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One last only girl Episode 52 & 53

Episode fifty two
I was listening attentively and guess what, stan is very much alike his father, they all make me comfortable around them.
“To my surprise, the new many turn out to be my long lost first love chifundo. I tried [email protected] to pretend as if she was not in our house but I could not do if anymore. One day I aproached her and asked her to start over with me but she refused saying I was a married man now. And one day, I was drun!k”he paused and laughed.
“That’s day, i don’t even know how i ended up in chifundo’s room, I asked her to make lovw with me but she refused, I f0rç£d her and finally i succeed. To my surprise, she was still pure in her 20′”he looked at Stan.
“Days pas-sed by and one day he come to me crying and cursing at me. When I asked her what was the problem, she said she was pregnant, that news,brou-ght joy into my life. Upon hearing the news, my parents pas-sed away. Life become a living hell for chifundo but she didnt give up either her job nor unborn baby. Few moths later, she brou-ght stan into my life and pas-sed away that very years”he said wiping a tear.
“I love conai because its his birth that brou-ght xhifundi back to me and I love stan Because he is the precious gift my first love lef for me. So Debbie, plea-se take care if my Stan, without him, I am nothing”he said.
“Don’t worry dad, your son is in safe hands”I said.
“I trust you, well order anythin on the menu”he said.
“Don’t bother dad, just bring everything on the menu and you will be shocked. Debbie is a glutton “he said.
“St©p its Stan “I hit him pla-yfully. I had a nice time wirh my father in-law. I got to know more about him, Stan and patel’s family.
I wonder what stan’s mom is doing here but I know she is up to no good.
“As you can all see, we have got executive visitors and she has a word to say. But before that, lets ask our girls to sing for us.
“Debbie, don’t go and sing”sitritha said.
“Dont worry, she can do nothing”i said as i went to the stage and sung “COU TING MY BLESSINGS BY Sinach ”
“You’ve got a very beautiful voice”she said.
“Thank you, I mumbled.
“Your so beautiful, what’s your name? “She asked.
“I am Debbie sumeu”I said and her eyes turned wi-de.
“So, your the cause of my son’ misbehaving? “She asked.
“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I am talking about, leave my son alone “she said and I laughed.
“Am sorry mom”
Episode fifty three
🌹🌺By authoress Anita🌹
“I am sorry maam, but I cannot leave your son, we love each other so much “I fired bac
“Little girl, are you pla-ying with me? Do you know who I am”she fired.
“Yes, your my future mother in-law”I said.
“She scoffed and walked out of the hall.
I was in my room studying when someone budged
“Debbie! “It was Stan.
“Ooh, Stan, what are you doing here? “I asked.
“Are you okey? I heard that mom visited, did she do anything to you? “He seemed so worried.
“Com on Stan, you know am not the type of a girl that  let someone hurt me. “I smiled.
“Thank God your okey, so what are you doing? “He aske
“Am studying”I said.
“Look, you didn’t get the answer right, gish, why suffer with maths when you’ve got a genius for a b©yfri£nd”he said”let ms help you with the solving”he said taking the book from me.
“Your honor, plea-se allow me to ask him some few questions “I said. You must be wondering where I am, well, I am in a court room, I got good grades and have been studying Law. Serina become a judge and stuward is a prosecutor what a family fate
“Mr sumei, what made you take away your late brother’s property from his wife and children? “I asked
“plea-se, you and I know that I suffered a lot to raise my younger brother when out parents pas-sed away. And per traditional, when a man die, everything he owns belong to his brother, I did nothing, I just took what belonged to me”he said and his answer pissed me of.
“Did you even care about the children and wife? What if the Same fate befall your family? “I asked.
“Well, that will be their own fate”he said.
“Your honor, I have nothing more to ask”I did and took my seat.
“Mr sumei, this is the 21st century and tradition that makes others vulnerable are no longer in use. According to section 43 of the book of law, you violated a rules and made a woman and wife suffer. For that, I s£ntence you to 4 years in prison or pay a fine of 50 thousand, plus you must return the property to the owner”serine concluded the case
I wonder why the university gave me such a boring case, but am happy,I got a merit and I look very beautiful in my coat
Tomorrow is my graduation day as well as my birthday. I wonder what Stan will give me as a gift.
Episode fifty four
It was a very beautiful day in my life.
“Happy birthday sister in-law”said David ma-king me blush.
