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Sold to a gang leader 2 Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D Writes
(A k!ss)
Writer’s POV
Shawna stood before Dillion as he drank directly from the bottle of alcohol with him.
He seems to be de-ep in thought, Shawna thought as she stared at Dillion. He hasn’t acknowledged her pres£nce yet.
She kept staring at him as he drank.
What could be going on on his mind? She wondered.
After waiting for about 2 minutes again, she moved forward and got a little bit closer to him.
She made to tap his shoulder but his head sprang up. In fear she moved back with speed forgetting that the pool was right behind her.
She st©pped moving when she noticed her that her feet weren’t balanced, as she was about to move forward again, her weight didn’t really support her and she made to fall into the pool.
No! She was nearly into the pool before a hand caught hers. The hand held her firmly and pu-ll-ed her up.
With the f0rç£ in which she was pu-ll-ed up, she almost hvgged the hand’s owner which happened to be Dillion.
Her heart speed up. She thought she was gonna die just now. She doesn’t even know how to swim.
Her right hand relaxed on Dillion’s che-st. She took her eyes up to stare at him doubtfully.
She doubted that he was the one that held her.
Her eyes met with his piercing eyes.
“When will you ever learn?” He spoke up the smell of the alcohol he was drinking went into Shawna’s noserily.
It is a strong one!
She opened her mouth to talk but didn’t even know what to say.
She kept staring at him and suddenly she felt her heart beat fas-ter.
She was so close to him again. She doesn’t un-derstand how she felt exactly.
Dillion kept watching for expression like a movie and slowly his eyes fli-ckered to herl-ips then back to her eyes.
Shawna felt bu-tterflies inside her when she noticed his eyes movement. She started feeling weird, more weird than ever.
It [email protected]£ worst when she noticed he was really about to k!ssher. Their faces are much more closer now.
She couldn’t believe it when she finally felt hisl-ips on hers.
Her eyes grew more bigger. Herl-ips couldn’t dare move.
She gulped down when she noticed hisl-ips really dancing on hers. He wanted entrance so she patted herl-ips giving him the entrance he wanted.
Hisl-ips covered hers and he k!$$£d her de-eply for the first time ever.
Ma’am Sandra who was bringing a cu-p of milk and cake to him st©pped when she saw the awkward situation they were in.
She [email protected]£ surprised seeing Dillion really holding and staring at her like she was his life. Then to the k!ss.
She turned back quietly, then left not wanting to st©p the moment.
The k!ssbearly lasted because Dillion got a grip of himself and st©pped.
What the hell? He had questioned his own self.
Why did I do that? He frowned when he had dis£ngaged. He went and sat back on his sit.
“Take this and leave” he took up a small package that looked like the first one he had given her before.
Shawna breathed out and collected the package from him than walked out quic-kly from there.
Her heart kept beating more fas-ter. Due to her current state, she didn’t even notice ma’am Sandra who was standing around there.
She ran past her up to her room. She slammed the door close and locked it, then went into the shower.
Her b©dy has alre-ady reddened, it has become h0t.
She turned on the shower and stood as cold water ran throu-gh her b©dy.
What was that? She wondered.
Dillion ruffled his hair still thinking about the k!ss.
I only k!ssladies I like. Why did I suddenly have the urge to k!ssher? Why did I end up k!ss!ngher? Why didn’t I st©p myself earlier? He wondered.
He kept thinking about it until a call [email protected]£ into his phone.
Without looking at the caller, he picked the call and placed the phone on his ear.
“Yeah?” He said into the phone.
“Hellooo, Dillion do you still recall me?” A female voice asked.
He brou-ght the phone down and stared at the number, he stared at it for long but couldn’t recognize it. The number wasn’t saved.
“I don’t remember you. Speak!” He ordered.
He doesn’t really interact with a lot of ladies. He wondered how this one got his number.
“It’s me Viv” the caller said.
“Viv?” Dillion asked.
“Oh Vivian?” He finally remembered and ru-bbe-d his temple.
“Yesss, Dillion it’s me. I have business over there. Like I’m coming over to Paris and don’t have where to stay and I don’t wanna stay at a h0tel Dillon. Can I stay at your mansion till…you know…” She explained.
“Why can’t you stay at a h0tel?” Dillion asked not really concerned about her at the moment.
“Because I don’t know when I’ll finish with my work over there. I can’t stay in a h0tel,it’s dangerous…I’m a lady y….”
“You can come if that’s what you want. You won’t stay long too” Dillon Interrupted her speech then cut the call.
**Somewhere at Angola**
Vivian the lady that just finished calling Dillion smiled and stared at her two friends.
“What did he say babe?” One of them inquired.
Vivian grinned.
“He said I can come over” she squeaked and answered.
“Yes!! That’s how it goes” her two friends rejoiced.
“So, how exactly do you plan on executing your plans?” One asked.
“Well, I’ll just have to s£dûç£him a bit. One thing I learnt about Dillion is that he prefers strong people to weak people. I’ll show him my qualities, I’ll give him a helping hand. He won’t know when he’ll fall for me” she smiled and said.
“Alright babe, you have to start packing now” one said.
“Yes! Wish me luck” Vivian said.
“Goodluck!!” They both wished.
Episode 8
Writer’s POV
Shawna [email protected]£ out from the bathroom and threw herself on the be-d after wearing on her clothes.
