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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 28 & 29

Episode 28
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
“Luwis, what are you doing here. It’s been long I saw you last” Shawna asked walking in fully to her room.
“Hey, just wanted to see how you’re doing” Luwis answered standing up and walking to her.
“Where have you been?” Shawna asked.
“Been in the un-derground house. Do you wanna take a walk with me around?” Luwis offered.
“Um…okay, let me just drop my bag” Shawna replied dropping off her bag.
After dropping her bag the two of them walked out exploring most places Shawna has never been to around the big mansion.
“Woah! This place is so big” Shawna exclaimed happyily.
“Yeah right? Dillion’s parents actually owns this place” Luwis said to her.
“Really?” Shawna st©pped and looked at him.
She doesn’t really know much about Dillion.
“Yeah, but they are both dead now” Luwis answered.
“Um…how old is he? Do you know his age?” Shawna asked and then cringed a little.
“The boss?” Luwis asked for confirmation.
“Yes” Shawna confirmed.
“He’s 27years old” Luwis supplied.
“What? He is that old?” Shawna exclaimed.
“What do you mean old? He’s young” Luwis chuckled.
“I just thought..I thought he was a year or two years older than me, I never thought he’ll be 7 years older than me” Shawna answered really surprised.
“They all look younger than their age, it’s kind of a family trait but wait, so you’re 20?” Luwis inquired.
“Yeah – recently turned 20” Shawna replied.
“When was that? You didn’t tell me” Luwis asked.
“Just a few days ago. The day that incident happen, I don’t usually [email protected] birthdays so it doesn’t bother me” Shawna responded removing [email protected] of her hair that blocked her eyes from her face.
Dillion, who was still stuck inside the study wondered what was happening to him.
He lifted the wine cu-p and finished the wine inside it and then stood up. He felt so h0t, so heated.
He un-buckled his shi-t and pu-ll-ed it off in hope he st©ps feeling that way but it didn’t work so he decided to go outside and receive some natural air to see if that could help.
He walked out of the study to a side that looked like a lobby and stood there. Because of how that [email protected] place is built out, you can always receive fresh air from there.
He’s eyes started surveying the mansion and it mistakenly landed on Shawna and Luwis.
Yeah. It was a big mistake.
Shawna and Luwis didn’t notice him staring at them. They continued talking abs£nt mindedly.
“Woah, next time you should inform me Shawna. Don’t forget” Luwis frowned at her as if he was annoyed.
Shawna smiled. “Okay I’m sorry, so when is yours? How old are you?” She asked.
“I alre-ady had mine early, before you [email protected]£ here. I’m 23” Luwis answered her.
“Wow! You’re young” Shawna exclaimed and they both laughed.
Heavy breeze blew and her hair covered her eyes again, before shawna could lift her hand to her hair Luwis alre-ady did it for her.
It left Shawna speechless.
Dillion on seeing what happened left there and went down, he called a maid and instructed her to go call Shawna outside.
“Tell her to meet me in my room now” Dillion instructed.
“Ye..yes sir” that maid replied and ran off.
Dillion ran his f!nger throu-gh his hair, for a moment. He actually forget what was originally happening to him and the thought of Shawna filled his head.
He climbe-d up the stairs to his room and went into the bathroom to wash his face and hands.
He closed his eyes and opened it again, he imagined seeing Luwis and Shawna together then shook his head.
He [email protected]£ out of the bathroom after some minutes to see Shawna opening the door and peeping inside his room.
“Come in” he ordered. The urge driving him early coming back with full f0rç£.
He thought he could put the urge and feelings behind him but seeing her curious eyes, he [email protected]£ really hor-ny.
He was f0rç£d to st©p looking at her for a moment.
What is wrong with you? You’re angry at her, okay, he tried reminding himself but the urge [email protected]£ much more stronger.
Shawna stared at him from behind for a reply. She is actually happy he s£nt for her.
She is really really happy.
