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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 26 & 27

Episode 26
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Few hours later.
Matthew treated Shawna and stitched up her wound than he later as-sured Dillion that Shawna will be okay after enough sleep.
Dillion later on walked out to the large sitting room in other to address his boys on the event that took place. It was alre-ady late in the night but they were all still fully awake.
He walked down to them and began.
“I’ll take today’s incident as if it never happened. But this shows that you should always be prepared because danger doesn’t notify you before it comes. I wasn’t prepared and I regret it. It won’t ever happen again tho.”
“You all should also take it as if nothing happened and move on.”
“But next time, whenever I give command and its disobeyed, that individual – I don’t care who he is will be dealt with. You can go back to what you are doing” he concluded not really in the mood to talk but it’s a necessary thing for him to do.
He took the stairs back up, leaving the boys mumbling words to themselves.
He later s£nt for luwis, who appeared before.
He breathed in, then breathed out.
“I don’t know why you did what you did but I hope it doesn’t happen again. Like I said earlier, I’ll pretend that what happened today never happened. I’ll pretend not to know what you did.”
“You can leave” he concluded and spared him a glance.
Luwis nodded without uttering a word,then he left.
Then he s£nt for Sam.
Sam on getting to him wondered why he was being called.
“Boss” he called standing before him.
“Keep an eye on luwis” Dillion said. Sam gulped down wondering why he was given such a difficult task.
“Can you do that?” Dillion asked when Sam didn’t say anything.
“Ye…yes, I can” replied sam.
“You can leave” he dismissed sam and he left.
When he got out to the door he stood there.
What is he trying to do? What is going on on his mind? Sam wondered but still grateful that Dillion didn’t punish luwis in anyway.
Two days pas-sed. Dillion returned to the mansion with Shawna.
Shawna on getting to the mansion [email protected]m£ relieved. Staying in a room all day was tiring but there was also something else bothering her.
She has been wanting to apologise to Dillion for all the troubles she caused him but he hasn’t been giving her the chance to.
Even when they were heading back to the mansion together. He had kept his face straight and so mean that she didn’t know how to bring up the conversation but when she finally summoned up courage, he asked her to keep quite.
Shawna narrated the everything that happened to ma’am Sandra and Beatrice. They kept listening with their mouths opened but were relieved that nothing worst happened to her.
Four days pas-sed.
Shawna resumed school. But during those four days, Dillion seems to be purposely distancing himself far away from her.
She only saw him once in those four days and that was when he was on a call walking down to the garage to go out.
She felt so bad. So worse that Dillion was actually behaving that way.
He must be angry at me for causing more troubles for him, she blamed herself.
If I hadn’t followed him out, out of stubbornness then things could have been different, she kept blaming herself.
And now he doesn’t even want to see me at all. It’s like I make him sick, she concluded in her head.
I guess I should just concentrate fully on my studies then.
A day pas-sed.
Vivian after spending days in Dillion’s penthouse got really sick. “Like $h!t! I don’t wanna be here” she said to herself.
I have to see Dillion at least once and then look for a way to revisit and probably get down to business with him.
“My clothes are still in his mansion right?” She asked herself.
Yeah, I should go back with this excuse. She concluded in her mind and then left.
She got to the house just when luwis also arrived at the mansion. Luwis had been in the un-derground house but couldn’t stay there anymore, he decided to at least come and see how Shawna is doing.
They bu-mped into each other but Luwis ignored her and wanted to continue on her way when Vivian st©pped him.
“Hey! I have a proposal for you” she said to him.
Luwis st©pped and looked back at her.
“I don’t want anything to do with you” luwis replied bluntly and made to leave.
“Shawna. You are in love with her, aren’t you?” Vivian asked ma-king luwis turn to look at her again.
“How is that your business?” Luwis questioned with a frown.
“I can help you make her yours because I also want Dillion for myself”she whispered to him.
“So?” Luwis asked.
“We work together and separate them. You get Shawna while I get Dillion” Vivian answered with a sm-irk.
Luwis chuckled.
“You are one hell of a bit*h. I could have love to work with you but um….I don’t fancy bit*hes. And I don’t like you in [email protected] You should find someone else. I solve my problems myself” Luwis replied dismissing her.
Vivian frowned de-eply at his response to her.
“fuc-k you!” She cussed really pissed.
“I was just trying to help your goddamned moth*rfv¢king co-ck” she hissed before leaving in search of Dillion.
. Episode 27
Writer’s POV
Vivian climbe-d up the stairs to Dillion’s room, she got to his room and knocked on it but didn’t hear a response from the inside.
She turned the door knob and the door opened, she entered and looked inside.
Oh! He’s not here, her mind told her and she closed back the door.
She walked down to the kitchen side to look for a maid, she saw Beatrice and asked about the whereabouts of Dillion. Beatrice informed her that Dillion just got back from where he went to and he is currently in the study.
Vivian smiled happy that he is around.
“Can you get me a glas-s of wine and two glas-s cu-ps?” Vivian inquired.
“Ye…yes” Beatrice replied looking at her suspiciously.
She left and returned with what Beatrice asked for. Vivian collected it and went straight to the study.
Dillion on his side has been so busy, the day he has been waiting for, for years, is finally getting close. The day the man he wants to avenge will get back to Paris.
