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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 31 & 32

Episode 31 & 32
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her] 💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Sam sighed really confused as he watched Luwis walk out of the gym. He sat down on the floor and buried his head on his palm in de-ep thought.
*The next day*
Shawna sat at the kitchen area watching the maids clean up. This past few days has been extremely boring for her with the fact that she no longer goes to school.
Her phone sometimes keeps her busy but most of the time. All she thinks about it seeing Dillion.
Is he hiding himself from me or isn’t he just around? Shawna wondered.
“Hey girl, what are you thinking about?” Beatrice asked taking a sit in front of Shawna.
Shawna sighed wondering is she should ask Beatrice about Dillion’s whereabout.
Hope she isn’t gonna think negativity tho, she thought and then decided that there was on harm in trying.
“Beatrice” she called.
“Yes” Beatrice answered.
“The young master, I’ve not been seeing him. Did he travel?” Shawna questioned.
“Well…not exactly, but he is not always around. I don’t know where he goes tho, its non of our business” Beatrice replied her.
“Any problem” she then asked.
“No, I’m just curious. There is no problem” Shawna answered forcing a smile to her face.
“Can you help me tell ma’am Sandra that I’ll go up and come back? I wanna go take my phone” shawna said standing up.
“Yeah – sure” Beatrice replied.
Shawna nodded before leaving for her room.
She got to her room and entered, she went to the makeup table, she picked up her phone then turned back towards the door to see Luwis coming in.
Sam after discussing with the guards at Dillion’s penthouse finally gained access to him.
He met Dillion writing whatever on a piece of paper.
Dillion lifted his eyes and then looked at Sam as he [email protected]£ in.
“Boss” Sam greeted.
“Yeah, what are you doing here?” Dillion asked his eyes returning back to his note.
“Well…I..I just [email protected]£ to keep you company” Sam replied still on his feet.
“Keep me company?” Dillion asked surprised to hear that.
“Yes” sam answered him still standing.
“Okay, sit down” Dillion beckoned on him to sit.
“No, I’m okay. I want to stand” Sam replied him.
Dillion st©pped what he was writing and looked at Sam.
“Are you okay? Do you nee-d something?” Dillion asked in a concerned tone.
“No, I’m fine” Sam replied his eyes fixed on the floor.
Dillon watched Sam as he behaved unusually.
“Sit” Dillion said in a commanding tone.
Sam went and sat. He knows the difference between a command and a request. He can’t disobey a command.
“What about luwis?” Dillion took his to him then asked.
Sam’s heart skipped immediately.
Is he suspecting anything? Sam thought becoming nervous and scared, scared for luwis.
“Luwis?” Sam asked as if he hadn’t heard him.
“Yes” Dillion confirmed.
“He is okay. I mean he doesn’t act unusual” Sam answered him.
Dillion finally took his eyes back to his book and continued writing what he was writing.
“You can help yourself in the kitchen” he mumbled words to sam.
“Luwis? What are you doing here. I wasn’t expecting you” Shawna asked smiling.
“Yeah” Luwis drew his reply his eyes on Shawna’s phone.
“Any problem?” Shawna asked noticing the way Luwis was staring at her phone.
“No, that’s a new phone?” Luwis asked.
“Yeah, it’s a new phone” Shawna replied turning the phone sideways.
“Lemme see it” luwis requested. Shawna gave it to him.
He looked at it then gave it back to her.
“The boss s£nt me to actually get you” luwis cooed. Shawna’s eyes beamed.
“Really?” She asked smiling.
“Yes, come on. Let’s go” Luwis said.
“No, no. I have to dress up, I have to dress up” Shawna responded turning to look for a different dress to wear.
“Leave the dresses, you don’t nee-d to change. It’s urgent actually” Luwis pu-ll-ed her towards him. The phone fell down from her hand, she made to pick it up but he didn’t let her.
“Let’s just go” Luwis urged walking into the corridor with her.
