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One last only girl Episode 29 & 32

Episode 29
Mr Jamie was very furious. What, a girl caught red handed in his school?
“I cannot tolerate this nons-en-se, I cannot just sit and watch someone destroying what I worked ha-rd for”he said furiously.
“Your right, that girl must be expelled, more over she is just a mere scholarsh!pgirl”added Carolina.
Debbie rushed into the room and saw her mother lying on a hospital be-d.
“Mother, mom”she said in tears sitting beside her.
“You ungreatul wench, what else did you want from me? How could you disgrace me in such a way? “Her mother said.
“Sister how could you do such a thing! “Her brother merue asked.
“plea-se, I nee-d to speak to mom pri-vately, can you excuse us? “Debbie said to his brothers and they left the two alone.
“Mom, I didn’t do it, you know me better mom, don’t you believe me? “Debbie asked.
“If I cannot believe my own daughter, then who else can u trust”falida said holding Debbie ‘s hand.
“Thank you mom”Debbie said.
“Tell me everything that happened”her mother said as Debbie begun to explain the whole incident.
“Stan, what should we , I heard that your father is on his way here to expel Debbie”yashrai said.
“To be honest, I am confused, I don’t even know what to do”I said.
“We have to do something, plea-se do something Stan, we cannot let him expel Debbie just like this”he sounded so worried.
“What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly much concerned about Debbie? Your scaring me”Manuel teases.
, “just that, am she is my bestie’s girl”he said.
Just then a boy entered our room.
“s£nior, your father is in the visitor room and request for you”he said and my heart sunk.
“Okay, I will be there”I said.
In the visitor room
I slowly walked into the room, to be honest I have never been this nervous in front of my father before.
“Hi.. Hi dad”I said looking down.
“Son, are you okey? Why are you stammering? “He asked me.
“Its nothing, just that I have a flue”I lied and pretended to cough.
“Fine, Stan what is this I am hearing? A girl tried to tarnish the reputation of this school but you didn’t expel her? “He asked.
“Tarnish? How? Where? “I asked
“Sin, what’s wrong with you? Well I am here to expel her on my own, where is she? “Dad asked.
“Dad dont, that girl is innocent”I said.
“Innocent, how do you know that she is innocent? “He asked and that question was like a bomb to me.
Episode 30
“Dad plea-se that girl is innocent, it was just a misun-derstanding “I said.
“Misun-derstanding? My friend, what makes you think that she is innocent? “That question was like a bomb in my ears.
“Am, just that I think she is”I said
“Stan, I un-derstand you, if its ha-rd for you to expel the girl, I will do it on my own”dad said and he made and attempt to walk out of the room.
“Dad, plea-se”I said as I went on my knees for the first time.
“Stan, what are you doing? “Dad was shocked.
“Dad, if that girl has done anything wrong, I would have punished her myself”I said, I said.
“Son plea-se stand up, I promised your late mother that I will never treat you like a slave. You doing this makes me feel bad”dad said.
“Jut don’t expel her dad, plea-se”I pleaded.
“Fine, I won’t expel her do stand up”he said and I stood up.
I went straight to the cafeteria..
“Stan, over here”yashrau called me and I went to where they we’re and sat beside Debbie.
“How did it go? “Manuel asked.
“Well, nothing to worry, I have sorted it out”I said.
“What a relief. Debbie, come and sit beside me”yashrai said.
“Yash, what ate you trying to do? Are you trying to do? Ate you trying to snatch her away from me? “I asked him.
“Who wouldn’t want this beauty for himself? If your not careful enough I will take her away from you”he said and I gave him a deadly glare ma-king everyone laugh.
“St©p it yash”Debbie said.
I had a [email protected]£ with Debbie and we finally ended up in a restaurant.
“Stan, thank you for loving a poor girl like me. I’ve got to see the airport, amusement parks, beautiful gardens and eat at expensive restaurants because of you”she said with a smile.
“And I am willing to do more only if you accept to make love with me”I tea-sed.
“j£rk! “She said hitting me pla-yfully.
I hold her hand and look de-ep in her eyes.
“Honestly, I want to be a hero to you Debbie”I said and she gave me a beautiful smile.
“Your more than a heroe to me Stan, I am really greatful to have you”she said and I looked de-ep into her blue sparkling eyes.
“Debbie, I want you for the rest of my life”I said.
“And I will love only you till the end”she said and smiled, herl-ips looked attrac-tive and I don’t help it but brush myl-ips to hers.
“Hey, st©p it, elders are watching”she complained.
