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One last only girl final Episode

Episode sixty
I went downstairs and all our friends has alre-ady gathered, hope they won’t ask stupid questions.
I sat beside sitritha.
‘Why not seat beside your husband? “,asked Yashrai.
“Leave her alone, well I will go and order something for us! “Stan said as he walked away, just then my friends surrounded me.
“Debbie, tells us the details, how was it? “Francine asked me.
“Whateave me alone”I said.
“Come on Debbie”Luhina said.
“Why are you disturbing my wife? “Stan approached us.
“Bro, we want to know the details”sao Conai and Stan smiled.
“Really? Well you know what, last night would have been th worse day of my life, I now have proof that she really did nothing with that Gibson back at school”Stan said.
“St©p it stan! I am leaving”I yelled at him, I felt embarras-sed.
“Sorry, honey, I won’t say anything again”he said.
“But one thing is remaining for you to say”conai said to Stan.
“And what is that? “He asked.
“That it was your first time as well”conai said and stan hit him pla-yfully.
“Enough of this”he said laughing along with us.
“plea-se, just eat one spoon”Stan said forcing me to eat.
“I just don’t have appetite “I said.
“Are you sure we must not see the doctor! “He was concerned.
“I will be fine, just eat and go to be-d, remember you have an appointment tomorrow “I said.
Its been a month now, and we are still staying at the h0tel.
“, I can’t believe that finally i have seen my child”Yashrai said looking at his son.
“I am finally someone’s aunt”Debbie said happily.
“Debbie, your happy about being an aunt, when will we see your own child? “Asked sitritha.
M”God’s time is the best”Debbie said.
“Gosh, look at who is talking here? God’s time is the best while we only did it once? “I tea-sed and everyone laughed
“Really? Sister, are you starving my brother? “Conai said.
“Excuse me, I have an appointment “she said.
“But you dont look fine, why not rest a bit before going for the appointment? “I said.
“Don’t worry, I will st©p by the h0tel to rest, I am off”she said and stood up, she took few more steps the fainted.
“Debbie! “I rushed to her and in no time we took her to the hospital.
Episode sixty one
“I am so happy soon I will carry my grandchild from Debbie”mom said happily.
“And for me, I can’t help the joy of being a father”Stan said whil pe-cking me.
“No matter if you have your own child or not, one thing will never change, you will always be my baby”Mr Jamie said and we all laughed. “Well, her its our congratulations gift. Its from me and your mother here”he said handing me a do¢v-ment, wao, they bought a studio for us?
“That you very much dad, thank you mom”I said happily.
“Everything you nee-d is alre-ady there, you know we are always your number one fans”dad said and Stan hvgged his father.
“Always the best dad ever”he said.
Stan’s POV
Time has re-ady flew, here I am at the waiting room of the hospital.
“Calm down Stan, your wife will be fine”said Manuel but that didn’t console my heart.
Yashrai and conai come out and I rushed to them.
“How is my wife? Is she fine?, what about the baby”I had many questions. They all looked sad.
“plea-se someone tell me how my wife is”i yelled.
“Should I tell him? “Conai asked yash.
“Yes, go ahead”he said.
“No, you be the one to tell him”these guys are pushing me to the edge.
“Will you st©p all this and tell me how my wife is? “I yelled.
“Well, in-law, if you prepared one name, you better found another one soon”yash said.
“And what does that mean? “I asked.
“They are twins, congratulations “yashrau said and I was over joyed.
“Can I see her now? “I asked and u was given permission.
I walked into the ward and Debbie was busy looking at the kids, she smiled at me.
“Are they not cute? “She asked me.
“More than cute”I said as I t©uçhed their f!ngers.
“Welcome to the world my angels, dad promise to do everything to make life easy for you guys “I said.
Gosh, what a responsibility, being a wife, a mother and a government worker.
I was done dressing the twins when Hilt [email protected]£d her fathers work do¢v-ments, I took them away from her and she start crying.
“Why is my princess crying? “Stan asked.
“She was pla-ying with the do¢v-ments”I explained and she took the kid in his arms.
“Dont cry, you know mom is jealous coz your cute than her”he said.
“Really? James, take the kids to school’ I said to one of the drivers.
“Are you angry? “He asked me.
“How could you say she is cute than me? “I yelled.
“Come on”He hvgged me from behind.
Episode sixty two(semi-finale
“Come on, don’t be angry angel, you know the kids took after you and that’s why they are cute, your more cuter”he said with a pe-ck and I smiled
We bought a car for stan’s step mother and she gladly accepted it
“Debbie, congratulations on winning Stan”Romena said and I looked at her
“Sorry, but it was never a competition”I said.
“Well, anyway thanks to your intervention at the right time, you st©p me from doing my wvwil deed, I never loved Stan but I loved his family’s wealth. And by the way, I am sorry fro all I did to you”she said and I could feel sincerity in her voice.
“Well, if God forgave our sins, whom am I not to forgive you”I said.
“Thank you Debbie, and one more thing, can I join the band? “She asked.
“Why not, it will be even nice to have you in the group”I said as we hvgged.
Everything has been good for us and today we are re-leasing our second abulm
I was busy interacting with the guests when a woman dressed in a short pink Sk-irt and a ba-reback summer approached me.
“Hi”she said.
“Hi”I replied.
