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Oh my candy Episode 12 & 13

♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋
Chapter 12
♥️ SEAN💋
My heart is beating as I stormed out of the car. How could I let anger hurt someone I cared so much about. With her in my arms, I rushed her into the house and upstairs to my be-droom instead of hers.
” Diego!” I called out as I lie on my be-d.
” Yes sir.” Diego rushed in. He’s also surprised to see Candice who’s unconscious.
” She pas-sed out, what the hell am I supposed to do? I’m scared she’s gonna hate me the moment she woke up.”
Diego walked close to her and t©uçhed her n£¢k as he felt her pulse.
” She’s fine and she’s okay. She just nee-ds rest and when she wakes up in the morning we’ll give her aspirin.” He said and for once I took a de-ep breath.
” I hope she’ll be fine.”
” She will be fine. If there’s any way possible, you could take off her dress for air.” Diego suggested innocently.
Damnit, I’m never undressing her. She’s obviously gonna hate me more and leave ASAP.
” Is that even compulsory.”
” It’s not.” Diego answered.
” Good, then skip that [email protected]” I sighed.
” What should I get you boss. You nee-d something right?”
” Water will be fine.” I said. Diego nodded and left.
I shove my hands in my pocket and looked at the damsel on my be-d. She looked so beautiful even when she’s pas-sed out. What’s she gonna be like tomorrow. Sweet Candice or probably the other Candice with sas-sy attitude. I wanna make her happy. I badly wanna see her happy. I want to wipe away the tears in her eyes and tell her she’s the most beautiful I’ve ever met.
What did Tony do to her. Obviously he treated her like $h!t after finding out she’s pregnant with his child. The news of her having a child for Tony pricks my heart.
Why does it have to be Tony? That disgusting lying bastard. How could I even live with this. Even if she decided to give me a chance, I’m still gonna get used to the fact that the woman I love has a baby for a man that I hate. A man who would do anything to ruin my life.
” Sir.” Diego knocked on my door.
He walked inside.
” Water.” Diego handed me a glas-s of water, I drank everything at once.
” She’ll be alright, you don’t have stress yourself. It’s not severe. Whatever thing that happened to her is a minor pain, she will be fine by dawn.”
I nodded and flashed him a small smile.
” Thanks Diego. I nee-d a favor from you.”
” What’s it sir?”
” I want you to gather any information about Tony Adonis and Candice on their past relationsh!p. I want to know everything.”
” Alright sir.”
” She has a daughter with Tony. I wanna know where’s the daughter.”
” No problem sir.” Diego said. I dismissed him at once.
I took one final glance at her and take off my suit jacket. I pu-ll-ed out my phone and dialed Mark’s number. He picked up on the fourth ring.
” What took you so long to pick up?” I asked him on the phone.
” Chill grandpa, what’s up with you?”
” I fv¢ked up I guess. I just allowed my anger to take the best of me.”
” What the fv¢k did you do man?”
” At the charity even tonight Tony showed up. fv¢king bastard.”
” What the hell? What was he doing there?”
” Donations I guess. The fv¢ker and I had a fight.”
” What the hell. What happened?”
” He called Candice names and I got angry, we fought and I accidentally pushed her to the ground, she blacked out.”
” Oh my God, Sean. Where’s she?”
” In my room, I’m staring at her on my be-d. I guess she will be fine by dawn.”
” $h!t. That’s crazy. I just hope she doesn’t freak out when she wakes up.”
” She’s gonna un-derstand it wasn’t on purpose. I was angry that douchebag called her names.” I sighed and ran my hands down my hair.
” You’re gonna be fine right?”
” Yeah.”
” You should tell her tomorrow, don’t try to give her stories Sean, you’re only trying to make things worse.”
I sighed, again.” Yeah, I will.”
” Good. You take care of yourself alright, Tony won’t be coming anytime soon. I’m pretty sure that douche is a hospital right now taking treatments.” Mark said. I laughed.
” You’re crazy man.”
” Goodnight Sean.”
” Bye.” I hung up the phone, took one last look at Candice who’s still asleep or probably unconscious as I left the room.
I bat my lashes slowly as I look around this unfamiliar slash familiar room. I ru-bbe-d my temple and opened my eyes. Oh God I don’t feel good. I gro-an ed when my eyes met with the sunlight throu-gh the mirror.
” fv¢k.” I gro-an ed and squint my eyes as I looked around this room. This room belongs to only one person that I know. Sean!
” What the hell?” I freaked out at once.
I looked below the duvet and I’m well dressed. Memories of last night flashed throu-gh my mind. Tony Adonis showing up at that charity event and Sean getting into a fight with Tony. I sighed, he defended me. He was fighting for me before accidentally pushing me to the floor. But what the hell am I doing in his room?
The room opened and Peter walked in.
” Good morning ma’am.” He greeted. I glared at him at once. ” I’m sorry, Candice.” He smiled politely at me.
I looked at his hand, he’s carrying a platter with plates covered on the platter.
” Breakfast?” He politely smiled and dropped it on t©p of the nightstand.
” Thanks. This isn’t my room. What am doing here? Where’s Sean?”
” He’s off to work, but he asked me to give you this food and aspirin for your hungover and the incident that occurred yesterday.” Peter said.
” Why am I here?”
” You pas-sed out yesterday I think. Mr. Smith rushed you here in a panic state. He sle-pt at the guest be-droom though.” I nodded.
” Thanks, Peter. When will he be back?”
” I have no idea Candy.”
” You can leave Peter. Can you plea-se bring me the food to my be-droom. I nee-d to shower there.”
” Sure thing.” I stood up from the be-d as I [email protected]£d my shoes and exited the be-droom.
