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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 18 & 19

Episode 18 & 19
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her] 💲
Written by: Blessing D Writes
(Set up)
Writer’s POV
“Bryan you’ll have to stay at home today and luckily for you, I’ll be taking today off too. By tomorrow you will resume school” Dilly said to Bryan as they both stayed sited in the dinning room.
“So, I even have to change school?” Bryan asked not sounding too happy.
“Yeah, you have to. I don’t want your mom talking to you over there” Dilly replied and Bryan nodded forcing a slice of bre-ad into his mouth.
Meanwhile Naomi dressed up for school and [email protected]£ down to the sitting room about to go the dinning to have her breakfast but st©pped when she saw the news.
She went closer to the television and increa-sed the volume.
A lady was there talking, talking about her family’s company, she listened and continued listening until she talked about having a son with the vice president which is Dilly.
Huh, what is she saying? Naomi wondered not really un-derstanding where the lady was actually heading to.
Back to the dinning room, Dilly got a phone call from Andrew. He stood up and left leaving only Bryan there.
After listening and watching the television for a while she decided to go ask Dilly what that lady was really saying. She got to the dinning to see just Bryan there.
“Hey! Where is my brother?” Naomi asked rudely.
Bryan did as if he didn’t hear her, he just continued with his breakfast.
“Wait, why are you ignoring me? Do you realize that I’m older than you?” Naomi frowned.
Bryan looked at her and did as if he wanted to reply her but he only rolled his eyes and got down from his sit. It angered Naomi more.
“Hey you [email protected]” Naomi stood up from his sit and made to attack Bryan but Bryan started running. Naomi kept chasing him around the dinning but couldn’t get him.
“I’m going to really kill you once I get you” Naomi screamed, almost screaming out her lungs.
“Hey, will you st©p shouting?” Dilly [email protected]£ back to the dinning and took his sit.
Naomi st©pped chasing Bryan and also took her sit, recalling that she has to ask him an important thing.
Bryan also sat back beside Dilly.
“Dilly, did you see the news? There was a lady saying some things about having a kid for you….”
Dilly knowing where she was heading to st©pped her.
“Yes” he answered.
Andrew had called to tell her about the news. Rita really went to the media house to broadcast nons-en-se and now reporters must have flooded the company. The news is gonna be on everyone’sl-ips soon, he is sure of that.
“Yes?” Naomi asked.
“Yes, I don’t know what that lady really said but um..we have a kid together” Dilly replied and Naomi [email protected] Her eyes fell on Bryan.
“Is he…is he the one?” She asked in shock.
“Yes” Dilly replied.
Naomi took her full gaze to Bryan, she kept staring at him for a very long time which actually disturbe-d Bryan.
“You can st©p staring at me. I know am handsome okay?” Bryan said without looking at her.
Naomi [email protected]
Dilly chuckled.
“You…!” She pointed at him again and swallowed what she wanted to say down her throat.
She is really gonna teach him a lot of lessons since they are surely gonna be leaving un-der the same roof. But now she has to inform Dillion, she is so sure that he doesn’t know.
Another call [email protected]£ into Dilly’s phone and he got up.
“Naomi you aren’t going anywhere until this issue might have gone down, I want you to stay with Bryan. I have to go out now and will be back soon” Dilly said leaving the Dinning.
Naomi smiled evilely, she is gonna deal with Bryan today.
Bryan noticed her smile and quic-kly got off the chair, he made to run away but this time, Naomi was fas-ter, she got him and started tickling him all over. Not giving him a space.
Shawna left for school immediately she got away from the training room. She didn’t even un-derstand how she felt seeing them like that but she knows that she isn’t supposed to really feel that way.
Hours later.
Dillion got a call from Naomi.
“Yeah” he picked the call and placed the phone on his left ear.
“Dillion you don’t even remember that I exit anymore, you don’t call. Am always the one calling, that’s not how brothers treat their sister, you treat me like am just….”
“Just head to the point Naomi, I’ve gat no time to listen to tantrums” Dillion cut her off ru-bbing his forehead.
“Well..okay” Naomi replied.
“Dilly has a son, just wanted to inform you of that” Naomi said.
“What do you mean by Dilly has a son? Is that an information or what exactly?” Dillion hushed.
“Well, I guess he’ll explain it to you himself but the boy is currently here in the quarters, the news is all over mexico. The boy is handsome too but he is very arrogant, very rude and mostly snobbish” Naomi complemented and then complained.
Dillion sighed getting tired of whatever nons-en-se Naomi was saying.
“Look, I’ll call you back when I’m re-ady to listen” Dillion said then cut the call.
He dropped the phone and pu-ll-ed out a drawer from his table. He took out a key from there and closed it back.
He had gotten a call 20 minutes ago probably from one of his boys, he wasn’t really sure. He has a lot of them and doesn’t them all by name tho he knows all their faces.
He got out of his room and on his way down, he met vivian on the staircase.
“Oh, where are you heading to?” Vivian asked wanting to follow him.