“My name is Missy, I would like to be your secret lover”she said and I laughed.
“I am sorry, I am married”I said.
“I know, I am also married with, we can keep it a secret between us”she said.
“I cannot do that, I love my wife and I cannot cheat on her, excuse me “I said and walked away.
“I welcome you all to the 2nd launch of our second abulm, I would like this opportunity to thank my friends Anthony, Manuel, conai and Yashrau for being there for me and I s£ncere thank Yash for being a good love teacher to me”I could see smiles on my friendsl-ips
“I would also like to thank my father for un-derstanding my feeling and allowing me to marry Debbie, the girl that I loved, your the best dad ever”I said and dad smiled.
“I would also like to thank my beloved wife Debbie for supporting me and giving me the gift of Hilt and fate, I can’t love you less”I said and blew her a k!ss.
“I am also thankful to you Stan, and I don’t know how to thank you for all youve done for me, you show me that their is no limits of love between the rich and the poor, thanks for loving someone like me”sshe said.
“The gift of Hilt and Fate is enough for me, I can’t ask for more”I said and she blu-shed.
Episode sixty three(FINALE)
“I would like to thank my dad, Mr Jamie for throwing out the singing competition years back. Without that, I don’t know what my future would have been like today. Mom, your the best in the whole world, I and my siblings are really greatful for having a mother like you, you sacrificed your joy for us and we love you a lot”I said and could see mom shedding tears of joy.
“Francine, persina, Luhina, sitritha, your my friends in nee-d and indeed, thank you for always being there for me”I said as I hvgged my friends one by one.
We sung few of our songs togethers.
The love between I and Stan grow more and more strong.
“Mom, we want to be artists as well”said fate.
“Really? Dad will support you”I said to him. “I wish you guys grow up and become best friend as we are”I said.
“Thats true, you know what Stan, if Debbie was not my best friend’s girl, I would have snatched her away from you”said Anthony.
“Anthony is right, if Debbie was not my sister, she would have been my bride”yash added.
“Debbie is every guys dream”Manuel said and and persina hit him with a cushion.
“If she is every man’s dream, why did you marry us? “She said.
“Someone is jealous,sorry love”he said.
“Dad, look into mom’s eyes and tell her that you love her”fate said.
“Yash, can you see what Debbie is doing to my kids? “I tea-sed.
“Stan,I wonder why you guy’s arguments always ends when one ask the other to look into his or her eyes?”conai asked.
“Well, its because it reminds us of the first promise we made to each other”I said with a smile.
“Dad, we are waiting”Hilt said and I looked into debbie’s eyes.
“I love your mother so much and I also love my beautiful kids”I said pu-lling them into my arms.
“St©p it, we also have our kids and wives here”yash said and we all laughed.
Caro asked for forgiveness from me and dad and we forgive her.
Both out families and friends where gathered in the my house.
“Give me a bottle of jui-ce”said Lindiwe.
“I would like a glas-s of milk”said Lawrence.
“And give Mr a bottle of premier bland”Mr Bland said”what would you like sir? ”
“Drop the formalities just call me in-law, well I want Jameson “said Mr Jamie.
“Give me a glas-s of wine”I said and Stan looked at me.
“Madam, when did you start taking alcohol? “He asked me.
“Everything has its starting point”I said with a sm-irk.
Everyone order their preferred drinks
“As for me, give me a glas-s 🍸 of red wine”I said and everyone looked at me
“Excuse me madam, when did you start drinking 🍹 wine? “Stan asked in a commanding tone
“Why? What?am I not allowed to drink wine? By the way everything has a starting point”I said
“Really? But not in my house, I will never let my wife take any sour drink in my own house”he said
“Point of correction, our house”I said and everyone laughed. Stan pu-ll-ed me close to him and k!$$£d me
“Eesh, the two of you, why not just gets room? “Yashrai said
“Can’t you observe that we have kids in here? “Caro adde
“, fine fine, have the living room all to yourselves, Debbie come with me”Stan said as he dragged me upstairs to our room
“Finally, we are all alone, no one will make silly comments here”he said as he pu-ll-ed me in his arms
“Yes, Mr love marker”I tea-sed him as he ca-ressed me
“Don’t dare repeat what you did on our honey moon”he said
“Stan, my love for you will always be strong, let’s raise our kids together in a God fearing way”I said as unZi-p my dress
“I will never run away from my responsibility, as a father and a husband,you are one in a million Debbie”he said as I pu-ll-ed off his golf shi-t
“I love you j£rk”I said as he pushed me on the be
“I love you too Debbie, my trouble maker “he said as he planted a de-ep kids on myl-ips. In no time, we melted in each others arms forgetting the visitors down stairs in out living room
Time went by, the love between me and Stan grew more and more  stronger, we never hide secrets from each other and we did everything together. Our friends Yashrai, Francine, Conai, Sitritha, Manuel, Luhina, Anthony and persina we’re always there for us
Our music was known worldwi-de and we re-leased our 7th abulm tittle Best friend forever with made a lot of money for us. I was a good lawyer and I received a lots of awards
When I look back, I always cried to God thinking that he has abandoned me, little did I know he was preparing a paradise for m
As you listen to my story, know that God answer prayers at the right time, he  is never too fast or late but at the right time, you will sing a new song just like mine


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