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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 33

Episode 33
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written and owned by Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Sam sat down on a couch feeling so uneasy. He doesn’t know what is going on, he doesn’t know and it made him feel so scared. Scared that he won’t be able to see Luwis again or that Luwis might end up hating him.
He ru-bbe-d his two sweaty palms together and suddenly his heart beat increa-sed.
“Calm down. Calm down” he tried calming himself down.
“Nothing bad is gonna happen, everything is gonna be okay” he whispered to himself.
Dillion saw that Luwis st©pped moving and t©uçhed him. He’s b©dy remained still, so lax and it was becoming cold.
He [email protected] at the realization that Luwis might be dead.
“Luwis” he called taking a sh0t.
He called him again trying to tell himself, trying to make himself believe that he might have fainted or something.
“Luwis” he called him again but no response.
He’s fears [email protected]£ obvious to Shawna that was standing a feet away from him.
She also realized that he st©pped talking, he’s eyes were now shut.
That moment, she f0rç£d herself to move and she did. She took slow shaky steps and squatted beside Dillion.
She t©uçhed Luwis with shaky hands and also [email protected]
“No! No!!” She found herself screaming.
“Luwis, no, luwis! I’m so sorry. plea-se don’t die, I caused everything I know but plea-se just don’t die. Find a way to come back and even if you don’t forgive me then it’s fine as long as you’re alive” she cried shaking him.
“plea-se no!!”
Dillion stood up and tried pu-lling her up but she didn’t let him.
“Let go of me plea-se, I killed him” she cried.
Dillion used more power and succeeded in pu-lling her up. It was so difficult for Dillion, because he wasn’t even his complete self.
Dillion kept pu-lling her outside as she cried, screamed and struggled.
They got outside the cave and she made to go back inside but Dillion held her ti-ghtly then hvgged her.
Shawna couldn’t st©p crying, she continued blaming herself.
“Its not your fault. You did nothing wrong to him, I was the one who sh0t him” Dillion said trying to make her st©p blaming herself but she couldn’t st©p.
“plea-se let me see him for the last time, lemme apologize to him” she pleaded trying to pu-ll away from the hvg.
“Let’s go” Dillion said instead. He held her firmly by the wrist and took her out from the forest to where he parked his car.
He made Shawna enter the car then locked it so she won’t come outside. He took out his phone and called Jay. There is no way he was gonna call Sam to come pick up Luwis dead b©dy. No way!
Jay didn’t take time in picking it, Dillion directed him to head over to sambia forest and in matter of an hour he was alre-ady there.
Dillion couldn’t go back with him, he just directed Jay and spencer, the guy who followed Jay on how to get to Luwis.
Jay and Spencer got to the cave then entered.
Jay doesn’t really un-derstand it when Dillion told him that he should come and pick up Luwis b©dy. He thought that Luwis was perhaps injured and couldn’t move. He didn’t expect to see Luwis b©dy – his dead b©dy.
When he got closer to Luwis b©dy he st©pped moving.
He blinked his eyes close and opened it back to be sure that he wasn’t dreaming. He saw Luwis earlier today, how come he is the one lying dead on the floor, Jay wondered still looking at him from a distance.
“Is he dead?” Spencer asked from behind.
“Is that really luwis? Did he get into a fight or something?” Jay asked without replying Spencer’s question.
“It seems he is the one” Spencer replied and moved ahead of him.
He t©uçhed his n£¢k to confirm it.
“He is dead, Jay” Spencer revealed.
“Thefu-ck! How is that possible?” Jay asked still having a little doubt. He finally moved closer and also t©uçhed him, he confirmed it that Luwis was really dead.
“Oh no!” Jay whispered.
“What will sam do now?” Spencer asked looking so worried.
“Let’s take him” spencer added lifting luwis b©dy from the cold floor. Jay as-sisted him and they took him out of the forest.
Shawna who remained inside the car crying her eyes out saw Jay and Spencer coming out from the forest after some minutes with Luwis dead b©dy tried opening the car to come out but couldn’t because Dillion had locked her inside and she doesn’t know how to unlock the door. She kept trying to open the door.
“plea-se let me out, plea-se just let me see him for the last time” Shawna pleaded from the inside but Dillion didn’t respond to her.
“Take him to the un-derground house first, no one should tell Sam anything” Dillion instructed them and they nodded before leaving with Luwis b©dy.
Dillion went in throu-gh the other side of the car and got in.
Throu-ghout the ride Shawna didn’t st©p crying. Dillion didn’t bother consoling her again because she seems inconsolable and he…he was just looking strong on the outside, no matter what, he doesn’t wanna break down on the outside.
He acted strong until he arrived the mansion with Shawna.
He [email protected]£ down from the car and went to the other side, he opened the door and helped her down.
Ma’am Beatrice and few other maids that has been looking for Shawna all stood at the entrance wondering what had really made her disappear from the mansion.
When ma’am Sandra saw Shawna crying bitterly, she thought that maybe Dillion was the cause of it.
Dillion handed Shawna to ma’am Beatrice.
“plea-se take care of her for me” Dillion asked so nicely, so politely before turning back and leaving for the penthouse. He knew Sam will still be waiting for him there.
“Shawna dear, what happened? Why can’t you st©p crying?” Ma’am Sandra asked, worried.
“It’s luwis” Shawna replied in between sobs.
“What happened to him?” Ma’am Sandra asked.
“He…he died, it’s because of me. Everyone that cares about me ends up dying, I think I’m cursed” she cried out bitterly.
“Oh goodness! How did the boy end up dying? Was he sick? He was always looking healthy” Ma’am Sandra asked out in thought and sadness.
“Take her to her room” ma’am Sandra turned towards the maids beside her and instructed. They left with her.
Dillion drove for a long time, it took longer than usual getting to his penthouse because he was scared, he was sad and was the definition of every bad thing pres£ntly but when he got to the penthouse he st©pped at the door, his shi-t on his right hand.
The guards at the door wondered why their boss acted so weak, like a broken man.
“Sir, are you okay?” The guards asked.
Dillion didn’t say a word to them, he went in to see Sam’s head buried on his palms.
Sam raised his head up to see Dillion.
Dillion re-moved every expression he had from his face.
“Boss” Sam called standing up.
“Is he okay?” Sam asked.
“I mean, where is he now? I wanna see him” Sam asked.
“The un-derground house” Dillion sighed tiredly before answering him.
Sam exhaled in relief. At least nothing happened to Luwis.
“I’ll get going now. Thank you” Sam thanked getting so excited.
When he got to the door, Dillion st©pped him.
Not really knowing how to break the news to him. He might even get into an accident on the way when he hears the news but still, he is the one that has to tell him.
It’s his responsibility to still let him know.
“Boss?” Sam called in anticipation.
“I sh0t him. He didn’t survive it” Dillion summoned up more courage and told him.
“Boss??” Sam called in confusion.
“He’s dead samuel. I’m sorry” Dillion apologized simply.
Sam’s heart skipped, he ran out of the penthouse in full speed.
He has to see for himself before he believes it. Dillion might just be testing him. Who knows? Sam thought rushing down to where he parked the car he brou-ght with him.
TBC Shawna
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