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One last only girl Episode 36 to 39

Episode 36
Vipya hostel
“Debbie, its been days now. You have to forget about everything that happened”Francine said.
“I can’t”she said in tears.
“plea-se Debbie, we un-derstand that Stan was your first love but you cannot kill yourself for that. pu-ll yourself together and move on with your life”sitritha advise.
“Do you think its easy to forget him? I can’t, I cannot manage without Stan”she said in tears.
“Why in the world is it me? Why did fate made me fall in love with Mr jamie’s son”she cried the more.
“plea-se Debbie”
Romena and her friends were eavesdropping on the door and they heard everything.
“Finally, I knew it that Debbie will never end up with Stan”romeana said and everyone laughed.
“So, what should we do next? “Asked Jane.
“We have to make Stan fall for me”she said.
“How? “Asked Harriet.
“Just leave it to me.
I walked into the cafeteria and I found some students seated on our table. So annoying.
“The four of you, stand up! “I yelled at them.
“Us? “One girl asked but I gave her a [email protected] in return and at once, every place was quite.
“What kind of nons-en-se question is that? Will you re-move those your stinky legs and clean our table in less than a second! “I yelled and in no time our table was clean.
Debbie entered with he friends but I don’t care.
Though I don’t have appetite, I have to show Debbie that I can still breath without her.
I took a glas-s of jui-ce and took a sip
“Stan, do you have time this weekend? “Romena approached me.
“Yes, why? “O asked not even looking at her.
“Should we go on a [email protected]£? “She said se-ductively.
“Thanks, but I have no time for girls like you”o said and I could tell she embarras-sed.
“If you have nothing more to say, excuse me”I said and was to walk away when my eyes locked with debbie’s.
Just then she broke my way.
“Miss sumei, how may I help you? “I asked.
“Stan plea-se, don’t do this to me”she said as tears danced in her eyes.
“Its over between us,what else do you want from me? “I asked.
“Stan, I cannot leave without you, whatever the problem is, let’s sort it out”she cried the more but I don’t care.
“I have nothing to say to you,”I said and wanted to bypas-s her.
“Do you think your the only one hurting here? I am also hurt Stan, I was called a pr©st!tût£on public, my parents were called shameless and my father died the very same day I met you”she said.
“And Why is that my business? I faced her.
Episode 37
“So, why is that my problem? “I asked.
“Everything is your fault! Ever since I met you, it was the start of misfortunes in my family”she said and I laughed.
“Miss sumei, it seems as if you have nothing to tell me, excuse me”I said and walked away.
I walked into the [email protected] and everyone stood up,I looked at Debbie, she was alre-ady fast asleep. This is what she has been doing ever since we broke up, I am afraid she might fail her exams if she continue like this, but who cares.
I was about to concentrate on my book when romena and her girls approached Debbie.
“Hi Debbie “romena said with a smile while tapping Debbie’s shoulder. She opened her eyes but when she saw who was disturbing her peace, she tried to go back to sleep.
“Debbie, are you deaf? Don’t you know how to respond a greeting? “Jane said but Debbie didn’t respond.
“Debbie sumei!!! “Romena yelled her name, Debbie just stood up and tried to walk away but they broke her way.
“Girls, plea-se let me be”she said in a weak voice.
“Well, we just wanted to find out how life is without stan. I wondered how the almighty son of Mr Jamie would take you as his bride, now I un-derstand that you used a portion in him and your plan has backfire”romena sm-irked”I am sure your parents are ashamed to have a nuisance like you as a daughter. I heard that you sacrificed your fath.. “Before romena could finish her words, Debbie landed a h0t [email protected] on her cheek.
“You [email protected] me? Debbie? Did you just [email protected] me? “Romena asked holding her cheek.
“Wonder’s shall never end, so you, Debbie, has the guts to [email protected] romena? “Harriet said.
“Debbie, I wish you were never born, your a disgrace to us, I wonder why Stan fall for you”sjane yelled.
“Enough!! Put my parents out of this, is it a crime that I fall in love with someone out of my social clas-s? “Debbie yelled in tears.
“Thank God that you’ve finally realized that Stan is not your level. Those sandals, Stan bought them for you and since you two broke up, you don’t deserve to have them”romena said while trying to re-move the shoes but Debbie struggled to break free just then romena pushed Debbie and she fell on out table.
With tears in her eyes she looked at me.
“Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted? “She asked with venom in her voice. I cannot bear this anymorezi stood up to walk away but she run out first.
