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Oh my candy Episode 2 & 3

❤❤Oh My Candy💋💋
Written by Quinn Blessing
Episode 2
The journey was taking longer thus I nee-ded something to get my mind off the road and where I was being taken to therefore, I brou-ght out my earphone, plugged it into my phone, di-pped the speaker into my ear and cli-cked on Audiomack App.

About fifteen minutes later the car finally pu-ll-ed at a big white gate and from outside, I could see the magnificence house inside the gate.
The gate opened and in a second we were in.
I paused the music pla-ying and took off the earphone.
‘Wow… I’ve never been into this kind of mansion. It totally look like a castle. The fountains, the pools, the fields and the flowers, the fleet of cars, the house. Wow, I have to appreciate a good house. This is beautiful’
Diego pu-ll-ed up beside the other cars.
“We’ve arrived ma’am,” he said and went off the car, opened the door for me and went to the boot.
Slowly, I got down from the car with my eyes everywhere.
The mansion was a beauty to behold.
“Come with me plea-se,” Diego said and led the way with my luggage while I followed beside him.
It took us a minute and thirty secondsto the get to the mansion.
Diego opened the door and gestured me to get in. I did and he [email protected]£ in after.
“Welcome ma’am”
“Welcome ma’am”
“Welcome ma’am”
Seriously, ‘welcome ma’am’ was coming from every angle in the luxurious living room.
They appeared like menservants, five of them.
‘What should I say?’
“Thank….. you” I muttered to them.
“plea-se come with me upstairs to your room,” Diego said and I followed him.
The staircase felt like a staircase without end.
I felt like I was climbing the staircase to the sky.
We weren’t getting out of the staircase anytime soon.
Okay finally we did. Argh!
I followed him into a corridor with about four doors on the left but only two doors by the right.
We pas-sed the first door by the left, the second door, then he st©pped at the third.
He opened the door and gestured me to get in which I did.
‘Oh my god… What is this?… This look like the typical room I dream of having when I become so rich. Why’s a guest room this big, beautiful and perfect in all angle?’
“This is your room, make yourself comfortable. Here’s an oder from my master to you. plea-se give me a second,” he said and walked to the wardrobe, cli-cked on some bu-tton, the wardrobe opened and pu-ll-ed out lines of hanged dresses and shoes.
Diego took out a golden [email protected] dress and raised so I can see it very well.
“He want you to put this dress on and the shoes,” he said and took out the red heels. Once you do that, plea-se go downstairs and he’ll be with you.” he finished and dropped the dress and shoes on the be-d.
“Then I will leave you to it…oh sorry, the jewelries” he said and took out a jewelry box and dropped it on the be-d together with the rest. “plea-se put them on too. plea-se your dressing should take only an hour. Then I will leave you to do that ma,” he said.
“No wait a second… What is all these for? Why do I nee-d to put on all these for? Is there a birthday [email protected] or whatever [email protected] here tonight?” I asked him.
“Uhm from the mansion calendar, there’s no [email protected] tonight here. It’s an order from my master and he never told me why you have to wear them but you have to. Then I shall leave you to do that,” he said.
“Wait another second,” I snapped and he did. “Where is that master of yours? Where is he ’cause I gotta see him. Take me to him right now cos I’m not putting any of this on. This isn’t what I’m here for,” I said.
“I’m sorry ma’am but you have an hour and thirty minutes to see him. You can’t see him until then,” he said.
“What do you mean?” I asked, getting pissed off.
“I’ll really take my leave now ma’am,” he said and left before I could st©p him for the third time.
“What the heck is this?”
I picked the shoes up, dropped it back, opened the jewelry box, stared at the gold jewelries for a second and scoffed out.
“Whoever this Sean Smith is must think I’m gonna take this stupid joke of his. I’m I gonna dance in these or what? He must be out of his freaking mind..”
Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
I stood up and went to my luggage.
“Work starts tonight. I gotta get dressed.”
[Sean’s be-droom]
On a call with Diego.
“It’s all re-ady sir,” Diego said.
“What was her reaction?” I asked.
“She looked like she’s not gonna wear them and she asked to see you,” he said.
I smiled. “It’s okay. Whatever she wears, it doesn’t matter.”
“Okay sir. Then shall I go tell her that?” he asked.
“No. Just take care of the dinner table,” I said.
“Okay sir.”
I ended the call and heaved a sign of excitement.
My heart beating in anticipation.
‘I can’t wait to see her’
I turned to the full length mirror and with a smile, I began putting on my suit.
“Will she recognize me?” I wondered. “I doubt, it was only a minute of rescuing me from the boys. She might not had looked at my face.”
(An hour later)
An hour clocked thus it was time for me to go downstairs and meet with whoever the Sean smith was.
