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One last only girl Episode 40 to 43

Episode 40
Stan’s POV
“Hurt? Does it hurt? That’s very good. Mr patel or whatever they call you, st©p disturbing my peace, its arleady over between us, good day”Debbie said and walked away.
Gosh, I going insane, just then I realized that Francine and sitrutha we’re looking m surprised.
“I know that you guys are surprised about my action now. To be honest I just realized that I committed a grave mistake letting Debbie go. I nee-d her back, we all nee-d her back. plea-se we must win her heart back”I said.
“Mmmh, well I can’t guarantee that she can forgive easy because the Debbie that I know is soft hearted but once she hates someone, its the end. But we will try to help”sitritha said.
“I am also in”Francine said.
“Thank you very much, I will really appreciate that”o said.
“As we all know, together we stand, divided we fall, as friends and music club members has to do our best, remember the fate of Twi-nkle star’s academy music club is in debbie’s hands”yashrai concluded.
I and my friends entered the cafeteria and as usual all stood up.
Just then Debbie and her friend entered as well.
“Girls, this is our usual place, where are we going to sit? “Debbie asked her friends.
“Our new place”sitritha said.
“Here we are “Francine said taking a sit beside yashrai.
Debbie looked at us and she scoffed.
“Are you guys kidding me?Do I look like a fool to you? Excuse me”she turned and walked to her usual sp©t.
I picked my try a and walked to her.
“Can I sit? “I asked for her and she just looked at me.
I looked up to the crazy physco, gosh does he think I will forgive him easily?
He sat without my permission.
“Do you want some? “He said.
“No thanks, this is enough for me”I said.
“Debbie, do you have time this weekend? “He asked.
“Yes, I have time to finish packing and leave this place”I said.
“Debbie, plea-se don’t go”he said and I faced him.
“Why must I not go? I have no reason to stay here anymore”I said and trued to walk away,I have lost my appetite. He hold my hand.
“Debbie, I do not want to lose you”he said and one could feel the pain in his voice.
“For your information, you’ve alre-ady lost Mr Mr patel”I said
“Debbie plea-se, people do learn throu-gh mistakes”he said.
“But not the mistake you did Stan”I freed my hand and was to walk away when he said something annoying and funny.
Episode 41
“Debbie, plea-se you know that j love you so much”he said and I laughed.
“Love? Did you just say love? Do you even know what love means? Love is nothing other than pain and endless tears. I hate that word love and don’t ever mention it to me again”I said and walked away. I could see that people we’re feeling sorry for him but who cares.
The next day
I was still packing my cloths and my two best friends were just lookin at me.
“Girls, I will be leaving tomorow at ten”I broke the silence.
“Debbie, why don’t you reconsider? We thought Stan apologized”Francine said.
“That’s non of your business”I said.
“But tommorow is the competition, we will lose without you”sitritha said.
“As I have alre-ady said, thats non of my concern.
“Debbie, plea-se think about Stan and the music club”sitrutha added.
“Girls, I don’t care, as you alre-ady know, once I have made a decision, I never turn back”I said.
A lot of people tried their best to convince me but no.
The school hall was full beyond its capacity, men, woman and student from different schools.
There we’re 7 schools in total and twi-nkle star was to perfome after Joyce Banda foundation.
“No, we cannot just lose like this, we have to do something”said Anthony.
“Anthony is right, we have to come up with an Idea”Francine added.
“Where is Debbie now? “Asked yashrai.
“She is in vipya”sitrutha said.
“Let’s go and try as a group for the last time. Let’s give it our all, remember its never too late till we try”yashrai said and the all matched to vipya range hostel.
Debiie POV
I just finished packing when the music club members entered the room.
I don’t even give them my attention.
“What can I do for you? “I said Zi-pping my sac bag.
“Debbie plea-se hear Them out”yashrau said.
“Am listening”I said.
“Debbie, plea-se whatever is the problem, tell us and we can solve it”the music club teacher.
“I have nothing to say to you”I said.
“Debbie, we are nothing without you”sitrutga said.
“If you win or not, that’s non of my business, by the way, Francine, I have left the shi-t you borrowed me”I said.
“Why don’t you just let her be, is she the only girl in the club? “Romena yelled.
“Shut up! “Yelled Francine. “Debbie, u have nothing to do with the shi-t, remember you wanted to be a well known artist, this is your chance”, she added and I scoffed.
“That’s was in the past”
Episode 42
Debbie picked her small bag and was to walk out.