I showered as memories of last night flashed throu-gh my head. Why did he have to fight for me? Not a lot of people defended me so you don’t have blame my curious mind.
I switched off the faucet and get out of the shower. I searched my bag for something to wear. I settled for a sunflower dress as I b!ow dry my hair. I curled it and comb into waves.
I stared at my reflection and smiled. I don’t look bad and I know that. I couldn’t eat the food Peter brou-ght earlier. It’s not like it’s bad it’s just I wanted to see Sean. We nee-ded to talk. I wanted to thank in a more nice way without being mean about it.
The telephone on the nightstand rang. I quic-kly rushed to it and picked up.
” Candy.” I smiled to myself. For some awkward reasons I wished he was here.
” Hey, Sean.” My voice sounded so naive. What’s wrong with my head?
” How are you doing? I’m really sorry about yesterday.”
” I nee-d to see you. Right now.”
” Is everything alright.”
” No. I nee-d to see you right now.” I hung up as I took in a de-ep breath.
I hope this work.
♥️Episode 13💋
♥️ SEAN💋
” Is everything alright?” I asked on the phone. Of course she’s mad at you for accidentally pushing her to the floor.
I feel like a douche right now. I can’t stand her hating me even before I tell her the truth about me.
” No. I nee-d to see you right now.” Holy $h!t!
I knew it. She’s mad and probably pissed.
” Candice…” Damn, she alre-ady hung up.
I called Diego at once.
” Sir.” He picked up at once.
” Is something wrong with candy? Is she alright?”
” Yeah, she’s fine sir. Something wrong?”
” Have you checked on her today?”
” Yes. She woke up a little late. I brou-ght food to her according to your orders and aspirin. She’s in her room right now, probably taking a shower.” Diego explained.
” She called just few seconds ago. She doesn’t sound fine. She wants to see me.”
” Maybe to thank you.”
” Thank me for what?” I huffed. I’m a little stressed out. Due to stress at work and thinking too much about Candice. This is more fv¢ked up than I imagined.
” Sir, I think you should come over to come see her since she wished for your pres£nce.”
” Thanks Diego, I’ll be home soon. You should keep an eye on her before I arrive.”
” Sure thing, sir. ” I hung up. I ran my hands down my hair and [email protected]£d my suit jacket as I left.
I took several de-ep breath as i pace around my be-droom, hoping Sean would barge throu-gh that door any moment from now. He’s yet to show up and I’m worried. Did I scare him with the way I sounded on the phone? This is so messed up.
” Oh Candy. The poor boy might think you wanna yell at him.” I mutter to myself.
I stand next to my window that viewed the mansion, a car drove in and I recognized it to be one of Sean’s expensive cars. I took a de-ep breath and rushed to the full length mirror to look at my reflection.
“I don’t look bad I guess.” I gave myself a pep talk.
Shortly, a knock [email protected]£ on the door. I took one last breath and gently opened the door. I don’t want him to think I’ve been waiting for his arrival.
” Hey.” He greeted at once. I’m struck with the way he looked. Despite his crazy looks, he looked good. He was holding a bouquet of flowers. Lilies for that matter. How did he know I kinda liked flowers. I don’t even remember when last someone gave me flowers.
” Hi.” I said. For once I was nervous to meet him. Why’s this even happening. Candy breathe.
” Look, candy I’m really sorry. Yesterday was crazy, I admit it. I was really angry that Tony had to [email protected] filthy hands on you and I guess I wasn’t really watching and I had to push you to the ground. That wasn’t really a smart move…” He gibbered as I k!$$£d him at once.
With my arms around his n£¢k I k!$$£d him like I’ve never k!$$£d anyone before. It took him time to return the k!ss. For once I saw another [email protected] of Sean that’s really cute. He’s nervous too. The flowers sli-pped out of his hands as he wra-pped his arms around me and k!$$£d me back.
He walked me backwards and shut the door. He spined us around so that I’m pressed against the door as he k!$$£d me with his full will. Suddenly he st©pped k!ss!ngme and gently pushed me backwards.
” What’s wrong?” I inquired.
” You’re a good k!ss£r Candy, I just nee-d to tell you something.” He admitted.
” Does it have to be now?” I asked. He nodded.
” Look, I don’t blame you alright. I was happy someone stood up for me for once. I don’t really get someone who always stood up for me. I don’t really care that you pushed me. It was an accident, plea-se don’t blame yourself.” I told him.
He smiled and tucked my loose strands of hair behind my ear.
” You’re so beautiful than I remembered.” What the hell his he talking about.
” If you don’t want the dance, it’s fine by me. I won’t f0rç£ you anymore, I just wanna thank you properly.” I pu-ll-ed him to me but he resisted.
” I nee-d to say something first. If you turned out hating me then it’s okay though. I just want you to know that I’m happy to give that piece of $h!t called Tony a beating of his life. You don’t have to thank me properly. Your pres£nce is enough.” He smiled at me.
” Are you okay?” I asked, he shook his head sideways.
” Do you remember that fat kid you saved from bullies seventeen years ago?” He asked.
I tried to think, nothing.
” Why are you asking me about a kid I don’t even remember saving. Is this really important right now?”
” Yes. I want you to remember.”
I sighed. I tried to think about any kid I saved seventeen years ago. That’s a really long time ago. How am I supposed to remember saving any kid when I was ba-rely a child.
And then it cli-cked. I remembered I had a dream when I first got here. A dream that looked like a vision. I dreamt I was in my highschool , walking about and then I saw this fat kid that was being bullied by this crazy kid. If course that wasn’t a dream, that was real.
I remembered that day. He said thank you and I never really saw him again.
” Yeah, I remembered. Why?”
He took a de-ep breath as he took my hands in his.
“I’m that fat kid.”

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