“Thank brother in-law”I said with a smile.
Just then jane approached me.
“Debbie”she called me.
“Ooh, jane,thank God you here”I said hvgging her.
“Debbie,plea-se about what I did in the past I am sorry”she said in tears.
“Come on Jane, its not a day to she’d tears, its a happy day in my life. Let the bygone be the bygone”I said.
“Thank you, thank you for not opposing to our the marriage between me and your brother “she said.
“Sister, my brother staurt really loved you so I had no right to st©p the two of you “I said and she hvgged me.
Just then I heard a familiar voice.
“Debbie! ”
“God! Persina? Luhina? Is this for real? “I could not believe it.
“We missed you Debbie, “they said hvgging me.
“I really missed you too friends, wao, I can’t imagine that finally I am with all my four friends now”I said happily as we hvgged.
“There is my sister in-law, you look beautiful”said conai.
“Hey, my sister is not old enough to be someone’s in-law”tea-sed Yashrai.
“Come on conai, I am not yet your sister in-law, who may know? that your brother might change his mind and find another girl “I said folding my arms.
“And who can change his mind on a beautiful girl like you? ” I heard stan’s voice.
“Stan! “In no time I was in his arms.
“Wait, what is going on here? “Ruhina looked confused.
“Well, ruhina, persina meet Stan, my fiance”I said.
“Its a joke right? You two we’re worse enemies back then”said pesina.
“That was all in the past, I never knew it was love back then”Stan pu-ll-ed me in his arms.
“Love my foot”I said looking away.
“Stan, don’t tell me you’ve come to your fiancee birthday empty handed”said Manuel.
“How can I come empty handed, wait”he said and went to the stage.
“Ladies and gentle men, I welcome you to the birthday [email protected] of my one and only love Debbie.Before I pres£nt my gift to you, I would like us to sing one song together “he said and we all sung one song together, woo, I really enjoyed it, its been long since I sung with Stan.
As soon as we finished singing, Stan went on his knees.
“Debbie, the trouble maker of my life, will you be my wife? “He said holding a n£¢klace.
I almost fainted, gosh, I feel so h0t now.
“Trouble maker? Gosh, no I won’t marry you”I scoffed
Episode five
“Stan, don’t you ever break my sisters heart or I will kill you”cautioned yashrai
“What is she is the one on the wrong side? “Asked Stan.
“Just look into her eyes and ask her why she has done that to you”said yashrai and everyone laughed.
“Finally tomorrow is the day, I can’t wait to consummate my marriage with Debbie”Stan said and I hit him pla-yfully.
“St©p it Stan, your embarras-sing me”I blu-shed.
“What a childish couple”conai said.
“No, I cannot let Debbie win just like this, I cannot let go Stan like this”yelled Romeana.
“Romean, just give up arleady, stab does not love you and you can’t change the fact”said Jane.
“I cannot give up like this, I will do everything I can to win
Stan back”she said in frustration.
It was a very beautiful morning, Debbie wore a sleeveless wedding 👰 dress, she really looked so beautiful
Mr Bland, her ancle walked her to where I was waiting for her.
She faced me
“You look beautiful”I mumbled and she blu-shed.
“Ladies and gentle men, I welcome you to the wedding ceremony of our kids who have waited for 7 years to  have their marriage blessed”, pastor yashrai said
“,point of correction pastor, we are no longer kids, I am 22 and my angel is 21″said stab ma-king everyone laugh.
“Okey sir. Without wasting much of our time, let’s start the wedding vows”yashrau said.
“Stanaziel  patel, would you take Debbie sumei as your beloved wife, love  her and always make her happy till death separates you? “He said
“Yes, I promise but not even death will separate our love”, said Stan and everyone shook their horneless head.
“Debbie sumei, will you promise to….
“Yes I promise”Debbie said smiling at Stan.
They out the rings on each others f!nger
“So, before we proceed, is there anyone who is against this marriage? “Asked the pastor and Romeana didn’t hesitate but step forward.
“I am totally against this marriage”she said
“Romena? What are you doing? “Asked Stan.
“My parents an his parents promised that we two must get married”she said.
,”but I never loved you”said Stan.
“But I am pregnant “she said.
“What? What does that have to do with me? “Stan asked.
“Your the one responsible for the pregnancy, Debbie, Stan is not as you see him, he is a very bad boy”she added and Debbie was silent. The church was in chaos. 😦 😦 😦
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