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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 12 & 13

Episode 12
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Dilly arrived the company and parked his car in the parking lot.
He carried little Bryan out and started heading into the company. When the securities saw him, they looked at each other in surprise.
They all know their boss and what he likes. What is he doing with a boy? Who is the boy? They wondered.
They glas-s door at the entrance was opened for him and he walked in still carrying Bryan. Bryan kept looking around the company in awe.
Even the workers st©pped to look at him, once he pas-ses them, they start mumbling and gossiping.
Dilly expected the reaction but he doesn’t really care anymore. Rita pushed him too much, it’s high time he makes her realize that he can as well abandon her totally if he wants. He can get rid of her.
Dilly got to the elevator and pressed the number of the last floor, that’s where the vice president and the president office is built.
The elevator took them up, immediately he got off the elevator his eyes met with Suzan.
She had been worried because of the way he had left after the phone call. She was actually in his office talking about work with him when his phone rang and he left hurriedly. She has been expecting him to show up and now he is here but with a kid???
She stared at him as he walked up to her, he made Bryan sit on her receptionist desk.
“S…sir?” She called.
“Can you look after him for me? For two hours” Dilly requested.
“Of…of course” she replied him before taking her eyes to Bryan who was staring around.
“Yeah thanks” Dilly said before turning to go into his office.
He’s reply actually surprised her, he is not the type to thank someone so easily although he has changed a lot this recent time.
Dilly opened his office door and made to go in but st©pped knowing that Suzan will want to know who’s kid he is.
“He is my son” he said to her.
“Bryan, stay with her till I’m done. I’ll try to finish with work fast” he said to Bryan before getting in.
“Oh…oh…!” only [email protected]£ out from suzan’s mouth as she stared at Bryan who also stared at her.
She f0rç£d a smile at him before carrying him and ma-king him sit on her chair.
She stared at him for long wondering how and when Dilly got a son, then she remembered – the lady that had been here the other day. She must be his mother.
Maybe Dilly has finally accepted the mother and child to be with him, she thought. It made her sad and angry.
It tore her heart thinking about it, there is no chance for her now.
She sighed and squatted down to him.
“Hey! What is your name?” She asked ignoring the fact Dilly had alre-ady called him Bryan.
Bryan hasitated for a while before saying a word.
“Are you angry at my dad?” The question shocked her.
“You look somehow, your facial look. It’s as if your angry and sad at the same time” Bryan said again.
Wow! He has been observing me? Suzie thought not knowing what to even say to the little smart boy. Her boss’s son.
*Back to Paris*
Shawna’s eyes remained wi-de-ned, she doesn’t really un-derstand why he is angry.
Why will he shout at someone clearly older than him? And its obvious that he is here for business, so they are probably business [email protected]
A business [email protected] shouldn’t be clearly treated this way, she thought.
Mr johnson remained muted for a while clearly angry that Dillion had reacted that way to him.
He decided to let it go immediately, he can get her without him knowing some other time.
This is business, after business, he had concluded in his mind and then he decided to apologise.
Dillion on his own realized what he did, he shouldn’t be yelling at him that way.
This [email protected] business is what he has been trying to get for a long long time. The actual reason for his happiness was because johnson has finally agreed to hand over the equipments he has been asking for.
He shouldn’t have behaved that way!
He sighed and made to apologise, just for today. Let today continue being a happy day, he thought and made to apologise but Johnson apologized first.
“I’m sorry for that. You’re clearly right, I shouldn’t be doing this” he apologized to Dillion who immediately nodded.
“I’m also sorry sweetheart” he couldn’t help but still admire Shawna.
Shawna nodded her head with her eyes fixed on Dillion.
“So, the papers?” Johnson demanded.
Dillion handed over the necessary papers to him and he signed them. Dillion also signed the one Dillion brou-ght before standing up to leave.
“You can s£nd your workers to come get them from Monday” Johnson said extending his hand for a handshake.
Dillion also stood up and shook his hand.
“Sure” Dillion replied.
“I’ll take my leave now” Johnson said then took a last look at Shawna before leaving.
Dillion sat down satisfied that he didn’t ruin the business with his attitude afterall.
Dillion relaxed and they ate their dessert silently.
Dillion called a waiter and he [email protected]£, he handed his card to the waiter and he left. He [email protected]£ back and handed the card back to him.
“Let’s go” Dillion said standing up.
Shawna stood up and followed him out.
They got into the limo and Dillion told the guards to drive to the nearest shopping mall.
Shawna wondered.
Shopping mall? But didn’t say anything. The incident with johnson hasn’t washed away from her [email protected]
Why did he get so angry that that man is flir-ting with me?
Was he even flir-ting? She wondered again.
They arrived the mall an hour later. Throu-ghout the ride Dillion didn’t say a word to her. He just concentrated on his phone.
Dillion again helped Shawna in coming down from the limo and into the mall. They went to the cloth section and Shawna wondered.
He wants to buy clothes for himself?
It was when they got to the ladies side that she realized, it’s not for him – Definitely. He won’t wear female clothes, her mind told her.
Dillion stared at the rolls of clothes for a while before ordering for them all.
Okay, what is he doing? Shawna wondered still lost.
The waiters didn’t waste time, they started packing up all the clothes in that [email protected] row.
They stole glances at Dillion as they did that.
“Gosh, she is really lucky” one whispered to her [email protected] and Shawna happened to hear it.
And it dawn on her. He is getting those clothes for her? Only her? Her eyes wi-de-ned at the thought.
The dresses are all her size, she is sure a lot of them will fit her.
She kept looking at Dillion until he spoke up.
“What?” He asked.
Shawna swallowed.
