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One last only girl Episode 48 to 51

Episode 48
“Sister! Your home”exclaimed Debbie.
“Yes, your Stan right? “She asked
“Sister, you know him? “Debbie asked.
“Of course, who doesn’t know the beloved son of my Patel? “She said.
Gosh, I never knew that I am this popular.
“So, your the reason my daughter suddenly changed? “Her mother asked.
“Really? ”
“Yes, I was wondering you made my daughter to have a b©yfri£ndat that a tender age, so it was you”she said.
“I am really sorry for that”I apologized.
“Its nothing, thank God Debbie managed to win back my tryst coz of her honesty words”she said
“I hope so”
“By the way, how old are you? “She asked.
“I am 15 years old mom”I said.
“Mmh, kids of nowadays are really something else. Well, I heard you will be sitting for you highschool final exams this year”she said.
“Yes, to be honest, the moment I fall for your daughter, I didnt even even want to hold it back. I really love Debbie”I said.
“Stan? “Debbie called my name.
“Well, I like your honest, am sure your mother is happy to have you”she said.
“Mmh, where ever she is, I am sure she is happy. My mother pas-sed away not long after I was born “I said.
“Mmh, sorry about that”she sympathized with me.
“Honestly, I am an illegitimate child”I said.
“St©p it Stan”
“You really deserve my daughter”she said and Debbie brushed
“Really? ”
“Yes, mom is right”serina added.
I must admit, Debbie’s family is one of the best.
“Stan, your welcome, feel free”Debbie said.
“You know I am not a shy type”I said and win-ked at her everyone laughed
“Debbie, I and Lindiwe are going to the market, plea-se take good are of out visitor”debbies mom said before she left and in no time Serina also got a message from her fiance asking her to have a [email protected]£. She also left leaving us alone.
“Finally, I am alone with you “I said stretching my arms.
“Shah”Debbie mumbled.
“I really like your home”I said.
“Are you ma-king fun of me? “She said.
“No, whatever makes you happy also makes me happy, let’s go round the village”, I said.
“No! I do not want other girls to.. “She was silent.
“Ate you jealous? “I tea-sed.
“Who is jelouse”she looked away.
“Are you ignoring me? Your mother said you must take good care of me”I said.
“So, ? “She asked.
“Debbie, myl-ips itch”I said
“So? ”
“Give me the medicine”I said.
“I don’t know the medicine”she said.
“I do
“What is that? “She asked.
“This”I pu-ll-ed her in my arms and k!$$£d her tenderly
Episode 49
I finished preparing dinner and linduwe helped me bress the food on the dinning table.
“Food is re-ady! “I announce to mom who was busy chilling with Stan. I wonder how they got so close in just a moment.
I served the food and prayed before eating.
“This is all we could afford to prepare, I don’t know if it will suit your taste”mom said.
“Don’t worry, this is enough for me mom”he said. “Mmh, the food taste really great, I am really lucky to have Debbie as my love, she’s a great cook”he said and we all laughed.
Just then Chiyembekezo run inside our house.
“Chembe, is everything okay? “Mom asked him
“No, my mom is due to her time and father is not around, she s£nt me to call you “chembekezo said.
“Really? Lindiwe, come with me, we have to take her to the hospital. Debbie, once again take care of our visitor, I might not come home tonight”she said.
“Okay mom”I said and just then mom walked out of the house with lindiwe, leaving me with the crazy Stan.
We ate in silence
Our eyes would lock but I will look away. We finished eating, o cleaned the dishes and the dinning table.
I went to merue’s room and prepared the room for Stan.
“Stan, if you feel sleepy, that’s the room”I said and tried to walk away.
“And where do you think your going?come and sit next to me “He asked and I ignored him.
“j£rk”I wanted to go away but he broke my way.
“Don’t you think its a right time to make love? “He said.
“St©p it stx…
Before I could say another word, he pu-ll-ed me in his arms again and pressed hisl-ips on mine. His hands went to my [email protected]!st line and ca-ressed me smoothly. Gosh, I felt electric shock thought my b©dy. I don’t know why but I suddenly gave in. I pu my arms around his shoulder and responded positively.
In no time we [email protected] on the chair, the k!sswas getting more and more intense and I don’t know when his hands landed on the soft materials on my check. I really feel good, I put my hand on stan’s shi-t and tried to unbotton it but just then Stan hold my hand.
He sat up straight and start laughing at me.
Gosh, I really feel embarras-sed, I quic-kly stood up.
