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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 38 & 39

Episode 38
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written and owned by: Blessing D writes
(Old times)
Writer’s POV
Suzan after staring at Bryan for a while moved closer to him and squatted eye level with him.
“Bryan, you’re too young for all this” said Suzan calmly.
Bryan remained quite, he stared at him keenly waiting to hear her answer.
“But..yeah, I love your dad the way a woman loves a man but unfortunately…I don’t think he feels that way about me, I think he is just being nice to me because you probably like me” Suzan answered truthfully.
Bryan’s brows perked together as he heard that last [email protected]
“What? Why are you frowning?” Suzan asked.
“It’s not right for me to admit but you’re better than my mom. So, I’m on your team” Bryan revealed earning a surprised smile from Suzan.
“Y…” Suzan was about to say but got interrupted.
“Bryan!!” They both heard Dilly’s voice and turned towards the entrance to see him.
Suzan stood straight as she watched Dilly approach them.
“Come here buddy. It’s time to go home, I know I wasted a lot of time. I’m so sorry about that. I’m doing this against tomorrow because I won’t be coming to work tomorrow” Dilly said to Bryan as he carried him up in an [email protected]
“It’s okay, you’re forgiven” Bryan replied earning a side smile from Dilly. He then took his eyes to Suzan who stood staring at them both.
“Um…Suzan?” He called.
Suzan smiled, inwardly hoping that Bryan doesn’t tell his dad whatever they discussed. She won’t be able to really face him if he finds out that she really loves him.
“Will you be chanced to go out with Bryan and I tomorrow?” He asked, Suzan’s mouth dropped open in both surprise and happiness.
“Naomi” Dillion called calmly when they had gotten close enough to her.
Naomi blinked her eyes and tried ignoring Shawna.
She moved towards Dillon and hvgged him ti-ghtly, lightly pushing Shawna away.
Shawna on her own doesn’t want Naomi’s mouth, she went into the mansion leaving them both immediately.
Naomi used the opportunity to sniff in the scent of his b©dy, she wanted to confirm if he was really drun!k.
But she didn’t perceive the scent of an alcohol to her surprise.
“Naomi, you’re choking me. Get your hands off me” Dillon hushed at her.
She dis£ngaged from him and straightened her dress, temporarily forgetting that she is supposed to yell at him for ignoring her calls.
“Have you seen Sam?” Dillon asked knowing that they have a good relationsh!ptogether.
“No, I just arrived. Haven’t gone inside, decided to wait here for you” Naomi replied the thought of sam filling her head.
“Good. You should see him” Dillon said walking pas-s her as he strode into the sitting room.
“I know, I’ll go see him now but Dillon….” Naomi replied walking right behind him.
“how did luwis end up dying, I’m curious?” Naomi asked ma-king him pause.
The memories of that day filled his head again but he couldn’t tell Naomi.
“Go see Sam. He nee-ds someone there for me” [email protected]£ his reply after the long pause.
Naomi sighed alre-ady used to her brothers acting like that. It made her recall Bryan again.
She smiled.
The men of Mark’s family are all alike, she thought as she walked to sam’s personal room in the mansion.
She got to the door and knocked on it. She didn’t wait for an answer to come before fixing her hand around the door knob and unlocking it. She pushed the door open to see Sam there lying down on the be-d shi-tless.
She closed the door behind her and walked up to him realizing that she had woken him up from his sleep.
Sam turned to see Naomi approaching the be-d.
“Naomi?” He called.
“Is that you?”
Naomi smiled at him as she climbe-d the be-d and lie next to him on the be-d, she adjusted properly and placed one hand across his che-st just like the old times when they were still very little.
“Yes, it’s me Sam” answered Naomi. She was happy to see him.
“When…when did you get back?” Sam asked titling his head to have a clearer look at her.
“Minutes ago.”
“I’ve missed you” she added sincerely ignoring the fact that she has always pushed him away.
Sam chuckled a little and it’s the first since Luwis died.
“Really? I never expected you to be so blunt about it” said sam.
He pu-ll-ed her closer into his arms, she relaxed.
“Yeah” she mouthed and a little silence stepped in.
“Sam, I’m so sorry about Luwis. I never expected that such thing will ever happen to him” she cooed.
“It’s okay. Why are you apologizing to me? He was also your friend” said sam.
“Was. He was. If I had known, I could have been more closer to him – to you guys like before. I never should have drifted away” said Naomi in a tone of regret.
“Yeah. If I had also known, I could have tied him up in a room, even if he ends up hating me. At least its better than having him died” sam said.
“How did he die?” Naomi asked.
“He planned his death, that’s the worst of it” replied sam not wanting to tell her the full details.
“That’s horrible, why will he plan his own death? He left you so empty” supported Naomi.
“Well…yeah, but I think I’ll be okay now that you’re back to your real self and you’re also here with me” replied sam.
He tilted his head to watch Naomi’s reaction.
She had an unre-adable expression for a while before she finally sighed.
“Yeah” she mumbled.
“Do you still like him?” Sam couldn’t help but ask.
“Who?” Naomi asked.
“Your brothers friend” supplied sam.
“Yeah, I do but that doesn’t matter now, does it?” Naomi replied climbing completely on t©p of Sam.
She hvgged him. He hvgged her back.
Just like old times….
Episode 39
Writer’s POV
*The next day.*
“Dad, where did you say Shawna went to?” Valentina walked into her dad’s room to ask after Shawna for the tenth times.
