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My world Episode 11 & 12

Chapter 11
Getting home I wasn’t myself,I couldn’t believe what I saw,a woman un-der my nose, someone I loved and cherished could do such to me without looking back. life is indeed very was alre-ady late , I’d wanted to go see Tobe’s mother. she [email protected]£ home very very late that night,she was irritating me.i didn’t even say a word to her,and she probably would have been surprised,since she didn’t leave anything for mama and I to eat.i was waiting for the break of dawn,so I could go to her mother.
First thing in the morning of the next day,I got dressed and went to her mother’s place.i narrated all that had happened,from my mother’s attitude towards Tobi at the beginning of our marriage,from our finding out I was the problem,and how Tobi changed from bad to worse…the mother was very very disappointed in her daughter.
“my son,yes your wife complained about your mother’s attitude towards her at first,I told her not to take everything she said and was doing to her to heart,as your mother was just being a naive African woman,I always told her to be thankful,at least she has a caring husband like you.she [email protected]£ sometime later to tell me the development of things,how it was discovered you were the one with the problem,I then told her it was time for her to reciprocate the kindness you showed her when your mother was on her n£¢k ,by standing by you,I told her I shall be with you people in prayer,which I have been doing,,I never knew my daughter had become a beast….But why didn’t you tell me,I mean,I have been coming to visit you two,and you act like all was well “she asked “mama I thought I could handle it “I said
oh no no no,,,I am like your mother, you should have told me, my 38 years of been married to my husband before he pas-sed,I didn’t see the n-kedness of any other man,so from who did she take after such dubious character..she said and brou-ght out her cellphone,and placed a call to her daughter, pretending she was sick and dying,so she could come I guess…
In less than an hour or there about,she was with the mother.
“mamma what is it? she asked her, Tobechukwu,sit down “the mother said
“mama I thought you were sick, what’s going on here,and why is he here “she said
“He, Tobechukwu,you are referring to your husband as He,Tobechi,what is wrong with you. Tobechukwu, so everything I told you, didn’t get to you,so Tobechi,you have been cheating on your husband,that’s a sin before God and man,from whom did you learn that ?her mother asked her…
Oh I see,I see you have been trailing me,so your joblessness has deteriorated to this level,that you would pick up trailing me from one place to another as your new careerrr,,,mama landed two h0t [email protected] on her both cheeks,shut up and sit down “her mother shouted
mama you [email protected] me?Tobe asked in shock
and I am re-ady to [email protected] you over and over again,what ru-bbish,how dare you disrespect your husband like that, especially in my pres£nce.with these actions of yours,your husband’s accusations of infidelity is obviously true,don’t you know it is an abomination to be involved with another man while still married to your husband
oh mama I know,she interrupted, that’s why I want to be free from the shackles of tradition.i can’t be married to a dead wood,so I am giving myself freedom, because I do deserve it.I am filling for a DIVORCE “she said.
I was shocked to hear that,in as much as I was mad at Tobe,I wasn’t even contemplating a divorce,she was the one who disrespected me in all levels, yet, she wants a divorce.this world is so not fear,I definitely didn’t deserve all these from Tobe,but one thing I was sure,was that,I was not going to beg her to stay married,we had long separated as man and wife anyways,she was only wanting it to be formal,she had st©pped slee-ping in our matrimonial room,long st©pped cooking for me or doing any other house chores,so if she wanted divorce,then she would definitely get it…
You said what?, her mother asked her, Tobechukwu,are you mad,or what?,mama asked.. mama,there is no point pretending anymore,I do not love this man any more,my heart and soul belongs to someone now.i feel nothing for him, absolutely nothing.
Tobechukwu this is not you,this is certainly not you “her mother cried out loud
mama plea-se calm down, remember your health “I said.i actually [email protected]£ here for peace and the way forward in our marriage,but if this is what Tobe wants,then let her go on mama,you can f0rç£ a horse to the stream,but can definitely not f0rç£ it to drink water,we can make her remain in the marriage,but can’t make her love me,,so it’s better she’s free “I said.
Thank God ,for once you reasoned with your head like a man “Tobe said and walked away….
My son,I am de-eply sorry it had to get to this.i shall try and talk to her “mama said
oh no mama,It wasn’t your fault,ever since I took your daughter as my wife,you have been a mother to me,that I am forever grateful “I said
my child,be strong,no matter what happens,you will always remain my child…tobe’s mother said and I hvgged her ti-ghtly,some tear drops running down my eyes
do not cry, Tobechukwu does not deserve your tears.i cried and cried,at some point she allowed me, saying I should cry out my pains,after which I’d be stronger.indeed it worked.after some minutes,I was re-ady to go back home.
chapter 12
Semi final
Getting home,I walked straight into our be-droom,there I cried my eyes out,life is not fair at all,I nee-ded it anyways, after which I washed my face and promised never to cry for Tobe again.
After she left her mother’s house that faithful day,she didn’t come home,I missed her at first,after which i moved on and continued in my job hunting,,,with the help of Cas-sandra,I was able to secure a job,even though I never wanted to accept the job at first,I thought about it,and realised I nee-ded it . Getting to know Cas-sandra,she wasn’t as bad as I imagined.she st©pped trying to have me.mama was still around,she didn’t st©p asking where my wife was,or where she travelled to that she hasn’t been coming home,I just had to be open with her,and told her Tobe and I were done, that she requested for a divorce,even though not formal yet,it was as good as we were separated.
“I told you,I told you that girl was evil but you didn’t listen,now see “she said
mama plea-se,I don’t have strength for all these blames game “i had said..