“Debbie, what about the suitcase? “Sitritha asked her.
“It has its owner”she said and turned to Stan. “I have left everything that you bought for me. It was really nice coming to this school and meeting you Stan. The moments we’ve spent together we’re the happiest memories aver and I will never forget them. Because of you I got to know how it feels to be in love and most of all, I am greatful tat the first time we met, my mother’s life was saved. “She paused.
“I am sorry that I have been causing you trouble and ma-king you sad, I am leaving now and am sure you will be at rest”she said and was to walk away but I broke her way.
“Debbie, everysince I was young, I swore that the first girl I fall for, will be my one and last only girl, and it happened to be you. Falling for was was never a mistake at all. Debbie, I am so sorry for putting the blame on you. Of course I am an illegitimate so. plea-se I cannot leave without you”I said.
“That’s non of my concern “she said
“Twi-nkle star acadamy, its now your turn”We heard the Master of ceremony announcing.
“Debbie, plea-se, “said conai and yashrai as they kneel down
“Twi-nkle star, if you won’t show up on stage in 2 minutes, you will be disqualified.
He said and I could see my fellow members about yo cry.
I hold Debbie’s hand and kneel down.
“Debbie, since you’ve chose to turn your back on me, at least have mercy on the music club, they have done nothing wrong. Don’t punish them because of my own stupidity”I said. “Fine, look into my eyes and say that you don’t love me “I said.
“What nons-en-se are you saying now? “She said.
“Its easy, just look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me”I repeated.
“Stan, let go off my hand”she said.
“Not until you look into my eyes”I said while standing up and faced her.
Tears could not help in our eyes.
“The way your acting is ma-king it obvious that you still love me”I said.
“Even if I can admit that I still love you, there in no place in my heart for you anymore, I can never forgive you”
“At least you still love me, look into my eyes and say you hate me”I said.
“Stan plea-se just let me go! “She yelled.
“Just do that one thing”I yelled back and she looked angry.
“I hate you! I hate you more than the devil himself”she said and walked out of the room.
Episode 43
“I hate you! I hate you Stan! I hate you more than the devil himself”she yelled and i let go of her hand. She picked her bag and walked out of the room.
“No one follow her”i instructed.
“Twi-nkle star, if you won’t show up in 5 seconds, your out”the announcer said again.
“s£nior, I think we must just give up”Dean, one of the music club members said.
“No, we will compete”I said.
“But how? Debbie is gone”Manuel added.
“Somwon once told me that no retreat no surrender and its never too late until you try. We xannot lose the trophy 🏆 just like this. Come one”i said.
“What as you planing to do? “Asked Yash.
“Just trust me”I said as we walked out of the room to the school hall.
I walked to the stage all alone.
“Excuse me, am I am the leader Racch but before the actual performance, plea-se give me a chance to sing one song”I pleaded.
“Well, you seem to be luckily today, the judges has approved, let’s talk wit as a short break”he said handing me the mic.
Many girls fixed their eyes on me. Of course I am the owner’s son.
“This song is going to someone special in my life, I know that I wronged you, but plea-se forgive, your all that I nee-d”
I was about to take fhe last step that led to the exit of the school premises when i heard shan’s voice.
Song:open your heart
Artist:west life
🎵i never meant to let you down🎵
🎵 you have to believe me 🎵
🎵 I don’t know what went throu-gh my mind 🎵
🎵but now I can see 🎵
🎵 that I waited too long🎵
🎵to tell you how much it matters 🎵
🎵to be right here with you 🎵
🎵 but I couldn’t think of anything better🎵
🎵 i should have told you so 🎵
🎵 baby open your heart 🎵
🎵 won’t you give me a second chance 🎵
🎵 and i’ll be there forever 🎵
🎵 open your heart 🎵
🎵 me me show you how much i care🎵
🎵 and I will make you un-derstand🎵
If you open your heart🎵
🎵 to love me once again🎵
🎵i will try to make it up🎵
🎵i want you to know🎵
Baby I swear that I will be true🎵
🎵And never Let go🎵
🎵we could relieve this pain and sorrow 🎵
🎵but we better do it in time 🎵
🎵 start over here and save tommorow 🎵
🎵 I wanna make you mine 🎵
If you open your hear to love me once again.
I finished then my friends joined me on stage for the actual performance.
🎵Though life might seem tough
🎵Giving up is not the best option
I was lost coz the next [email protected] was debbie’s
“I am sorry, I will start again,”I said

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