Did I wear them?
Well yes I did.
I thought about it and I figured out that this the dress he nee-ds me to wear before str!pping so I wore it, both the shoes and jewelries.
‘I just have to see what all these is about’
I took a look at the mirror for another minute then headed out.
‘This other doors, could they be empty rooms? Are they all guest rooms?’ I wondered.
For some reason I felt the guest [email protected] of a house shouldn’t be as beautiful as this one is.
I found the long staircase and began the bottomless journey.
Well it wasn’t bottomless tho ’cause I finally stepped down the last riser and found myself at the luxurious living room once again. I met the menservants too and Diego as well.
“plea-se have a seat ma’am,” one of the servant said.
‘This ma’am title is actually getting on my nerve. I have to make them st©p calling me that’
But anyway, I sat down on the comfy couch with my hand resting on the smooth throw pillow.
“Ma’am, I’ll turn the TV on so you could keep yourself company with it while you wait for my master,” he said.
“Oh…wait? Wait, like how long do I wait?” I asked.
Diego [email protected]£ forward.
“Just few minutes,” Diego said.
“Few minutes…okay”
“What’s your favourite channel ma’am?” the servant asked.
“Just any music channel,” I said.
“Okay ma’am”
“Oh quit the ma’am title. My name is Candice but call me Candy” I said.
“Okay ma’am… Sorry Candy. My name is Peter”
“I’ve told you my name but still, I’m Diego and I’m the House manager”
‘Oh House manager’
“Okay. Okay Diego, I’ve been wondering is there no female servant?” I asked him.
He smiled and answered. “No. Never had there been since I started working in this mansion. My master never employ a female in his house.”
I raised my brow. “Oh really. So how long have you been working here?”
“Uhm ten years now,” he answered.
“Damn.. Really?”
“Yes….and oh…he’s here. My master,” he said and my eyed went to the staircase and I saw him.
The Sean Smith.
He was in a tuxedo suit like he has a [email protected] to attend but….
He’s handsome.
He wasn’t looking like the type of Sean Smith I was picturing in my head.
‘Actually I was picturing a potbellied old man but this guy look so handsome, manly and S-xy even in a tuxedo with his dark hair curled back.
Wait…all these is none of my business. I have no time to compliment the look of a guy.
I’m just here to dance, get paid and leave.
As he got closer to me, his eyes fixed on mine like he’s searching for his lost gold in my eyes but….why was I staring back?
It’s uncomfortable.
I took my eyes off him and he finally got to me.
“Hello Miss Candice George, I’m Sean Smith and it’s a plea-sure to meet you again” he said and stretched out his hand.
I looked up at him with raised brow.
“How did you know my surname and what do you mean by ‘it’s nice to meet me again?” I asked.
He smiled. “Well I saw you at the club. You didn’t see me but I saw you dancing. So it’s nice to see you again.”
“Oh.. Okay.” I said, brou-ght out my hand and placed it on his own, expecting a handshake but instead, he raised my hand to hisl-ips and k!$$£d it.
“Come with me Candy,” he said.
I stood up and in few seconds we were at the exterior of the mansion. He followed a portico which led to the back of the mansion that has another pool, but smaller than the one at the front but very beautiful and unique.
But there was something else I saw beside the pool.
A covered table with two chairs opposite each other.
Diego went over, uncovered the table and different dishes of meal, a bottle of wine and wine glas-ses showed up on the table.
‘What…is this?’
“Let’s have dinner Candy,” Sean Smith said.
“What dinner. What does this kind of dinner mean?” I asked, not un-derstanding the whole thing happening.
“What do you think it is? It’s just a dinner,” he said.
“A dinner? This one.. With wine too…if I wanna have dinner, I should have one inside in the guest room or even the dinning if you let me and not here, just with you or is anyone else going us?”
“Excuse us Diego,” he said and Diego left.
“Come on, it’s just a dinner. Actually every Saturday, I have this kind of dinner.” he said.
I looked at him and asked. “With a tuxedo, shoes. All this?”
“Nope but tonight’s different because I have a guest who is you, come on… Sit here,” he said, bringing out the fair by the right for me.
“I don’t get it Mr Smith. The last time I remembered, I’m not here to eat dinner with you on a cozy table with the lights on, I’m here to dance for you and I’m re-ady to start my work here not eat dinner in this freaking dress,” I said.
“Don’t call that dress freaking. It was really expensive, the shoes and the jewelries too,” he said and sat down. “Come sit”
I rolled my eyes so [email protected]
“I never told you I nee-ded to wear such dress and heels and jewelries so I don’t care.” I snapped.
Silence fell over then he broke it after few seconds.