“Are those dresses for me?” She inquired but wished she hasn’t asked when he didn’t reply her for 2 straight minutes. It was like he was going back to his usual self.
“Is that a question?” He scoffed and turned to fully face her.
“If they aren’t for you then who else?Who could possibly own them?” He asked then turned away from her.
“Perhaps ma’am Sandra?” He scoffed again.
Shawna lowered her head and found herself smiling. He made it look like it was a stupid question.
But come to think of it, he is really getting all those dress just for her?
Episode 13
Writer’s POV
Back inside his office, Dilly sat down then brou-ght out his phone and dialed someone’s line.
“Hello” a voice [email protected]£ out from the other end of the phone.
“Yeah Luke, I nee-d you to do a lot of things for me real quic-k. Firstly, search for a nanny, secondly you to tell the maids to arrange that room opposite mine than thirdly search up for an elementary school around the quarters” Dilly said into the phone.
“A nanny, the room and a school?” The voice asked to be sure.
“Yeah, do that fast. About payment, the nanny will be paid handsomely. Just be fast with this, make sure you finish the task in less than 3 hours” Dilly said.
“Okay, but how should the room be?” The voice asked.
“Well, just have them arrange it for now. Later, I’ll have to get someone to really design the room properly” Dillion answered.
“Okay sir, I’ll go now” the voice said.
Then the line went dead.
Dilly dropped his phone on t©p of his table then started searching for his tablet.
His mind is telling him that it might be useful to Bryan.
He opened up the drawers attached to his desk in hope to see the tablet, he kept searching and searching until he found it. Then he stood up hurriedly and walked to the door in order to hand the tablet over to Bryan.
Outside the office.
Bryan kept staring at Venessa for answers which weren’t going to come.
“Let’s just forget it okay?” Venessa thought for a while then decided to wave it aside.
Bryan being the kind of kid he is didn’t disturb again. He just took his attention elsewhere, he started staring around. Then he stood up from the sit and started heading to the elevator side.
Venessa kept staring at him as he walked.
“Where do you wanna go Bryan?” She whispered so as not to disturb her boss.
Bryan turn to look at her, then he looked away and concentrated his attention on the elevator.
“Where?” Venessa asked going to meet him.
Bryan kept quite, he just stared at the elevator. He is not tall enough, he could he opened it.
Venessa opened up the elevator and Bryan wasted no time in running in.
“Where?” Venessa asked for the third time kind of worried. Dilly had asked her to look after him which meant that he trusted her enough.
She doesn’t wanna disappoint him at all by taking Bryan anywhere and something happens to him.
“Let’s just head down, I wanna look around” Bryan finally answered her.
Venessa sighed and stepped into the elevator.
“We aren’t stepping out of the company, okay? We will just look around for few minutes” Venessa looked down at Bryan who was trying to press one of the bottles that will lead them to any floor if pressed but his hand couldn’t reach it.
Venessa saw this and helped Bryan in pressing the bottle of the last floor.
The elevator closed up just when Dilly was coming out from his office.
He met an empty room.
Where are they? He wondered.
After getting her a lot of clothes, they left together. They got outside and entered the opened limo.
Shawna couldn’t hide her happiness, she kept on smiling and smiling like a crazed person.
Dillion noticed this but pretended not to notice it.
There was still time, he doesn’t just wanna head home now.
He’s kind of sick of the house today, the world revolves around him there afterall.
But he thought about it, he can always go out next time and secondly he is expecting a visitor which happens to be vivian.
“Just head back home” he said to his guards and driver. They started the engine then left for the mansion.
The few hours they spent was spent in silence, it was as if they both didn’t know what to say to each other so they decided to be quit.
Being quit has always been Dillion’s character but he really wanted to start up a conversation, even if it’s last for 10 minutes but he didn’t know what to say.
And being who he is again, he hates mistake. So he also doesn’t wanna start up a meaningless conversation so he remained muted till they got to the mansion.
And also Shawna, she really wanted to thank him for the clothes but strangly didn’t know how to start.
Today is different Shawna, she had reminded herself but then again reminded herself of the characters he showed that are awkward so she kept mute until they got to the mansion.
They got down from the limo which was parked in the garage.
Dillion [email protected]£ down first and wanted to leave but Shawna found herself holding unto him.
He st©pped and helped her down, when he wanted to leave again. She still held unto him.
He then turned to face her knowing fully well she wanted something, nee-ded something.
“What is it?” He asked his eyes fixed on her.
“Um….” Shawna started her gaze on the floor.
“I just wanna thank you for the meal and the clothes” she thanked then folded herl-ips. She was just too shy even to look him in the eyes.
Hold on, she isn’t supposed to originally look him in the eyes.
“Look at me” Dillion hushed.
She slowly looked up at him.
“When you’re thanking someone, you should at least look the person in the eyes. I nee-d to see your sincerity” Dillion said.
Shawna couldn’t help but feel heated as their eyes stayed glued to each other.
“You’re welcome” he said after a long time. He then took his hands up to her head and brou-ght it closer, he planted a k!sson her forehead then looked down at her eyes, herl-ips. The urge to k!ssher hit him and he didn’t resist it, he bent down slowly and placed hisl-ips on hers. He’sl-ips ca-ress her shutl-ips for a while before he finally gained entrance to her mouth, he k!$$£d her slowly, slowly as if that was where he was gonna die.
Shawna who really wasn’t expecting the k!sstried to behave herself as he k!$$£d her slowly.
Her heart beat kept increasing. The taste of hisl-ips, they tasted like the champagne he finished drinking hours ago.
But the slow k!sswas cut short by a call.
He st©pped, brou-ght out his phone to see the caller – Vivian.

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