“How is that their business? Come on, eat my glutton girl”he said forcing some ch!ps in her mouth.
Episode 31
I was enjoying my time with Debbie when a woman approached us.
“Excuse me, you’ve got a call”she said handing me a phone.
“Hello? “I said and just then my heart skipped. “No, plea-se, its not what you think. Okay fine”I said.
I return the phone to the woman and was lost in my thoughts on how u can explain the situation, am sure it won’t be easy.
“Stan? “Debbie brou-ght me back to my s-en-ses. “Are you okey? “She asked me.
“Yes, I am fine, eat. I will be back soon”I said as I stood up and walked out.
I sighted my father’s car and fear engalfed me as I slowly walked towards it and a guard opened the door for me.
“Hi dad “I said faking a smile.
“Stan, what are you doing with that girl? “He asked and just then my smile faded away.
“Dad, I can explain”I said.
“Explain what? “He asked.
“Dad, just that I chose to obey my heart”I said.
“What does that mean? “He asked me.
“Dad, I love that girl, she is my first love, my one and last GI”I said.
“Will you shut that your mouth! “For the first time in my life dad yelled at me”is this how you can repay me you ungrateful wench! “He added.
“Son, I agree that she us beautiful, but her character is something else”he said. “Break up with her now”he said and u went deaf for a second.
“Dad, I am sorry that u will appear disobe-dient to you but I will never break up with Debbie”I said firmly and just then for the first time dad raised his hand and [email protected] me. I was so ashamed that I looked down.
“Dad, you might even disown me but I will not break up with her, I love her so much”I said.
“Dad, Debbie is a good girl, everything that happened was romena’s plan”I said and he gave me his attention.
“What do you mean? “He asked.
“Dad, Romena swore never to rest till she make Debbie disappear from me. Debbie is a very good girl, she has pas-sed throu-gh a lot alre-ady and adding the pain of a break up, I can never do that”I said and dad looked at me for a while.
“Do you love that girl this much? “He asked me.
“I do love her more than the millions of money you do give me, you can even disown me, but I won’t leave Debbie”I said.
He was silent for a while.
“Mmh, if you love that girl so much, then who am I to separate the two of you? “Dad said.
“What does that mean? “I asked.
Episode 32
“Dad, what does that mean? “I asked.
“If you love her then I will support you, whatever makes you happy also makes me happy”he said and my heart jumped with joy.
“Thank you dad, thank you very much, your the best father in the whole world”I said.
“Son, I am sorry that I lost it a while ago. I didnt mean to [email protected] you nor shout at you, am sure Chifundo’s spirit is angry with me”he said holding my hand.
“Its fine dad, I would have reacted the same way if it was my son”I said.
“Look at you, as young as you are, thinking of having a child? “He tea-sed me.
“Well, our biology teacher said that if we die without reproducing, we will easily be forgotten “I said.
“I can see that the teacher wants to spoil my son”he said.
“Don’t worry dad, I will always be a good son”I said.
“So, when am I going to meet this girl? “He said.
“So soon”
“Jamie! Jamie! “Called Carolina.
“Why are you yelling my name like that again? “Mr Jamie asked.
“Jamie, what is than shameless girl still doing at the academy? “Asked Caro.
“Which shameless girl? “Asked Jamie focusing on the news.
“St©p pretending, I heard it from romena that you didn’t expel that girl, why? “Caro asked in anger.
“That us non of your business excuse me”Jamie said and went upstairs.
“Really? ”
Crossroads h0tel
Stan’s POV
I have a [email protected]£ with Debbie today
“Debbie, have you ever been on an escalator before? “I asked her.
“No, but I would like to try it”she said.
“Okey, hold my hand”I said and she did so we stepoed on the escalator and she almost freezed.
“Sao, that was awesome. “She said.
“Okey, let’s try the elevator now”I said
In no time the elevetor reached on the ground and the door opened but I didn’t go in.
“Are you not coming in? “A boy asked me.
“No, I will wait for the next turn”I said and the door closed.
In no time the elevator opened again but I dogded it as well.
“Are you not coming in again? “The boy I dodged the first one with, asked.
“No, I don’t like clouded places, u want to take a lift with me and my girl alone, who knows I would like to make lo.. “Debbie cut me off.
“St©p it Stan”she said.
“Wait, are you not Mr Jamies son? Your only 15 what are you doing here? “Asked the boy.
“Non of your business”I said.
“And wait, this girl, isn’t she the shameless….
I cannot let them insurt Debbie so I dragged her into the elevetor and pressed the close bu-tton

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