“Hold on, slow down” Shawna kept asking him to but it was as if he wasn’t listening to her. He held her hand till they got to the garage, they entered a vehicle there and left the mansion.
Luwis drove for a long time in a very deserted road, there were only few cars pas-sing along that way.
Shawna was a bit worried cause of Luwis strange behavior but was also happy that she can get to see Dillion again. She has been dying to see him. .
About 40 minutes later.
Shawna [email protected]£ more worried. Why will Dillion be in such a place? She wondered staring around and Luwis hasn’t even said a word to her since they both entered the vehicle.
“Luwis?” Shawna called.
“What?” He asked her.
“Are we getting there yet? It looks like we’re heading to a forest” Shawna asked then said.
Luwis after a long silence suddenly st©pped the car. He turned and looked at Shawna.
“I lied” luwis said.
“Lied? I don’t un-derstand. What are you talking about?” Shawna inquired truly confused.
“The boss didn’t s£nd for you. I just wanted you out from the mansion. I wanted to take you out from there, you’ll never return there” Luwis explained.
Shawna’s faced changed with a frown.
“You are joking, aren’t you? Take me back!” she requested.
“I’m sorry. I can’t” Luwis answered her.
She turned to the door and made to open it but couldn’t.
“Let me out. I wanna go back” Shawna said.
“You wanna go back to being used? No, I won’t let you” Luwis replied her. When she made to struggle, he hit her [email protected] on the n£¢k, knocking her out in the process.
Luwis continued driving after that trying [email protected] to st©p hearing the voices in his head that is telling him to go back. To st©p what he is doing.
“Sam” Dillion called.
Sam raised his head up to look at Dillion.
“Do you have anything to say to me? You have been here for long. Did something happen? Are you in some sort of trouble?” Dillion questioned.
“Of course not” sam f0rç£d a smile to his face but it didn’t hide the fear in him.
Dillion’s phone started ringing and he picked the phone.
“Ma’am Sandra informed him that Shawna wasn’t anywhere around the mansion. She hasn’t been seen for the past 1 hour” she informed.
“Okay, tell the guards to keep searching for her” Dillion replied to ma’am Sandra wondering where Shawna might have gone to.
He stood up and picked up his shi-t hanging on the couch.
He walked pas-s Sam then he’s mind flashed to Luwis.
Where is luwis? Dillion thought then looked at Sam.
Sam throu-gh Dillion’s reply to ma’am sandra knew instantly that they were talking about shawna. He’s fear grew bigger.
Dillion saw this.
Sam knows something about this, Dillion concluded in his mind but still walked to the door and opened it. He made to leave before Sam’s voice st©pped him.
“I have something to tell you. Its important” Sam said.
Dillion looked back to him.
“Where is she?” Dillion simply asked him.
The question didn’t exactly shock Sam. Dillion was too smart and he kind of expected him to have figured out the whole thing.
“Luwis took her, plea-se don’t do anything to him” Sam pleaded walking closer to Dillion.
“Where did he take her to?” Dillion asked.
Sam bite his lower l!palmost at the edge of tears.
“plea-se…he is just blinded. He took her to a cave at sambia forest. It’s de-ep into the forest, after you get a river there, at your left… you’ll see the cave, it’s covered in leaves so…” he bite his l!pagain a tear dropping from his eyes.
“Stay here” Dillion replied him simply before leaving. He hid his anger.
Shawna opened her eyes an hour later to find herself somewhere that looked like a cave. In fear she stood up only for her to see Luwis.
“Luwis” she called recalling how he had knocked her out after refusing to let her down the car.
“Why are you doing this? Take me back plea-se” she asked then pleaded.
Luwis looked at her then took his eyes elsewhere.
“No!” He replied firmly.
“Why?” She asked.
“I don’t want you to get used again. I’ll just hide us here in the meantime, after some days we’ll leave…you don’t have to worry too much, I’ve got everything all planned out” luwis replied her.
Tears streamed out of Shawna’s eyes. She sat down back on the floor.