Why is he facing elsewhere? She wondered and moved closer to him. She t©uçhed his shoulder and he snap at her.
“Don’t t©uçh me” he snapped. Her t©uçh did a lot more to him.
He felt he’s man-hood really [email protected]
“But…why?” Shawna asked foolishly.
“Are you still angry at me? I wanted to apologise for all the troubles I caused” she spoke up walking to face him.
“I’m really sorry” Shawna apologized.
Dillion saw the way herl-ips moved S-xily and the thought of k!ss!ngher [email protected]£ his first objective.
He started moving closer to her, Shawna moved back a bit before st©pping.
Dillion’s eyes were still fixed on herl-ips and this she noticed.
If he is going to k!ssme then I’m more than re-ady, she thought and stood her ground.
Dillion on getting to her, raised her chin up a bit before placing hisl-ips and hers.
The k!sswasn’t slow. He was literally out of his mind. He k!$$£d her so fast and r0ûghly.
He’s hands wra-pped around her [email protected]!st,her bo*bs were pressing [email protected] against his $h!t.
He tried so much to control himself and he st©pped for a moment but didn’t move away from her. It gave Shawna space to breath. She alre-ady ran out of breathe.
He didn’t wait for long before he k!$$£d her again, sa-vouring the taste of herl-ips, her ton-gue. Shawna didn’t have to fight, she just let him take the k!ssto the next level.
Soon, Dillion lifted her up and took her to the be-d not breaking the k!ssone bit.
He stayed on t©p of her and k!$$£d her n£¢k, her che-st,ear-lobe, her cheeks.
Shawna was really shocked that he was doing those with her but she didn’t think much about it because he has alre-ady strangely gotten her we-t.
Something she hasn’t felt before. She wanted him – so badly. She doesn’t un-derstand herself.
Her ni*ples were alre-ady [email protected] and her V was heated up.
As Dillion k!$$£d her n£¢k and che-st region she recalled that she hasn’t even taken her bath.
She made to tell him but he shut her up with a k!ss, he resumed k!ss!ngher on herl-ips and was unbuckling his trou-ser at the same time. He couldn’t wait anymore.
After a while, he st©pped k!ss!ngher to properly pu-ll the trou-ser off.
He pu-ll-ed it off but was still on his shorts. Shawna didn’t know where she got the crazy idea from to help him with the shorts herself.
She wasn’t even herself at the moment so it’s fine.
She took her hand to his shorts and held it. It surprised Dillion even in that state, he wasn’t planning on pu-lling the short off now but he allowed her do whatever she wanted.
Shawna felt crazy doing what she was doing but she did it anyways. She pu-ll-ed down his shorts and for the first time saw his di-ck. His man-hood wasn’t so long, let’s just say it’s normal.
Shawna swallowed as she felt her V getting more heated. She felt things she never felt just staring at him down there.
Then Dillion did the unexpected, he also helped her in getting starked n-ked. And now both were n-ked and very much heated.
After a few minutes of [email protected]ç£. Dillion finally did it, he spre-ad her legs [email protected] and positioned himself well in between her before pushing himself into her.
Shawna’s eyes closed, she felt pain and plea-sure swimming throu-gh her system.
She didn’t know when she re-leased a long [email protected] . After pushing his all into her, ma-king sure his whole length was inside her. He started thrû-sting in and out and was kind of slow at the beginning.
He slowness was because he was trying to control himself but he lost it after some thrû-st. He’s urgent nee-ds clouded his mind and his thrû-st [email protected]£ fast, it [email protected]£ fas-ter, and then very much fast.
Shawna held unto the be-d cover as he moved real fast into her. Her mouth couldn’t close anymore.
The pain and plea-sure she felt [email protected]£ too much, she [email protected] ed loudly. But she wanted him to slow down, she doesn’t know how to ask.
She remained like that for a while before reaching out for hisl-ips again. She doesn’t know why she felt that it will all be better if he was k!ss!ngher and se-xing her at the same time.