She kept thinking, she kept thinking about the k!ss. She couldn’t forget it.
The way and manner he had k!$$£d her, it didn’t look like he was just trying to take plea-sure from her. It looked like he was really hungry for it, he really wanted it with the way he acted.
Which is why it’s very awkward. Very strange.
Her mind drifted to the reason he had called her and she turned her head and got hold of the small package also lying there on the be-d.
Oh! It’s another phone. He got another one for me, she thought happyily as she unwra-pped it.
It’s the same [email protected]
Since the incident with Matthias she hasn’t been able to t©uçh a phone because Matthias actually collected the phone and doomed it outside in the waste bin including her designer bag.
She got another designer bag two days later but didn’t get back her phone or a new one.
Then she thought that she won’t be getting any one again.
She has accepted that she won’t be getting another but here is another one staring at her.
She smiled and kept it aside feeling sleepy.
“I’ll come for you later” she yawned and said then sle-pt off.
4 hours later.
Shawna climbe-d down the stairs to go meet ma’am Sandra. She felt so hungry, she didn’t eat before slee-ping off.
She turned round the mansion to the kitchen side and met ma’am Sandra. She is always at that end of the mansion.
“Ma’am” she called.
“Hey child, come over here. You haven’t eaten. I s£nt a someone to you but got the reply that you’ve sle-pt off. You are hungry now right?” Ma’am Sandra did the whole talking for her.
She smiled happily and nodded her head.
“Well, go tell marina to heat up that food inside the fridge” she instructed and shawna nodded then left to do what she was asked. She [email protected]£ back few minutes later and sat with Ma’am sandra.
“So, how was today? Did anything exciting or surprising happen?” Ma’am sandra asked wanting to hear her narrate the incident that led to Dillion to k!ss!ngher.
“Um.. incident?” Shawna asked then thought. Her mind flashed to the k!ssbut she didn’t know how to even start explaining it to ma’am sandra so she decided to lie.
“No.. nothing at all” she replied tou-ching her cheek which has started reddening.
Ma’am sandra of course noticed this but didn’t wanna expo-se her.
“Shawna, come up to the dinning. Your meal is there” she heard Marina say to her.
She stood up immediately.
“I’ll go for my meal now” she said to ma’am Sandra and left.
She met her meal there and bounced on it, eating hungrily not until luwis showed up.
She slowed down her pace, eating with her eyes fixed on him. She hasn’t been seeing him around, neither has she been seeing Sam. Seems like they are back.
“Hi Shawna, do you miss me?” He asked and win-ked.
“No, where have you been?” Shawna replied him not entirely honest.
“Hmm…so you don’t miss me, huh!? Well I missed you, been with the boys anyways” he answered collecting her fork from her.
She let him have it. He used the fork to cut the beef inside her plate, then he took a bit before handing the fork back to her.
She collected it and continued eating slowly.
“So, how have you been?” He asked.
“Good. What do you mean ‘been with the boys’? What boys are you talking about?” Shawna asked really curious.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get to see them one day” Luwis answered simply.
A cool silence ensured as Shawna took his answers and continued eating.
After a while of staring at her eat. Luwis spoke up and asked.
“Do you mind walking around the mansion with me tomorrow?” He inquired.
She took her eyes to stare at him.
She has been wanting to know every nook and cranny of the big mansion for long but she knows that Luwis can’t also be seen walking around with her.
She coughed slightly before replying him.
“Maybe some other time, not tomorrow” she answered him.
Luwis who was expecting a complete no [email protected]£ a bit surprised but happy at the same time.
“Okay, maybe during weekdays. I’ll leave you to finish your food” he said standing up.
Shawna nodded her head. He t©uçhed her hair before disappearing giving Shawna space to breathe properly.
They all make her nervous.
Next day.
Shawna went to school as usual and returned but was met with surprises.
She met Dillion waiting for her at her front door. Like he was waiting for her.
It didn’t only surprise her, it also shocked her but she tried to hide it when she stood facing him.
“Be quic-k, I don’t have time, go dress up” he said to her staring at his wrist watch.
She went into her room after nodding, she started searching for what to wear but was aided by a maid that was probably s£nt to help her out.
“What is going on?” Shawna couldn’t help but ask the maid who had smiles on her face. Her happiness couldn’t be hidden.
“Well, today is the day the young master grants us anything. It happens once in a while, he even does things for us without asking. Everyone of us always look forward to this day” she explained smiling like she was seeing heaven.
“Okay, like it has a [email protected] day or…”
“No! It’s just happens. Whenever something good, I mean really good happens to him. He becomes like this” she explained again and Shawna nodded her head.
“So, what happened to him?” She couldn’t help but ask again.
“I don’t know. We don’t ask but you can ask if you want. He won’t penalize you since something good might have happened to him – just for today. You can behave abnormally” she giggled at the last [email protected]
It wasn’t really going down well with Shawna. She is confused even after the explaination but she decided to let it go.
She went into the shower and had a two minutes bathe. She [email protected]£ out and put on the cloth selected for her by the maid.
The maid helped in combing her hair, she kept smiling all the way till they were done.
Is she that happy? Shawna wondered and went to open the door in order to go to Dillion but shockingly met him still standing there.
Her eyes wi-de-ned.
He has been here the whole time? She thought.
Okay, today is really a day to be happy about?
TBC Shawna
Vivian is still coming o Shawna. Enjoy for now 😪 without problems.

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