do you also know that those girls are Shawna’s step sister?” She asked ma-king Dillon turn to look at her in surprise.
“Step sisters?” He found himself asking for confirmation that he heard her clearly.
Episode 41
Writer’s POV
Few minutes later, after bathing. Dillon dressed up quic-kly in order to go out, but before also stepping out. He wants to meet with Shawna and confirm what ma’am Sandra had told him. Throu-ghout the time in the bathroom, he kept thinking about what ma’am Sandra told him.
After dressing up, he went out from his room and started heading towards Shawna’s room.
Shawna sat down on t©p of her be-d in [email protected] She has been reminded of her past. And she doesn’t like her past.
She recalled the way her step father could also end up taking his frustration on her wherever he losses a bet because he is good at betting than actually working. Shawna at some point started praying for him to start winning his bet and also st©p drinking. Because those two occasion mostly warrant serious beating. Although she doesn’t have bruises, she always get serious heavy, she has always treated her wounds neatly. She hated seeing marks on her skin.
Shawna sighed bitterly at the thought.
She had never imagined to see her step sisters here. She never expected them to even be close with someone like Dillon.
To her, although Dillon didn’t really welcome her well, but for the fact Tina actually behaved like they are close. That reason burned her and her thoughts.
I aren’t supposed to feel this well but I can’t help it. I don’t know why, but I feel things might not remain the same for me again, Shawna thought seriously.
She was still de-ep in thought when Dillon got to her room then opened it, he got in to re-ad her facial expression.
What is she thinking? Dillon wondered walking close to her on the be-d. It was until Dillon stood facing her that she noticed that someone was actually in the room with her.
On seeing Dillon, she flin-ched a little out of fear.
One of Dillon’s hands was on his [email protected]!st and he kept staring at her.
She stood up on her feet immediately.
“…I.. didn’t notice you. I’m sorry for that” Shawna apologized.
“What is it?” Dillon asked her.
Shawna [email protected]£ confused. She wondered why he was asking her that sort of question.
“What is it?” He asked her for the second time.
“No… nothing” Shawna answered taking her eyes to the floor.
“Come here” he coed wanting to hvg her. That sudden action surprised Shawna but she went into his arms immediately to sniff in his heavy cologne.
He smells so nice and looks dressed to go out. She wondered where he was heading out to.
Valentina and her twin after exploring the mansion. Valentina decided to go inquire the reason why Shawna ran away like her father had told her. She also wanted to know how Shawna ended up with Dillon, how she ended up in the mansion.
Could she seriously be working here as a maid? Maybe so, Dillon employed a lot of maids because the mansion is a big one.
They don’t actually venture into most [email protected] of the mansion, the mansion has dozen of rooms too.
Well….I think she is one of the maids here, Tina concluded in her mind.
When she had explained well to Tine and Tine had un-derstood her. Tine had told her that Shawna might be close to one of the maids here and had probably followed the maids to come work in the mansion. The thought that Shawna might even be working there didn’t cross her mind.
Valentina got stranded as she does not know where Shawna stayed.
Probably the servants quarter, she thought then went to meet a maid there. The maid informed her that Shawna actually stays in the main mansion, she had told her how many rooms to pas-s before getting to her room.
Tina thanked the maid then took the stairs to go look for Shawna in her room.
She counted as she was told to count and finally got to the door on the right.
Tina could hear voices coming out from the room and the door wasn’t even properly closed. It was a bit open.
Shawna recognized the two voices that spoke at once as Dillon’s and Shawna’s. She then looked into the room throu-gh the opening on the door to see Dillon actually hvgging Shawna.
It made her expression change to that of a shocked person. She leaned in again, slightly pushed the door open to be sure and really confirmed that she wasn’t hallucinating or hearing wrongly.
That made her mind flash back to the moment on the staircase. She had actually met them standing at a very close range.
Dillon being this close with a lady like Shawna? She [email protected] as the realization dawned on her.
A lady like Shawna can’t be close to him without Dillon probably liking her or she might be there as his se-x slave. She had heard rumours that Dillon might actually have one, both involves having S-xual int£rç0rs£.
She didn’t know when she scoffed then leaned on the door a bit more, by doing so the door opened f0rç£fully. She realized herself and before Dillon and Shawna could notice her she left the door, started walking away hastily.
She prayed non of them comes after her because she isn’t in the mood to explain herself to anyone. The shock has sink into her whole b©dy.
And luckily for her, one of the doors by the left opened revea-ling Andrew. Andrew had told her he was coming down to paris so she wasn’t that surprised on seeing him there.
Without thinking twice, she went into his room and shut the room after pu-lling him in as well.
Her actions surprised but as well excited Andrew.
But his excitement died down when he saw her acting like she couldn’t control her emotions. Like she’s someone on the edge of crying or breaking down totally.
“Hey, what is it?”Andrew asked but when he didn’t get a reply from her, his mind reminded him that they were in Dilly and Dillon’s parent mansion. The only possible reason she could be like this is Dillon.
“Come on Tina, you still haven’t gotten completely over Dillon till now. You’ll just continue hurting yourself if you continue having feelings for him. St©p loving him, there are other guys there for you. You are really beautiful, others guys can actually do anything for you to look their side.”
“…And am one of them” he cooed.
Tina looked up at him then concluded that Andrew wasn’t helping but adding more problems to her.
She made to walk out from the room but Andrew held her back, he leaned closer to her.
“I’ll prove it to you in anyway, that even if Dillon doesn’t want you, their are other guys that wants you” he added before placing hisl-ips on hers.
TBC Shawna

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