“Just somewhere” he answered and walked pas-s her to the garage. Opened a luxus car and got in, Vivian who he didn’t know followed him out opened the other side of the car and got in as he was about to ignite the engine. He turned to look at her.
“What are you doing?” He questioned.
“Well…I haven’t really been out in a while and….” she was still saying when the gate opened and a car drove in. Shawna [email protected]£ down from the car and seeing the position of the luxus car, she looked into the car, she wasn’t expecting to see anyone [email protected] but she saw Dillion and then Vivian.
“Hey, will you get that car out of the way?” She heard Dillion yell at the driver that drove her in.
Dillion wasn’t really looking at her.
She then summoned up courage and did the unthinkable. She went to the car Dillion was trying to drive out with, she opened the back door and then got in.
Dillion immediately looked at her.
Vivian also looked at her.
“What – are- you- doing?” Dillion asked counting his words.
Shawna who didn’t really have an explanation to why she got into the car remained quite. Maybe she doesn’t wanna leave the two of them alone. Maybe she wants to find out where they are going.
“Maybe she also wanna tag along” Vivian was the one who replied for her.
Dillion thought to himself. He has changed and it’s affecting him.
He sighed and drove out of the mansion to the location he was given when he got a call.
Tho he wasn’t also really sure. He had called one of his boys – Jay to confirm the location the other boy has given to him.
He got to the location after about 1 hour and st©pped. Throu-ghout the ride he just concentrated on the roads ignoring the two people with him, hell he doesn’t want them with him. Especially not Shawna.
He [email protected]£ down from the car and looked around the place that seems deserted and strange.
His phone started ringing and he turned to take his phone back from the car because he left it inside, vivian was also trying to get the phone for him so it made their hands t©uçhed, Dillion withdrew his hand with speed, the speed shocked Vivian. It was as if her hand was an electric and couldn’t be t©uçhed.
“I gat it” Dillion said with a straight face.
Vivian left the phone in somewhat anger of what he did.
Dillion took the phone and then turned back to pick the call but was met with a guy standing there.
It was a guy he hasn’t seen before.
Dillion dropped the call and made to ask him who he was but the guy who knew what he was doing brou-ght out a hanky and re-leased the content of the hanky in the air, the content spre-ad fast like a [email protected]
“What the….!? Who thefu-ck are you?” Dillion asked as he mistakenly sniffed in the [email protected] content.
It started ma-king his eye lid heavy but that didn’t st©p him from gr-abbing hold of the guy who was about to run away.
He turned him towards the car and punched him real well that he’s nose started bleeding. The boy refused talking but only stayed there letting Dillion deal with him. Dillion angrily punched him until he pas-sed out.
When he pas-sed out that was when Dillion realized it, he shouldn’t have left that place so he will st©p sniffing in the [email protected]
He coughed and only coughed out blood.
Ahfu-ck! It’s a set up, he’s mind told him.
Then he turned and looked into the car to see that Vivian and Shawna has alre-ady pas-sed out. They must have also sniffed in the powered content.
He took out his phone again and just dialed any number.
The person who he happened to dail his number happened to be Luwis
“Hello? Boss?” Dillion heard but couldn’t even speak.
It felt like he was getting choked every time he opened his mouth to talk, the phone dropped from his shaky hands.
He managed to keep his eyes open but couldn’t keep them open any longer. He also fainted.
Somewhere far from there in an un-derground house.
Luwis kept staring at his phone.
Why isn’t he saying anything? He wondered.
“Hello? I can hear you” Luwis said into the phone for the hundredth times.
‘Hey, can you st©p shouting?” Jay one of Dillion’s boys snapped at Luwis who kept shouting.
The manner in which Jay had asked him to st©p shouting annoyed him a lot.
He dropped the call and stood up.
“Hey, you don’t tell me to what to do next time okay?” Luwis snapped back.
“Woah, look at him tryna bite back?” Jay mocked.
The place they were is a very hidden place, they were much there.
“Will you guys st©p this nons-en-se? I thought the boss asked you to check out a location for him?” Sam tried ma-king them st©p.
“Yeah, he did but I didn’t shout to let everyone know that the boss is giving me an as-signment. Just because the boss called you, you are trying to let everyone know that” Jay responded referring to Luwis in the last [email protected]
“You co-cksu-ck*r” Luwis cussed getting more angry at him.
“Yeah it’s true. The boss only favors you because you’re pitiful” one sitting beside Jay half yelled and some of them agreed.
Jay laughed.
“It’s true, he’s life is really pitiful. An orphan who’s granny also…” Jay was still mocking Luwis when luwis punched him [email protected] on his face.
“You don’t insult me, okay?” Luwis growled.
Jay t©uçhed his hurting cheek and turned to look at Luwis who was re-ady for a fight.
“I have a job to do for now, I have to check out the location the boss asked me to check out or I swear you could have been lying dead by now. But notwithstanding, I’ll still deal with you when I get back* Jay thun-dered and left.
“Well, I’ll be waiting for you as well” Luwis shouted after him.
TBC Dillion.

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