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Sold to a gang leader 2 Episode 30

Episode 30
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Dilly arrived with Suzan in her [email protected] and parked his car.
“Come in and have something sir, maybe a glas-s of jui-ce” Suzan offered as she stepped down from his car.
“Sure” Dilly replied alre-ady planning on following her.
Dilly turned the engine of his car off and got down from the car. They both walked to the elevator and Suzan imputed the number of the floor her [email protected] is built on.
The elevator took them up and opened when they had gotten to her floor. They both stepped out of the elevator and Suzan walked to her [email protected] door, Dilly followed.
She imputed her pas-sword and the door opened. She walked in and turned to look at Dilly, gesturing him to also come in.
Dilly nodded once and followed her in his eyes running round the sitting room.
“You can take a sit here” Suzan offered him a sit.
He nodded again and sat down on one of the beautifully decorated couches.
“Lemme get you a…”
“No, it’s okay” Dilly cut her in.
“No plea-se, it’s my plea-sure” Suzan insisted and left for the kitchen. She [email protected]£ back with a glas-s of jui-ce and offered him.
He collected it and gulped it down in one sh0t then gave her back the cu-p.
Suzan smiled while collecting the cu-p.
She can’t believe her boss is in her [email protected] Sitting down with his eyes running round. She felt plea-sed and happy. Extremely happy.
“So you won’t like me to bring you a dessert or a snack?” Suzan asked after returning from dropping the cu-p off.
“No! Your [email protected] is great for a lady that lives alone” Dilly said standing up.
Suzan bite herl-ips together.
How does he know she lives alone? She thought.
“You are alre-ady leaving?” Suzan asked a worried look on her face.
“Yes, I have to. I still have some work at the office and I also have to return home fast for my son” Dilly reminded her.
This past few days, he has been leaving the office earlier than usual because of Bryan.
Suzan bite her lowerl-ips again.
“Okay, I’ll esc-rt you to the door” she offered also fiddling with her nails.
She walked Dilly to the door and he st©pped, she waited for Dilly to step out but he didn’t. He turned back to her.
“Can I…” he paused.
“Can I k!ssyou?” Dilly asked shocking the living hell out of Suzan.
Her eyes wi-de-ned.
“Sir!” She [email protected]
Dilly gulped.
“I’m being stupid right?” He asked in a mutter but Suzan still heard him due to their clos£ness.
“No, you aren’t. And you can, it’ll be a dream come true” Suzan replied him muttering her last words.
Without wasting of time, Dilly lowered hisl-ips to hers and k!$$£d her, he k!$$£d her so fast like he has been hungry for a k!ssfor days and truly. Dilly doesn’t have time for ladies anymore, especially when Bryan’s issue [email protected]£ up. He started reducing the way he sleeps with different girls and since Bryan started staying with him he totally gave up on other girls aside Suzan.
He still wants something with her. He’s not really sure but he knows he wants something with her.
Fast forward.
Days later.
Dillion had later found out that vivian had added an aphrodisiac drug into the wine she offered him. He had been a little mad and could have been more angry if it hadn’t been Shawna that he had ended up having se-x with. He went to his penthouse and was informed that she alre-ady left.
The day to his revenge is drawing near and he nee-ds to be more concentrated. Shawna always made him loss concentration so he decided to stay at his penthouse for awhile.
Aside that, he doesn’t even know what or how to react when he sees her. For someone as cold as him he is shocked at himself, he is nervous because of a lady.
He doesn’t wanna really think about the possibilities that he might have fallen in love with her because the mission ahead of him might cost him his life. So he stayed away.
Shawna on her own was done with her exams. They finished up a day before yesterday and since then she has always been looking for Dillion. Been praying to at least run into him but she has no idea that he wasn’t really staying in the mansion with them. Although he comes, although he secretly watches her. She doesn’t know.
“Sam, I nee-d your help?” Luwis walked up to sam in the gym room.
“Yeah, what is it?” Sam asked.
“Will you help me?” Luwis asked ma-king sam concentrate fully on him.
He dried his sweats and asked.
“With what exactly?” Sam saw the serious look on his face and worried.
“I can do anything within my power for you, you know that” Sam added.
“Yes, I know. So will you help?” Luwis went on asking.
“I will. If it’s within my power, name it” Sam replied.
Luwis sighed.
“Can you watch over the boss for me? Just for a day” Luwis asked.
Sam’s brows knitted together in confusion.
“Why? Why is that?” Sam asked.
“I nee-d to go somewhere with Shawna” Luwis answered him.
“Then go, as far as you’ll return. Why should there be a nee-d watching him for you?” Sam inquired further.
“Because I won’t ever be returning with her” Luwis supplied.
“What? You want to run away with her? Are you out of your mind, Luwis?” Sam skrie-ked in shock.
“You can call it whatever you want to call it. I’m just helping her, that’s all” Luwis shrugged his shoulders.
“No! Don’t ever try that. Once the boss gets you then am afraid, he might not spare you this time” Sam advised.
“That’s why I nee-d you to watch him for me” Luwis said.
“No! You do know he asked me to watch you. I can’t betray him” Sam replied.
“I’m not asking you to betray him. I’m just asking him to watch over him” luwis said.
“No, that’s more like betraying for me” Sam replied him.
“I’m just helping Shawna. He’ll just find another se-x slave when he doesn’t find Shawna anymore. That’s it. I just don’t want Shawna to keep being used, even tho she doesn’t like me, it hurts less than seeing her being used” Luwis explained.
Sam wanted to tell him that Dillion actually cared for Shawna more than he thinks but held himself. Luwis won’t change his mind, he’s just like Dillion. They are stubborn when it comes to decision that they have made.
“Luwis plea-se. plea-se brother. Are you gonna leave me?” Sam asked in a sad tone.
“I’m sorry. I can come back even if I get crucified, just for you but right now I nee-d to help her” Luwis held him and said.
Sam shook his head.
“He’s going to find you no matter what. He’s going to find you” Sam said.
“You know the cave house at the sambia forest, there is no way he can find me there. Only you and I know about that cave” Luwis replied him.
“No..plea-se luwis plea-se. You have to rethink this. Don’t let your love for her blind you, st©p this” sam pleaded.
“What if Shawna was Naomi, Sam? Will you say that $h!t?” Luwis asked coldly.
Sam remained muted not knowing what to reply him but he knows that Luwis might end up dying sooner and he doesn’t want that at all.
How will he set things right? It’s either he betray Dillion or betray Luwis.
Luwis is more like his blood brother while Dillion is like his master. He’s left in the middle of all the $h!t!

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