“That is your room, goodnight”I said and run to my room. Gosh, what come over me?.
The next day Debbie woke up early to prepare breakfast.
“Morning Debbie”I greeted.
“You can go and take a shower”he said without looking at me.
“Are you embarras-sed? What is we really had done it? “I tea-sed
Episode 50
“Debbie, your so funny, your acting like this when we’ve done nothing at all, how will you react after our honey moon? “I said.
“That’s the way to the bathroom”she said.
“Okay”I said while pe-cking her.
“St©p it stan, this is my parents house”Debbie fired at me.
“I know, that’s why I don’t go any further yesterday, parents house must be respected and about the k!ss, it was my good morning k!ss”I said, win-ked and walked into the bathroom.
I was done taking my bath and I looked for a comb but could not find it. I decided to ask Debbie.
I entered Debbie’s room without knocking only to meet my future wife’s beautiful b©dy. She was only wearing a pink [email protected] and apple green baby [email protected]
“Stan!! “She yelled while covering herself with a towel.And I laughed.
“Well, I was looking for a comb, take you time”I said and closed the door.
She come out of the room and gave me a [email protected] but I just smiled.
I was done eating breakfast
“Debbie, I have to go now”I said.
“Bu t mom is not around”she said.
“Just tell her.. “Just then her mother entered the house.
“Mom, Stan is leaving”Debbie said.
“Alre-ady? I hope you will visit us again”she said.
“Yes mom”I said and they walked me out of the house.
I pe-cked Debbie before leaving.
🌹 🌹
Debbie went to clean the be-d Stan sle-pt but found half a million on the be-d, a phone and note.
“Mom and sister share the money, don’t give Debbie even a penny, only the phone”it says and Debbie laughed
Stan and his friends write their s£nior secondary exams and Stan got 7 point, he was selected to a prestigious university to study business management. Yash and conai planned to be doctors, Manuel and Anthony studied business management as well. Only Jane on romena’s group was selected to study medicine.
“Debby! “Sitritha yelled my name.
“What is it? “I said.
“Debby, Stan is waiting for you at the car park”she said.
“Why? ”
“Just go”she pushed me out of the room
Stan looked so stunning.
“Hi sweetheart “he said as I aproached.
“Hi Stan “I said.
“Where are your manners, I am your fiance why not call me darling, honey or sweety? “He said and I hissed.
“Come on, we are meeting someone special today,firsts let me go and buy you pres£ntable cloths”he said.
“Who is that special person? “I asked.
“You will know soon”he said
Episode fifty one
We st©pped by a shop and Stan bought me new cloths.
“Stan, are you surely not going to tell me whom we are meeting? “I asked for the hundredth time but he just smiled.
“You will know”he said again
Finally, the car st©pped infront of a very big and popular h0tel on this country, Future stars h0tel.
“Debbie, welcome to one of the h0tels that my family owns, since your will soon be [email protected] of it, take note”he said. And my mouth was agap, I was alre-ady trembling.
He hold my hand and we walked into the h0tel. Employees kept greeting their young boss till we reached the VIP lounge and as soon as I saw the person who was waiting for us, I almost [email protected]
“There is my t©p most beauty “said Mr Jamie.
“Go,, good afternoon sir”I said in fear.
“plea-se call me dad, calling me sir makes me feel weird”he said and I begun to feel comfortable.
“OK sir, I mean dad”I said.
“I un-derstand that your from a different world but Stan here has promised to make you adapted into the Patels family”he said and Stan smiled.
“Watching the two of you reminds me of my past, I wish I was strong enough back then to protect the woman I loved”he said.
“I am sorry that you lost the woman you really loved”I said.
“Do you want me to tell you why I love Stan so much? “He said.
“It will be a honor “I said.
“I met Chifundo while I was really young and I fall I love with her at first sight. We really loved each other a lot not till my parents discovers about my relationsh!pwith the poor girl. They we’re totally against it saying that the rich can never dine with the poo and I foolishly listened to them. Later, they arranged a marriage for me and Caro whom I never loved at all. Their plan worked and I got married to Caro but never shared a be-d with her. Finally Caro made me drank and that’s how we got our first son, then she got me drank again and we has the second and third child. One day I was very stressed and ended up sharing a be-d with Caro and finally had Conai.after she gave birth to conai, she complained that she could no longer manage to rraise the child on her own as a result, she went out to hire a nanny. “He paused and smiled.
“Can you guess who the nanny turned out to be? ”

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