She reached for hisl-ips and started k!ss!nghim and truly that distracted him, he slowed down just a bit as he k!$$£d her back.
The skin [email protected] between them reduced too.
Luwis wondered why Shawna hasn’t returned after a long time and decided to go find out what she was actually doing in his room close to an hour.
He got to the door and stood to see whether he was punishing her but heard the sound of skin [email protected] and [email protected] s.
The sounds didn’t register in his head immediately but it later did and he figured out that Dillion was actually having se-x with.
It made him really jealous but he left, he left the mansion to think of what next to do.
He is still using her as his se-x toy, he had concluded in his mind.
The k!ss!ngand se-xing went on for a long time. Dillion literally made Shawna worn out and still wasn’t satisfied. The drug vivian had put in was still working so he just gave Shawna time to rest before he started with her all over again
Episode 29
Writer’s POV
After long hours of se-x. Shawna could ba-rely breathe. She just fell into de-ep sleep beside Dillion.
The effect of the substance vivian had put inside the wine still didn’t wash off, even after Shawna sle-pt off tiredly but Dillion was able to hold himself and also fell into de-ep sleep.
The next day, almost noon time.
Shawna’s eyes opened and her stomach grumbled out of hunger.
She sat up from the be-d and looked beside her to see Dillion still slee-ping. She recalled what happened between them the previous day and her face flu-shed red.
She [email protected]£ down from the be-d slowly and wore her clothes. Then walked to the door and opened it, she went straight to her room and took her bath.
After bathing she rushed out to go look for what to eat. She hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday.
She met ma’am Sandra downstairs and before she could open her mouth to speak.
“Go wait at the dinning” ma’am Sandra said.
Shawna gulped and then nodded. She held unto her stomach and rushed to the dinning ignoring the pains in between her legs.
A maid [email protected]£ up with a tray of food few minutes later and she ate it all up within few minutes.
She only realized how fast she eat when she had finished eating then she took the tray to the kitchen. Next she went to ma’am Sandra who was heading upstairs.
“Is he awake?” Ma’am Sandra asked her.
Does she know we spent the night together? She wondered as to ma’am Sandra’s question.
“Umm…who?” Shawna feigned ignorance.
“Dillion, I ask if he is awake. Didn’t you two spend the night together?” Ma’am Sandra asked.
Shawna’s cheeks turned red again.
“No, he is not” Shawna answered.
“Okay, but I think I nee-d to wake him up. He hasn’t sle-pt like this before” Ma’am said still climbing up the stairs.
Shawna held her arm ma-king her st©p.
“Ma’am Sandra, can I get those pills I usually take when…” she paused not really knowing how to put it to the woman.
“When…you…” she stuttered.
“It’s okay, I’ll have a someone bring them to you” ma’am Sandra helped knowing what she was asking for.
Yesterday, she had seen Luwis leaning on Dillion’s door and then he later stormed out of the mansion in anger. She [email protected]£ curious as to why he reacted that way. She also went and leaned her ears on the door to know what’s happening, then she un-derstood why he reacted that way.
Ma’am Sandra had also noticed the way luwis looked at Shawna, the way he usually ask of her from other maids. Ma’am knows almost everything that happens in that mansion and that was how she knew that Luwis had eyes for Shawna.
And that was also why she had warned Shawna to stay away from him because she knows that Dillion hates sharing very much.
She left Shawna on the staircase and went to Dillion’s room. She knocked before pushing the door open, not caring if he was dressed or not. After all, she had bathed him when he was still younger so there is nothing there to hide from her.
He walked in to the room and went close to his be-d, she tapped him gently but he didn’t move. She tapped him again but he didn’t move. She continued tapping him wondering why everything was different about him today.
He is not a de-ep sleeper so why is he not waking up, she wondered.
She took her hand to his ear and pu-ll-ed it.
Dillion woke up due to his hurting ear.
“It’s afternoon. You are still slee-ping” Ma’am Sandra said.
