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Oh my candy Episode 1

❤❤Oh My Candy💋💋
Written by: Quinn Blessing
“Alright then… The meeting ends here. I nee-d the minutes brou-ght to my office in the next three hours.”
“Yes sir!” My secretary, Ms Will answered.
I turned and left the meeting room back to my luxirious and expensively furnished office.
Just few seconds after sitting majestically on my comfy office chair, the door opened and secretary Will walked in with a cu-p of coffee.
“Coffee is here sir,” she said and dropped it carefully on the desk, in front of me, then bowed and left.
I picked up my business iPad with my right hand and the coffee with my left hand.
Are you wondering who I must be?
Well, My name is Sean Smith and I’m the CEO of MERRY MAN WEARS. A menwears company among the t©p list of the most successful companies in Canada.
You could say I’m filthy rich. Yes you are right. I am. I have so much money, I own a mansion and I ride in the most expensive cars.
Oh another thing, I’m really handsome. Really.
I’m a very successful twenty eight years old man and you could say I got nothing to worry about.
Well I do, I worry a lot about my company and business and also there is something else I can’t get off my head.
My first love from seventeen years ago.
‘Buzzzzz buzzzzz buzzzz’ my phone buzzed and without getting my eyes off the iPad screen, I took my phone and picked the call.
“Good news Sean.. ”
I had no choice but to make a track wizard a friend three months ago just to find Candice.
“Goodness?” I asked as my temperature aro-se.
‘Did he find Candice?’
“Yes I found her. I found the Candice, your first love” Mark said.
The coffee fell off my hand and poured on me.
“Damn!” I said.
“Are you alright?”
“Where is she? Where is Candice?” I asked.
“Well, you would be a little shocked to hear it..” he said.
“What’s that?”
“Candice, your first love is a t©p str!pper at the popular str!p club named Redstr!pp here in Canada and her stage name is Candy. She dances at the pole with her big bu-tt in displa-y, she’s a goddamn professional,” he said.
Episode 1
With my half covered bu-tt twer-king, my half covered b©©b s shaking along with it, my legs stretching over the pole and curling around it, I danced in my S-xy s£dûç!ng styles, flinging my long black hair side to side.
Ninety percent of the eyes in the club were always on just me.
I’m the best str!pper in Redstr!pp night club, both in beauty, S-xiness and dancing.
Money were being thrown on me but no one dare to t©uçh me. Just feast me with their eyes.
I could see men, both young and old, handsome and ugly staring at me with lvstful eyes.
They want to feast on me not just with their eyes but with their b©dy but they can’t get that.
That isn’t a [email protected] of my job.
My name is Candice George but my stage name is ‘Candy so that’s what everyone calls me.
I’m a twenty eight years old str!pper who’s been str!pping for three years and I earn good money.
Well, I have a daughter, Arabel and she’s gonna turn five in two weeks.
(Hours later)
I was back to the change room. I was done dancing for the night.
First, I counted all the money I got and it was worth it.
“Arabel’s birthday is going to be different,” I said.
I cleaned my makeup and changed into a trou-ser and shi-t.
I was packing my hair into a ponytail when a co-worker walked in.
“Hey Candy, Ms Jackie wants to see you” Naya said.
Ms Jackie is the manager of the club.
“Okay, I got it” I said and she left.
I dropped my earning for the night into my bag, stood up and left the change room to Ms Jackie’s office.
[Ms Jackie’s office]
“Ms Jackie, I was told that you nee-d my pres£nce” I said once I entered her office.
“Yes Candy. Sit down” she said and I did.
“You danced really great tonight like always. Ever since you [email protected]£ a dancer in this club, we’ve never got a lost. We are now the best str!pper club in this country and we make thousands of money each night. All thanks to you Candy” she said.
I felt great hearing that.
“It’s not just me Ms Jackie. Everyone is doing their very best.. From you, to us, the dancers and to the salesmen and servers, to the bouncers and others too. But still, thank you,” I said.
“Here… This is for you,” she said and pushed a gift box to me.