“I told you she ran away, she ran away. I didn’t s£nd her anywhere” her father responded to her harshly.
Valentina couldn’t believe what her dad responded her with, she couldn’t believe Shawna could just run away.
“Did you do something to her? Punish her in anyway?” She asked accepting the fact that if anything at all, her father was at fault.
Her dad frowned de-eply at her.
“Why do you concern yourself with some girl? Let’s go plea-se” her twin sister Tine walked into the room and ch!pped in.
“Valentina you don’t question me again. Leave with your sister right away” her father interrupted her words yelling.
“Ok” she turned and followed Tine out.
They boarded a cab which took them to the estate they were heading to. Actually heading to Dillon’s parent mansion.
“Woah woah! The old building still looks beautiful” Andrew said walking into the sitting room of the mansion.
Dillon just stood at the middle of the stairs with his hands at akimbo staring at Andrew as he talked and looked around.
After minutes of looking around, Andrew finally got to Dillon on the stairs.
“Welcome Andrew” Andrew said to himself in a sarcastic tone. Dillon got it.
“Yeah, welcome Andrew. So what are you doing here? How long are you gonna spend here too?” Dillon asked him simply.
“Woah man! I just got here, won’t you at least give me a welcome hvg or say welcome? When are you gonna change this your grumpy attitude?” Andrew mocked Dillon and just then his eyes met Shawna’s who was climbing down the stairs too.
Shawna paused on seeing him with Dillon, she never expected to bu-mp into Dillon. They haven’t even seen each other after she left him with Naomi.
She suddenly felt shy recalling the previous day incident. She folded herl-ips in.
Dillon noticed Andrew’s eyes, he traced it to where Shawna stood behind them.
“She’s still alive?” Andrew asked Dillon in a quite tone before smiling at Shawna.
Shawna started moving towards them after minutes of st©pping.
She got closer to them then paused again, Dillon eyes were on her all throu-gh.
“Um…Shawna…Shawna? I’m I correct?” Andrew asked taking her hand.
“Yes, you’re correct” Shawna replied a little bit bashed because of Dillon’s continuous stares.
Andrew took Shawna’s hand up to hisl-ips and k!$$£d her there, noticing that, it triggered Dillon to look at Andrew.
He stared at what Andrew was doing.
“Hey! What are you doing? You should go up to fourth room on your left, I had the maids clean it up for you” Dillon hushed at Andrew, pushing him away from Shawna altogether, It surprised Andrew.
“Hold on, weren’t you the one delaying me all these while? Why are you getting angry? I should be the one getting angry” Andrew frowned at the way Dillon suddenly reacted before leaving.
“See you shawna” he didn’t forget to wave before leaving.
Shawna folded herl-ips in again getting more shy because she was left alone with Dillon.
Dillon didn’t say a word to her, he just kept staring at her shy expression. He stared at her like it was the first time for him to see her.
Shawna [email protected]£ so uncomfortable at the silence then decided to greet him and walk away. She might end up fainting due to her fast beating che-st if he continues staring at her that way.
“Good morning” she greeted and continued walking down the stairs but didn’t go far before Dillon [email protected]£d her and pu-ll-ed her back to him with a strong f0rç£. She almost missed her step on the stairs.
“Next time, you don’t acknowledge other guys before me” he said.
She stared at him with her mouth slightly opened. He wra-pped his hands around her [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her much more closer, close enough that her br£@st was pressing [email protected] against his che-st.
She continued staring at him like she hasn’t seen him before either. Blinked at intervals due to his actions.
“And yourl-ips looks more S-xier this morning” he added leaning closer for a k!ssbut shawna moved her head backwards because she saw Naomi with the corner of her eyes staring at them.
“What? You don’t want me to k!ssyou?” Dillon asked.
Shawna tried telling him about Naomi with her eyes but it seems like he doesn’t wanna un-derstand the sign or he probably choose not to un-derstand.
Dillon re-moved one of his hands from her [email protected]!st and took it to the back of her n£¢k so she won’t be able to move her head back again.
Then he moved closer and k!$$£d her.
Naomi who was coming out from sam’s room and going to the kitchen to get him some milk had to st©p at the end of the staircase to stare at what Dillon and Shawna was doing in disbelief.
He’s not drun!kthis morning again is he?
No, my brother doesn’t seems like he enjoys strong drinks in the morning. Then is he acting ro-mantic with her because he probably likes her? She wondered watching Dillon smooch Shawna’sl-ips.
Shawna finally regained her freedom from Dillon’s gr-abs after he was done k!ss!ngher.
She wanted to frown at him because he went ahead to k!ssher without her full approval but she ended up blu-shing.
She turned fully to the direction of the stairs where Naomi stood. When Naomi knew that she has alre-ady caught staring at them, she started descending down the stairs.
When she got to them she st©pped.
“I wasn’t watching” she said then continued going down.
When she finally got to the beginning of the stairs, the front door opened revea-ling the twins.
They had also been there before so they were familiar with the mansion.
Naomi saw them first.
“Huh, what are you two grown up bit*hes doing here? I’m sure you both weren’t invited” Naomi frowned at them both folding her arms.
“You little rat! St©p calling us bit*hes, we are not your mate ok?” Valentine fired at her really pissed off by Naomi’s attitude.
Tina just ignored the both of them to find the stairs that will lead her up to Dillon’s room. She has really missed him.
She got to where Naomi stood and her eyes met with that of Dillon’s. A smile crept up her face but quic-kly died down when she saw the other familiar eyes looking down at her.
TBC Tina

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