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My world final Episode

(The FINAL chapter)
Chapter 13
It’s been almost seven months,my wife and the baby were doing was a thing of joy to me watching my little princess in there growing every single day,it was a bitter sweet experience,the drama was increasing by the day,the mood swings , change of appetite, weight gain,and this bright glow that made my darling wife more beautiful were all a big miracle to me.i couldn’t thank God enough..
One evening we had a knock at the door.We weren’t expecting anyone,mama had gone home,and wasn’t coming till about three weeks time.
Are you expecting anyone? I asked my wife Cas-sandra
“no dear “she replied me
let me get the door “i said…
Getting to the door,I saw the biggest shock of my life,it was my EX wife tobi in my House..She just knelt down and held my trou-sers
“sweet heart am sorry “she said,I am really so sorry,I have realized My mistake,and am back home to you,where I belong.plea-se honey am sorry “she said…her saving grace was that mama wasn’t home,she would have been more sorry.i looked at her,not knowing the exact words to tell her
what about your real man, Tobechukwu? I asked,,,she kept mute for sometime and couldn’t say a word
talk to me,what happened? I asked,i was as gentle as a dove in speaking to her
he’ is…he is married abroad,he only [email protected]£ to Nigeria to have fun,I am sorry he decieved me” she said
oh no,so sorry my dear,well just get your life together,things happen, heartbreak is not an easy thing,but talking from experience, you will get your life back and you will smile again.concentrate on your business,groom yourself,and a better man will come “I said
no no no t©pe,there is no better man for me,you are the only one for me,I am regrettably sorry,and as for the business, nothing there,my sales girl incharge, mismanaged everything “she said..
Oh no my dear,your sales girl did not,you did,how would you leave your business in the hands of a stranger, what do you expect,that she helps you groom it,while you go about town enjoying yourself,does she forbid to enjoy too? i asked.
t©pe, I know you are right, it’s all my fault,I am de-eply very sorry,I have realized my mistake,and am back home,I am re-ady to love you from the bo-ttomof my heart,with or without a child,I am re-ady to cherish you for the diamond that you are.plea-se just forgive me.
Do you realize we are legally and traditionally divorce,so there is nothing left for you here,I told her
“I Know t©pe,I shall look for money for us to get married again “she said
hmmmm really,I asked,I can see indeed you really nee-d this,but my dear,you are gone and gone for do not exist as far as I am concerned,I wasted almost seven years of my life with you , thinking I was in love and that you loved me back,but believe me,you weren’t worth the troubles.i am married now to someone that loves and respect me, someone that has even giving me the greatest gift of all,,,,honey, plea-se excuse me,I called my wife, she walked to where we were outside,with her beautiful baby bu-mp.
Tobe almost had an heart attack when she saw her,she was breathing [email protected] and almost fainted,when she regained herself,she spoke.
Cas-sandra,so you are this mean,you couldn’t even wait for my footsteps to leave the ground before coming after my husband,you are evil,you had better get your useless self out of my home “Tobe said
My darling you didn’t value what you had,I warned you to st©p those silly games you were into and concentrate on your marriage,but you refused,you thought I was saying trash.and by the way I didn’t plan to marry your man,even though I loved him,I respcted the fact that he was yours,but this bundle of joy (Cas-sandra ru-bbing her baby bu-mp), brou-ght us together,that night I told you I had something with Temi,this little angel was formed,and am so grateful to Goddddddddd….
oh shut up that stupid thing you call mouth,,,Tobe interrupted her,you think you can get another man’s child to my husband,st©p decieving yourself,and get out of my home,my husband knows he can’t father a child, that bastard,you are carrying in there is not for my husbbbbb….
“you will not dare in your life refer to my child as a BASTARD “I shouted
Honey, can’t you see what she’s doing, she is trying to make you take responsibility of another man’s child “Tobe said.i looked at her,and told her to wait….
I went inside and [email protected]£ back with an envelope.
You remember when we went for general check up before our wedding? I asked her,that was when I found out your wo-mb was damaged,and you may never concieve again due to abortions,,,but I loved you behold imagination,my love for you was not conditional, because YOU WERE MY WORLD,with or without children,I was re-ady to live with you,I knew before the wedding,I had the opportunity to cancel the wedding if I wanted to,but I didn’t,I went on,and even didn’t make you know,just so you would be happy,and to save you the burden of thinking too years into our wedding,when mama was been [email protected] on us,and I refused the hospital,it was for you not to find out that you had a problem,I didn’t want you sad,I wanted you to be happy,and that I would have done to the last day of my breath.
But when you wanted us to go the hospital for check up,I had to beg my doctor friend,to plea-se say I had the problem,so that mama would let you be,I didn’t let you know because you would be sad and worried that you won’t be able to bear me kids,all I wanted was for us to live in peace and love, believing that God will bless us with our own babies with or without a damaged wo-mb.but the whole thing turned against me,it made me realised you didn’t love me at all.your love for me was conditional,I would never had believed you could change so much,all becauseeeeeeee….
” Honey you mean you took the blame,and been called less a man????, Cas-sandra asked suprised
Honey! Tobechukwu was one woman I loved,but obviously she wasn’t mine.
Tobechukwu on the other hand was just speechless,she couldn’t say a word,but tears like river were running down her cheeks.when she found her voice,she said faintly
you took my shame,you took my misery and I paid you back with wickedness,you would have told me,if I had know ,I would have treated you better “she said
Oh so you would have loved me or pretend to love me because you know you couldn’t have a child and I was willing to stand by you,then your love for me is conditional,and that isn’t love, because love is selfless “i said
“plea-se Temit©pe,give me a second chance to make this right,am sorry “she pleaded
we are done,there is more space in my heart for you “I said and closed my door and went inside with my wife.she stayed there,and cried for hours begging, but when I didn’t come out,she left out of shame.
Few weeks on,my visa was re-ady,my wife Cas-sandra and I traveled out,she wanted us to have our baby abroad.when she gave birth,it was a beautiful girl,we invited mama over,we were all based in London,and only come to Nigeria for holidays..
Last I heard of Tobe,was that she was still in her mother’s house,yet to find a husband.
1,mama for causing troubles because her daughter in-law had [email protected] child birth.?
2,the husband for not telling the wife the whole truth about her medical [email protected]£nt?
3, The wife for been impatient with her husband when she felt he had the medical issues?
4, Cas-sANDRA for getting pregnant and marrying her best friend’s Husband.?
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