Days on,a Sunday precisely,Tobe [email protected]£ to the house with our divorce papers,asking me to sign it.i looked at her,and asker her,is this really what you want,she confirmed YES with all confidence.i shook my head,took the pen and signed it,we were legally done..she went into the guest room and got every single thing she called hers,while she was about going out, Cas-sandra [email protected]£ in.
“Tobechi,don’t do this,Temi is a nice man,you should be proud to call him yours, despite all you did to him,he still loves you,I even ~tried to s£dûç£him to be mine,but he didn’t work,even though we had S-x one night,(Tobe gave a surprise and mockery look at the same time),oh no no don’t it was all my fault, Temi didn’t cheat on y~ ou,he was drun!k,un-der the influence of alcohol,it was late,I was pas-sing throu-gh that root when I saw him been haras-sed by a waiter,i took him to my house since it was too late to drive to your home , the fault was all mine,i believe he mistook you for me that night,and we had something,which I would have prevented,even after then,he made it clear he could never cheat on his wife, despite how unfairly you have been treating. Tobe,I have been to different countries of the world,trust me,his kind is rare “Cas-sandra said
Wonderful,Tobe said laughing,you are telling me you and this no good of a man,has been having something,,,well,my darling,I am so not angry,I don’t nee-d him,not now ,not ever,you can continue,Tobe said laughing profusely,,
“no Tobe,your husband loves you and you alone,don’t leave him,you will regret it “Cas-sandra said…..
Oh no honey, I won’t,I am with a man that had always loved me,only distance separated us,a real man,who can get me pregnant in no time,so my sweetie,you can continue with your half a man,with all plea-sure,Tobe continued in laughter and drove off..
I am so sorry Temi, Cas-sandra said,,I don’t know what has come over Tobe, she said
oh no Cas-sandra,her mind is made up ,even her mother couldn’t convince her,, it’s okay,let her be.Cas-sandra left in no time maybe she was shy because mama had heard we had something.
Ah!,, Temit©pe,see your life,a woman,disgraced you totally like this, haven’t she treated you like trash,she finally abandoned you, I can’t believe I bore you for a child.this is so shameful,she [email protected]£ to your life and dried you up,if not for Cas-sandra,where would you have been, ru-bbish,mama said and went inside very angry.
I thought about my single hood for sometime and got on with my life, dedicating my time and energy to my job,the pay was very great,my boss couldn’t st©p admiring my diligence.Cas-sandra wasn’t coming to the house as she used to do,she [email protected]£ only when she was sure I wasn’t home,to say hi to mama sometimes.
It’s been three months after the whole drama,and mama was always asking of Cas-sandra,she hadn’t come visiting for almost a month,mama was worried.she asked me for her phone number,and I gave her.she placed a call to Cas-sandra,and she found out,she had been sick
Ah!!!,omomi you have been sick and you didn’t even try to let me know,okay where are you now,she told mama the hospital she was in,and mama told me to take her there…
Getting there she was looking very pale and tired,she had been there on admission for days.
whats wrong omomi? mama asked her
oh mama,it’s just minor fever,I shall be fine,the doctor was there when Cas-sandra said that “yessss,you shall be fine when you don’t stress yourself and the baby, you deserve to rest,the doctor Said
baby?,,, doctor,are you saying she’s pregnant? mama asked him
oh yes ma, she’s about 3months gone,,,, I’d leave her for now to attend to other patients,I shall be back to check up on her “the doctor said….
My daughter,you are pregnant,and plea-se for whom,tell me it’s for my son plea-se “mama said Cas-sandra kept quiet for a while,and then nodded her head affirmatively,mama started dancing and singing,,, I didn’t know how to feel, weather to be happy that i was going to be a father,or be sad that I got my EX wife’s friend pregnant..
That’s the reason I have not been coming,I know Temi doesn’t love me,I didn’t plan for this to happen,but I do not want to abort the baby,so I planned on leaving the country so I could take care of my child abroad ,but I have been very very sick , Cas-sandra said .
Godforbide,my first grandchild will never be taking from me or my son,mama started dancing and singing,Chai ,my God has vendicated me, they said I could never be a grandmother,but my God said no
We stayed with her untill evening before going home.getting to the house,mama didn’t allow me a moment of rest,she wanted me to take responsibility of the baby.i told her I was going to think about it..
Having done some thinking for days ,i decided I was not going to have my first child grow without me,I would definitely want to experience every moment with him or her.After Cas-sandra was discharge,I took her home to my house.mama was with her to nurse her.that evening after her arrival, Cas-sandra called me,and asked why I had brou-ght her to my house.
Because I want to nurse you and my child “I said
if it’s about your child,do not worry,I am not going to deprive you from being a father to your child, when ever you want to see him or her, I’d make it happen “she said. You can join us on our telegram page to re-ad and enjoy more of these throu-gh omeano on+233544142683.
No, I brou-ght you here because i want you and my baby un-der my roof “I said
But you don’t love me,what if your wife comes back?
NO NO NO EX WIFE you meant,and yes I LOVED her,but not anymore,you know you are a very nice lady,loving you won’t be so difficult you know “i said smiling,she was smiling too,I hvgged her beautifully and we both smiled..
It’s been three weeks Cas-sandra started living in my house,I had peace,soon I was in love with her.i started ma-king plans of ma-king it formal.mama contacted my kinsmen,and plans were going on .Soon the plans were done,and I made Cas-sandra my wife legally.mama loved her so much,not really because she was carrying my child,there was this chemistry between them,she loved a not minding the tribal differences.

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