Episode 38
“This is all for today, before we go back to our perspective clas-ses, let’s ask the Racch to sing one song for us”the teacher said and just then Stan walked to the stage alone.
“The song I am about to sing now, is what I sincerely feel in my heart”he said looking at me.
Tittle:just forget me
I cannot look at you anymore
Starting from today,
Your a person I never knew
Even if [email protected]
Let’s pretend our paths
Never closed
Just forget me
Talking of love
Another love will come along
Even if its hurts
Time will heal all wounds
I could not listen to it anymore, my sobs become loud and my heart felt too heavy, my head hurts a lot. All eyes were on me but I don’t care, I looked at Stan for a while before walking out of the school hall.
I saw her going our of the school hall and I secretly followed her.
She went into the school garden and cried her heart out.
How could you do This to me
How could you do this to me
I believed you, you believed me
You go ahead and broke my heart
I told you my secret things
You told me your secret things
I believed you, you believed me
You go ahead and break my heart
Everytime you were there
Wiping out my tears
Where are you now?
I believed you, you go ahead and broke my heart
She cried her heart out that it made my heart itch.
“I thought love us something sweet, little did I know that love is a bitter venom that I can’t hold”she said looking around.
“You were always there for me, but now I am all alone. If love was this bitter, I wished our paths has never crossed at at the first place.If love was this bitter I will love was never born in this world”she said then she was silent for a while.
“If this is what he wants, then its fine, I will give it to him, there is no nee-d crying over spilt milk”she stood up, wiped her tears and walkwd inside.
I wonder what she is up to now.
“Debbie, let’s go to the music club “Francine said.
“Music club? To do what? “Debbie asked while packing her clothes.
” Its only four days to the and you not attending the practice? “Francine asked.
“By the way, why are you packing, ate you going somewhere? “Sitritha asked.
“Yes, I am going to a place where I can have peace of mind and happiness”Debbie said.
What about the competition? ” Francine asked.
“You can find another lead, I have alre-ady submitted my letter to the principle”she said
Episode 39
“Debbie, your the best female singer in the group, there us no one els we can make a lead”Francine said.
“That’s non of my business”Debbie said.
I was busy organizing my cloths when I sp©tted a picture I took with Debbie on my birthday last year.
“I promise that I will never broke your heart”those words, those words kept on ringing in my head.
“I am sorry Debbie, I am really sorry”I said while k!ss!ngthe picture.
Just then I felt a pres£nce in the room, I looked around and it was yash.
“Go on, continue what you we’re doing”he said and I wiped my tears.
“How long have you been standing there? “I asked.
“Stan, do you still love Debbie? “He asked while sitting beside me.
“Who love’s who? No.. I I don’t”I said looking away.
“Even a two years old child will say its obvious that you still love Debbie”he said.
“Yashrai, what should I do? What should I do? “I said crying in his arms.
“Stan, follow your heart, do what is right before its too late”he said.
“Yash, it alre-ady too late, I broke her heart beyond and I don’t think she can forgive. I really nee-d her yashrai”I said.
“Not only you, we also nee-d her, the whole music club nee-ds her, the school nee-ds her but she has alre-ady submitted her letter to the principal “yashrai said.
“What! ”
“I like mercy Johnson, frola suya and I also like Ko-rean actors like cha eun woo, park bo gum.. “I sp©tted Stan but I don’t care.
“Hi girls”he said.
“Hi”my friends chorused.
“Hi Debbie”Stan said.
“And as for actress its.. “I was cut short.
“Debbie, s£nior Stan is talking to you”Francine said.
“Who is Stan? Is he a new student”I asked looking confused.
“Debbie”Stan called my name
“Ooh, you must be Stan right? Nice to meet you, my name is Debbie and welcome to twi-nkle star”I said with a smile.
Everyone looked at me.
“Enough of this nons-en-se Debbie! “Yashrai my brother yelled.
“Hi Stan, “are you happy now? “I said.
“Debbie plea-se let’s talk”he said.
“I have nothing to say to you”I said.
“Debbie plea-se, I know I wronged you, I am so sorry”he said and I looked away
“Debbie, I am being sincere with you, plea-se I nee-d you back”he said.
“My tears of love has alre-ady dried, why make them fresh? “I asked.
“Debbie, its hurts, plea-se give me a second chance “he said.
“Hurt? That’s very good, Mr patel, its over between us st©p disturbing me, good day”I said and walked away.

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