“Wow, thank you so much Ms Jackie”
“It’s a small gift from me.” She said.
“I appreciate. Thanks you so much”
“You are welcome.”
Then silence fell and I thought I should leave.
“Then I should leave. I gotta catch some sleep” I said and was about to get up when she st©pped me.
“There’s something.. Not just something, a hvge contract that I want you to do,” she said.
I relaxed back on the seat.
“What contract?”
“You see.. I know you told me that you wouldn’t do this stuff but calm down and listen okay,” she said.
I alre-ady knew what she was talking about.
‘A pri-vate dancing? It’s something I’ve never done ever since I [email protected]£ a str!pper. I made it clear to her that I wouldn’t do that and she respected my decision since then but what’s up with the talk about it? She give that job to other str!ppers. ‘
“Fine, I will listen” I said. I just had to listen and at the end, refuse it.
“Thank you Candy. You know very well that this job is given to other dancers but there’s a reason why I’m bringing it to you. This hvge contract has never come to us for the twenty years I’ve been a manager in this club. This contract is a pay of three hundred thousand dollars.
This money is so so hvge Candy and I don’t wish for us to miss it.. But this client want you, just you and only you Candy. It’s just a one week pri-vate dancing in his house… I showed him the eleven other str!ppers that we have but he refused them all, pointing just you Candy.. Candy listen to me, three hundred thousand dollars is a whole lot of money that can get you to wherever you wanna go.”
“So if I accept to go with this contract, how much I’m I gonna get?” I asked.
She smiled. “You’ll have two hundred thousand dollars.”
“I will do it if I get two hundred and fifty thousand,” I said.
“Are you going with it or not?” I asked.
“Two hundred and fifty is…I mean Redstr!pp can’t have just fifty thousand.” she said.
“Then fine, I’m not doing it. Thanks for the gift, I’m gonna still take it.” I said, stood up and was almost at the door when she said.
“Fine, you get two hundred and fifty” she said.
I sighed.
“When do I leave to his house?” I asked.
“Today’s evening,” she said.
I turned with raised brows. “Today’s evening?”
“Yes. A car would arrive at your doorstep to take you,” she said.
Tch! Really.
[Sean’s mansion⭐]
“You’re really going to do this. Do you think she’s going to recognize you I mean…from your fatty story,” Mark asked.
We were video calling.
I poured a glas-s of wine into the wine glas-s then faced the [email protected]©p screen.
“I don’t know…but I found her, that’s the most important and she’s coming right here in few hours,” I said and took a sip.
“Ahh… I’ll really love to taste that wine,” he said.
“Unfortunately you don’t leave your prison,” I said.
“That’s the nature of my work, you get it,” he said.
“Good for you. It’s weekend and I’m glad I’ve got no schedule for today and tomorrow,” I said.
“Are you sure you wanna do this? Why not just walk up to her and tell her that it’s you the fatty boy from seventeen years ago,” Mark said.
“No, I want to make it a hvge surprise,” I said
“What if she recognize you?” he asked.
“I will have to see if she will,” I said and took a sip.
“Come on, st©p drinking that wine. I don’t have the money to get that wine,” he said.
I chuckled.
[Grandma Ellie’s house🌼]
I pu-ll-ed into my grandmother’s compound, got off my car and walked to the front porch.
I rang the doorbell and in a minute the door opened.
“Grandma Ellie,” I said and hvgged her.
“Candice, you are looking really covered today,” she said.
‘It’s okay. My grandma always nag at me’
She had an apron on.
“You’re in the kitchen?” I asked.
“Yes I am. Arabel and I are ma-king some cu-pcakes,” she said.
“Oh that’s great. I Can’t wait to join in,” I said.
“Of course you have to, get in,” she said, left the door and I went in.
My daughter Arabel was in her apron too and carrying her pink teddy bear.
“Mommy!” she shouted, ran over and hvgged me.
I carried her and pe-cked her. “My baby, how are you?”
“I’m fine mom. Grandma Ellie and I are ma-king cu-pcakes in the kitchen,” she said.