“I didn’t ask for this luwis. I didn’t, but why are you doing this?” she cried.
“I’m really sorry for not lying in the first place. I just want you out of….” luwis paused on hearing sounds outside the cave.
“Luwis, come out now!” An angry voice of Dillion sounded outside.
Shawna stood up on her feet and looked at Luwis who looked so pained.
He didn’t react, he just stood where he stood.
“Luwis” Shawna called expecting luwis to at least react since he had been caught.
But Luwis knew this. It’s not possible for him to get here this fast if sam didn’t tell on him. It killed his spirit.
To run was now the least of his problems, with Dillion and Sam. He can’t run anywhere so he just gave up knowingly.
Dillion soon appeared inside the cave to see Luwis and Shawna.
Shawna looked at Luwis before running to stand behind Dillion.
Dillion saw the tears in in Shawna’s eyes, it got him more angry. It made him think that Luwis had hurt her.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Dillion gro-an ed out so angry.
“You can go ahead and kill me” Luwis just replied him simply. Dillion [email protected]£ much more angry at his arrogant reply. That minute, he forgot who luwis was actually to him and sh0t him because he [email protected]£ with a gun. He always go to most places with a gun.
He sh0t luwis but on his leg. No matter how angry he was, he still couldn’t angrily kill him.
Luwis winched as the bullet burnt into his leg.
He [email protected]£d hold of his leg and shut his eyes in pain.
Shawna [email protected] from behind Dillion. No matter what he did, she still likes luwis as a friend.
Luwis finally sat down on the floor trying to take in the pains but it was killing him. But the most painful [email protected] of it all is that he lost even without really trying.
Dillion dropped the gun to the floor and ruffed his hair.
“Luwis, st©p ma-king me get angry at you. St©p all this” Dillion said in a pained voice.
Luwis kept mute.
“Why? Why did you take her? What do you intend to do?” Dillon asked.
“I intended to save her from you but seems it’s all went wrong” luwis replied.
“Why? What is your main reason? Why?” Dillion demanded.
Because I’m in love with her and I don’t want her…I don’t want her to be used anymore” Luwis replied muttering the last [email protected]
Dillion huffed.
“But you shouldn’t have taken her? Did she tell you that she wants to leave, huh!?” Dillion asked.
“She liked and feared you too much. I know she wasn’t gonna agree, that’s the reason I didn’t ask her” Luwis replied in a pained voice.
“Get up, let’s get you treated” Dillion said after a long silence.
Shawna continued crying behind Dillion as she watched Luwis in pains.
She didn’t even know he loves her. Someone like her.
“No, don’t bother. I’m gonna die anyways” Luwis answered him.
“What do you mean?” Dillon questioned.
“The bullet you used is poisoned, I won’t survive it” Luwis said.
Dillion looked down at the gun. He picked it and brou-ght out the bullets.
“What? How come?” Dillion asked shocked that the bullets aren’t normal ones.
“I alre-ady predicted things, I don’t wanna live after getting caught by you so I fixed in poisoned bullets into your gun. I know you were gonna bring it along if at all sam tells on me” Luwis answered then coughed.
“Oh Hell!” Dillion didn’t no when he exclaimed.
Luwis coughed again and coughed out black blood this time.
Dillion went close to him and squatted.
“You can’t still be saved” Dillion said.
“The poison doesn’t have an antidote” Luwis coughed again and informed.
“Goodness! Why did you make me do this to you?” Dillon asked at the venge of tears.
“Just promise me, you’ll st©p using her. That’s what I nee-d right now, just promise me plea-se” Luwis demanded.
Shawna cried her eyes out crying hearing those words. Even in this state he still cared about her.
“Luwis…no!” She cried unable to go close to him. She couldn’t lift her legs.
“I promise, just stay alive a little more” Dillion replied a tear escaping from his eyes.
Luwis f0rç£d a smile on before finally breathing his last.
TBC Luwis
On my goodness! 😭😭😭

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