“Let’s eat then you work. You can’t dance on an empty stomach and I can’t watch on an empty stomach either,”
I scoffed. ‘Tch…’
“I can do my job perfectly without bothering about my stomach,” I said.
“I insist. St©p being stubborn and sit,” he said.
“What? I’m being stubborn, seriously?”
“Yes you are. It’s just an innocent dinner. It’s not like I asked you to have S-x with me,” he said.
I raised my brows, pissed off by what he just said.
“Candy, for you to render your service to me, we both have to get along and be in harmony. That can’t happen if you are being stubborn and stiff unless you wanna loose it..” he said.
“Loose what?” I asked.
“The money,” he said.
I scoffed.
“Okay, fine….”
I sat down and picked a fork.
‘Just few minutes with him and I alre-ady feel like punching him on the face! This is why I was again st pri-vate dancing!!’
I hit the fork on the plate with anger.
“Hey easy, don’t hurt yourself,” he said.
Episode 3
“You’re okay?” I asked her.
“Do I look like I’m not?” She threw back.
I exhaled.
“Well, look beautiful tonight,” I said.
“I’m always beautiful right from the day I was born,” I said.
I smiled. “Yeah you are right.”
She raised her brows. “What?”
“I mean, I’m sure you are right. You just have been beautiful from little,” I said.
She picked the glas-s of wine. “Yes.”
I smiled. “Let’s enjoy this dinner, shall we? My cook put his best in ma-king this tonight.”
“I never asked for it, I’m here to work,” she said.
“If you have to work, you nee-d to eat to work,” I said.
She said nothing again but took the spoon and fork and began eating.
I stared at her for a minute with a smile on my face.
She’s become so beautiful and S-xy.
Her eyes and her hair that I fell for, they are still so charming just like they were seventeen years ago. No, they [email protected]£ more charming.
“If you keep staring at me that way you may end up not eating your dinner,” she said without looking at me.
I chuckled.
‘How did she know that I’ve been staring at her?’
“I think I should eat this dinner,” I said with a smile.
A minute was spent just eating then I broke it.
“Who did you get your beauty from? Your dad or mom?” I asked.
“My mom.. She was really beautiful,” she said.
“Wow…so what about your dad?” I asked.
“None,” she answered.
“Oh…well I’m my father’s replica. I only have my mom’s nose,” I said and that made her look at me, chuckle then faced her food again.

“Thanks for this dinner, the meal was wonderful,” I said after the meal was finally over.
He smiled. “Yes it was.”
‘His smile… fit him so good. His eyes are so cute’
‘Wait… I can’t admire him. No way’
“So….actually this dress is pressing on my b©dy too much. I gotta go change it. I don’t dance with something so ti-ght on me,” I said.
“I’m sorry about that. Can you come back after changing?” he asked.
“Well…you want the dance here? I have no problem with that,” I said.
“Okay…I’ll be waiting,” he said.
“Yeah, I’ll be right back,” I said, stood up and walked away.
Once I got into my room, I pu-ll-ed off the go-wn and went for a bu-m short and crop t©p.
I dressed my hair in my own style, slide into my heel and walked out of the room but saw Sean standing at the corridor.
I slowed my steps then st©pped.
He began walking to me.
‘Even his walking style is so nice…Candice what’s wrong with you… ‘
He got to me and smiled.
‘Is he always smiling?’
“I just got an urgent call and I won’t be returning on time. Feel relaxed. Whatever you nee-d, make a call to Diego. I’ll see you in the morning,” he said.
‘Wait, what?’
“So…you mean, no dancing tonight?” I asked him.
“Actually yes. But there’s still tomorrow and more days. Then have a good night Candy,” he said with a smile, then turned and walked away.
I breathed out. “Better”
I walked back to my room, pu-ll-ed off the heels and jumped on the really comfy big sized be-d.
“I’m really going to have a long sleep tonight, it’s been a very long while.. This is nice,” I said happily.
[Mark’s residence]
“Hey why will you leave a S-xy woman in your mansion and come here to be with me?” Mark asked as he opened his door and I went in.
“I’m not here to be with you. I’m here to give her enough time to go to be-d.. I want her to get a really good sleep. I wonder the last time she had that,” I said as I pushed a throw pillow and sat down on the couch. “Get me anything to drink.”
“Now I believe the saying that first love never dies,” Mark said as he headed to his fridge. “What would you like to have? Trust me I don’t have your type of wine. They are damn expensive.”
“I’m gonna take whatever you bring to the table, hurry up. I’m thirsty,” I said.
I looked around.
It’s my first time in Mark’s house and I don’t see any computer or system around.
“Where are they?” I asked him.
“What are they?” he asked.
“Computers,” I said.
“You don’t expect to see them at the sitting room, do you?” he asked.
“I did but not anymore. You told me you don’t get visitors,” I said.