He plans on attacking that same day, taking him unaware and he is not gonna spare any of his family members either, just like the man wanted to kill he and his siblings too.
Dilly had called him days ago to tell him that he has a son. He doesn’t quit un-derstand it but he left the matter aside to focus on what he wants.
He sat down in the study studying some do¢v-ments which nee-ded his signature before the door opened.
He was backing the door and didn’t know who it was.
“What do you want?” He simply asked whoever was at the door.
“It’s me Dillion” Vivian’s voice answered him.
He paused on what he was doing but didn’t turn to look at her.
“I asked what you wanted” Dillion repeated huskily.
“I [email protected]£ to take my clothes and I….” vivian started undressing herself.
“Wanted us to enjoy” she completed her words now left in a push up [email protected] and [email protected] which ba-rely covered her lower b©dy.
Vivian took the wine up and opened it ma-king Dillion turn to see what she was doing.
He huffed and turned back to his work.
“I’m not in the mood, you can leave” he stated not sounding harsh or calm.
“This is the last day Dillion. plea-se, enjoy with me” Vivian pleaded in a s£dûçt!vetone. She catwalked towards him and decanted a little quantity of wine into another glas-s cu-p. She kept the cu-p on the table beside the do¢v-ments.
She poured herself a glas-s too.
“Don’t you un-derstand simple instruction vivian?” He asked his voice becoming [email protected] and daring.
Vivian was startled but decided not to show it.
“Come on” she placed her hand on his shoulder forcing Dillion up to his feet.
Vivian shifted backwards in fear immediately.
Dillion turned fully to face her.
Another thing he knows about vivian is that she has always had eyes for him. But it didn’t bother him, he doesn’t even care at all.
But since she has pushed things this far then he is going to make her regret it.
He started walking towards her, taking deadly steps. He’s facial expression like that of an angry beast.
Vivian continued shifting backwards. She doesn’t know what is going on on his mind.
Oh I wish I had just leaf, she blamed herself.
She got to the door and st©pped because she couldn’t continue moving.
Dillion also got to her and stood, very close to her – very very close to her. Their b©dy were literally tou-ching.
Vivian was supposed to be enjoying this but she wasn’t enjoying it at all.
“Don’t you un-derstand simple instruction?” He asked her again. He’s voice less harsh.
She shuddered.
Dillion did as if he wanted to k!ssher, he took his hand up to her chin and drew it up.
Vivian eyes stayed wi-de open. wi-de open in fear.
Then Dillion took his hand down to her abd0m£n and to then her pu*sy.
Vivian shuddered again, fear instantly vanishing from her. Her fears were replaced with plea-sures.
She felt in between her legs throbbing.
Dillion ru-bbe-d her cl!t throu-gh her [email protected] his eyes on hers.
Vivian clamped her mouth shut in other not to re-lease the [email protected] s that filled her mouth.
Her legs started shaking vigorously. Her pus*y soa-ked we-t at what Dillion was doing to her.
Her ni*ples [email protected]
“plea-se….” vivian [email protected] ed out.
“What?” Dillon asked.
“plea-se” she said out clearly this time.
“You want me to continue?_ Dillion asked and she nodded.
“Good” Dillion leaned closer to her ear and whispered.
“Get out” he st©pped tou-ching her and then took steps backwards.
The glas-s cu-p she was still holding fell off her hand as he ordered her to get out.
He can’t be serious, can he? She thought.
After ma-king her this way, he wants her to leave?
“Now!!” He added firmly. He picked up her dress which was on the floor and threw it at her.
“I won’t repeat myself” Dillion gro-an ed.
Vivian with shaky legs went out of the study.
She leaned her back on the door with wi-de eyes. Did Dillion just leave her this way?
He left her we-t and hurting!
“fuc-k!” She cussed so mad. So so mad!
“Bit*h!” Dillion mumbled after she felt. He went to the toilet built inside the room and washed his hands.
Then got back to his table, he took the wine she poured for him and gulped it down but unknowingly to him. Vivian had added something to the drink – something to turn him up.
Vivian started putting on her clothes, ignoring her b©dy. She was damn hor-nybut what to do?
She started walking away but bu-mped into Shawna who was just returning from school.
Vivian st©pped in front of Shawna not wanting her to pas-s.
“Guess what? I just made out with Dillion just now” Vivian said to Shawna.
Shawna looked at the direction of where she was coming out from and ignored her, she started leaving.
Vivian was shocked at Shawna’s reaction. Shawna had literally snubbe-d her.
Shawna walked a few distance but st©pped, she started moving backwards to see if Vivian was still in sight but saw that she was no longer in sight.
She doesn’t know why but she wanted to confirm if what Vivian said was true. She started ti-p t©ping to the room Vivian [email protected]£ out from. When she got there she st©pped and turned the door knob open carefully, she peeped into the study to truly find Dillion there. He’s hand on his temple as if he was thinking.
Shawna breathed out sadly then quietly closed the door in hope Dillion doesn’t hear the sound of the door.
“Who’s there?” Shawna heard Dillion’s thick voice and took to her hills. She ran all the way to her room to find Luwis there – waiting for her.
TBC Shawna
The next episode is gonna be filled with….😳
Shawna and Dillion😎😋

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