I smiled. “Oh really? I really want to join too, should I?”
“Yes mom. Let’s go.”
“First, I brou-ght you this,” I said and showed her the bag.
“What’s that mom?” she asked.
“A pretty shoes for you,” I said.
“Now Let’s go to Grandma Ellie”
I smiled and headed to the kitchen.
(Three hours later)
We were done ma-king the cu-pcakes and have had to our fill.
Arabel was outside pla-ying while Grandma Ellie and I were sitting at the front porch watching her.
“Are you doing fine Candice?” Grandma Ellie asked me.
“Yes I am. What about you, I hope you take your medicines always?” I asked.
“It’s not easy but I do.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” I said.
“Yes grandma Ellie.”
“We have a new neighbor and he really love Arabel. He always buy her candies when returning from work. He’s a really [email protected] gentle man with a cool name too, Justin. He’s handsome too.”
“Okay Grandma Ellie.”
“Oh and he’s single too. He told me.”
Arabel was starting to [email protected]
“Ara, be careful…don’t hurt yourself” I said aloud to her.
“Okay mommy.” She answered.
“He lives all by himself, the next house over there,” Grandma continued.
“Okay Grandma,” I said.
‘Don’t talk anymore about him’
“I think you should stay longer so you could meet him. He comes back by six pm. You should stay longer.”
“No grandma Ellie. I gotta go in thirty minutes time. I’ve got a ti-ght schedule in the evening,” I said, checking my wristwatch.
“You mean that work you do? Is that it?” she asked, her voice a bit loud.
“Grandma plea-se calm down. Yes it is..” I said.
“You shake your n-ked a** and spre-ad your legs on a pole for those foolish men?”
“Grandma! plea-se st©p this. You can’t let Ara hear you saying this.” I said.
“Well she will hear it someday or even see it. Candice you gotta quit that dirty job and find yourself a good job and a good man.” She said.
“Grandma I’m trying, you get it. I’m trying my best to let you and Ara live a good life.”
“Not by you being a str!pper.”
I sighed and held her hands.
“Grandma plea-se you nee-d to st©p hating what I do. I’m not a pr©st!tût£grandma. I just dance on the stage and get so much money from it so I would be able to get Arabel whatever she want and take her anywhere she wanna be. You know my educational level grandma and I can’t achieve that by working as a sales girl in a shop or a delivery lady in a cafe. I have to work where I would earn the kind of money I want and being a str!pper was that type of work. I have no choice grandma.”
“Candice I’m worried that you won’t get married if you continue doing that work. No man would wanna marry a str!pper,” she said.
“And I don’t nee-d any man in my life grandma. I have you and I have Arabel, I nee-d no other person,” I said.
“Candice you can’t say that. You are a woman who’s ought to get married and live with her husband.”
“Grandma Ellie, the thirty minutes has pas-sed. I gotta leave now. Goodbye. I dropped some money into the first drawer in your room, take care of yourself and Ara. I’ll visit in a week time” I said and pe-cked her on the cheek.
“Bye Grandma” I said, got up and walked to Ara.
“Mommy, are you leaving?” she asked.
“Yes my baby but I’m gonna come see you soon like I always do. You have to stay with grandma Ellie and take care of her okay?”
“Okay mommy. I love you”
“I love you more my baby,” I said and k!$$£d her.
Soon I was on the road, driving back home.
I got back home in thirty minutes and once I got in, I began filling up my box with my clothes.
It never took me so long to do that so in an hour, I was done.
I took a shower and dressed up.
An hour later, a car arrived and my doorbell rang.
I carried my luggage along with me, opened the door and a man in suit showed up.
“Hello ma’am, are you Candy?” he asked.
“Yes I am.” I said.
“Alright, my name is Diego and I’m here to take you to Mr Smith’s mansion.”
‘Mansion? Tch!’
“I will take the luggage. plea-se come with me to the car,”
He took the luggage and we walked to the car where he even had to open the car door and I went in.
He dropped the luggage in the car boot and soon we were on the road, driving to the so called Mr Smith’s mansion.

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