“Well I just did, you. Aren’t you privileged? You should be honored,” he said.
“I guess so,” I said.
He [email protected]£ back with a bottle of wine and glas-ses and in no time, we were drinking together.
“…so you mean you are not going to let her str!p dance for you… I mean, you won’t let her shake that big boo-ty of hers just inches from you. Aren’t you going to regret that?” Mark asked.
“I have no reason to regret cos she’s mine,” I said.
“Come on Sean you can’t just stay two days, three days, four days with a str!pper and think she won’t f0rç£ the dance on you… You can’t tell me not to t©uçh a system in two days, that won’t be possible just like it won’t be possible for a str!pper not to dance in two to three days, you get me?”
“I know how to do this… I just want to give her a few days before revea-ling myself to her. If I let her str!p dance for me and then I later reveal myself she’d feel I used her and I don’t want that. I want her to see me as I different person. I love her and I want to make her mine. I wanna spend the rest of my life with her,” I said.
Mark took his time before asking. “Do you really know what she’s turned to for this past seventeen years?”
“A str!pper, yeah. I know and I don’t care,” I said.
“What if she’s in a relationsh!p?”
“I will make her break up with whoever it is,” I said.
“That sounds like you are desperate,” Mark said.
“Yeah I know. That’s because I’ve waited for so many years and it won’t end in vain. She’s right there in my house and i’m going to make her mine,” I said.
“Sean, I dug more into her profile and found out she has a daughter….from Tony, Tony Adonis” he said.
“Tony Adonis?”
“Yes. She had a daughter with your rival, Tony Adonis,” he said.
“Tell me more,” I said.
“Well, I didn’t find much information but the relationsh!phas been over for the past four years. I don’t think they [email protected]£d for so long or should I just say they didn’t [email protected]£ at all. If I’m asked to guess, I would guess that it must have been a few times together and she got pregnant for him. She must have fallen for Tony and didn’t wanna abort the child but Tony has no feeling for her and paid her off or discarded her. I tried hacking into information about it but there was none. Everything had been wiped off with no trace of what happened between them,” Mark said.
I shut my eyes ti-ght, opened them, gritted my teeth and with the fury in me, I hit the wine glas-s on the table and it broke with a hvge piece piercing de-ep into my palm.
“Oh $h!t! Sean!” Mark shouted.
[Sean Mansion]
I was in a dream.
I saw myself back to eleven years old and in Feddell Middle school.
School was over and I was suddenly looking for my best friend, Halsey from blocks to blocks. I was looking for her all over the school yard till I ended up at lonely [email protected] in the school yard but instead of finding Halsey, I found a fat boy being bullied by two boys.
There were blood on him and his books were scattered everywhere.
The two boys were pouncing on him, kicking, hitting him and cursing in him.
The fat boy looked helpless so I had no other choice than to go help him out.
“Hey boys, what is happening here? Let him go,” I said after taking a few steps towards them.
The two bullies st©pped and turned to me.
The fat boy couldn’t turn, his face was down.
“And who are you, little bit-ch?” The boy at the left with short dark hair asked me.
“Let the fat boy go. I’m sure he did nothing wrong,” I said.
Both boys chuckled.
“What? He did something very wrong,” the other boy with long brown hair said. “He’s refusing to give us money that he owes us. He refused to do that so we would beat him till he can’t breathe anymore.”
“I know you too. You are always taking money from weak students in this school. If you don’t have a death wish, let him go right now,” I told them.
They laughed out.
“And what would you do?” asked the short haired one.
“Final warning, leave him,” I said.
“No way.” they said and began beating the fat boy again.
I dropped my bag and breathed out. “Since you want it this way, fine then,” I said and with fury, I jumped on them both, kicking them and b!owing off their nose, cheek, mouth and their testicles.
In a minute, both of them were on the floor, gro-an ing.
The fat boy was still sitting in the floor with his face down and his hair covering his hidden face.
I picked all his books, dropped them into his bag and dropped the bag beside him
“Can you get up?” I asked him and he nodded.
“Then do that and leave now, go home,” I told him.
He slowly stood up with his face still hidden.
“Thank you,” he said, picked his bag, turned and hurried away.
I turned back to the bullies, the short haired one was trying to gr-ab my leg. I kicked his hand and he yelled out in pain.
“St©p bullying weak people like him, you [email protected]!” I spat at them, walked back to my bag, [email protected]£d it and walked away to continue looking for Halsey…
I woke up from the dream….
That wasn’t just a dream, it was a memory from seventeen years ago.
But how could I dream of such a memory.
After that day, I never saw the fat boy again and I didn’t even care about that.
But why’s the memory back in a dream?
I never thought it for long before drifting to another sleep.

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