Dillion looked around wondering what had happened.
“Afternoon?” He finally looked at ma’am’s face then asked to be sure.
“Yes, look at the time. I just thought I should wake you up because it’s unusual of you” ma’am Sandra replied him.
Dillion ru-bbe-d his temple in thought, then yesterday’s incident flashed into his head.
He saw himself k!ss!ngsomeone but he wasn’t sure, and then the se-x [email protected] He jumped down from the be-d, his shorts on and then left his room hurriedly to his office there. He sat on the chair and opened one of the computers.
“Don’t tell me it’s vivian plea-se” he whispered to himself as he searched for yesterday footage of his room.
It [email protected]£ out and then started pla-ying, he fast forwarded it until it got to the [email protected] Shawna [email protected]£ into his room. The [email protected] he turned away from her, the [email protected] he started k!ss!ngher then taking her to the be-d, all the [email protected]ç£and the repeated se-x.
Dillion’s mouth wi-de-ned.
That really happened? He wondered and found himself pla-ying the scene back to the extent he couldn’t st©p.
He continued watching what he did with Shawna with an unknown smile on his face. He felt relieved that it wasn’t vivian because he remembered she [email protected]£ to the mansion.
But what really happened? He thought.
I even forgot most of the moments. What happened to me? He wondered then went back to his room after some time. He took out his phone and dialed Matthew’s line.
“Come on Bryan, plea-se esc-rt me plea-se?” Naomi pleaded with Bryan to esc-rt her to the shopping mall. She plans on shopping because, school will be vacating soon and she will be going to paris to stay until school resumes again.
This past few days, their fight has reduced and she has fallen in love with him taking that Bryan is so smart.
He doesn’t really snub her anymore but he’s characters aren’t changing.
“No, I have to do my homework okay” Bryan replied her.
“plea-se, I’ll buy you dresses too” Naomi kept pleading.
“I don’t nee-d em. Dad alre-ady bought a lot for me, I’m not a lady that changes her wardrobe every week” Bryan replied her bluntly and her mouth fell dropped open.
“What do you mean? Are you directly insulting me or what?” Naomi frowned then asked.
“Are you getting mad at me? Well it’s a pity, I was alre-ady changing my mind on following you but since you’re angry, I’ll just watch my favorite cartoon after my as-signment” Bryan replied her standing up.
“No!! I’m not angry, it’s the opposite. Follow me plea-se” Naomi f0rç£d a smile back on her face.
“Okay. I know your smiles are fake anyways but you’ll still have to wait for me to finish up my homework. Dad is gonna be checking it when he returns, I don’t want him getting mad at me” Bryan cooed then sat down back to complete his as-signment.
Dilly sat down in his office sit typing away in his system when a knock [email protected]£ and then the door opened.
Suzan [email protected]£ in looking as h0t as always.
A smile t©uçhed Dilly’sl-ips but he was quic-k to put himself together.
“Um..sir, I nee-d to go home now. I told you my mom will be coming and I have to go home early in other to welcome her” Suzan said.
“Really?” Dilly feigned ignorance.
“Yes sir” Suzan replied.
“Um…okay then” Dilly replied her simply.
“I’ll get going now” Suzan said then turned to leave.
Dilly’s mind kept telling him to drive her home but he kept pushing the thought aside. He knows she doesn’t have a car and might probably take a cab home but he still wanted to take her.
Suzan got to the door but was st©pped by Dilly’s voice.
“Wait” he’s voice [email protected]£ out husky.
Suzan turned to look at him.
He shut down his system then stood up. He walked up to her and st©pped.
“Do you mind if I give you a ride home?” Dilly questioned.
Suzan’s expression showed that of shock and surprise.
“Sir!” She called.
“If you don’t want it I can…”
“No! I want it, plea-se help me” Suzan interrupted him with smiles.
“Okay, you first” Dilly beckoned on her and then smiled in hvge relief.

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